"He's gone nuts!" the boss was saying to the owner of BrickPlace. They were in the conference room because of a code red alert created by the boss. "He took his cart across the street and blocked our door!"

"Who cares?" the owner told him. "Frank, he got a few customers. So what? We get a few hundred customers a day! Again, he's gotten a hundred. EVER!"

"Well, he and that kid oh, also, that kid was one of our most loyal customers are probably thinking of bigger and better ideas to get more popular than us," Frank said.

"Well," the owner said with a grin, "that's never going to happen."


"Okay, so, we got the hundred packages of napkins, we got the two hundred new plates, uh….oh, I don't see the tables. And that's a very important thing to have in a restaurant." Dave read through a list of things they needed almost every time they got a new item.

"Dave, we're almost at the furniture store," Bob replied. "See that furniture store up the road? Yeah, that's just up the road. And I'm driving there. Right now."

"Sorry," Dave said. "I was just making sure you hadn't forgotten."

"I'm not stupid."

They got there about two minutes later. They found a table, and asked how many the store had in stock. They had sixteen.

"Sixteen, huh?" Bob asked, sort of disappointed. "Well, I guess that should do."

And they bought them. The total cost was $2,500, but Bob didn't matter. He would soon have a restaurant. A real restaurant.

"Okay, so the next thing on the list is chairs," Dave said as they got in the car.

"Why didn't you tell me that before we left the store?!" Bob asked.

"I was a little busy making trips with you in and out with boxes of table pieces in my hands," Dave replied.

"Oh, right."

So they got out of their car and went back into the store.

When they found a chair that seemed to match the tables, they asked how many were in stock, and this time the number was surprisingly high. There were three hundred in stock.

"Uh, yeah…we'll take a hundred," Bob said to the cashier.

"Okay," the cashier replied. "Boy, what is with you two today? If I didn't know any better I'd say you were starting a restaurant."

"Uh, um, uh, um, uh, what? No, no, no, no, no! That's not what we're doing. Not at all." Dave replied.

"Whatever," the cashier replied. "That'll be $3,462."

Bob hesitated for a moment, and then handed the cashier the money.

"Well, that's the last thing on the list," Dave said when they got in the car.

"Well, thank goodness for that," Bob replied. "At least I won't go completely broke today."

And so they drove home to start setting up their restaurant.