Hello everyone. Chibineptune here with...a story...YAY! Clap your hands...or...not. ANYHOW...This is a PREQUEL for the story " First time with you" this will tell you how it started between Bowser and Ludwig when Ludwig was only 12 years old. The koopalings ages are:

Ludwig: 12

Lemmy: 11

Roy: 10

Wendy: 9

Iggy: 8

Morton: 7

Larry: 6

Bowser Jr: 2

If anyone thinks it's too naughty, violent or just you don't like reading about incest and pedophilia. Please turn back because this story contains both those things.

WARNINGS: Blowjobs, rimming, fingering, handjobs, incest.

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My improper feelings for you

It was time for breakfest and Bowser was waiting patiently for all his kids to enter the diningroom. First came Larry and Morton running.

" Good morning king dad!" Larry said and he jumped on the chair. Morton sat down next to him.

" Yeah, good morning king dad" Morton grinned. He and Larry had been playing when Kamek had yelled at them for disturbing his peace and morning. Morton loved causing trouble especially for Kamek who was a sourpuss.

Next entered Wendy who was learning to put on make-up. It was smudged all over her face and she had applied bright red lipstick on her already huge lips so right now they looked like 2 swollen sausages.

" Good morning daddy. How do I look?" Wendy asked sweetly but she was daring Bowser to answer her other than...

" Like a princess honey" Bowser answered and cleared his throat.

Iggy came running in crying.

" Help me king dad. Roy wants to hit me!" Iggy jumped on Bowser's lap as Roy came running in furious after him. When he saw Iggy in Bowser's lap, he immediately calmed down.

" Good morning king dad..."

" Why were you chasing Iggy? How many times have I told you NOT to fight with him!" Bowser said sternly. Roy nodded mutely and sat down on the table. Iggy giggled and hugged Bowser.

" Thanks king dad and good morning by the way" he jumped down off Bowser's lap and sat down next to Larry and Morton.

Lemmy came running in on the ball and Ludwig walked calmly in after him. He spotted his father and stood infront of him.

" Good morning king dad. How was your day?" Ludwig asked and sat next to his father who smiled at him. Ludwig smiled back, he always felt special when Bowser smiled at him.

" GOOD MORNING DADDY!" Lemmy screamed and jumped on Bowser's lap. Bowser grunted and stroked Lemmy's mohawk.

" Good morning son. How are you?"

" Good!" Lemmy grinned widely and he jumped to his seat next to Wendy who pinched him because he touched her.

They ate breakfest and there was so much talking and screaming that it bothered Kamek in his room down the hall.

After breakfest all the koopas except Ludwig ran outside to play baseball but Ludwig went to his room to read a book.

Bowser watched all his kids go to their own business. He stood up and went to his room to hatch up another plan how to catch Peach and kill the Mario Bros.

Night was upon them and it was a beautiful full moon. Everyone was asleep except Bowser who was walking quietly to Ludwig's room. He reached the room and took a deep breath before slowly opening the door quietly. Ludwig was in his bed soundly asleep not knowing anything. Just the sight of him lying so innocently in his bed made Bowser almost stop what he intended to do but then he heard that small moan.

Ludwig turned to his back and spread his legs. Bowser licked his lips. He looked delicious, he couldn't take it anymore. He had to make Ludwig his, no matter what it would take.

He locked the door and approached the bed and slowly removed the sheet from Ludwig's body. Bowser reached out a hand and stroked Ludwig's hair which he had inheirited from his mother. Slowly the hand went down towards Ludwig's mouth, neck and it reached his chest. Two nipples were hard and waiting to be pinched and sucked.

Bowser pinched them slightly, Ludwig moaned softly and tried to pull away but Bowser didn't let him. He bent down and sucked the nipples hard. Ludwig slowly woke up and he saw someone above him and screamed in fear.

Bowser immediately put his hand above Ludwig's mouth, quieting him.

" Shhh, be quiet. It's me son..." Bowser said. Ludwig's eyes widened and Bowser removed his hand. Ludwig whimpered in fear.

" K-k-king dad...W-what are you ,nnnn, d-doing?" Ludwig asked shakily as Bowser continued licking and sucking at his nipples which had become swollen.

