One-shot Stories

Hey everyone. This is a new thing that I'm starting. I am right now writing koopa school ( You should read it, it's cool) anyhow, this is a bunch of one-shots that I'm writing. They are rated NC-17, be aware. They are very yaoish, slashish, gayish or whatever you call it!

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First time with you

This had been going on for a few years now. Bowser would call upon Ludwig and let him do naughty things to him. Ludwig was only 12 when this started happening and now he was 17 and it had not stopped, infact, it had increased. Though, deep down, Ludwig knew that he liked doing these things to his father.

" Master Ludwig. King Bowser has called upon you immediately" a scared koopa troopa said, he bowed and ran away with shaking legs.

Ludwig sighed and walked to the throne room where Bowser was sitting on the throne and a smirk appeared on his face when he saw Ludwig.

" You came fast, one might wonder if you love this" Ludwig shuddered at the menacing voice.

" In your wildest dreams father" Ludwig replied coldly.

Bowser growled " Come here right now" Ludwig slowly walked forward to the throne and when he reached it Bowser immediately took a tight grip on his hair, Ludwig cried out in pain and began clawing Bowser´s hand. Bowser howled in pain and threw Ludwig on the floor harschly. Ludwig whimpered when he saw Bowser taking out his huge cock and sitting down lazily on the throne saying the words Ludwig feared.

" Suck it and don´t forget to swallow every drop!" Ludwig´s eyes filled with tears as he crawled before Bowser and took the hard cock in his hand as Bowser sighed and closed his eyes.

Ludwig looked at the cock in his hand, it was thick and big, atleast 15 inches. Bowser had not taken his virginity yet, but it was coming, Ludwig just knew it.

He slowly licked the head and suckled at the side of the sensitive head making Bowser groan and clutch his hair. Ludwig smirked and slowly swirled his tongue in a way he knew his father would like. He took the tip and suckled it while sticking his tongue in the small opening. Bowser groaned and said.

" Suck it Ludwig, it feels so good son" Ludwig felt encouraged by that as he took the whole head in his mouth and sucked. He sucked hard and fast as Bowser thrust his hips. Ludwig stroked the rest of the cock with both his hands since Bowser´s cock was so wide. He took the head out of his mouth, he took a deep breath and whispered huskily.

" Does it feel good dad?" Bowser could only nod and moan as Ludwig continued stroking his cock " I´m going to make you cum so hard.....and swallow everything you got....mmm dad....your cum tastes so good.....cum in my mouth....fill it to the brink" Ludwig smirked when Bowser tightened his hold on his hair and pushed Ludwig´s head down. Ludwig opened up and took as much as he could from his father´s cock.

Ludwig moaned when Bowser shallowly thrusted his cock in and out of his mouth. Ludwig pulled away and immediately suckled on various spots on the cock. From the base to the tip, one the middle and all the way around.

" Ludwig....Ludwig....I´m coming son.....swallow it!" Bowser growled and led Ludwig´s mouth to the head of his cock where Ludwig immediately opened his mouth and started to stroke the cock furiously.

" Come for me dad! In my mouth, on my face, everywhere!" hearing Ludwig say that, Bowser could only let out a deep groan and came harder than he could imagine. His cock spurted cum all over Ludwig´s face, Ludwig immediately took the head in his mouth and started to suck all the cum out and swallow every drop that came out of Bowser´s delicious cock. Ludwig swallowed and moaned, he had to admitt, his father´s cum tasted delicious.

Bowser shuddered and collapsed on teh throne breathing heavily.

" That.....that was amazing Ludwig" Bowser looked at his son whose face was covered in his cum, he looked delicious. Bowser just wanted to bend him over and take his virginity. He noticed that Ludwig looked sad.

Bowser sighed and kneeled down next to his son.

" Ludwig........." he was quieted though when, fast as a lightning bolt, Ludwig climbed on his lap and kissed him. Bowser, was to say, very surprised. He felt Ludwig´s slim tongue slip past his lips and inside his mouth as they kissed. He felt Ludwig´s tongue play around his own and then he felt it, Ludwig was hard.....very hard.

They pulled away and Ludwig was panting and blushing. He slowly took his father´s hand and put it on his own swelling cock.

" Father I.....I....." Ludwig blushed and looked away. Bowser turned his face towards him and said.

" Don´t be ambarassed....Tell me" Ludwig´s eyes filled with tears and he whispered.

" I.....I´m in love with you....I want you to....take my virginity" Ludwig gasped when he felt Bowser´s finger gently prob his virgin hole.

" You mean here?" Bowser whispered huskily. Ludwig bowed his head and nodded.

" I don´t know why you waited so much but.....don´t you find me attractive?" Ludwig asked. Bowser chuckled.

" Ludwig....Why did I choose you from all my kids?" Ludwig shook his head " Because you are the most beautiful and brilliant koopa I have ever seen. Ludwig....I love you son, in a way I should not" Bowser sighed and removed his hand from its original place.

Ludwig smiled " I love you too father" he kissed Bowser and thrust his tongue inside Bowser´s awaiting mouth. Bowser groaned and kissed back. His cock had withered to the sad conversation but feeling Ludwig´s passion and attraction made it rise again to its full size. He could also feel Ludwig´s cock, although smaller, press against his stomach.

