It's a Tough Life

Bob Richardson had a tough life. He was a chef, but he only cooked hot dogs and chicken drumsticks. But of course, that wasn't the tough part. The tough part was that he rarely ever got any costumers.

This was because there was very popular restaurant across the street from Bob's house, where he had his stand set up. No one really even noticed the stand, due to the fancy-looking building shadowing it. That is, until he came along.

It was a cloudy February afternoon. Bob was sitting in a chair behind his stand, as usual. And as usual, the fancy, five star restaurant, BrickPlace was mocking him from across the street. He saw a group of about five minipeople walking through the double doors of BrickPlace, which were made of bricks. Plastic bricks, of course. Almost everything was plastic, even Bob. But unlike the food at BrickPlace, Bob's food was certainly not plastic.

He then saw a middle-aged miniperson walking up the sidewalk towards Bob. He was just about to ask what Bob was serving, when out of the corner of his eye he saw BrickPlace. He quickly turned around and ran across the street to the restaurant. But Bob's luck with the next person was different.

A young miniperson came running up the sidewalk towards Bob's stand.

"Hello, and how are you?" Bob asked the kid.

"Fine," he replied. "What do you have to eat here? I'm starving. The food over at BrickPlace isn't very filling at all."

"Uh, um, uh, hold on, um, we have chicken drumsticks. And then we also have hot dogs." Bob replied. "What would you like?"

"Um...I'll take a hot dog," the young miniperson said. "By the way, my name's David. But you can call me Dave."

"Okay, Dave, your food will be ready shortly," Bob replied.

Bob took the hot dog out of his freezer, turned on his grill and placed the hot dog on the grill. He waited a few minutes, flipped it over, waited a few more minutes, put it on a bun and handed it to Dave.

"Enjoy!" Bob said cheerfully. Dave took a bite, chewed, and swallowed.


Bob was extremely...surprised and pleased at the same time. "My own recipe," Bob said. "Glad you liked it."

"There's GOT to be some way to get people over here instead of at BrickPlace, because this is SO MUCH BETTER!" Dave said. "I think I have an idea." He grinned, and so did Bob. This was already the best day of Bob's career. But it was about to get even better.