Matt's hand settled on her waist as they danced and sang out "You get what you need!" and surprisingly Rachel felt the crackle of electricity she usually associated with Finn, smiling up at him he grinned back with pleasure, showing clearly that he felt it to. Practically laughing with happiness they continued the number.

Rachel was on a high for the weekend after Sectionals, after a loud crazy victory party at hers due to her father's being away again, where they had played Guitar and Band Hero, where the boys had been very shocked to see she actually owned a 360, she was riding the high into the next school week. Her and Matt had not had time to talk at the party but he had hugged her really tight when he had left and whispered that he would meet her at her locker on Monday, but Rachel was confused she had to admit, while originally all her thoughts on breaking BabyGate had been to finally obtain Finn for herself, she couldn't help it but think of all the things he had done before Sectionals.

Rachel was a brutally honest person, many people could attest to that fact, but ultimately she couldn't face her own truths. So she had turned to an old friend who from California that she was still in touch with and emailed her telling her the whole story asking for advice, and boy did she get it! Alex started by yelling at her for not telling her everything before and keeping her in the dark, before settling down and explaining how she saw things slowly and surely coxing everything out of Rachel, not telling her what to do but guiding her to her own conclusions, which were that Finn had used her one too many times for her to ever be comfortable in a long term relationship with him, and perhaps it wasn't love but just the fact he was nice to her that had blinded her into pursuing him so ardently. That's not to say there were not residual feelings for him, but Rachel wanted to move on, and that feeling that had spread through her when Matt had touched her was intoxicating.

Down the hallway Matt watched as Rachel walked down the hallway her face beaming, hoping it was because of him, he leaned against her locker trying to look casual as if it was something he did all the time, ignoring the cheerleaders looking at him oddly. To be honest he didn't care about the jock image that Finn coveted so much, hence his decision to choose Glee over football, and despite what Santana had thought it had nothing to do with her, but more the freedom Glee had given him to be who he was. Rachel threaded her way to Matt smiling brightly, "shit!" thought Matt suddenly "what about Finn?"

"Hello Matt" she said brightly, seeing him smile at her though not as brightly as before she frowned slightly "you ok?" she asked worriedly, reaching out to touch him on the arm, feeling that jolt of electricity again. Feeling it to Matt smiled brightly again,

"Yeah, I'm ok, just a bad thought popping into my brain" he replied, seeing the reason for it coming down the hallway, Finn shucked up to two of them, his hands stuffed in his pockets,

"Hi guys" Matt looked at Rachel waiting for her usual puppy dog smile, but she just replied back with a small smile, getting her stuff from her locker. Matt smiled brightly nodding to his friend

"Walk you to class Rach?" he asked pointedly, Finn looked confused at his request "typical Finn" Matt laughed inwardly.

"That would be lovely Matt" Rachel replied confusing Finn even more, as she pulled her books out her locker and putting her backpack inside it. Smiling Matt took her books from her and put his arm around her shoulders. Walking away they left a shocked and confused Finn standing next to his locker. Rachel smiled as the group of cheerleaders Matt had seen earlier glared at her, seeing them look Matt tightened his arm around Rachel's shoulder, getting to her class Rachel took her books back from Matt

"Meet you at lunch?" he asked

Smiling that mega watt smile Rachel agreed walking into her class leaving Matt to rush to his, smiling himself. He made it just before the final bell sliding into his seat next to Mike, and Finn,

"Dude what was that in the hall?" demanded Finn

"What?" replied Matt not answering on purpose, on his other side Mike smirked, having known that Matt had been crushing on Rachel since she had joined the school in their sophomore year like most of the male student body who could see that tight dancers body under her strange clothes and crazy personality, which had earned her all the slushie facials. They had also talked over Call of Duty on Sunday so knew what was going down between his best mate and the queen of the glee club.

"How did it go with Rachel?" he asked, half knowing because of Finn's jealous reaction.

