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Lorelai woke up the next morning, her eyes fluttering open as they adjusted to the harsh light shining through the windows, and slowly turned around to face the man that held her protectively in his arms. A small smile tugged at her lips as she watched Luke sleep, glad that they had worked out at least some of their problems. But she realised there were still things they had to talk about. Yes, she'd finally told him what Christopher did. Yes, he'd still felt connected enough to go and defend her. Yes, he'd come back, and yes, they'd technically made up. But they hadn't addressed the big issues – the lie she'd told him, Christopher himself and if this meant that they would stay together and try to work past this.

In truth, she was confused. For the first time in her life, she'd found herself truly in love with someone, and she'd let them know it. And although she didn't need him to say it – his actions and reactions had proven enough in the last few days how he felt – she still didn't know exactly how Luke was feeling about their little 'make up' the night before. A part of her actually hadn't expected him to be next to her when she woke up. She thought maybe he would have left for his usual early deliveries, or worse, he would have regretted how easily he forgave her for everything. If he forgave her. Did he forgive her?

Just when she was near working her mind into a frenzy once again and exiting the bedroom post-haste, she glanced at Luke again and saw his that his eyes were now open, staring at her worriedly. Releasing a breath she hadn't realised she was holding, Lorelai twisted in his arms to give him a soft kiss on the lips, letting him know that everything was alright – even though she wasn't quite sure herself. When they pulled apart, she laid her head against his chest and felt his grip tighten around her smaller form.

"Hey," he whispered, not quite sure himself of how she was feeling about everything and how he should act. He watched her carefully, taking in her quiet demeanor. Normally when they woke up in the morning, she would chat nonsensically to him, no matter how tired she was. Her uncharacteristic silence was unnerving him, he knew there was something on her mind that she wanted to say. He hated to think that everything that had happened between them since the wedding had caused her to sensor herself. He gently rubbed his hands up and down her back, quietly urging her to tell him what she was thinking.

"I didn't think you'd be here," she confessed, answering his unspoken question in the same quiet tone that he had used. And that was the time that Luke realised they couldn't put off the conversation they needed to have any longer.

"Hey," he repeated, his voice firm this time, causing her to look up at him questioningly. "We're okay, right? I mean, we still need to talk, but...this is behind us, right? I don't care about anything else – I only care about you. And...we're in this together now, yeah?"

His admission caused her to breathe an inward sigh of relief, but before responding, she silently searched his eyes. She was pleasantly surprised to find no sign of any anger he had felt before, any jealously, and thankfully, no pity. But, yes, they did still need to talk.

"I hope so..." she breathed, smiling shyly. "Otherwise, I can view last night as a bit of a downer..." she joked lightly and saw Luke began to smile. But seeing him smiling like that, especially at her, caused all the guilt she had previously felt to resurface once again. She had hurt him. She had lied to him. She had spent the night with her ex, and although nothing had happened, she had still kept it from him. And humiliated him. Sobering suddenly, Lorelai forced herself to look straight into his eyes and said "I'm sorry..." with so much sincerity that Luke's heart lurched.

"Lorelai," he started, but was quickly cut off by Lorelai's slender hand covering his chest.

"No, please, let me just.." she implored, and when he quietly nodded his consent, she continued. "I just...I didn't realise myself why I lied to you about that night with Chris until all of this happened. I've just...I've never really felt this way for someone before. I thought I felt that with Chris once upon a time, but I realise that wasn't love, you know? That was two teenagers who bonded over rebellion and overbearing parents. And then when it wasn't that, it was two adults who had a kid together and were trying to be something we weren't ever meant to be. It wasn't love. This is. And when I realised that I loved you, that I really felt that for someone, I...I got scared, you know? I didn't wanna tell you about going over there that night, because I knew that you'd read something into it, something that wasn't there, and I couldn't take it if you left. After what happened with Nicole, I thought..." she shook her head, for the first time in her life finding it hard to voice all of her thoughts at once. Looking up at Luke, she silently begged for him to understand, using her eyes to convey all that she felt. They lay like that for a few beats, both trying to come to terms with what they were being faced with. Eventually, Luke leaned over, kissing her lightly on the lips.

