This is my first Gilmore Girls fanfiction, so I hope that I can keep up the tone and characters of the show, be easy on me! This is an alternate version of 'Season 5, Wedding Bell Blues and Say Anything…' - what could have happened on Lorelai's way back to Stars Hollow. Enjoy! And please let me know what you think – the good, the bad and the ugly. Any criticisms, any praise (hope there is some haha) and any suggestions for the storyline. On with the story…

"Yeah, so would I…."

The resounding echo of her heels on the floor was full of determination, anger and worry. She had to find Luke. She knew she'd screwed up by not telling him, she knew she should have listened to Rory's warning, but she couldn't change that now. If he'd just give her some time to explain, they could work it out. But for now she had to wait for a damn taxi. After what had happened, there was no way Luke would have stayed around in the parking lot. Yep, noted sadly, no green truck in sight.

Tears welled in her eyes as the events from the night ran through her head. Tears of anger, tears of frustration, tears of sadness and of guilt. There were so many emotions she was feeling and they were overwhelming. Running her hands over her face, she tried to clear her head, working on a mental plan of how she would explain everything to Luke. As the tears cleared and she began to brace herself for the conversation she was doubtless would occur when she arrived back in Stars Hollow, a familiar and currently unwanted voice, slightly slurred, emerged from the darkness around her.


Lorelai physically flinched at the overly used nickname, just one more sign that Christopher was unable to let go of his high school memories. Her voice almost lost in the noise of the traffic nearby, her whispered "Don't…" fell away, unheard by the man walking up behind her. So, of course, he was not deterred from his line of mission. Hearing his heavy footsteps on the concrete behind her, she froze. What was he going to do? Beg her to get back with him again? Get angry at her for storming out? Not that he was the one who should be angry – she didn't just try and get him dumped. She really was quite intrigued as to what he would do. Of course, what he actually did was completely unexpected and completely inappropriate.

The rough hand that grabbed her arm caused her to jump, the hard touch being a surprise. Chris spun her around, forcing her to face him and forcing his lips to come crushing down on hers. The action was so sudden that for a few seconds, Lorelai couldn't even register what had just occurred. As soon as she did, she pushed against his chest as hard as she could, but the effort was in vain. The steel grip he had on her arms prevented any movement and his lips were once again on hers. She tried again. Pushing him away – although her arms were still captive – she was able to get out,

"Chris, stop it! Don't do this…"

"Lor, stop fighting it!" Chris growled. "We belong together, you know it!"

"No–" but she was cut off again by a harsh kiss. Then she got angry.

Her hand shot out so fast that he didn't have any time to react before it collided with his face. The sickening slap was cause enough for him to drop her arms and clutch his cheek. Even in his alcohol and lust filled mind, he was able to register that that was the first time Lorelai had ever hit him. There was a moment in the stunned silence that ensued where Chris thought he'd stepped a line, that she was angry, but that spurred another train of thought. What's she got to be angry about? She's the one going out with that diner guy while I'm sitting around waiting for her. She knows we should be together, but she's trying to get back at me by flaunting that stupid relationship around in front of me!

So he lunged forward and grabbed her arms once again – his hold was so strong she was sure she'd have bruises. In one quick movement, he spun her around, dragged her away from the road and slammed her back against the rough brick of the building. The pain in her shoulders after that movement was unbelievable. Lorelai knew he had strength, but, boy! This was unimaginable. The powers of alcohol and manipulation, she thought sourly through the pain.

"Chris, please don't do this. Please," she begged. "You know my mother, she's just trying to manipulate the situation. To manipulate you! Please don't do this…"

But Chris just shook his head, frowning at the worried form before him.

"Lor, you know this has nothing to do with her. We belong together, we're right together. We've already got a family – you, me and Rory. You don't need anybody else!"

He was getting angrier as he pinned her between himself and the building.

"Chris, no! We haven't been in a relationship in years, Chris. We saw each other for what, one day, before you found out Sherry was pregnant? Not even one day? And before that we hadn't been in a relationship for 17 years. That's 20 years, Chris! You have to let go."


"Yes! I love Luke!"

And in that moment, without even thinking, she realised it was true. That was why she hadn't told Luke about that tequila night with Chris. She knew it wasn't just because it hadn't seemed like a big deal due to the fact it was about his dad dying, but because she knew how jealous Luke could get. Even when they weren't together, he was jealous and protective – if she's told Luke, he would have jumped to conclusions and bolted. That's why she didn't tell him. Because she wouldn't be able to take it if he left.

Upon hearing her proclamation, Chris started, obviously affected by the words. He drew his hand back, keeping her pinned with the other, and delivered a swift blow with the back of his hand to her rosy cheek, clipping the side of her eye. The blow was so unexpected that all she could do was hang her head, unable to move and unable to meet his eyes as her own filled with tears for the second time that night. Then she could feel his breath hot in her ear. His sickening whisper followed,

"You'll forget him…."

That was the worst thing he could have said in that moment. He knew she was with someone else and he didn't care. He was completely disregarding her wants – the man that had always said he just wants her to be happy was now forcing her to do something that could only succeed in doing the opposite. At that thought, a sob that had been welling deep inside her escaped her trembling lips. She squeezed her eyes shut, willing the situation to disappear.

"Shh…" she heard in her ear, causing her to cry harder.

His hand – the one that had, years ago, been comforting and loving, the same one that had just a moment ago had been the cause of a future cruise – began to run down her side, pausing just slightly as it reached her waist, before continuing down to her thigh, just below her dress line, causing her to shiver in repulsion. And then her dress lifted, and she once again registered what was going on. Snapping out of her vulnerable state, she grabbed his wrist and moved to pull his hand away from its position that was too close to her underwear that it should have been.

"Chris, no! Stop. Please don't do this! Stop!"

But he was too far gone. He simply yanked his hand away, crushing her to the wall once again and reached under her dress, moving to kiss her once again.

"No," she mumbled against the strong force of his lips. He ignored her, running his other hand down her body as well. He seemed not to notice that he had relinquished his death grip on her, so she pushed him away, scrambling from his touch and nearly tripping over. Chris, however, was not able to regain his posture in time and fell over backwards, landing on the ground with a heavy thump. Stealing one last glance over her shoulder at the man she would never be able to look at the same way again, she moved to run away. Noticing the taxi pulling into the drive, Lorelai ran, stopping only when she reached the door of the yellow cab.

"Stars Hollow, please," she sniffled, as she watched Chris scramble up off the concrete drive.

"Yes, ma'am," said the driver.

Even after what had just happened, and even in her shocked state, she was able to wrinkle up her nose at that.

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