"We're meeting for lunch" Matt said smiling "sit with us? You know what the jocks are like" he added "don't want to give them more ammo to hurt Rachel"

"Yeah course" Mike answered "by the way have you talked to Santana?"

"No, should I have?" Matt now worried about the Latinos reaction to him and Rachel

"Hey don't worry she's good with it" Mike reassured his best mate "she told me that Rachel is an amazing person and if you hurt her like Finn she'll kill you" he added in a low voice so Finn wouldn't hear.

Matt looked as his friend and laughed at the irony of his ex sticking up for Rachel Berry, who she regularly called ManHands or Rupaul. "It's cos of Sectionals" Mike explained "Rachel was the only one to believe her and that means something to San, surprisingly"

Finn sat on the other side of the two pretending not to listen to the two of them, but on the inside he could feel his blood boil. What the hell? Matt and Rachel? No she's mine! Especially now that Quinn is out of the picture for lying to me, even though she is still at my house, Matt is not stealing Rachel from me Finn vowed to himself.

Matt meet Rachel outside her 4th period to walk her to lunch smiling at her as she was the last to leave just like he expected her to be, he took her books again and put his arm around her shoulder,

"How's your day been?" he asked walking her to her locker to dump her books

"It's been adequate, but I have found myself waiting impatiently for the lunch bell" she told him shyly, looking down he smiled a well,

"Me to Rach" he told her as she opened her locker he leaned in to put the books on the top shelf for her, coming very close to her face as he did so, swallowing he looked down at her lips and then back to his eyes, then back to her lips, not knowing what to do but knowing he wanted to kiss her so much, kiss me kiss me Rachel chanted in her head, making it easier for him, she moved a bit closer, Matt smiled in relief as she moved closer to him, he lowered his head and pressed his lips to hers, slowly he applied pressure to her lips before he slid his tongue out to slide along her bottom lip begging for entrance to her mouth, Rachel moaned a little and open her mouth for him, their tongues mixing together before they broke apart needing oxygen.

Matt leaned his forehead against Rachel's breathing deeply, "Sorry I just had to do that" he apologised

"Don't say sorry, I wanted you to kiss me" Rachel assured

"That just went a little fast though; I wanted to take it slow so you knew I wanted you, can we talk now? I was going to ask you out to dinner so we could talk, but now?"

"You want to talk about us?" Rachel asked incredulously

"Yeah I know guys aint supposed to want to talk about their feelings and stuff, but Rach I had a relationship were I didn't know where I stood with San, and I really don't want another one of those" he admitted quietly

Rachel smiled at Matt and slid her hand into his,

"Ok well then I'll start, I like you Matt" she told him simply not using her extensive vocabulary for once

"I like you Rachel, but I got one thing that I'm worried about" he admitted "Finn"

Rachel had expected this question

"Did I like him? Yes" she answered honestly "but not anymore, he's used me and led me on and to be honest I can't really trust him"

"So nothing there anymore?"

"Residual feelings, I'll probably always care about him he was my first friend here, but that's it, I'm moving on Matt, hopefully with you" she added shyly, Matt smiled in relief and squeezed her hand,

"Your definitely moving on with me Rach" he declared happily, feeling eyes on him he looked up to see the dagger eyes of Finn on him ignoring him he continued to talk to Rachel "I don't want you moving on with anyone else Rach"

Looking down Rachel swallowed in worry before letting the words tumble out of her mouth before she could think about them

"So does this mean you're my boyfriend?" Matt could see the worry etched across her face as she looked down in fear.

"Of course I am Rachel, your my girlfriend and you better remember it" he told her smiling, Rachel looked up in relief "now come on lunch, I'm starving!" Rachel laughed and nodded her assent closing her locker; Matt smiled down at his girlfriend sliding his arm around her waist this time leading her to lunch, past the now visibly livid Finn.

They weaved their way to the table Mike, Santana, Brit, and Quinn were sitting at near the edge of the cafeteria, Santana, Mike and Brit all smiled at the couple as they sat down at the table, Matt sitting sideways to pull Rachel between his legs resting one arm along the back of her chair. Finn marched into the cafeteria in a rage, his Rachel with Matt! Spotting them at a table he headed to it dropping into a chair beside Rachel, not noticing the glares of everyone but Rachel aimed at him.