They pulled away and looked into eachothers eyes, both were breathing heavily. Bowser carried Ludwig to the throne where he sat down and put Ludwig on his lap. Ludwig thrust against him, he was so aroused. Bowser wrapped his hand around Ludwig´s leaking cock and stroked. Ludwig cried out and hid his face in the crook of Bowser´s neck as Bowser stroked him a little harder and faster.

Ludwig´s back arched and he cried out when he came for the first time in his father´s hand. He gasped and collapsed against Bowser´s chest. Bowser smiled and licked the side of Ludwig´s face. Ludwig purred and said.

" Father?"

" Yes?"

Ludwig blushed ".........Fuck me.....hard" Bowser´s eyes widened. He smirked and kissed Ludwig hard, immediately thrusting his tongue inside the mouth and pushing it against Ludwig´s own.

Bowser stood up and let Ludwig sit on the throne.

" Stay here a few minutes, I´ll be back" Bowser walked out of the room. Ludwig sat on the throne feeling nervous. How would his father´s cock fit in his small hole? Would it fit? What if it didn´t fit?! His thoughts were interrupted when Bowser walked in the room again and locked the door after him.

Ludwig suddenlt felt really nervous. Bowser led Ludwig to the bed in the next door were they lay down and Bowser asks.

" Is there anything you want to know before we start?" Ludwig shook his head " Ludwig?" Ludwig swallowed heavily.

" Will....Will it hurt?"

" Not if you relax and if I prepare you properly"

" Will you do that?"

" What?"

" Prepare me?" Ludwig asked slightly shaking. Bowser laughed out loud.

" Of course I will. Now relax and spread your legs" Ludwig swallowed hard and did as he was told.

He slowly spread his legs. Bowser groaned low in his throat when he saw the pink hole and it twitched slightly. Ludwig was nervous, Bowser knew that, but he would be really gentle with him.

He opened the tube of lube and smeared his finger good before slowly pressing it against Ludwig´s opening. Ludwig whimpered in pain when the tip of Bowser´s finger slipped in.

" Hush....Breathe, it will feel easier" Ludwig took a deep breath and relaxed his body, Bowser´s finger slowly slipped in to the knuckle. There Bowser slowly thrust his finger in and out until he felt Ludwig was loose enough. He continued this until he could get three fingers easily in and out of Ludwig´s hole.

Ludwig was a beautiful sight to Bowser now. His hair was splayed on the pillow and he was moaning and gasping in pleasure as the tips of Bowser´s fingers continued brushing against his sensitive prostate. Ludwig couldn´t take it anymore. He clutched at the sheets, arched his back and screamed in pleasure as he came over his stomach, his opening clenching around Bowser´s fingers.

Bowser slowly pulled out his fingers, he actualy felt how the hole suckled at them, wanting them inside and when he pulled them out, the hole was pink and glistening with lube. Bowser licked his lips.

He took the rest of the lube and coated his cock with it. He slowly lined his cock to Ludwig´s opening. Ludwig gasped when he felt the heated tip of his father´s erection press against his opening. Bowser started rubbing the tip up and down against the moist hole, Ludwig moaned.

" Do you want it son? Say it" Bowser growled. Oh how he wanted to just thrust his cock deep within Ludwig, but he had to be careful.

" Yes! Dad fuck me.....Fuck me now!" he gasped when he felt Bowser´s cock breach his hole for the first time. Ludwig clawed at the sheets and cried out, it hurt very much but it felt good too.

Soon half the cock was buried inside Ludwig and Bowser was breathing heavily.

" Ludwig....Can I....?"

" Yes....Continue dad, please" Ludwig groaned in pain when the thickest part of Bowser´s cock pushed inside him.

Several moments passed between them as Bowser stilled inside Ludwig. Slowly and shallowly he began to thrustm slowly the hole relaxed and he began to thrust slowly in and out of Ludwig. Ludwig began to feel aroused again. He had gone soft because of the pain but now the sheer intensity of the whole thing made him hard again and so horny!

" How does it feel Ludwig?" Bowser said as he thrusted a little harder and faster.

" Oh....oh....uhn....It feels amazing father, please harder, push your cock in me harder and deeper!" Ludwig moaned and thrust his hips against Bowser´s. Bowser growled and thrust deep hitting Ludwig´s prostate hard.

" Ahhhhhh! Dad! YES!" Ludwig cried out as Bowser fucked him faster and harder and each time hitting his prostate hard. Ludwig´s eyes filled with tears at the sheer pleasure. He screamed in pleasure and came, once again coating his stomach with his pearl-white cum. Bowser smirked at the sight.

" You´re such a little slut Ludwig aren´t you?"

" Uhn....Yes dad, I´m your slut,only yours! Fuck me now! Come inside me. Coat me from the inside!" Bowser growled and started thrusting hard. He thrust and thrust until he felt that familiar burn inside him. He screamed at the top of his lungs.

" Ludwig!"

" Dad!" Ludwig came again and his eyes widened when he felt the hot cum spurt inside of him with unbelieveble heat and power. Ludwig could only moan as his father´s cock pumped its seed into him.

Bowser slowly thrust his cock in and out as he emptied himself inside his son. He shuddered and slowly pulled out. A string of cum was stuck from the tip of his cock to Ludwig´s cumdrenched hole.

When he pulled out, the cum exploded out of Ludwig´s relaxed hole with such force and heatness. Ludwig could only moan as his hole was drenched in his father´s cum.

Bowser cleaned them up and put the cover on them as they fell alseep happy and in love. Bowser kissed his son´s forehead, he loved Ludwig and he finally made Ludwig love him back.

The end!

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