Digimon Outcast

Chapter 8:
A Nightly Scare

Do not fear mistakes. You will know failure. Continue to reach out.
- Benjamin Franklin

Brian Fitzgerald

The rest of the school week was pretty mild, which really surprised me. Nothing really happened. There was a vocab quiz in English class, but I was pretty confident that I had passed it, and I didn't eat alone anymore. I began to hang around Alex and James Lamperouge, and I found them both to be nice, just a little hyper.

Finally, Friday arrived, and we were soon preparing for the first big meeting/sleepover at the Fields' mansion. Chase was insisting that we could have a huge game of hide and seek for entertainment, but we managed to convince him that a couple of good movies would do better.

However, there was soon an argument over which film to watch. I wanted to do a Star Wars movie, but Natalie and Suzume wanted some chick flick about love. Alex kept bringing up Dawn of the Dead, while Chase kept on talking about hide and seek. We decided to vote on a movie once everyone arrived. I was glad for that since phone arguments can get really tiring.

Everyone was scheduled to arrive at seven thirty with their Digimon. To prepare, Chase and I helped Natalie rearrange furniture in one of the largest bedrooms. Bentley, the Fields' trusty chauffeur and butler, helped us move a large widescreen TV into the room.

"How many guests are you expecting, Natalie?" Bentley asked while plugging the television into the wall. "I need to tell Frances so she will know how much food to prepare before we leave."

"About ten kids, including us." Natalie replied, bringing out one of those stereos that an iPod can plug into.

Bentley nodded, and left the room.

"Wait, Natalie, we'll be here all alone?" I asked. I had watched my sister Orla several times back home, but Natalie's house was much larger than my own.

Natalie rolled her eyes, and smiled at me. "Well, obviously, we won't be all alone. But, yes, the staff has the night off." She noticed my worried expression and laughed. "Don't worry, Brian. We'll be alright. I've done this many times before."

"Besides," Gatomon hopped onto the peach colour leather reclining couch that stood in front of the TV. "You have all of us Digimon to protect you. What could possibly go wrong?"

A quarter to seven, the staff really did leave. Even Edna, Natalie's live in housekeeper with the piercing black eyes and permanent frown, left. I felt a little shiver as we finished up.

"Natalie, are we ordering pizza?" Chase asked, laying out on a lime-green beanbag chair. "Or eating ice cream?"

"Yeah, might as well." Natalie pulled her pink mobile out of her purse. "I know this one really good place in downtown Harvin Bay, but it'll probably take them an hour to get here." She dialed up a number and soon placed an order. "I'll have three large cheese pizzas, three large pepperonis, one large pizza topped with veggies, and two medium pizzas with sausage and …"

"Pineapple!" Chase and Patamon cried out in unison.

"And pineapple. Also, a few litres of Sprite and Dr. Pepper. Around three of each, please. And I'll be paying with cash." Natalie finished up the order and pocketed her mobile.

I stared at her in disbelief. "We really need that much pizza?"

"You've never eaten pizza with Cordy and James around, have you?" Natalie flipped through the playlist on her iPod. "The two of them are good friends, and have appetites that could bloat an elephant." She selected a song and it began to play through the speakers. "I love Fiona Apple!"

Chase shook his head at her. "Come on! Play some Nirvana!"

At seven twenty the doorbell rang. Natalie answered it to find Suzume, Brandi, Cordy, and their Digimon. Lunamon, a cute, but shy moon-like creature, smiled at Gatomon, Agumon, and Patamon from behind Brandi while Labramon and Lopmon began to chat casually with the three of them.

In the party room, Brandi and Suzume spread their sleeping bags out on the carpeting while Cordy consulted Natalie about food.

"I ordered tons of pizza, and there are plenty of snacks in the kitchens." Natalie replied, placing a tall stack of magazines between the sleeping bags.

Cordy nodded. "Good."

Chase jumped off the couch, and ran over to the two of them. "You'll probably eat it all, right Cordy?"

