Prologue: Reveling Dreams and special children



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I knew I was dreaming. I did not know when I had fallen asleep, or how. It was obvious in that I was surrounded by nothing, nothing but whiteness. I walked forward, expecting to walk into a wall or something, but nothing stopped me. I turned around and smiled. An old man sat cross-legged in front of me, he looked at me with ancient wise eyes as black as it was bright here. I walked over and sat in front of him, and waited.

"Who are you?" I asked.

"I am the Storyteller," The old man said.

"You wish to understand why you are now a werewolf, a creature of moonlight? He asked, and I nodded.

"Then I shall tell you."

"This is how the Quileute's found that a vampire's venom is deadly to a werewolf, or so they think." Said the storyteller.

"How?" I asked, curious.

"I shall tell you. Long, long ago, in the time of Taha Aki, when the pack had only three members as was needed, a coven of Cold Ones entered Quileute lands, and the pack was needed to destroy them.

As he spoke, I could see the images around us, filling the blank nothingness, like a movie the scenes flashed across the space, making me feel as though I were there.

"In the pack, the three members were: Kenku, Fell, and Jacen. Kenku was a dark brown with lighter tan around his face and feet, and white along his chest. Fell, was dark grey with white along his back, and Jacen was a mixture of light and dark browns, with a black mask-like pattern around his eyes.

"As they were running through the woods, following the Cold ones' scents, they split up and circled around where they knew the vampires to be. They waited, and upon seeing the Cold Ones, they attacked.

"The first two, both males, were killed quickly, and tossed into a fire that one of them had made. When the third, a Female, saw her two dead companions, she screamed in despair and rage and charged at the wolves. Kenku and Fell were injured during the fight with the males, and Jacen stood alone when she attacked.

"Her ferocity surprised him, and he was quickly overwhelmed. As they fought, his brothers watched horrified, still healing, as the Cold One leaned down and sank her fangs into their brother's neck. They immediately felt a burning agony wash through their minds from their brother.

"They began to howl and snarl in pain when their brother phased back to human and began to scream and thrash about as if he were being burned alive. Kenku and Fell, enraged by their brother's pain, quickly killed the female, and turned to their fallen brother. They could hear his heart beating very fast, and his screams no longer seemed human.

"Suddenly, the screams cut off and as they knelt next to their brother, trying to see how they could help, a look of shock crossed Jacen's face.

"'Lunabell?' he whispered. The two brothers looked at each other. Each knew the legend of Tain, who had helped a mysterious wolf, and that when he died; she came to take him to the spirit world. Suddenly they gasped, for they could actually see Lunabell, she was in the form of a silvery, semitransparent, she wolf, with her strange hand-like front paws, standing on two legs.

"She smiled at Jacen, and walked forward. Kenku and Fell were consumed by grief, in that they knew their brother was dying, because why else would Lunabell be there? But the second Jacen's hand touched Lunabell's; a burst of white and black fire erupted from their hands and blew out in a ring, passing harmlessly over the two werewolves, who cried out in shock.

"A voice could be heard over the sound of the fire as it scorched a path around the clearing they were in, the flames creating a light so bright the brothers eyes had to be closed or they would have been blinded. The voice spoke thus in the voice only a god would possess:

"'Another has been created from the ashes of the venom! That toxin which burns while changing a human shall have that same outcome here! For this wolf-shifter shall forevermore be a creature of moonlight, never changing back to human until the moon has disappeared from the sky!' the voice of the god proclaimed in a voice as deep as thunder.

When the brothers finally opened their eyes, they saw that Jacen had disappeared, and that a ring of fire-blacked wood surrounded them, and ash fell like snow to the ground, but there was no sign of their brother. They searched for days, alerting the tribe that he was missing, but he was never found. "

"But what happened to Jacen?" I asked.

"No one knows." Said the storyteller simply.

"But, when I woke up, I was still in the clearing! And…wait…how long was I gone? I asked, hesitant.

"I do not know, maybe when you took Lunabell's hand, you're body and spirit were taken with her, as she flew into the sky, and later, when you were changed fully, you were brought back."

I was about to speak again, but just then, with a gasp, I woke up, to find myself in the ancient den. Surrounding me, were a bunch of balls of fluff, crawling around me and mewling weakly as they explored the small den. I saw they were surrounding a small rodent's skeleton and gnawing on it greedily. My eyes opened wide as I realized that the pain in my stomach had stopped, and that these were my children.

As if sensing where I was, they began to crawl toward me, their eyes closed, looking like human babies the size of kittens, but covered in fur, with pointy ears, tails and short snouts. They crawled on all fours, their front "feet" looking more like hands. I felt a rush of maternal affection, and scooted them closer to my warm body gently, wrapping my tail around them and resting my head to the side as they snuggled next to me, instantly falling asleep.

I wondered what they would drink or eat in a burst of panic, but was calmed and a little confused when I saw again the small skeleton of a mouse, neatly picked clean. My children ate meat, right after they were born! Suddenly, I saw confusing images behind my eyes, a swirl of colors and shapes.

If I concentrated, I could hear sounds. All of these were mixed together in a confusing jumble, and with a jolt, I realized that I was hearing their thoughts while they slept; I was seeing their dreams! Thinking about it, I had noticed that I had heard small voices at the back of my mind when they were awake, their thoughts had raced, and I knew somehow, they were smarter than the average adult.

Thinking about these miracle children of mine, I drifted off to sleep once more, wondering what I would do when I found the Pack or the Cullen's, or what would happen if they found me first, not knowing it was me or what I was… I shuddered as I dreamed, and my children seemed to move closer to comfort me.

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