"Hm!?" Alfred was still a bit surprised and confused but he couldn't argue with the other man's lips pressed against his own. Instead the blond simply leaned into the kiss, wrapping his arms around the smaller nation gently as the brunette returned the embrace. Their tongues cautiously began exploring one another's mouth and Toris could feel strong hands moving over his body. Alfred wanted to touch every part of the Lithuanian...he also never wanted to stop kissing him, but they both had to pause for breath.

They stood there for a long moment held loosely against each other as sky-blue eyes gazed into emeralds. Finlay Toris sighed contentedly and leaned against the American, nuzzling his face into the taller man's chest and neck. Alfred smiled and held him there for a moment, gently running his hands over all of his body that could be reached. Finally the blonde's minute patience ran out on him and he couldn't help but taste the Lithuanian's hot mouth again. He tilted the man's head up toward his own carefully and then mashed their lips together roughly. He soon began to kiss the man with a hunger that he hadn't felt in quite a while.

"Mmm..." Their bodies pushed together as the brunette submitted quietly, returning the kiss with only careful little movements. Alfred started moving toward the bedroom but didn't want to break the kiss if he could help it. Toris followed in turn only pausing to help the blond remove his shirt. They sat on the bed and Alfred wraped his arms around the smaller nation from behind, kissing and sucking gently down his neck as he unbuttoned the man's shirt and carefully slid it off.

Toris shifted uneasily as his scars were revealed and blushed as he looked over his shoulder, hoping desperately that the American wouldn't be detured by the sight. To his amazement Alfred simply smiled in a solemn way and rested his hands on his waist, bending down to gently kiss at one scar, then another. The blond shifted forward slightly, wraping his arms around the man again and nuzzling against his ear before whispering into it.

"You must be very strong." He said as if stating a simple fact, neither surprised or disinterested. Toris furrowed his brow in confusion.

"Wh-what do you mean...?" He asked, not understanding the conclusion the American had come to.

"Because," Alfred explained as though it were the simplest thing in the world. "Every scar is something you've survived." He squeezed the man tighter against him and they sat there for a long moment in a serene silence. Toris finally turned back toward him and they resumed kissing, moving their hands all over each others bodies, slowly pushing off any remaining clothing.

Toris scooted up on the bed wanting to find a more comfortable position. Alfred pounced on him growling playfully and nibbled at his neck. Toris giggled and Alfred laughed, pulling away to look down at the man below him. For a split seconded Ivan's image flashed in place of Alfred's and a wave of fear crashed over the brunette. He trembled and broke out in a cold sweat, his eyes going wide as he stared up at the American.

Alfred noticed immediately and frowned, backing away and sitting back on his legs for a moment as he thought.

"I...Alfred I..." Toris felt slightly nauseous and stared fearfully up at the blond, tears filling his eyes. He wanted to be with America so badly! Why did Ivan have to ruin everything for him...

Alfred smiled kindly and leaned down kissing the smaller man's thigh gently. He then flopped down on his back beside the brunette.

"C'mon." Alfred motioned for him to get on top. Toris nodded and slowly, carefully straddled the blond. Alfred grinned in his larger-than-life carefree way and Toris couldn't help but return a smile. He leaned down kissing the American tentatively at first, not sure how to take things when allowed to lead the way. Alfred was having a hard time with the teasing he was going though, and couldn't help but buck up toward the smaller man. Toris moaned, deepened the kiss and adjusted himself on top of the larger man so that their arousal's rubbed and pushed at each other.

Alfred moaned at this and continued rolling his hips up into the smaller man's motions as they kissed. Toris moved down Alfred's neck, kissing him, licking here and there, sucking at a nipple. The brunette loved the little huffs and sighs he was getting in return for every little motion. With some difficulty Alfred reached over to the night stand and opened the drawr, pulling out a small bottle of lube. He became distracted by Toris' motions for a moment before pushing it into the brunettes hand.

Toris paused and sat up. He looked down at the bottle for a moment, his blush darkening before he returned it to the blond. Alfred kneaded his eyebrows together giving the brunette a look to make certain he was sure. Toris responded by leaning forward again and rolling his hips as he sucked at one of the American's nipples.

"Hnnn..." Alfred whined and groaned, pushing up toward the other man before opening the small bottle with a click. He rubbed the fluid over his fingers and they repositioned themselves slightly so that he could reach. Toris was on his knees and elbows over the American, his legs spread to give the blond access to his most private places.

Toris wet his lips as the first digit was slipped into his puckered hole. The sting was almost immediately soothed away and a second was pushed in, scissoring and stretching him. Toris made a small noise as the third finger was pushed into him, but Alfred was surprisingly gentle, sliding the digits in and out, pushing at ring of muscle to stretch and widen the hole carefully.

"Hu--ahhh!" The brunette called out as his prostate was brushed teasingly. Alfred continued for a moment before sliding the fingers out. The Lithuanian whined quietly at the loss but bit his lip as he looked down between himself and the blond, finding that the American smearing the slick liquid over his own member.

Toris maneuvered back down the other man and positioned himself over his erect member. Alfred held his cock in place as Toris slowly lowered himself with a groan. Toris paused for a moment, trying to allow himself time to adjust to the large member that was now fully inside him. Alfred squirmed beneath him, trying to stay still. Toris smiled wider and purred as he slowly started moving up and down on the American's throbbing member.

"Ahh-ahhh! Hnnn..." Alfred started moving with him and their speed escalated steadily until they were both rutting and pushing at each other at a decent pace. Alfred's cock continued to thrust into the Lithuanian again and again, eliciting moans and near-screams from the smaller man as he was pounded over and over. The brunette leaned forward against the American, still riding him roughly, the throbbing member sheathing it's self with in him again and again, his own member leaking and rubbing between their bellies.

"Oh...Fuck, yeah...ahh..." Alfred could feel himself getting closer and he reached down between himself and the Lithuanian, taking Toris' weeping erection in his hand. He rubbed around the head and up and down the shaft carefully at first before picking up speed to match his thrusts and Toris' own motions.

"Ahhh! A-Al..." Torismoaned and gasped struggling to keep up his motions as he was pumped and fucked simotaniously. He felt himself being pushed closer and closer to the edge and finally it was too much for him to hold on.

"Alfred!" Toris called out and then released a shaky breath, whimpering quietly as he felt himself fill with the American's seed, his own spilt between them in a sticky mess.

"God damn...yes..." Alfred moaned and sighed curling his toes and wrapping his arms tightly around the older man. Toris panted, trying to catch his breath as he pulled out carefully and collapsed on the blond. Alfred ran his fingers though the brunettes hair and kissed the top of his head.

"T-Thank you, Alfred...thank you..." Toris managed after a moment and the blond raised an eyebrow. America sighed and smiled squeezing the brunette tighter against him.

"Mmm...and thank you too, Toris." The American snuggled against the Lithuanian as he held him in his arms and closed his eyes. Soon they both fell into a peaceful, dreamless sleep.

AN: Aw damn...rape victim!Liet. T ^ T Haha~ It's so cute to me. :3 *shot*