She ignored him, and walked over to me. "Say, Bry, what film choices do we have? I brought a few movies." She pulled four DVDs out of her purple backpack. "I've got a documentary on Greek myths, the first Harry Potter film, some vampire flick, and episodes of Law & Order."

I stared at the DVDs that she put before me. "Uh, we'll have a vote once everyone else arrives."

"I thought you were an anti-Twilight!" Chase cried, coming over to us. "What about that huge strike you had against the franchise last summer?"

Cordy glared at him with her hazel eyes. "For once, you didn't think wrong, Chase. I hate Twilight. This is Interview with the Vampire, a much better movie of supernatural." She shook he head, making her red curls bob up to the side. "Of course, you wouldn't know a good vampire flick if it hit you in the head. You still think Lost Boys is the best."

Chase ignored her last comments. "Just making sure that you aren't abandoning any of your strike duties, Cor."

I watched the two of them argue for a bit, but soon shifted my attention to the Digimon. Lopmon and Patamon were both clinging playfully to the ceiling lamp of the room, talking in joyful tones. It struck me to be kind of funny how Chase and Cordy didn't get along, but their Digimon did.

When the doorbell rang again, Natalie went to answer it again. She came back with James, who was followed by a thin, lion-like Digimon with a golden coat of fur named Leormon.

"Hello," He greeted everyone in a casual tone of voice. "I'm James's partner, Leormon."

James nodded to each of us with a grin on his face. He seemed to grin a little wider when he greeted Brandi, but it may have been my imagination. "Anyway, Natalie, where's the food?"

"It's on its way, James." Natalie said, flipping through a Seventeen magazine. "But feel free to snack on anything in the kitchen."

"Which kitchen?" Cordy asked, looking away from the TV, which was playing the news. "The big one with all of the Top Chef stuff? Or the smaller one with the gourmet stuff?"

Without waiting for a response, James and Cordy left for the kitchen, with Leormon and Lopmon following them.

"Gourmet!" Natalie called after them.

For the next twenty minutes, the rest of us watched random Disney Channel TV shows. All of them were really stupid, but there was really nothing else to watch. Right when Chase started complaining about an episode of Hannah Montana, the lights began to flicker on and off.

Suddenly, the TV went off.

"At least we won't have to listen to that crap anymore." Chase said, loudly grinning from ear to ear.

Natalie ignored him, and jumped off the couch. "What is going on?"

Brandi walked over to one of the room's tall bay windows, and peered through the silky white curtains at the now dark sky. "There doesn't appear to be a storm or anything. Could there be something wrong with the light bulbs?"

"Probably, but that doesn't explain the TV." Suzume said, standing up.

"Could there be something wrong with one of those human ele fuse things?" Labramon asked, looking away from the magazine she was reading. "Your devices can be very fragile."

Right after she said that the lights stopped flickering and the TV came back on.

"Must've just been a fuse thing, like Labramon said." Natalie stated, sitting back down. "Nothing to worry about, really."

The doorbell rang and echoed through the room's intercom.

"That'll be either the pizza or Alex." Natalie said, bobbing her head to the Hannah Montana theme song.

Chase groaned loudly, and looked at me. "Come on, Brian. You too, Patamon and Agumon. Answering the doorbell will be much better than sitting through this crap."

James Lamperouge

In the gourmet kitchen, Cordy, the Digimon, and I instantly began raiding the cupboards. We found several covered pans filled to the brim with delicious homemade pastries. After snacking on three cinnamon rolls each, the four of us searched through more cabinets.

"Hey, James! Look at what I found!" I turned to see Cordy clinging to one of the very top cabinets with one hand, while holding an aluminum pan full of jelly doughnuts in the other. Lopmon was hanging on to Cordy's shoulder as the two of them jumped off. "There are at least two dozen."

I took the pan in my arms and surveyed them with my eyes. "Sweet! Keep an eye out for some more cream cheese Danishes and then we'll head back to the room."

"Got it!" Cordy pushed a tall barstool up against the wall, and stood on it to reach another cupboard.

