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Quickly and swiftly, a man dressed in an all black outfit ran across a rocky area, with the city lights shining in the dark night below. The man was covered by his cloak, not showing any of his features. He smiled at the city below, in a demonic fashion, and grinned at the destruction that was coming.

Suddenly, he stopped, and held out a hand. Energy crackled around his hand, and a dark portal opened on the ground, with dark energies rushing out of it, scattering across the hillside.

Slowly, the shadows swept outwards, seemingly scanning the area. They soon spread across the whole city, downloading information, and hacking secrure connections, gathering data at hyper speed.

Then, the city lights started flickering on and off, on and off. The lights became unstable and shorted out; the sound of the zaps filled the place where the lights disappeared. You could hear the people of the city shouting and yelling, "What happened to all of the lights?" and "Is there a blackout?"

The man laughed, and put down his hand. As he did that, the shadows disappeared, and all of the lights in the city went back to normal and the shouting stopped.

By this time, dawn was already approaching and you could see the red, orange, and yellow lights illuminating from the sun and sparkle in the sky. The colourful crystals of light shone and glistened in the sky above as its rays reached the location of the man, as he laughed.

As the light crept closer, the man disappeared into the dark portal, and it closed around him.

Digimon Outcast

Chapter 1:
An Egg and a Flight

Life is just a chance to grow a soul.
-A. Powell Davies

Brian Fitzgerald

Why… I thought as I was sitting in my cramped plane seat. Why… I thought again as I slouched in my seat; my hands skimming across my new laptop and phone, resting on the tray table. I could already feel the sweat on my pale skin and auburn hair as I thought this. Why does it have to be this way? These thoughts in my head made me tense and nervous; the way you would feel if you were all alone in the pit of a hungry monster. Just the thought made me flinch and jump off my seat. You see, I'm leaving Ireland for Australia, to be with some of my relatives. But no one will tell me why. I have to leave my whole life behind, just on this whim. My parents said it had to do with that egg I found at home. It was an experience I would never forget:

It was a boring Saturday night with nothing to do except sitting around and waste time with useless things. I was watching TV with my younger sister, Orla, when all of a sudden, the power started acting up. The lights flickered in an ominous pattern, as if someone was controlling it. The TV flashed from on and off, on and off. My parents were running around frantically, as if the world was going to end. They ran from one corner of the house to the other, checking if there was anything wrong.

Confused, I decided to step outside for some air, only to be greeted with a storm. The thunder rumbled, and I saw forks of lightning. My parents stopped running around and froze, looking suspiciously at any moving object. Strange.

Carefully, my sister and I walked outside of the house and into the garden to see the world of the night. We looked at the sky in confusion to see that there weren't any stars at all tonight. It was like an empty, black void full of nothingness and darkness. I lost my focus on the sky when all of the power went out in the city. I tried to turn around to see our blackened house, but before I could take a step, the lightning struck again.

I fell onto the ground, while Orla picked my heavy body up; pulling on my extended arm. Once, I was free from the prisons of the ground, we heard loud ROARS. We both ran over towards the edge of the garden and towards the fence, feeling the cold, wet wood against our hands.

We were shocked at what we saw. There was a giant, red dinosaur and a humongous, black wolf. They were fighting, fighting for their life, and fighting 'til the death. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Rubbing my eyes to see if it was my imagination, I was mentally freaking out. I may be a crazy child in many people's opinion, but this was crazy even by my standards. I was in a bewildered trance until I heard my sister say, "What the…"

Not even bothering to answer her, I gripped the fance so hard I knew I could feel blood coming out of my hands. I continued to stare at the fight that was going on in front of us. The dinosaur shot out a huge flame that could burn even the toughest metal, while the wolf shot out electricity that could zap anything into smithereens. My sister and I continued to watch the amazing spectacle until our mum came.

"Get back inside, you two!" she yelled in a worryingly manner. We ignored her and continued to watch the fight, but then our dad came over. He dragged Olra back inside the house, but I ignored him, and ran over to the dinosaur. When my parents saw me, they yelled. "What do you two think you're doing?!" dad scolded, his scowl on his face showing how angry he was at me. "Do you know how dangerous that was?! We were having a black out AND there is a storm! You could have seriously gotten hurt!"

I ran off, desperately trying to stop the fight, and to save the dinosaur from the wolf.

The two monsters rammed each other, unleashing their full fury, with a loud BOOM that could competed with the thunderstorm. Problem was, I was the only one who saw the monsters. My sister and parents thought it was just a storm. The two monsters attacked with full force, and exploded in a large flash of light. The wolf disappeared into the night sky, while the dinosaur evapoarted where it stood. When the light cleared, the only left was a large pile of rubble that was easily the size of three buses, and a small orange egg in the middle.

My parents said that that event was a caused by the storm, but I think otherwise. It was a fight between two creatures the world has never seen before. But because of that event, my family is sneding me to Australia for the forseeable future. I didn't want to leave. Ireland was the place where I was born, where all my friends are, and where I belong. As I contemplated my fate, a small, black creature with two yellow eyes poked out of my bag. I quickly stowed everyhting else in my bag, and lifted the little guy onto my lap. I was surprised that everyone bought the story that he was a cuudly toy.

As I patted him, I whispered, "It's alright...Botamon."

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