Rachel sighed as the raven haired vampire eased onto the bench seat opposite her, though she continued to smile at the woman even as the vampire only nodded at her until she was sat down.

"Took you long enough," Rachel complained mildly as she leaned forward in her seat being unconsciously attracted to Ivy.

"Sorry Hun," The vampire replied as she leaned towards Rachel as well, their lips meeting in the middle for a tender kiss. Rachel broke it laughing softly at the huffs and groans that she heard coming from the bar, and she knew that if she had heard them then they had been easily audible to Ivy.

"Are they the chumps that sent you the drink?" Ivy asked in a mildly annoyed tone as she turned her head to glare at the three men at the bar.

"Yeah, they are, but don't worry about them," Rachel said as she grabbed the pale woman's chin and turned her back so that she was looking at her, "You know I only have eyes for you."

"Mhm, damn right you do." Ivy replied smirking at the redhead a little before leaning forward again and pressing their lips together. "God I've missed your lips."

"Your fault for being away," Rachel replied as she gasped for a breath before wrapping her hands in Ivy's long hair and pulling the woman back to her lips, "You still owe me kisses."

"I do, do I?" Ivy asked playfully before kissing the girl again, "I guess I better give you some more kisses then shouldn't I?"

"Yup," Rachel smiled happily pecking Ivy once more before she pulled away and rested her back against the bench seat's back, "Later,"

"Alright," Ivy replied softly, "I can do that."