"I get it," he whispered. "And...you're right. I did read something into it. And I would have had you told me when it happened. But, you have to know, it just made it more suspicious that you hid it. Probably not the best way to go about it," he smiled sadly at her, gently dancing his fingers over her arm. "But I was so convinced that there was something between you two, that something had happened, because...I always felt that you were too good for me, that maybe you deserved someone more like Chris. I guess everything that he said at the wedding just made all those fears surface. I know you wouldn't do that to me, but once those thoughts were there, nothing really had a chance to break through those thoughts to make me stop and think." He paused, taking a deep breath. "I know I didn't say it last night, but...I do love you as well. I guess that's why it hurt so much, you know, the idea of something happening. I couldn't stand it if you left me either."

With that, Lorelai's emotions tipped over the edge and her eyes once again filled with tears.

"Hey, no," Luke soothed her, wiping a stray tear off her cheek. "No more crying, okay? This is good. Talking, you know? Not normally my thing, I know," he chuckled. "But, we can get past this. Past him, okay? Together."

Mutely, Lorelai nodded, smiling tightly at him, trying to reign in her emotions. She knew he was right. Christopher had always been a bit of a wedge between them. Even before they were together, back when they were just friends and Lorelai had stood Luke up for their painting date in order to be with Christopher at her parents house. It hadn't been intentional, but she could tell even back then how much that had hurt him. He had been a wedge between them back when she and Rory had had lunch with him at the Dragonfly, and despite Luke's assurances, he had again made it blatantly obvious how he really felt about that. But it seemed that now that this had all happened, no matter how sad and horrible it was, at least they would now both be able to know that he would never be a problem between them again. And definitely not enough of one to be able to keep them apart again.

Pulling her closer to him, Luke wrapped his arms around her shoulders, placing a gentle kiss on her forehead and letting her lay her head against his chest. They lay like that for several minutes, not speaking, but both basking in the feeling that everything was going to be alright between them.

"No more secrets, okay?" he whispered in her ear. "We both need to know everything, alright? We can't let anything get between us again." He felt her nod against him and kiss his chest, and he squeezed her tight in return. "Come on, let's go get some breakfast, yeah?"

As she moved to pull away from him and get out of bed, Luke gently grabbed her arm and stopped her. "Hang on," he requested, waiting for her to meet his eyes again. When she did, he spoke. "Now that we," he gestured between the two of them. "Now that we're okay...Are you alright? Do you want to talk about it?" he asked gently. And by his tone, she knew he wasn't just talking about the fight they'd had, but about something that she had been trying to put off acknowledging.

She sighed, rubbing her forehead. "I need coffee first if we're gonna go into this, okay?" she asked, avoiding his caring gaze. She wasn't awake enough for this yet. Setting his jaw and allowing her this moment to gather herself, Luke nodded and patted her arm, indicating that they should therefore head downstairs. Quietly walking downstairs together, they made general morning smalltalk, both trying to act as normal as they usually would. Luke puttered around the kitchen, gathering the ingredients for breakfast and waiting for Lorelai to be ready to talk about this. Making his usual breakfast special, he kept throwing quick glances towards Lorelai, who was sat at the kitchen table, quietly sipping her coffee, keeping her gaze on the table. He knew that she was trying to steel herself for the coming conversation. He knew she was having difficulty preparing herself for this, but he also knew that she was making the effort to share with him, just as they had promised each other.

Finally breakfast was prepared and Luke joined Lorelai at the table so that they could eat together. They were both bracing themselves for the conversation now, both keeping to themselves, but trying to make the silence as least awkward as they could. When they had both finished their breakfast – a small meal for each, as neither had much of a stomach at that moment – knives and forks were set down and Luke turned in his seat to face Lorelai. Noting her averted eyes staring into her lap, Luke silently reached out and took her hand in his, lacing his fingers through her own and gently squeezing, trying to give her the strength she needed for this.

