A Real Criminal Mastermind

Working with Inara on a plan to outsmart Saffron was not something he thought he'd ever have the pleasure of executing, let alone enjoy doing. It was a revelation to him just how well she could blend into his world.

She was smart and had good street sense and was arguably better at the plotting and scheming part of organising a heist than he himself. A real criminal mastermind, she turned out to be. Never before would he have even considered that a plausible notion.

Unafraid to challenge him, he had enjoyed sparring with her on some of the details and fleshing out her part in it. He didn't want her in the way of harm; she wanted an active part in the job after what Saffron put them all through the last time. She, of course, won. Feminine wiles, he was sure. Didn't make him any less concerned.

It was lucky that's how it went though her role, as it turned out, has much more importance than he expected. Her back up position turned into a very successful 'Plan B', on the front line. She saved their collective asses, well and truly.

He only wished he could have seen her play it out.

She was amazing and if she had the field skills to match, he wondered how things would be if she was to fight on their side for real.