"Hi Guys" he said casually putting his hand up to rest on Rachel's shoulder "hey Rach do you want to do something tonight?" Matt glowered at the hand of Rachel's shoulder, but felt his heart swell as he heard her reply.

"Sorry Finn, I can't" Rachel said moving closer to Matt, making Finn's hand drop of her shoulder "Hey Quinn, you ok?" she asked nervously, as Matt tightened his hold on her pulling her closer away from Finn

"Yeah I'm ok, just a little tired" she told Rachel, Finn huffed at Rachel's dismissal of his offer, especially without a reason. He got to his feet and ambled over to the Jock table, who cheered to see him.

"How are you really Quinn?" Rachel asked again now that Finn was gone

"I feel awful, I'm still staying at Finn's but it's so stressful, Santana can't take me in because her mum doesn't approve of me after the whole teen pregnancy thing, and Brit's dad plays golf with mine" Quinn started to cry softly, Rachel rushed over to her and hugged her around the shoulders,

"Oh Quinn you should have said something on Saturday, I already talked to my dad's and they said I can offer you the guestroom, they think it would be beneficial to me because I'm always on my own anyway" Rachel told her rubbing her shoulders "come on we'll collect your stuff after school and you can move in"

"Rea...Really?" asked Quinn "but I've been so mean to you"

"Look I'm not saying that we are automatically friends, but I'm not prepared to allow you to stay in a place where you can place the baby at harm, My father's are also not aware of my situation in school and as such are making the offer to a person they believe is a friend of mine, we will leave directly after school to collect your belongings from Finn's home and you can move in this evening Quinn" Rachel told her in her normal forceful tone.

Matt looked at his new girlfriend in awe, it was so like her to make this type of offer to a person she wasn't exactly friends with, Rachel was such a selfless person in some respects, she always tried to make everyone happy. Quinn thanked Rachel and arranged to meet her at her locker at the end of school.

"Your perfect, did you know that?" he whispered into her ear when she sat back down next to him

"No I'm not, I know my faults and they are many, and in fact I'm usually quite abrasive and curt" she told him "but thank you for saying it" she added leaning the short distance over to kiss him lightly on the lips. Matt beamed at her and didn't notice Santana, Brit and Quinn giggle and begin to gossip about the new couple.

"Well that ruins my plans for this evening though" he said ruefully as he walked her to her locker after lunch, his arm back around her waist a declaration to the whole school about their relationship she knew Finn would never have done.

"What do you mean?" she asked, Matt laughed that she actually looked confused at his statement, when he thought it was pretty obvious what he meant.

"I meant that I wanted to spend time with you tonight, but now you're busy"

"Oh I'm sorry Matthew, I didn't mean to upset plans you had made for us to do, but I was unaware of them if you had vocalised them I would have found a way to do both" Rachel said quickly looking worried again

"Hey calm down Rach, it's not the big of a deal, but how about I help you move Quinn out of Finn's? Then we can do both, I'm sure you don't want her lugging heavy boxes, and to be honest I don't want you lugging heavy boxes either" he told her smiling, both of them oblivious to Puck standing next to his locker listening to them, Rachel smiled at his protectiveness of her happily

"Of course that would be an excellent idea, meet us after school at my locker?" she asked, Matt nodded and leaned down to kiss her again, loving that he was able to do it so openly,

"Hey Rutherford, Berry" Puck greeted them waiting for the backlash of glares he expected for being the douche to knock up his best friends girl.