"I don't know where to start," Lorelai began softly after a moment of silence. "I mean, I can't even really think about it myself, let alone put it into words for someone else to understand..." she spoke quickly, but quietly, her grip on Luke's hand growing stronger with every word. "What do you say after the father of your only child tries to –" her voice caught on a sob that even she wasn't expecting and Luke practically lunged forward to wrap his arms around her. He knew this was probably the first time she was even thinking about what Chris had tried to do to her. She had been focusing so much on their problems and the fight that they had, that she was probably trying her hardest not to think about this. He hated seeing her hurt like this, but he knew without doubt that the longer she put off talking about it, the harder it would be to deal with it. He had been debating all night and morning whether to bring it up or not, but he had known that if he didn't bring it up, she wouldn't. And he knew that bottling things up and leaving them to their own devices can only lead to things blowing up: it never ends well. So with this in mind, he gently pulled her from the chair she was sitting on to climb into his lap, feeling her nestle her head into his neck as her crying subsided. He rubbed her back, kissing her neck gently and pulling her close, waiting for her to collect herself enough to continue.

"It shouldn't be this hard," she whispered into his neck. "I mean, he didn't actually – he didn't really do anything, but..." she took a shuddering breath. "He was going to!" she pulled back, her fear and sadness suddenly turning into a fiery anger. "Why did he have to do that? Things have never been great between us, you know? We've fought, we've had moments where we didn't even speak to each other, we've yelled, all that stuff, but we were always friends! And then he has to go and –" she stopped, looking him straight in the eye. She needed his strength for this. "He...he tried to rape me!" she forced out, finally being able to say it. "Why?" she pleaded with him, as if he held the answers to all of life's questions. "Why couldn't we just be friends? I mean, I used to think, I used to hope, that one day we could be more, you know? But then Sherry got pregnant and he left, and I think those feelings left with him. I mean, he was finally stepping up and being a dad, and, yeah, it hurt that it wasn't with me, and that he didn't do that when Rory was growing up, but...my heart wasn't broken that he wasn't with me. And then...then there was you." She squeezed his hand that was still entwined with hers, begging him to understand everything she was feeling.

"There was this man that was always there. For me, for Rory. Even before we were a couple, you were always the man in my life. You were the only male role model that Rory really had. And then you kissed me," she smiled, and he smiled in return, but the concern stayed evident in his eyes. "And I realised that you were the one I'd been waiting for all these years. The one that could be my friend, my lover, my protector. The man that loved Rory as much as I did. Just...the one..." she stressed. Luke's eyes widened when he realised just what she was saying. He didn't say anything though. He stayed silent, letting her know that he was there, but letting her get all of her thoughts out for herself. "But..." she continued, sighing. "Chris never got that. He had Sherry and they had Gigi, but he never moved on. He never moved on from being the 16 year old rebel who crashed his new car the same night he got it. I mean, look at what he calls me. He won't even say my full name. No matter how old we get, he never stops calling me 'Lor'. He doesn't get that I'm not 'Lor' anymore. I grew up. I moved on. I'm not 'Lor', I'm Lorelai. And I belong with you." she stressed urgently, pulling their joined hands to rest on her thigh.

Coming down from the high of her speech, Lorelai sat quietly for a few moments, allowing her breathing to return to normal and the adrenalin she'd been feeling to dissipate. When it had and she seemed to have calmed down somewhat, Luke asked gently, "Feel a bit better?"

Smiling at him in relief, she nodded. "Yeah, a bit."

"Good," he replied, in the same soft, comforting tone. "Lorelai, you have to know that you have every right to feel all of that. Don't ever think that your pain and hurt is unjustified." he said, his tone serious but still comforting. Then, trying to lighten the mood as Lorelai would normally have done, he nudged her. "And you know, I belong with you too. We're not gonna let anyone convince us otherwise again."

She smiled opening at him now, leaning down to softly press her lips against his own. Luke brought his free hand up to caress the back of her neck, his fingers gently twisting in her hair as he deepened the kiss. Sighing against his lips, Lorelai felt all the tension of the last few days leave her shoulders. Everything's going to be fine, she thought in relief. Slowing down the force of the kiss, Luke placed several sweet kisses to her lips and cheeks, sitting her squarely on his lap. Looking down at their still joined hands, Lorelai smiled to herself, always loving the sweet side of Luke. Such a contrast to his usual gruff, grumbling self. Although, she always found gruff, ranting Luke sexy.