" Pleasuring you. Now be quiet!" Bowser growled and he grabbed Ludwig's thigh and squeezed. Ludwig's eyes widened in fear.

" King dad...STOP!" Ludwig cried and scratched Bowser's face. Bowser growled in anger.

" You little slut!" Bowser slapped Ludwig harschly. Ludwig whimpered.

" You'll see what I will do to naughty sluts" Bowser screamed. He stood up and took of his shell and revealed his big dripping cock to Ludwig who was shaking in fear.

" K-k...King dad! What are you doing? Please stop!" Ludwig cried out when Bowser took his hand and placed it on his throbbing erection. Ludwig pulled away his hand as if it was fire. Bowser growled and he pushed Ludwig on the bed and spread his thighs wide seeing the small entrance twitching in fear.

He bent down and licked it hard and Ludwig cried out. Bowser didn't know if it was in pain, pleasure or just fear. He licked at the small twitching hole and carefully slipped his tongue in. Ludwig was pushing at his head trying to push him away. He didn't want this!

Bowser growled and pulled away. He looked at the glistening entrance and he placed the tip of his erection at the opening and tried pushing in, even though Ludwig was crying and whimpering, but the head wouldn't go in. He was too big and Ludwig was too small. This had to wait but he was ready to cum so what was he supposed to do?

Bowser straddled Ludwig's chest and started stroking his cock with long and hard strokes.

Ludwig looked at his father and the huge cock infront of him thobbing. Maybe if he helped his father finish, he would let him go. Ever so slowly, he extended his tongue and touched the tip of Bowser's cock.

Bowser gasped in pleasure when he saw Ludwig licking at the head. He was so close, he stroked faster and harder while Ludwig was sucking lightly at the tip of his heated cock.

Bowser groaned loudly and came hard. His cum came out in heavy spurts covering Ludwig's face and pillow. Bowser groaned and stroked the last of his cum on Ludwig's heaving chest.

He slowly stood up and looked at Ludwig who was crying and trying, as good as he could, to wipe of the cum on his face.

" Why king dad? Why?" Ludwig cried and whimpered when Bowser pulled him on his lap.

" Ludwig...I...I love you so much. Please forgive me, I did this because I love you..." Bowser explained and licked some cum of Ludwig's cheek. His hands went downwards and he grasped Ludwig's bottom.

" I need this. I need you. You make me wild, crazy for you! Love me Ludwig. Love me the way I love you" Bowser growled and stroked Ludwig's entrance.

" But king dad...Isn't this wrong? You're my father..." Ludwig whispered and whimpered as a finger breached him for the first time.

" Yes, it is wrong but I can't hold back anymore. I will have you even if you don't approve Ludwig" Bowser growled and caught Ludwig's mouth in a harsch kiss where he thrust his tongue in and started playing with Ludwig's.

He slowly pulled away " I love you Ludwig" he licked Ludwig's tears.

" Uhuu...I...I love you too king dad..." Ludwig sniffled.

Bowser put him down on the bed and he covered him after cleaning him up.

" Don't tell ANYONE about this or something bad will happen to both of us Ludwig" Bowser warned.

"...I promise king dad...It will be...OUR secret" Ludwig whimpered and started crying when Bowser closed the door.

The next day the koopalings were eating breakfest like usual but Ludwig wasn't with them and that made Bowser worried.

Iggy asked if he could get him but Bowser declined, telling him that he would visit him after breakfest.

After breakfest was done, the koopas and goombas took away the empty plates and the koopalings ran away, each one to their room or outside to play.

Bowser groaned and hid his face in his hands when he heard a soft voice saying.

" Good morning king dad"

Bowser looked up and spotted Ludwig standing at the entrance looking unsure and afraid.

" Ludwig...Come here son..." Bowser said and felt relief wash over him when Ludwig did as he was told.

He pulled Ludwig into his lap and said.

" About yesterday Ludwig...I'm sorry...I couldn't stop myself. I'm in love with you my beautiful son" Bowser licked at Ludwig's cheek.

Ludwig whimpered and tried to pull away but Bowser had a strong hold on him so he couldn't escape.

" King dad, I forgive you but only if you promise me to never do it again" Ludwig couldn't help but purr when Bowser sucked at the tip of his ear.

Bowser, pleased to hear the slight purr, started to squeeze Ludwig's buttocks in his hands.