"Hello Puck" Rachel said happily, then to his surprise she put out her hand and placed it on his arm "how are you feeling? These last few day's must have been extremely trying for you, especially considering Quinn's instance that you have nothing to do with the baby, which despite my kind offer to her, I find rather hypocritical and insensitive considering that it takes two people to make a child and therefore it is not simply your fault for the situation she finds herself in"

Puck's jaw actually dropped after he had deciphered what Rachel had said, and without even realising he had done he had pulled Berry into a tight hug, much to her and Matt's surprise, he rested his hands on her shoulders "thank you Rach, really, it's good to know not everyone hates me"

Casually Matt pulled his girlfriend back to his side, remembering that brief thing Puck and Rachel had had a few weeks before, sliding his arm around her waist he held her to his side in a clear declaration of she's mine. Nodding to Matt, Puck showed his understanding of the situation

"You got one hell of a girl there Rutherford" he told his friend who relaxed at that statement "but the reason I came over was you said something about getting Quinn's stuff, why is she going somewhere? I know I'm probably the last person she wants to see but I just want to make sure she's ok"

"Rachel's letting her move in with her" Matt told him, for the second time Rachel felt herself being pulled into a tight hug against Puck's chest .

"Thank you Berry" he said gruffly releasing her

"It's perfectly fine Puck" she reassured him patting him on the arm"I'll inform Quinn that you asked after her as well I'm sure she would be happy to know you are anxious to know her well-being" she pulled her next set of books out of her locker and without thinking Matt took them from her, waving goodbye to Puck they set off down the hall.

Damn Rutherford's a lucky basted Puck thought not without a faint twinge of jealousy but he wasn't going to ruin that, Rachel seemed so happy and it was good for her to not be pining after Finn anymore. Speak of the devil; he continued to think as Finn stalked up the hallway to his locker.

"You seen Rachel?" he demanded curtly of Puck

"Yeah, Matt's walking her to class, when did that happen anyway?" Puck asked innocently seeing the rage on his former best friends face, Finn punched his locker as he asked

"Today, don't know what that guy's problem is stealing MY Rachel" Finn growled

Crap! Thought Puck, no way can Finn ruin this for Rachel, she's too happy for him to wade in a wreck it, "oh when did you ask her out? Must say didn't think Berry was the type to cheat" Puck continued

"I didn't but fuck everyone knew she was mine!" swore Finn

"Apparently not Berry" Puck quipped "look dude, she's happy let it go, obviously if she was yours she'd have waited for you, but she didn't so I guess that means that the person who matters the most in her 'being yours' doesn't think it"

"No, this is just cos she can't have me, like with you, I'll get her back" he snarled walking away

"Dude, you never had her" I called to his retreating back. Puck flipped out his phone and sent a text to Matt, Dude, Hudson just went postal, said Berry was his and that he wud get her back, thought you wud like the heads up, wouldn't worry tho she looked major happy with you

Thanks Puck, yeah we talked bout him she said she only liked him as a frnd now, pissed he thinks he got a claim tho! Thanks for heads up came the reply in seconds.

Rachel walked through the rest of the school day in a happy high, hugging her books to her chest she couldn't believe how happy Matt could make her so quickly, the only problem was Finn's hanging about to catch her after class. Walking to her locker at the end of school she could see Matt waiting for her and she hurried walking faster to get to him. Completely ignoring Finn who stood less than a metre away at his own locker, Rachel jumped into Matt's arms as she got close enough, Matt wrapped his arms around his small girl who had suddenly become such a big part of his like in such a short time, glad that Finn was here to see how happy she was hoping it would make him back off.

Quinn wandered up to the two of them, noticing how oblivious everyone else was to them as they kissed hello, seeing Finn she lifted her head up high and continued to walk to them "Hi guys" she said. Her voice cracking through the shell around them they reluctantly separated themselves from each other.

"Hello Quinn" Rachel said beaming, while Matt nodded at her "Matt has agreed to helping us move your things this evening"

"Actually babe it was my idea" he reminded her, as Rachel got the things she needed from her locker, and placed them in her new backpack, that surprisingly was a wheelie one. She went to swing it on to her shoulder but Matt stopped her, "it's my job to carry that" he told her holding it in his hand while his other hand went to entwine his fingers with hers. Leading them into the parking lot, Rachel led the way to her car, her pride and joy, for school anyway, a Mercedes-Benz roadster.

