Four days later, while Jude was taking SME to the airport, Tommy was on his way to the studio. He had been off for the last few days as his new artist had only arrived yesterday and to say he looked forward to working again would be a lie.

He had really enjoyed the days he spent with Jude and SME, more than he thought. Even the touristy things he normally found boring had been fun when doing them with Jude. She had a quirky sense of humour and to see her this carefree and happy, had made him happy as well.

When Jude had told him about her attempted suicide, he had been more than shocked. He had been terrified. To imagine that he could have never met Jude. That she had been so desperate that she wanted to kill herself. It had broken his heart.

Tommy had always felt as if something was wrong with her. A subtle sadness inside her eyes, when she didn't know he was looking had clued him in. But he had thought that it was something more mundane. A fight with her parents, a lost love. Something that every teenager had to experience someday, something that he had experienced as well, but never something this severe. This dramatic.

Even now days later he couldn't think about what had happened if Jude's sister hadn't come back home. It made him want to scream, instead he usually hugged her to him or called her when she was not with him. It slightly calmed him down. And she even tried to reassure him that he didn't have to fear anything, but there was nothing better than seeing her smile to calm him down completely. Then he knew that she was absolutely happy again and that there really was nothing to fear anymore.

Finally arriving at the studio, Tommy tried to push his thought to the back of his mind and focus on the task at hand. He had a rock 'n roll album to record and two other artists waiting in line for him to have time for them. Karma's album had brought him respect in the music industry and now he had the ability to choose which album he would like to produce and which one he wouldn't. Of course Jason still had the last say, but he usually agreed with Tommy.

His new artist, Nic, was a cool kid, he had met him in Los Angeles and was immediately excited to work with him. He he had never done a rock 'n roll album before and as he loved new challenges, he was thrilled when Nic signed the contract and it was scheduled for him to come after Karma's album was finished. But now all he wanted to do was turn around, go home and wait for Jude to come back from the airport.

Home to them was his apartment, over the last few days Jude had practically moved in with him. They hadn't really talked about it, but Jude had moved gradually almost all of the things she needed for living into his apartment. When Jude had asked where she was allowed to put her photos from her family and friends and he had told her to put them on the mantelpiece next his few photos, the meaning of that was clear to both of them.

Tommy liked Jude having living with him. He would have thought he would freak out, that he would think it was too fast, too soon, but these thoughts never came. Living with her wasn't that different from before, though, they had already shared bed and bathroom and had spent most of their time together. The only difference was that they didn't alternate between his and her apartment anymore and that Jude now had her tutoring classes at his as well.

Opening the door to the studio, he saw that Owen was already there. Tommy knew that he had neglected his best friend the last few weeks. Sure they had spent weeks together working on Karma's album, but with all the stress revolving around that and his drama with Jude they never had a moment to speak privately let alone go to a bar together. Tommy hoped that they could make up for that in the coming weeks.

He sat down next to Owen, letting his bag fall on the floor. Inside the recording booth, he could see Nic tuning his guitar. He seemed to be concentrated, so Tommy didn't greeted him yet, but turned to Owen.

"So how did you spend your days off?"

"My parents were there for the weekend and we managed to see a few more houses." Owen and Sarah were looking for a house in a quieter neighbourhood. They currently lived in an apartment in Lower East Side, it was spacious enough for a baby, but Owen and Sarah didn't want to raise their child in the middle of The City.

"And you? Did Jude and you make up?" Owen asked, before quickly making sure that Nic was still preoccupied.

"Yeah, it turned out that Karma is actually the girlfriend of Jude's best friend. Yeah I know small world. So Jude and her friends were at the shooting the whole time. We went out afterwards to a club and then the morning after had a talk. We're dating now." Tommy grinned happily, he could hardly believe it himself how happy and calm he was about everything that way going on.

"Like really officially dating?"

"Yeah, Jude is practically moved in with me now." Tommy told him almost proudly.

"Wow, and you're okay with that?" Tommy nodded. "Who are you and what did you do with Tommy the commitment phobic?" Tommy shrugged his shoulder, still grinning like a fool. Owen laughed and slapped him on the shoulder. He had been worried about Tommy over the years. He had thought that one day Tommy's way of coping with his past would destroy him. Now to see him that happy and in a committed relationship, he couldn't be more happy for his best friend. He would never outrightly tell him, but he was even a bit proud of Tommy for once fighting for what he wanted instead of drowning everything he was feeling in alcohol and cheap women.
Glancing at his best friend from the corner of his eye, he could see him typing on his phone grinning almost stupidly now and he knew that as long as Tommy didn't fuck up majorly, this could be forever.

Jude pushed open the door to the record building and entered. It was now close to dinner time and she knew that when Tommy started working on a new album he would forget everything around him, that was why she had bought dinner for him and the others around. She didn't know much about Tommy's new artist, as he hadn't wanted to talk about work on the weekend, but she could feel this morning that Tommy was a bit excited to work with him, even though he hadn't wanted to admit that to himself.