"Why do you think your mother talked him into coming?" Luke asked suddenly, causing Lorelai to look up at him in surprise. "Oh, come on, Lorelai, the whole thing screamed Emily Gilmore. I know she doesn't think I'm good enough for you," Lorelai opened her mouth to object, but Luke stopped her, "She doesn't. We both know that. But...she hasn't tried something like this before, so what made her do this?" he asked, sounding too hurt for Lorelai's liking. She was always used to her mother making her feel small and shamed, but she hated that she could do that to Luke as well. She observed him silently, thinking on the question he had just asked. She had been asking herself the same thing since the vow renewal. She had thought long and hard about what event would have prompted this behaviour from Emily. But, really, she didn't need to think that hard. She knew the answer. And knowing how hurt he was feeling, she felt that she had to tell Luke. She just hoped that with everything they had spoken about, now that everything was out in the open, that he wouldn't turn running.

She sighed, dropping her gaze from his face to her lap, praying that she wasn't about to scare him away. She couldn't believe she was admitting this. "When we found out that Mom and Dad had gotten back together," she started slowly, "they told us that Rory was going to be the Best Man and that I was going to be the Maid of Honour, and Mom took me upstairs to pick out her dress. We chose lots of different ones, Mom's fashion coordinator was there, and...while she was trying some of them on..." she paused, "I started looking at wedding dresses." she finished, glancing up to look at him. Seeing the confusion marring his features, she elaborated. "I wasn't looking for Mom," she admitted, looking him square in the eye and smiling shyly.

Luke's heart began to pound at her admission, and he silently cursed himself for not believing how invested Lorelai was in this relationship. He had to admit, he had had marriage in the back of his mind for a while, but knowing that they weren't far into the relationship, and knowing of Lorelai's insecurities in her past relationships, he hadn't spoken a word about it. But hearing her admit that she had been thinking about it as well just reinforced how much he really did want to spend the rest of his life with her. Not wanting to scare her after her brutal honesty, and not wanting to give himself away too much, he took on a light tone. He knew how hard it must have been to admit that, and so he strove for casual.

"You weren't, huh? Well, who could you be looking for?" he asked playfully and watched as her lips turned up into a wide smile. He couldn't have described how grateful he was to see her smiling again after all that had happened.

She playfully socked him on the arm, laughing lightly, and asked, "Why do I put up with you?"

He smiled smugly, wrapping his arms around her middle, gloating, "Because you love me."

Smiling sweetly, Lorelai sobered slightly. "Yeah," she whispered softly. "I do."

They sat like that for several moments, staring into each others eyes, both trying to convey to each other the love they felt without words. Lorelai thought that if she saw any couple on the street or at the inn acting like they were at that moment, she would have laughed at how sappy they were. Acting like teenagers, all moon eyed, she would have mocked. But at that moment, she couldn't care less how sappy they were acting. She did love Luke. And he loved her.

Suddenly, their little love bubble burst from a rather loud, urgent bout of knocking on the front door of the Crap Shack. The silence that had enveloped them suddenly shattered and they both nearly sighed in disappointment.

"Lorelai Gilmore, I know you're there, your car is in the driveway!" came Emily Gilmore's loud voice, thus causing them both to voice their disappointment. Lorelai groaned aloud as she was suddenly knocked back to reality and the present situation they had found themselves in.

For his part, Luke rubbed Lorelai's back in sympathy before grousing, "I thought they would be on their 'honeymoon'...?"

"So did I..." Lorelai sighed, pushing herself off of Luke's lap to make her way towards the front door and the incomparable Emily Gilmore. As she approached the door, Lorelai saw her mother's formidable outline through the glass and every ounce of resentment she had felt at the vow renewal came rushing back full force. She threw the door open in her anger, and if looks could have killed, the glare she sent towards her mother would have been liable for a jail sentence.

"Don't you try that look on me, young lady!" Emily snapped, moving to brush past Lorelai and into the house.

Lorelai stood firm, however, with her hand braced on the door frame and her glare still in place. "What do you want, Mother?" she asked, her voice deadly cold.

Ignoring the tone that was being sent her way, Emily shoved past her daughter, stating firmly, "I am here to talk about your incredibly rude behaviour the other night."

