Chapter Seven


I had to wake Silena up. I could hear the police officers and other people coming. I could only imagine the headline in the New York Times: Two Teens Trash Fashion Week, What A Splash! But unfortunately, waking up a child of Aphrodite was like waking up a sleeping giant, but in her case, sleeping beauty. I gave Silena a hard smack to the cheek and watched as her blue eyes flickered open. She took in a breath and sat up.

"What-what happened?" she said.

"Later," I said, grabbing the fallen fan. "We need to get this to your mom, quick!"

We didn't waste anytime. We got out of the tent thanks to a side exit and came out on the other side of Vine Street. Silena got us a cab and we headed back to the café where my friends and the goddess of love were waiting.

"You made it back!" cried Clarisse.

She ran at me like a love sick elephant and nearly crushed by ribs in a hug. I pushed her off and she bowed her head, a little sad. This was so weird and I was so ready for this day to be over.

"You're okay," said Annabeth, watching me as I neared the table.

"Of course he is!" said Aphrodite, getting to her feet. "I see you have my fan as well. That Midoriko is such nasty business. I didn't want to get involved in her sorted affairs. Thank you so much Percy and Silena."

"Your welcome, mom," said Silena, blushing. "Now, will you give us the Mirror of Evol. It's almost midnight."

I handed Aphrodite the fan and she flicked it open. In her other hand appeared a polished plate of bronze. On the front was glass so clean it looked like it sparkled. She handed it to Silena.

"You know the laws, my dear," Aphrodite told her looking her full in the face. "As the moon rises, say your hymn."

"I understand," said Silena, nodding her head.

Aphrodite rose to her feet and looked around.

"I thank you wonderful heroes for this lovely time in New York," she said, with a brilliant smile. "Now, I'm off to the after parties in Manhanttan! Ta at!"

And with that she disappeared in a flash of light, leaving us in an empty café.

The manager finally told us that he only stayed open because Aphrodite had asked him and was now forcing us out in the summer night. It was eleven thirty now and we had to get back to camp in thirty minutes or Clarisse would stay in love with me.

"We need a way to Camp Half-Blood," said Annabeth, "and quick!"

"I figured that," said a voice from across the street.

I hadn't even noticed the camp van sitting there, Beckendorf in the driver's seat and Grover riding shot gun.

"No way!" beamed Silena, rushing over to Beckendorf. "Charlie, how did you do this? Argus never let's anyone drive the camp van!"

"Well," said Beckendorf, "he has his hands full with Ara from Demeter's Cabin who strung him up in a tree so he wouldn't keep avoiding her."

"It's that bad," I said.

Clarisse blew a kiss at me.

Yeah, it was that bad.

We didn't waste anymore time and hoped in the camp van and Beckendorf raced off into the night.

By the time we had made it back to Camp, we only had five minutes left. We seriously sprinted up the hill to make it. I stared down into the valley and saw campers fighting, arguing, chasing each other around, and Chiron rushing around trying to gather them. We raced down the hill into the common's area.

"Silena," said Annabeth, pointing toward the sky, "you have to hurry. The full moon is in allignment with the stars."

"What?" I said, confused.

"It's a thing, Seaweed Brain," she said, hurriedly, "I will explain later."

"Here it goes," said Silena, raising the Mirror of Evol. I watched as the full moon reflected in the beautiful glittery glass. "Great mirror look onto thee, bend thy will to the power of me, eyes of the fallen look up, and be free! No more be under this charm and be safe away from love's false arm!"

The mirror began to glow a bright pink and every camper seemed to stop in their tracks to stare. The Ares kids began to glow pink too and I watched as jets of pink lights rose from their bodies and slammed into the mirror. Silena had to brace herself for the impact. Flashes of pink light sparked onto the ground as more love spells were broken on the Ares campers.

I looked at Clarisse and watched as she glew and her love spell fly away into the mirror.

She blinked hard and looked at her herself. Her face turned blood red and a vein pulsed in her temple.