I busied myself with rummaging in one of the pantries. Even if pizzas were on the way my stomach would be able to handle some more appetizers.

Suddenly, the lights began to flicker on and off. Lopmon stopped flying around, and peered up at the lights. "What's going on?"

"Huh?" I closed the pantry door behind me. "I don't get it."

Cordy jumped off the barstool and glared at the lights. "You'd think such rich people would be able to fix those lights."

The lights finally stopped flickering, and all was quiet.

"Weird." I whispered, running a hand through my brown hair.

Next to me, Leormon let out a low growl. He was facing the back glass door at the end of the kitchen, which led to a part of the really large yard. I couldn't see what was wrong, but usually when Leormon growls it means that something's happening.

"There's something out there." Leormon said. He perked his ears up, and stopped growling. "Whatever it was, it's gone now."

Brian Fitzgerald

With Chase and Agumon walking on either side of me, and Patamon clinging to Chase's shoulder I managed to walk down one of the many dark hallways of the Fields' mansion. Okay, so it wasn't too dark since Chase was constantly flipping switches. But still, I had the weirdest feeling that something was going to happen.

We came to the large front doors, where Chase unbolted one of the doors. As it swung open, a quick, cold gust of air blasted me in the cheeks. The wind left as quickly as it came, but there was no one outside. The grass rustled and moved, despite the fact that there was no breeze.

Chase stepped outside the doors, and peered around the wide cement porch. "No one's here. Think that the door bell's broken?" He stepped back inside the house, and looked at me.

I shrugged.

"Could it have been a prank?" Patamon asked, jumping onto Chase's head. "Like ding, dong, ditch? You humans seem to enjoy jokes like that on television." He gazed at us with his big blue eyes.

Chase shook his head. "Don't forget the gate." He pointed.

Looking past the large circular driveway, and the long car path before it, I could see the tall ebony gate that was wounded around the entire estate. It had pointed spikes at the top, and from what I had seen a code had to be typed into a small computer-like monitor which was attached to the side of the gate entrance doors.

"Wait! So, how did the girls and James get in if a code's needed?" I asked.

"Natalie gave them the code to get in, obviously, genius." Chase said, shaking his head at me. "The code is changed every week, anyway." He closed the front double doors and locked them, and began to turn off the lights. "Come on! Maybe something better is on TV now."

Before we were five feet away from the doors, Agumon stopped in his tracks and turned back towards the hall opposite from us. I saw his body tense, and heard Patamon's wings flapping as he joined Agumon.

"What's wrong?" Chase asked, turning back as well.

Agumon pointed one clawed finger towards the long dark hallway. "Something's down there."

"Chase! Could you please turn on the lights?" I asked, trying to keep my voice from sounding anxious. I wasn't scared, but really spooked. The room was dark except for a few small lights, and the grand piano was casting a rather ominous shadow on the walls.

Chase must have not heard me, because he completely ignored my words. He had his eyes on the Digimon, and he appeared to be rather confused. "What kind of something?"

Agumon shrugged, and finally looked back at us. "I don't know, but something really doesn't smell right."

"Yep!" Patamon piped up, settling himself on Agumon's orange head. "Something weird is definitely present!"

"What? Like a ghost?" My eyes darted over the room. I felt frozen to the ground with a little bit of fear, but I really wanted to run back to the meeting room. Who cared if cheesy TV shows were on? "Like something supernatural?"

"It was probably nothing, Brian." Agumon said, walking back to us. He tottered slightly from the weight of Patamon on his head. "Really, maybe I just smelled some food or something."

I still felt uneasy as we walked down a corridor with glass walls. I looked through the walls at the wide stretch of backyard that was out there. The tall grass was rustling out there as well, and there still wasn't a breeze of any kind.

My uneasiness wasn't just being ridiculous, because suddenly there was a loud crash behind us. All four of us spun around and saw that a decorative, teal vase had fallen and cracked into tiny little shattered shards against the hardwood floors. That wasn't the strange part, though. Hovering above the vase's remains were five big, white objects.