" I can't promise you that Ludwig. I can't keep my hands off you when I'm near you"

Ludwig whimpered when he felt a finger force its way inside him.

" Let's go to my room" Bowser said and he stood up, keeping Ludwig in his arms. Ludwig started crying but Bowser ignored him as he made his way to his room.

Bowser closed and locked the door after they were inside. Ludwig looked afraid and lost but Bowser was too aroused to notice or care.

" Lie down on the bed Ludwig. I have to get something..." Bowser said and he walked to the bathroom to fetch something.

Ludwig swallowed heavily and he lied down on the bed feeling nervous but deep inside he felt slightly aroused.

He had always felt a special connection with his dad and maybe this wasn't as bad as he thought. Maybe they were meant to be...lovers?

Ludwig was awaken from his thoughts when Bowser came naked from the bathroom carrying a small bottle of oil. Ludwig couldn't help but licking his lips at the sight of his naked father and the amazing cock standing up so proudly.

Bowser noticed Ludwig's sudden change, maybe this was a good thing?

Bowser sat down on the bed and pulled Ludwig into his lap and kissed him softly at first but adding pressure after a while and then he felt Ludwig responding and that almost made him come.

Ludwig's tongue was starting to play with his own and Ludwig was clutching at his hair and thrusting his small hips against the giant cock standing up proudly. Bowser groaned and pushed Ludwig down on the bed and straddled him while continuing to kiss him heavily.

He grasped Ludwig's hard cock and he only had to stroke it twice and Ludwig shuddered and came in his father's hand. Bowser pulled away and looked at his panting son while licking the cum off his hand.

" I see that you're enjoying this my son"

Ludwig was breathing heavily " Anything to please you king dad..." it had felt amazing to come in his father's hand. Maybe this wasn't such a bad thing after all.

Bowser smiled proudly " I'm proud to call you my son. Now we will do something called a * blowjob *"

" What's that?" Ludwig asked innocently.

Bowser leaned against the headboard.

" It's when you suck my hard cock son" Bowser licked his lips and stroked his cock lightly with the tips of his claws.

Ludwig swallowed heavily and slowly leaned forward and licked at the head lightly, tasting something salty but sweet.

" Like this king dad?" Bowser groaned at the innocence of his son.

" Yes, just like that but a little harder and try to suck instead of licking"

Ludwig nodded and did what he was told. He slowly took the head in his mouth and sucked softly.

" Harder Ludwig...Ooh, feels so good my son" Bowser groaned and grabbed hold of Ludwig's hair.

Ludwig continued sucking and licking when Bowser said.

" Use your hands too Ludwig...Where you can't reach...I'm getting closer son"

Ludwig sucked harder and started stroking the rest of the cock with his hands and occasionly licking the whole lenght with his slippery tongue making Bowser groan in pleasure.

Bowser felt it becoming too much for him and he started thrusting his hips in time with Ludwig's sucking.

" Close...Close...So close...Uhh...Coming...AAAHH!" Bowser screamed and came in Ludwig's mouth. Ludwig's eyes widened in surprise when he felt so much cum spill in his mouth. He tried as best as he could to swallow but there was so much that it started spilling out of his mouth to his chest and hands, still stroking the rest of the cock.

Bowser shuddered heavily and pulled away from Ludwig who started coughing from the cum. Bowser groaned and collapsed on the bed breathing heavily. Ludwig crawled towards him and sat down next to him.

" Did...I do good king dad?" Ludwig asked uncertain.

Bowser could actually laugh at those words but instead he said.

" Yes, very good. Go wash yourself. It's good enough for today...tomorrow..."

" Tomorrow? We're doing this tomorrow too?" Ludwig asked in shock. Bowser growled.

" We will do this whenever I want to...UNDERSTAND?"

Ludwig whimpered in fear " Yes, king dad. Whenever you want to"

Bowser stood up from the bed and looked at the bottle of oil

" We'll use that next time" he walked to the bathroom to wash himself.

Ludwig was sitting in the middle of the huge bed feeling lonely and mislead. What if his dad wanted to do this for a long time? What did he have to do next? Ludwig sighed heavily and he walked to his own bedroom where he cleaned himself and tried to forget.

He didn't know what was going to happen in the future...


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