Just to let you know, I do not mean to make Sheldon look like a bad guy in this fic, it just so happens that he had the......potential to be.....a tad nicer. But, yeah, he's not meant to look really mean. I don't own anything.

Leonard was leaning against the kitchen counter beside Penny, watching Sheldon rant.

"I mean, really, what are those people thinking? Clearly, they aren't thinking if they're going to cut the budget again, taking away extremely important funding for my research!" Sheldon sighed and looked over at Leonard. "Once again, I question why they don't let people like you go so more money can be donated to my research."

Leonard frowned as Sheldon headed off to his room, no doubt trying to reconstruct his old death ray with the mood he was in.

"Wow, I haven't seen him this worked up since.....yesterday," said Penny, smiling at Leonard.

"Sometimes I wonder if he's right, though," Leonard sighed. "I mean, I haven't had any positive results from my research, so maybe my working there isn't all that important."

Penny pulled Leonard into a hug. "Of course you working there is important, honey, you're perfect."

Leonard laughed and rolled his eyes. He'd heard that before. He'd said Penny was perfect once when she was feeling insecure, now she was, clearly, mocking him with it.

"I'm not perfect," he said, playing along.

Penny pulled away slightly and looked at him. "Yes," she said firmly. "You are."

"You really think so?" Leonard asked, surprised.

Penny answered by placing both hands on his chest. She then slid her right hand up past the side and to the back of his neck, and then let her fingers weave through his hair. Leonard watched her hand the entire time, so he was taken by surprise when he felt Penny's lips on his, as she started kissing him.

Was he perfect? He didn't think so. However, Penny did, and God knew she was perfect.