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First Impressions

There are moments that can change your life. Some change only small things. While others turn your whole existence. I've been through a few of these moments; my birth, my death among others, though they are probably the biggest ones. Normally such things happen quickly. The next one in my existence, not so much.

The day it started, well, lets say I was tired. You can't blame me; it was the first day of a new term and I may have stayed up just a little bit too late with Lola, but hey, I'm an angel, so I don't really need sleep.

It began in a midmorning class, one that I was already dosing off in, then again, who really needs revision on whatever boring topic we were studying? The room was buzzing with holiday vibes and Mr. Allbright had just about given up teaching. I was sitting at the back of the class, my usual seat, not paying much attention at all, a situation stunning similar to my human days. I think we would have all drifted off into some form of unconscious state, had the door not opened then.

Mr. Allbright went to the door. He had a hushed conversation with some senior student who was standing outside. Just inside my line of vision was another kid, a girl around my age. I think. A new kid for our class. Huh, lucky her.

My first thought was: God, she must be hot in that! It was true, it was of the hottest days so far this summer, and she wore so many layers. A white, loose, coat like 'sheet' of material billowed out behind her, with slits for armholes. Under that was a simple light blue shift, with white embroidered edges. Beneath it all was a floor length –no kidding- tunic of midnight blue. And lets not forget the headscarf! Seriously, not an inch of flesh showing.

My second thought was: Slightly dull looking. All of her features were perfect, but nothing was striking about her. Her tan said she'd seen enough sunlight, straight nose and full lips, blue eyes that betrayed a little bewilderment, and that's pretty much all you could see. Sure, you couldn't tell if she was pureblood or was once a human. But I could figure that out later, right?

But anyways, there was something up. They were inside now, and she was looking round the room with a sort of morbid curiosity. Didn't seem to notice me staring at her, though.

"Trainees! Look here please." It was easy to tell had all but had enough of us when all eyes snapped to him. "We are having an unscheduled student transfer. Had I known before, I would have informed you earlier. This is- oh! Sorry dear, I never did catch your name." There was an implication of a question on his last comment.

"Just Nats, for now." Such a simple statement. There was sincerity, yet a hint of a smile in her voice.

"So, tell us a little more about yourself. Where have you come from?" Mr. Allbright was probing, anything to get the attention off him.

"I've been moved around a lot," she shrugged, " but this is the furthest I've come. "I was living in a desert community, but all the places I've been were far away enough that my reputation has not preceded me."

She gave a wicked smile that made her eyes glint before sliding into a seat at the front the class. There was a new girl, in this part of heaven at least, and I had a feeling I may have a new friend to make.