"There's nothing to talk about. I told you: we're done. Now, I want you to leave." Lorelai retorted, voice still in that cold, calm voice. Standing just out of view from both of the ladies, Luke was getting unnerved by how calm Lorelai was acting in the situation. He was almost holding his breath, waiting for something to finally make her snap. But she held the attitude, standing in the living room, anger radiating off her so strong that he could feel it from the kitchen. Not wanting to add to the already tense environment, he stayed out of sight, waiting just inside the doorway, so that if Lorelai needed him, he could be there in a flash. But for now, he just listened.

"I don't know what your problem is, Lorelai, but I have just about had it with your need to cause scenes like this. Your father and I had a room full of guests and you decide to make a huge fuss just as we're taking the pictures. I am not leaving until your explain yourself!" Emily demanded, matching Lorelai's defensive stance. Luke closed his eyes, waiting for the explosion he knew was coming. If anything was going to set her off, this would be it.

"You don't know what my problem is?" Lorelai repeated, her raised voice showing her evident exasperation. There it is, thought Luke. "You went to Christopher and told him that it wasn't too late for him to swoop in and whisk me off my feet even though I'm already seeing Luke, that's what my problem is! You invited my ex to an event that both me and my boyfriend were attending and he got drunk and tried to convince me that we belonged together! Do you honestly not see what is so wrong with that? Are you still so set on me going along with your ridiculous plan of marrying Christopher, no matter how long ago that was, that you would purposefully try to sabotage the first relationship I've been in that could actually go somewhere? Do you seriously not get that I don't want to be with Christopher anymore, do you not care that I don't love him? That I never really loved anybody until now, and you're trying to ruin that? Don't you want me to be happy?"

Luke watched as Lorelai voice, which had started off so angry and determined, dwindled down to an edge of desperation that he had only heard come from her once before. In Doose's Market. Peeking around the corner of the doorway, he saw the hurt and want on Lorelai's face. He could see how desperately she wanted her mother to accept her for who she really was. He remembered her telling him once that when she was living with the Gilmore's, she hadn't really wanted any of the dolls, the money, any of the material things she'd been given – although she knew she was lucky to have been given them – she had only wanted their love. Watching her standing in the living room, surrounding by the life and colour of her new life, confronting the mother from her old life, he could see that this was probably going to be her last ditch effort to gain her mother's approval and acceptance.

Disregarding almost everything she had said, not to Luke's surprise but obviously to Lorelai's disappointment, Emily pounced on one particular aspect of her daughter's speech. "You love him?" she sneered.

"Yes, Mother, I love him! He's sweet and caring and so protective of me and Rory! If only you'd take the time to get to know him, you would see how much he loves Rory, how much he takes care of us, how much he's always taken care of us! He yells and grumbles at everyone all day, and he can come off a bit hard nose, but he's actually so sweet you can't stand it. He made Rory a coffee cake and blew up balloons for her 16th birthday, and this is a man who hates participating in town events or parties, but he did it because it's Rory, and he's always loved Rory! He always complains about how much coffee I drink, but yet he always had a mug ready for me. He fixed things around my house without being asked, he cooks –"

Emily cut her off then, once again sneering. "Oh, yes, I've heard that before. Look how well that worked out."

Ignoring the low blow, Lorelai yelled out in vexation, "God, Mom, don't you listen to anything I say? I didn't love Max, Mom, that's why I didn't marry him. I love Luke, I do!"

Luke's heard clenched at the sincerity lacing Lorelai's declaration, but he stood firm where he was. He wanted so badly to envelope her in his arms and tell her it was all going to be alright, but he knew that would only make matters worse with Emily present. He knew how badly she wanted her mother in her life, not that she's ever admit that, and he didn't want to jeopardise that. He just hoped that they could talk about their problems one day instead of using them against each other. So he stayed where he was, glad that neither of them had noticed his presence yet.

"Do you still hate us so much that you would rather choose this...this..." Emily fumbled for words, her disdain for the man concerned trumping her usually eloquent tongue. "This caveman," she finally spat out, "than someone who is actually in the same standard as you, someone who actually has some class?"

Luke's jaw clenched in anger at that comment and had to work hard to control his temper towards this woman who clearly held nothing but contempt for him. He glanced towards Lorelai, watching as she practically bounced on the balls on her feet in anger, ready to pounce on her mother. He saw the anger on her face, he saw her ready to come back with an angry retort and defend him once again. He couldn't remember the last time he had someone defend him like that. Of course, he hadn't really had anyone insult him as much as Emily Gilmore had.

