A Green Dress and a Flaming Bandana

Chapter 31- Together forever.

And so, we come to the end of this story. It's been fun I must say. I'd like to thank everybody who has reviewed and put up with me through my times of writers block and laziness. I'd like to thank Someoneudontknow5 and Scarletdreamsforever in particular as they gave me so much confidence when I started this like 2 years ago. I would also like the thank Natsume for providing such wonderful characters to write about. Okay guys, enjoy the last chapter. Oh and this will be written in 3rd person.

As Luke paced back and forth rather impatiently in the waiting room, a thousand things ran through his mind at once. They had had so long to prepare, but suddenly that nine months didn't seem like enough.

They had cots, prams, bibs, clothes, pacifiers, rattles, bells, blankets diap-

He paused in his pacing clamping a hand to his forehead…no diapers!

'Damn it!'

His heart thumped wildly in his chest, was everything going okay? Was Angela doing alright? He just wished they'd let him stay to hold her hand.

He'd taken so much flack from the other townsfolk over his "Parenting attitude". How did they know what sort of parent he'd be? I guess it was his forgetfulness and overactive imagination that worried them. He couldn't even look after himself let alone a child! They solemnly relied on Angela, well Dale did anyway. Each night he thanked the Goddess that he'd found her for no other woman would ever have been capable of loving him properly.

He suddenly started doubting himself. What if they were right? What if he wasn't up to it? What if Angela left him because he was such a failure? How could he cope without her?

At that very moment his train of thought was snapped by the opening of a door on the opposite side of the room. Irene's rather flustered face appeared, a rather out-of-place grin plastered over her old tight, wrinkly lips.

Luke's breath caught in his throat, his whole body tensing. The old doctor didn't have to say another word for he had practically toppled her in his enthusiasm for getting to his wife and new baby…

'It's a girl!' Angela's voice croaked.

There she lay, limp amongst the sheets. Her face flushed, her bangs plastered to her forehead. In her arms, a small pink bundle. Almost too small Luke feared.

'Luke?' Her voice whispered, her brow knitting together as she watched her husband sway a little. Surely he wouldn't faint, not here, not now!

He managed to pull himself together and was suddenly by her side looking down upon his beloved wife and precious baby daughter.

Angela sat up a little, the infant stirring uncomfortably in her arms. Her tired violet eyes connected with her husbands.

'Would you…' Before she could even finish Luke leaned down moving his arms about awkwardly, not quite sure how to take the baby from her. Angela chuckled slightly, placing her little girl carefully into the crook of her husband's arm where she fit perfectly, for her daddy's arms is the safest place any little girl can be.

And in that one split second, Luke realised that all the others had been totally wrong about his parenting potential, for just then he realised that he would do anything, risk his own life and anybody else's in order to protect her. He finally understood what it meant to love something unconditionally, something he had only seen for less than two minutes.

The baby struggled in her swaddling for a moment, her tiny face contorting and then relaxing once more. She revealed her topaz eyes to her father, staring up into his own for several moments. Her tiny petal-like lips parted and let a giggle emerge from her toothless mouth.

'She's perfect.' Luke eventually choked out. He had been so infatuated he hadn't even thought to say anything.

Angela relaxed back into the hospital bed, her eyelids growing heavier and heavier.

'Can you even believe we were able to make something so completely flawless and adorable?' She replied softly, her eyes slowly closing as she fell into a peaceful doze.

Luke shook his head. He raised a finger and gently brushed her little lock of azure coloured hair to the side, a tear escaping and rolling down his cheek.

'Paige.' He said as one of her tiny hands clasped itself around his finger.

Angela opened her eyes once more.

'Hm?' She groaned glancing slowly between her daughter and husband.

'Paige.' He repeated.

'I thought you liked Alice?' Angela asked groggily letting her head fall to the side slightly.

Luke nodded readjusting the child in his arms so as he could hold her even closer.

'But she's a Paige!' He insisted, his body about ready to explode with excitement.

After a sigh, Angela's lips formed a smile of contentment.

'Paige it is then.' She agreed letting her eyes close again as she finally settled into a well deserved sleep.

'Welcome to the world…Paige.' Luke whispered, placing a careful kiss to the soft milk-white skin of her forehead. 'Oh and Angela?'

Reluctantly, the farmer opened one eye feeling rather agitated after having been awakened for the second time now.

'Yes Luke?' She sighed impatiently. Luke blushed, realising how annoying he was being.

'Thank you…I love you so so so much and you're the best wife ever!'

A few tears began to dwell in her amethyst eyes as she let out a tired yet happy giggle.

'I love you too.' She beamed forming a pout with her lips in an obvious indication which Luke quickly caught onto. He leaned over carefully and pressed his lips to hers chastely.

An irritable noise from Paige forced him to pull away and both parent's eyes watched her in awe.

'We have the most beautiful daughter any couple could hope for.' Angela sniffed, raising a shaky hand to wipe away a few tears. Luke nodded in agreement rocking her gently back and forth.


Several hours later, the family were allowed to leave the clinic and head home. Luke held Angela's rucksack as she carried baby Paige as if she were the crown jewels, which to Angela, she was.

After some wise, reassuring words from Jin and Irene, they left and headed out into the street where the majority of the island appeared to be waiting.

Kathy and Anissa where immediately at the brunettes side cooing over the infant and praising her mother. Meanwhile Luke received a few digs in the arm from Owen and Calvin who wished him luck in an almost too serious manner.

The walk home was slow and quiet, Angela being incredibly careful so as not to trip, or drop the baby and as Luke walked beside her there was plenty of time for him to reflect right back to the first time he had ever met her.

The way she immediately rushed in to help Bo even though they'd never met. She was so concerned yet so optimistic and encouraging. Even though at the time the carpenter's eyes were only for Selena, he often wondered what that strange feeling was every time he saw Angela. The increase in pulse rate, the sweaty palms, the random outbursts of fact just for something to say. However these simple things soon developed into much, much more.

True love.

And as he watched her, cooing at his child whilst cradling her gently in her arms, he could only wish life could stay so sweet. He glanced down at his wedding ring, the symbolism of eternal love. He was sure he could maintain the vow, but could she?

His eyes met hers for a moment, her soft warm eyes melting his moment of sudden anxiety.

And so, that evening as he sat on their old couch, baby Paige nestled in his arms feeding from the bottle which he held to her tiny suckling lips, he sighed with relief.

Relief for finally being able to feel as if he'd done his mother proud. He wasn't a failure, at least, Angela didn't think he was and had managed to convince him so.

Together they were strong. They were unstoppable and perfect soul mates. They were bound together, husband and wife, in love with each other and their new precious daughter. They were much beloved friends to so many. They were happy.

They were the girl in the green dress and the boy in the flaming bandana.

Together forever.

The End.


Okay guys, this has been so much fun. There will not be an epilogue as I think this is a good positive end and I shall leave it up to your own imaginations to picture their future. Once more, thank you all so much for supporting me and this story and hopefully you will find enjoyment out of my other current and future stories. Bye for now.