They greatly resembled ghosts, with wide beetle-black eyes and big mouths that were wide with teeth. They grinned rather stupidly at us, and floated closer. They held their chubby, white arms in front of them like zombies, and moved closer again.

"Oh no!" Patamon cried, flapping his wings urgently. "Those are Bakemon!"

"What?" I cried, keeping my eyes right on the Bakemon. "Like that Japanese monster ghost?" I backed up from the ghost Digimon, and grabbed Chase and Agumon by the arms. "Chase, do you have your Digivice?"

Chase quickly shook his head, and turned his eyes to me. They were wide with fear and confusion. "It's in my bedroom, on the second floor of the house."

I nodded, keeping one eye on the moving Bakemon. "Okay, when I say go, grab Patamon and we'll run. Okay?" I let go of Chase's arms, but tightened my grip on Agumon. "We'll head for the stairs, and we'll get to the Digivice. Then, Patamon will armour-digivolve."

The Bakemon were advancing even closer now, and were lowering themselves closer to the ground. Any second, I knew that they would descend upon us with no mercy. I kept myself calm, and whispered further instructions.

"Prepare yourself," I whispered, pulling Agumon closer to us. "Ready? Set…Go!" I yelled loudly at that last word, and surprised the Bakemon slightly.

We ran down the lit hallway. Looking over my shoulder, I saw that the Bakemon were done being shocked, and were now floating after us. For guys who didn't even have legs, they were going pretty fast! I noticed that the lights dimmed when the Bakemon passed. That only made me run faster, pulling Agumon along with me.

I turned right and began running down another hallway. The only difference was that there happened to be a door at the very end. As I ran, I shot my other hand backwards and grabbed Chase by the sleeve of his shirt.

He nearly stopped moving because of my sudden movement, but I pulled both him and Agumon along. I turned to make sure that Patamon was okay, and saw him still hanging onto Chase's shoulder. Every now and then, it appeared that he kept shooting Bubble Booms back at the Bakemon. It wasn't doing much though.

We reached the door at the end of the hall, where I quickly turned the doorknob. The door flew open, and the four of us dove right in. Agumon quickly pulled the door closed and we locked it shut.

Chase immediately pulled a wooden chair over to the door, possibly to barricade it. "They shouldn't be able to get in."

Those words didn't prevent the Bakemon from trying. There were several thumps and bangs on the door as they attempted to get in. Finally, all went silent. After a minute of standing near the door, hoping to hear something, they spoke.

"How do we get in?" One of the ghost-like Digimon asked in a gravely voice. "The humans have locked it or something."

Another Bakemon said words that sent a chill down my bone. "Another has reported that two human children are currently in the food chamber at this moment. The master will be greatly pleased if we manage to capture them."

"I think the humans call it a kitchen, sir." Another Bakemon stated. " What about the three human girls in the big room? Shall we split up?"

"No, Phantomon will go after them." The first voice continued. "These other children will venture out soon, and when they do, get them!"

There was a quick shuffling noise, but there was no guarantee that they were completely gone. Chase peered through the keyhole of the doorknob, and nodded.

"They don't appear to be there. But, how do we know if they can't turn invisible?"

Patamon flew off of Chase's head and perched himself on the tall office table in the room. "Bakemon can disguise themselves as humans very well, but I've never heard of them turning invisible."

"How do you know this?" I asked.

"I don't really know. All of us, Digimon have a sort of born knowledge about our different species." Patamon explained, blinking his big eyes. "If they have seen a human, whether it be a picture or the actual person, they can transform."

"Oh, no!" Chase groaned. "They're going after Cordy and James. Don't you think that they'll turn into me? And Cordy will try to argue about nothing in particular! And, then they'll be captured!" He turned to me, and grabbed the front of my shirt. "Brian, what do we do?"

I pushed his hands off of me, and patted him on the shoulder. "Chase, calm down! We're going to have to get the Digivice. Right now, that's our only hope. I'll get the Crests as well, and maybe a few of them will activate." I stopped and thought about the Bakemons' words. "Natalie and others are in danger, too. But they have their Digimon. And Natalie will probably have her Digivice on her. How come they didn't hear us?"