Before Lorelai could open her mouth in response, Emily started up again. "Do you always have to be so defia..." she trailed off, looking squarely at her daughter for the first time since she walked through the door of the house. "What happened to your eye?" she asked, her eyes finally landing on the purpling bruise on Lorelai's face.

Lorelai winced, her hand instinctively flying up to her face. She'd almost forgotten about that. She'd been covering it with make-up since it happened that she hadn't been worried about anyone seeing it. But having just woken up only an hour before, she hadn't even thought about it. It had barely been two days since this ordeal started and she had been focusing on Luke and their fights and discussions rather than anything else. Unfortunately, as much as she sometimes wished it worked that way, just because things are out of your mind does not mean that they are out of sight. Especially not for other people.

"Did that greasy diner man do that to you?" Emily accused, her face a picture of anger and judgement.

Lorelai barked out a laugh. A short, bitter, hollow laugh that permeated the otherwise silent house, echoing all around them. "No, Mom, Luke would never lay a hand on me. Ever. Actually, this beautiful mark you see here is courtesy of Christopher. You know," she added facetiously, "the man who is so much 'in the same standard' as me. What, like I'm a poodle or something?"

Emily merely rolled her eyes, scoffing loudly. "Oh, for God's sake, Lorelai, if you're going to lie to me, at least make it believable. You know as well as I do that Christopher would never hurt you. I've seen the way Luke acts towards his customers, it's not much of a stretch that he'd get jealous of a man so much better suited for you."

Lorelai's jaw dropped. She had been trying her whole life to get her mother to listen to her. To at least try to understand why Lorelai had done the things she had in her life, why she had moved out with Rory, why she didn't want to borrow a second lot of money from her parents, why she hadn't stopped Christopher when he'd gone back to Sherry. But she'd never really heard her. Richard and Emily would never understand their daughter, as much as Lorelai tried to get them to. And so it shouldn't have surprised her that Emily didn't listen to anything she'd said about Luke, anything she'd said about Christopher, about her true feeling. But it did. She couldn't believe that after everything she had said that morning, all her mother had heard from it was that she hated her parents and that Luke was jealous of Christopher's wooing efforts. Well, she thought, at least that's more than 'Blah, blah, blah, Ginger'...

But no amount of jokes and bad references could deflect the hurt she felt that the only real mother she would ever know would never make the effort to get to know her only daughter. "You never listen to a word I say, do you?" she asked, her voice low and sad. "Get out."

Emily stopped short, staring her daughter down for a beat or two, before she turned on her heel and stormed out of the house, slamming the door in her wake. With the sound of the door closing, Luke slowly made his way into the living room, watching as Emily drove away from the house, before turning to look at Lorelai. Slowly, he watched as her eyes filled with tears and she collapsed on the couch in exhaustion, sobs once again wracking her body.

Luke made his way over to her, sitting beside her on the couch and slinging an arm across her shoulders. Lorelai leaned into him, relieved that no matter what happened between she and her parents from now on, that she would always have Luke to lean on. Even if, sometime in the distant future, something did happen between them, she knew he would always be there as a friend to take the brunt of any anger she had for her parents, or any sadness over her problems.

After a few moments, Lorelai's crying quieted and she was just left with soft sniffles and wet cheeks, with Luke's strong arms holding her close. All of a sudden, the front door came flying open and Luke braced himself for another onslaught of the wrath of Emily Gilmore, when a much younger voice suddenly filled the room.

"Mom, hey, I heard – What –" Rory's voice cut off, seeing Luke holding a crying, red-faced Lorelai in his arms. "What happened?" she asked, her hurry suddenly turning into confusion and concern.

Lorelai jolted herself, plastering a fake smile onto her face for her daughter's benefit and spun around, assuring her, "Nothing, everything's fine."

But as soon as she turned around, the same purple bruise that had caught Emily's eyes caught the beloved youngest Gilmore Girl's attention as well.

"Mom, your eye!" Rory exclaimed, rushing over to her mother's side.

God, thought Lorelai dully, why does everybody have to come over before I have make-up on?

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