Jude hoped that Tommy would be able to come home with her after dinner, she had had a tiring day and she wanted nothing more than to curl up on the couch with him and watch the photos of this weekend that she had printed out this afternoon. She knew, however, that just as easily she could return home alone and Tommy would arrive sometime in the middle of the night. She would have to accept that as well, but now that Tommy and her were officially together she wanted to spend as much time as possible with him. She really hoped he felt the same.

Knocking on the studio door, she waited a moment before entering. The first thing she saw were Tommy and Owen hunched over the mixing desk, headphones on, pushing rulers. She smiled at their concentrated faces and quietly sat down on the couch, not wanting to disturb them. From where she sat behind Tommy and Owen she could look into the recording booth, where a young guy, probably not older than 16, sat close to the microphone singing and playing guitar. She couldn't hear him, but he seemed to sing with great passion.

After a few minutes, Tommy put his headphones down, stopped the recording and motioned for the boy to come inside. She could see that they hadn't noticed her coming in, so she sneaked over to Tommy and put her hands over his eyes.

"Guess who?" It was just a Sadie thing to do, but she couldn't help herself. Tommy turned around and grinned up at her.

"Hey, Bright Eyes." He put his hands around her waist and pulled her to him for a quick kiss, that quickly turned deeper.

"Hey, handsome." She said, when they broke apart again for air, before closing the gap between their lips again. She loved the feel of his soft lips on hers. The feel of his tongue probing her mouth with so much passion that she forgot to breath. His hands on her waist, tenderly caressing the slightly uncovered part of her back. When he kissed her she could forget everything around her. This time was no difference, they only broke apart, when Owen cleared his throat behind them, reminding them that there were more people in the room.

Jude straightened again and smoothed down her shirt. She was still panting and her cheeks and neck were blushed.

"Nice to see you again, Jude." Owen smirked and motioned to the guy standing behind him, who was blushing as well obviously embarrassed by what he has just witnessed. "That is Nic, our new artist. Nic, that is Jude Harrison, Tommy's girlfriend if you haven't figured that out by now." Jude and Nic shook hands, both smiling slightly.

"I brought food." Jude exclaimed, remembering her reason for coming, except seeing Tommy of course. The guys all groaned in delight and pounced on it as soon Jude put the bags down in front of them. Within moments that had eaten all there was to eat and were leaning back in their chairs fully sated.

"You have already eaten, haven't you?" Tommy asked as an afterthought and Jude had to chuckle. How considerate of her boyfriend to think of her after they had eaten everything.

"No, but I'll make myself something at home." She sat down on Tommy's lap and twirled a strand of hair around her finger. "Are you able to come with me or do you have to stay?" She looked up when Tommy sighed. She knew the look on his face, there was still something he wasn't 100 percent satisfied with yet. Now it was Jude's turn to sigh. Even though she told herself to accept his decision, she couldn't help to be a bit disappointed.

Standing up, she gathered the empty bags and her purse and was about to lean down to Tommy to kiss him goodbye, when he stood up as well. He grabbed the bags from her and gave her a short peck when she looked at him shocked, before turning to the other two men.

"Good work, Nic. Owen you too. We'll see each other tomorrow at 8 am sharp. Okay?" they nodded and stood up as well, getting also ready to go. "Good night." With that said Tommy linked fingers with Jude and practically pulled her to the exit. Despite the reluctance to go she had thought to have seen on his face just moments ago, he was now eager to go home. Once out of the building, Tommy slowed down a bit and they sauntered to the parking lot where Tommy beloved Viper stood.

"How was your day?" Tommy asked when they were seated and on their way.

"Tiring. I had a session with David, my final test are coming up and he had me doing task after task." To underline how exhausted she was, she yawned and then snuggled into the seat. Tommy's hand was placed on her tight and she absentmindedly played with it. "Oh yeah, and I printed out some photos from our bungee jump." On Saturday, Tommy and her had finally redeemed the gift certificate Jude had given to Tommy on his birthday. They had jumped together from a bridge near New York, it was the most freeing but also terrifying experience Jude had ever had.

"Are they any good?"

"Yeah, Spied was able to capture the moment we jumped. It looks really cool. Maybe we could have it enlarged and hang it in the living-room?" She asked quietly suddenly timid. Other than Tommy, she wasn't as sure yet where they stood. Sure he had agreed to be her boyfriend and he hadn't said anything when she had brought over more of her things, but she wasn't sure how he would react to things such as redecorating his living-room. She was still waiting for the other shoe to drop so to speak. She hadn't needed to worry though, as he only squeezed her hand and said:

"You don't have to ask. If you want it there we can do that." As they were standing at a traffic light, he leaned down and kissed her softly, causing her to get lost in him again. That was the moment that Jude realized that she wasn't only attracted to Tommy, but that somehow over the past two months the unbelievable had happened. She, Jude Harrison, had fallen in love with Little Tommy Q.

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