"Have you seen the size of this house?" Chase cried, still a little anxious.

"You know, it's funny." Patamon narrowed his eyes in thought. "Bakemon are usually really easy to defeat. My powers should've been able to slow them down or something. It's almost as if they have a stronger power from something."

"They mentioned a master." Chase said in a calm, but still shaking voice. "Could that be their source of power? Or the phantom of the opera?"

"Phantomon, you mean." Agumon corrected.

After a couple of minutes to catch our breath, we hurried out the door. We tiptoed down the long hallway, sticking close together. We turned left, and went in the direction of the stairs.

However, we must have made a wrong turn, because we ended up in another long hallway. It was lined with several doors, but we tried to open each one and found that they were all locked.

"This is weird." Chase whispered to me. "This place is big, but not this huge. This is ridiculous!"

We walked down more endless hallways, and I soon found the process to be very ridiculous as well. We were doing okay, until Chase bumped into Agumon. This scared him, and he jumped up in the air in a scared state.

"Ah! Pepper Breath! Pepper Breath!" Agumon blew several fireballs in all directions, crying out.

As we tried to calm him down, I noticed that the walls and doors weren't charred at all from his move.

"Strange." I whispered.

Suddenly, we heard familiar gravely voices come from behind us. We spun around to see three Bakemon coming in our direction. Expressions of glee were all over their faces, as the approached us.

"There they are!" One of them cried, grinning like an idiot.

"Run for your lives!" Agumon cried to no one in particular. He took off running down the hallway, and we took off after him.

We were all moving. Even Patamon was flying in the air, and he was still attempting to weaken the Bakemon with his attacks, but they seemed to glance right off of them. Patamon stopped flapping his wings, and the Bakemon nearly caught up to him. Luckily, I grabbed him, and followed after the others.

"We can't stop to wonder, Patamon." I told him as we ran down another endless hallway. "We have to keep moving." I let him fly ahead of us once more.

"I recognize where we are now!" I heard Chase cry in front of me. "There's a chimney close to here and a dumbwaiter." He ran faster. "We'll be saved!"

We turned another corner, and sure enough there was a dumbwaiter at the end of the hall. A fireplace was a few feet away from it, dark and empty. We ran as fast as we could, and made it to the spot. The dumbwaiter was like a small elevator with a sturdy wooden door, and an electric switch inside of it that could take you to any of the mansion's five floors.

The only problem was…it was too small for all four of us! If I squeezed in with Agumon, we'd be okay. But then, what would happen to Chase and Patamon? I pondered on this, as I watched Chase open the dumbwaiter and jump in. He blew dust of its switch, and grinned.

"It still works!" The Bakemon were getting closer to us now, and Chase was meeting me with eyes wide with urgency. "Brian, Agumon? Come on!"

I knew that there wasn't enough time, so I did the bravest and only thing that there was to do. I grabbed Agumon around the waist and shoved him into the dumbwaiter next to Chase. Next, I grabbed Patamon and placed him into Chase's arms.

"Get to the top, get the Crests, and save the others." I instructed. "In case, I don't make it…"

Chase looked at me as if I was crazy. "What are you talking about? Get in the freaking dumbwaiter, Brian!"

"There's not enough room, and my weight won't hold!" I glanced over my shoulder, and saw that the Bakemon were getting much closer. "Agumon, protect them please. You were the best Digimon I could ever ask for."

"Brian, don't!" Agumon tried to push his way out of the compartment, but I shoved him back.

I smiled, sheepishly, and I could feel tears welling up. "You've got to go on." With those words said, I clicked the inside switch, and shut the dumbwaiter door closed.

I heard protests from inside the dumbwaiter as it was lifted up and to the next floor. I didn't have time to sit and watch it as it left. The Bakemon were less than ten feet away. I ran to my right, and sure enough I tripped on one of the Fields' expensive imported rugs.

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