"Sorry Quinn it hasn't got a very sufficient back seat however we will be able to use another car to go to pick up your things" Rachel apologised, while Matt circled the car whistling his appreciation at the fine automobile in front of him. True to her word they arrived at the large almost mansion like Berry home, in very quick time, Rachel let them into the house quietly, both of her guest's realising they hadn't actually looked at the house on the weekend having arrived when the party was already in swing.

The Berry's had very modern upscale tastes, however family pictures doted almost every wall in the house, making it seem lived in and comforting, Rachel led the way into the large kitchen and hopped up onto the stool at the island

"You both are extremely quiet" she noted anxiously

"You have an amazing home Rach" Quinn said, slightly jealous actually, she had thought her house was large and amazing, but the Berry house was more tastefully decorated then her own, and she could see the love of the family who lived there had put in it.

"Thank you Quinn, I love this house, I just wish I wasn't so alone in it all the time" she pointed to a large calendar that covered one of the walls, which showed large patches of blue on it "blue means business trips, they are usually home about two weekends a month, but I miss them" Rachel explained sadly, Matt walked up to his girlfriend and slipped his arms around her waist, hating seeing her sad, leaning back into his embrace she continued "do you want to get your stuff now Quinn?" she asked

"If you don't mind Rach, I just want to get out of that house Mrs Hudson has been so nice, but it's not fair for her to be lugged with me not after everything I put her through"

"No it's not a problem, let me just put a pair of jeans of" Rachel replied jumping down off her stool and up the back staircase to her room,

"huh, I didn't realise she owned a pair of jeans" Quinn quipped lightly, Matt smiled understanding what she meant, he loved Rachel's short skirts and tight tops that were tight in all the right places, but he wasn't prepared for the pair of skin tight jeans that she walked downstairs in, they looked like they were painted on, and another pair of flats.

"I thought jeans would be better if I'm going to be bending over numerous times to pick up things" Rachel explained. Quinn asked to use the bathroom before they left and Rachel pointed it out to her. Matt stalked up behind his girlfriend loving the way her ass looked in those jeans.

"Damn, you look so hot in those jeans Rach" he whispered into her ear, his fingertips brushing her thighs before he turned her around and settled his hands on her hips to pull her closer lowering his head "I love your skirts as well mind you, but I would be very busy decking guys if you wore those to school" he continued before kissing her hard on the mouth, savouring the taste of her.

Rachel moaned as his lips moved against hers begging for entrance again, which she gladly gave, he was such a good kisser, she had also loved what he said about her jeans, and how protective of her he was. A throat cleared itself pointedly behind them and they broke apart slightly embarrassed. Quinn smiled at the new couple in front of her; it was obvious how much they liked each other, and it was nice to see Rachel happy.

"Let's go then" Rachel urged leading the way to the garage door, where inside two cars sat. One was a brand new black Range Rover, but the other one had Matt tripping over himself to go drool over it, an Aston Martin V8 Vantage sat in the centre spot of the triple garage,

"Oh my god Rachel it's beautiful" he drooled over the car

"It's my pride and joy" Rachel said proudly

"It's yours?" he asked incredulously "but it's like two grand's worth of a car, it would be a bitch to insure anyone on it let alone a 17 yr old"

"It was my sixteenth birthday present from my Uncle in New York he's CEO of this huge company, and he covers the insurance as well, actually he does for all three of my cars" Rachel said humbly staring at the floor but not explain the full story. She always felt kind of bad to have all the money and cars when people at school struggled so much but her parents and uncle always were spoiling her and she loved her cars.

"hey I didn't mean to make you feel bad" he assured her seeing her look so sad "I'm just jealous" he joked "a Range Rover, a Mercedes-Benz AND a Aston Martin! I love cars that's all" Rachel smiled at his enthusiasm feeling a bit better now. Leading the way to her Range Rover she climbed in and waited for them to join her, taking the front passenger seat, Matt placed his hand on her thigh as she opened the garage and drove out.