Time of Dying

'It wasn't supposed to happen this way,' Tomo thought, as she regained consciousness and became aware of her surroundings. Waking up in a hospital bed is never a good sign. 'This isn't real. Any moment I'll just wake up in my bed at home, and everything will be all right…'

Of course, she knew that was but wishful thinking, though she could not help but pray that this was not happening. Like most her age, she knew death was real, that it was final. She knew that sometimes, shit happens. But it wasn't supposed to happen to her. And never like this…

She looked around the room and saw that she was hooked to several machines, the beeping noise was in her ears, and she knew she was most likely not in the best condition of her life. Memories slowly returned.

'If only Yukari hadn't fallen asleep at the wheel, we'd all be safe and sound at Chiyo's summer home…' She then remembered what had become of Yukari, and Kagura as well. Her eyes welled up as she remembered their crushed forms, too broken and bleeding to be alive.

Had Kagura not had some prior engagement with whatever sports-related thing she was busy with, and if only Yomi had not promised to do some errands for her parents, they would have never have had to use separate vehicles. Chiyo could have rented a car that seated them all again.

Another memory made its way to the forefront of her mind.

'Yomi' … What had happened to her? She was the only one besides her that made it, so why hadn't she heard from her? Her wounds seemed far less than Tomo's, and besides, the last thing Tomo remembered was looking into Yomi's eyes before... 'Before what?' She didn't remember anything past then. Either she fell asleep or fainted, but either way it must have been Yomi who had gotten help. 'Well, then she might be in here, too.' At least, that was what she tried to convince herself. She could not shake an uneasy feeling deep within her. Wouldn't Yomi have tried to get in contact? Sh could easily imagine her friend coming into her room to tell her to get her ass up, regardless of a nurse's orders. Perhaps that was what she liked most about Yomi. They were very much alike in the way they were not people who could be easily told what o do. Tomo smiled briefly, ending when she looked at the calendar. 'No way…it couldn't be…'

The calendar was dated September 19th…They had left on vacation August 2nd. She had been in the hospital for over two weeks! 'Maybe…maybe Yomi's already ben released…and she couldn't see me because I wasn't awake…But…' She could not shake that dreadful feeling.

She slowly reached for the assist button, and became aware of intense pain. The pain did not stop her. She had to know.

Finally, she reached it, relaxed her pained body, and waited. She couldn't help but wonder the extent of her injuries. Perhaps there was even more wrong with her than just a few broken bones. But she came to the resolution that she did not care, as long as she could see Yomi again…

I will not die,

I'll wait here for you

She heard the nurse's footsteps echo in the hall, and looked up as she entered the room.

I feel alive,

When you're beside me

The nurse looked at Tomo with sad eyes.

"What? Wh--"

"If this is about Koyomi Mizuhara…

I will not die,

I'll wait here for you

"I'm sorry…Koyomi Mizuhara is dead."

In my time of dying…


Well? How was it? Did the emotional effect work as I intended? Does anyone want me to do Yomi's pov after the accident? Or is it good as it is?