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Disclaimed for the final time!

Matchel Chapter 22

Quinn's eyes fluttered rolling back into her head as she finished talking "Quinn?" questioned Rachel worriedly "Quinn?" she screamed a little louder as her eyes closed "Uncle Jack!" she screamed through the house "call an ambulance" she told Matt as they heard a thud of Jack upstairs Matt pulling his phoned out and calling 911.

"Rach?" questioned Puck worriedly "Rach!" he screamed a little louder when she failed to respond "What's going on? Tell me" he ordered shrilly trying to get to Quinn and his daughter as Rachel rubbed Quinn's wrists.

Jack ran into the living room Lucy hot on his heels as Matt moved to restrain Puck with one hand and called the ambulance with the other.

"It's Quinn" Rachel said as calmly as she could "I think she is going into labour her water has broken but she's in and out of consciousness"

"She's only eight months" screamed Puck

"It's the stress" Rachel said moving over to him and pulling him down to sit on the floor next to her arms firmly wrapped around his shaking frame "I think her blood pressure had dropped drastically which is why she is only semi-conscious" she explained quietly as Jack circled the couch to crouch by Quinn his hand smoothing back her hair.

"Quinn" he questioned gently "honey I want you to concentrate on my voice you need to take long deep breaths" he instructed half concentrating on Matt who told him that he had called an ambulance and it was on its way.

One ambulance ride later Quinn was still fluttering in and out of consciousness her hand holding Jack's in a death grip, Rachel and the other following ion the car Puck holding his best friends hand in his own death grip as she drove.

"What happened?" Lucy asked from the back seat as Rachel pulled in the parking lot of the hospital minutes behind the ambulance.

"Her fucking parents that's what" Rachel snapped pulling her car into a parking spot and pulling off her seatbelt bolting for the door Puck right beside her. His own face drawn in worry Matt turned to his mom and told her everything as they followed the best friends in quickly, coming to a stop as they met the two standing in the hallway outside emergency medicine.

"She's in delivery" Rachel said numbly her arms wrapped around Puck who was shaking in fear and worry "the baby was in distress and Quinn's blood pressure wouldn't come up"

Lucy hurried to the swaying Puck, worried that his blood pressure was going to drop as well; taking him from Rachel's arms she led him to the seats along the wall rubbing an arm around his shoulder rubbing soothing circles onto his back.

Crouching down in front Puck Rachel moved his chin to look him in the eye "Noah do you want me to call the Cohan's?" she asked. Puck nodded dumbly and let Rachel dig his phone out of his pocket before she moved away, seeking her own comfort in Matt's arm as she made the phone call.

After talking to the Cohan's who were understandably shocked as they had only just met Quinn and Puck that day, but were still prepared to adopt the little girl and were already getting into the car to drive to Lima as they spoke.

The four settled down to wait for any news, Jack in the surgery with Quinn who had refused to let go of his hand when she had been examined by the doctor.


Jack held the tiny little girl in his arms looking down awe as she curled her tiny hand around one of his fingers, she was the perfect mixture of Quinn's classic good looks and Noah's ancient ancestor, shifting the baby he looked down at the dishevelled sweaty blonde whose face was drawn in exhaustion.

"I'm so proud of you" he told her dropping a kiss onto her forehead.

"Thank you" said Quinn hoarsely her eyes closed tightly "can you get Rachel please?" she asked in a quiet defeated voice.

"Of course sweetie do you want to hold...?" he motioned to the tiny baby in his arms in his arms.

"No" insisted Quinn turning on her side away from him.

Grimacing in understanding Jack put the little girl in her crib and went to fetch Rachel who immediately climbed into the bed next to her taking her into his arms where Quinn clung, her shoulders heaving with quiet sobs as she buried her head into her best friend.

"I called the Cohan's" she told the blonde "Uncle Jack please go and see if Noah wants to see her"

Nodding jack left the room to the two teenage girls.

"I can't' hold her, I want to but I can't because I love her so much and I want to keep her, even though I know it's the right thing to give her to the Cohan's"

"I know Quinn I wish I could make this right but I can't" Rachel said "but I will always be here for you" she promised hugging her tighter as Puck came into the room.

Taking one glance at his daughter he left the room again before returning seconds later with the Cohan's and Matt, the latter moving over to his girlfriend and Quinn.

"This is your daughter" Puck said hoarsely standing next to the crib before moving over to his friends and taking one of Rachel's hands.

"Love her as much as we do" Rachel ordered tears running down her own face.

Puck and Quinn turned away as the Cohan's picked her up unable to watch

"We will" Caleb promised "thank you, thank you so much" he gushed as he picked up his new daughter.

"We can never thank you enough" Sophie said "we don't have a name chosen yet but as soon as we do we will call and tell you"

"Thank you" Said Puck tears running down his face.

"We know you didn't expect this so soon are you prepared for this?" asked Rachel

"Yes we are" Caleb said "please all of you come over next week; obviously we want you all to see her settled in"

"We will" Matt said all of them falling silent as the couple left with their daughter. Climbing onto the bed together all four openly cried on each other as they said goodbye to the constant in their lives in the last eight months, the constant that had been the cause and present of so many moments.

A few hours later Jack sent Puck, Rachel and Matt home with his fiancé, Quinn being kept in over night because of her dipping blood pressure and Jack insisting he stay with her, watching her pick at her dinner he sat down beside her on the bed and wrapped an arm around her shoulders.

"So are you going to tell me what brought on this stress induced labour?" he asked, he had heard the story from Lucy but wanted Quinn to open up to him.

Quinn settled against him as he lounged against the pillows "bad day"


Too exhausted to try and evade Jack she surrendered "after getting back from meeting the Cohan's my parents served me with papers ceasing all their parental rights over me, just after they told me that I could come home after my pregnancy"

Sighing in resignation and anger he held the now sobbing girl closer to him wishing that he could hurt the Fabray's.

"They told me I could come home" Quinn sobbed "Why don't they want me? I know I made a mistake but they are my parents shouldn't love me unconditionally?"

"They should" Jack agreed "but some people aren't meant to be parents"

"Like me" Quinn said in disgust

"No" he declared vehemently "you will be an amazing mother one day you still need help growing up though, I have no doubt absolutely none that you did the right thing today"

"Really?" she asked desperation lacing her voice.

"You did the right thing" Jack promised again "you are still a kid yourself, especially emotionally; I know your parents are responsible for that but together we can fix it"


"Together as a family, because we are a family Quinn, an odd very messed up not related by blood really family. Rachel told you that we would always support you and we will I don't need to be blood related to you to love you, just like the Cohan's aren't blood related to your daughter but they love her. Quinn you are my daughter and Lucy's daughter and Rachel, Matt's and Kyle's sister, even though Rachel and Matt are sleeping together which is a little odd" he added making her laugh and ease the tension in the room.

"All I have ever wanted is a family" Quinn said smiling.

"Well you have one" Rachel said from the doorway where everyone stood "we were bored and Lucy kept cooking so we brought you some real food"

"Sounds perfect" said Jack as Lucy came to perch on his lap carrying a big container of food that she helped dole out to everyone. Quinn smiled as Kyle climbed up next to her on the bed Matt and Rachel opting to share one of the chairs.

"Puck is family as well" Rachel said explaining his presence as he slid down to sit on the floor "he's more like the cousin that no one really likes" she added laughingly as he kicked her foot, snuggling back onto her boyfriends broad lap as everyone laughed and agreed.

Quinn laughed along with everyone else as Kyle settled next to her on the bed, gazing around at her family she smiled as she finally recognised that she did have a family and a good one, finally.