A Green Dress and a Flaming Bandanna

Chapter 1- A new home


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So the house was small and the farm was kind of…untidy, to say the least, I had a feeling life would be good on Waffle Island. After experiencing my father's death I needed a break. It had been a month and my mother was becoming unbearable. I was devastated too, don't get me wrong but there comes a time when you have to move on but my mother wasn't coping well. I thought after a month she would be starting to come round but she was getting worse. I had done my bit and comforted her all I could but I couldn't cope any longer. Kevin was at home with her and after a long, rousing debate he finally agreed to let me go. So there I was in my new house on Waffle Island and I honestly couldn't be happier.

I was a very organised person and couldn't stand the sight of that unlived in house and the neglected land surrounding it. I didn't know the history of the farm and by the looks of it was pretty sure I didn't want to know giving the circumstances.

It took me about an hour to unpack but I wanted to get that out of the way before I started meeting and greeting. I stood in the middle of the rather empty room and sighed so much for furnished.

My stomach grumbled reminding me that I had not in fact eaten since 6.30 that morning. I glanced over at the small kitchen with unsurprisingly no utensils. I opened the fridge door, I knew there would be nothing in it but it was worth a look. I slammed it shut and stood with my hands planted firmly on my hips tapping my foot. Stupid pompous little mayor I thought angrily leading me to believe my house would be perfectly furnished, fridge stocked and all and stupid stupid Angela fell for it.

I glanced at my watch and nodded there's gotta be like a restaurant or something round here right?

I grabbed my purse and headed for the door my stomach grumbling again as a reminder.

There was a small wooden sign with an owl placed on top on the west side of the farm saying 'Waffle Town', its wing pointing on down the path. I eyed the owl suspiciously, it was kind of creepy.

I walked cheerfully down the sandy path towards the town. As the sun had already set and the sky had turned a deep blue shade, the town was lit up with strings of small bulbs, hung from large posts. I clutched my purse in my right hand as I looked at the adorable scene in awe. The town had such a cute setting, much prettier than the city.

I walked through the large arch at the entrance into the town. I looked around anxiously, feeling lost and worried. There seemed to be nobody about and a deadly silence filled the air.

To my right was a large building with a green roof and beautiful potted plants placed on the window ledges. I squinted to read the sign 'The Sundae Inn' It read 'Come relax and eat with us'.

I sighed with relief and pulled open the door with ease, it felt like my stomach was controlling me. As I entered the gorgeous smell hit me. An alluring tune played around the restaurant. The lights were dimmed and a spotlight shone on the landing of the staircase where a beautiful, tanned woman with red hair dressed in purple, cultural clothing, performed an interesting dance routine.

Many town residents sat at tables around the restaurant being served mouth watering dishes by a petite girl with short ginger hair, and a puffy pink dress. At the counter stood another tallish man, with strawberry blonde hair clipped to the side, wearing a long purple apron. He was standing with one hand on his hip whilst typing hastily on the till.

I tiptoed up to the hatch so as not to draw too much attention to myself. I placed my fingers lightly on the counter top and quietly cleared my throat a little.

The young man held up his hand signalling for me to wait. I frowned and began to drum my fingers on the wood. My stomach groaned yet again at the scent of the food.

He rolled his eyes and sighed.

'Yes?' He said glaring at me.

'I would like to order!' I snapped at him. He was testing my patience. He was so arrogant and full of self-importance.

'Sorry, kitchen's just closed.' He replied with a smug expression on his face.

I glanced over his shoulder where a stout little woman with pink hair stood frying vegetables in a pan. I stared at her and then stared back at the irritating waiter, raising an eyebrow.

He sighed. 'Fine!' He slid a menu over the counter. I grinned at him sarcastically and began to read rapidly down the list of food.

'Hmmmm, I think I'll have…..possibly……actually no I'll have…….' I was testing his patience. He tapped his foot irritably. 'I'll have the soup.' I said shoving the menu back at him and walked off to find a table.

'Coming right up!' He said mockingly.

I sat down at a small table on the other side of the restaurant and set my purse on the pristine white table cloth. I began to watch the dancer who twirled and glided around the landing in time with the music. My vision was suddenly blocked by the peppy waitress who popped up in front of me making me jump.

'Woah.' I said, my hand flying to my chest, 'You scared me!'

She giggled nervously.

'Sorry, umm….do you mind me asking who you are?' She said cocking her head to the side.

'I'm Angela. I'm new here.' I said sheepishly. I watched her face light up.

She jumped up and down clapping.

'Really? Yay! Finally somebody new!' She stopped jumping and beamed at me. 'I'm Maya, the waitress here at the Sundae Inn.'

The unfriendly waiter approached us with my bowl of soup. I had to stop myself from drooling, my expression was one of a wild dog's having a sheep carcass dangled before it.

He slid past Maya putting a hand on her shoulder as he reached down and set the bowl in front of me. Maya blushed a deep shade of red.

'Oh…ummmm, this is ummm…Chase. Chase this is Angela.' She said impishly, hanging her head, shying away from him.

He nodded at me and then retreated to the kitchen. I shrugged and began into my soup.

'Well umm, I'll…see you around.' She said and then ran off after Chase.

I gulped down the soup not stopping to think of the possible Chase saliva that could be mixed in somewhere. Once I had finished I paid Maya and then headed for home. The exhaustion had only just hit me.

I dragged myself home, my feet trailing along the dirt path. It had been such a stressful day. My brain hadn't stopped since I got off the boat. It had taken a week for the carpenter's to fix up my house so that it was liveable otherwise I would've moved into Town a lot sooner.

I reached my house stripping off as I stumbled across the room and flopped into bed. It wasn't the comfiest thing I had ever been in as it had a straw mattress and one rather hard pillow, but I was so tired I would have settled for the floor.

Within minutes I was fast asleep.

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