"What the Hades am I wearing?" she screamed. "Who did this to me? I will pulverize them!"

Clarisse didn't remember anything that had happened.

"Calm down, child," said Chiron, trotting up. "All is well now. You all have succeeded!"

"What happened to my hair?" asked Clarisse, touching the bun and undoing it, letting her hair fall in a tangled mess around her shoulders.

"I liked it the way it was," I said, with a grin. And because it was funny now that Clarisse was back to normal, I decided to tell her what had happened. She looked angrier and angrier with each detail.

"Listen up, Prissy," said Clarisse, threateningly, "if you tell anyone what went down between us while I was under that spell, I will personally see to your dental work!"

And she walked off toward her cabin, ripping at her clothes as she went.

"Well," said Grover, "that was bracing."

"I guess that's as much love I'm gonna get from Clarisse," I said, relieved.

"The Mirror of Evol," said Chiron, staring down at the object in Silena's hands. "You should take it to the trophy room in the Big House. It's recovery deserves a great honor and a feast with a song in the amphitheater."

"I agree," said Beckendorf, clapping Silena on the shoulder. "You did great, Silena."

"Thanks, Charlie," she said, kissing him on the cheek. He looked a little shocked. "Will you come with me?"

"S-s-sure," he said, following her and Chiron toward the Big House, leaving Grover, Annabeth, and I alone.

"Well," said Grover, staring back and forth between Annabeth and I, "I should get going. Juniper will wonder where I've gotten off too!"

Now, we were completely alone.

"So," I said, glancing around, "are you gonna explain about the stars and stuff?"

"It's boring astronomy," said Annabeth. "You probably wouldn't be too interested."

"Hey, coming from the girl who spouts facts about every building," I said, with a grin, "I think I could stay awake through it."

Annabeth gave a small smile and looked at me. She was pretty in the moonlight.

"Come on," said she said, taking my arm in hers, and dragging me back up the hill, "I'm gonna give you a full lesson on the stars, and phases of the moon and why they have an impact on magic."

"Great," I said, letting myself be tugged away by her.

That night, just as I was getting in, I found someone on my bed. And it wasn't Goldilocks!

Aphrodite herself sat there in a beautiful night gown like she was ready to sleep right there with me. I have to say, it made me blush and I felt my throat get really dry.

"Hello, Percy," she said, standing up.

"A-A-A-Aphrodite," I stammered, "what are you doing in my bed?" I was supposed to say cabin, but bed came out first. Darn my ADHD!

"I'm here to personally say thank you," she said.

"No," I said, my voice dry as the Sahara. "You don't have too! Not important at all."

Aphrodite smiled and said, "A goddess always repays her debts. I sent you to face Midoriko and you returned my fan to me so the least I can do is give you a sneak peak into your future."

"My future," I said.

She went behind her and pulled out the Mirror of Evol that Silena had put in the Big House.

"You're mirror," I stared. "You're taking it back?"

"Yes," she said. "It has too much power to be locked away here at your camp. I'm sure Chiron will understand my taking it back. Anyway, I wish for you to have a look. Remember, this is a mirror of love. It can see your future love. Don't you wish to see if you will make it?"

No! I didn't want to see anything, but as Aphrodite raised the mirror, I felt my limbs get paralyzed and I had to look. And what I saw made my mouth drop.

I was sitting in a magnificent meadow. It was breezy and I was older. Not much, maybe five years or so. The meadow overlooked the sea as the sun was beginning to set. It was the most beautiful scenery every. And dare I say it, romantic. Then, someone joined me. Even though I was looking on, I could feel my future self's heart race as they approached.

A beautiful woman sat next to me. She had long black hair and brilliant green eyes that sparkled with power, almost like mine. She wore a short white dress and sandals. She stretched out next to me and intertwined her hand with my mine.

I didn't know who this woman was and just for a second, I hoped it would be Annabeth, but it wasn't.

When I removed my eyes from the mirror, Aphrodite and her mirror were gone.

I was alone and felt more confused than ever.