Trish sighed as she walked around yet another puddle. "I hate the rain," she said miserably. "Look what it's done! It's made everything all muddy and icky and now my jeans are going to get dirty."

Her girlfriend Mickie rolled her eyes. "Well why did you wear one new ones? If you had worn one of your pairs of old jeans then this wouldn't be a problem."

"Well I didn't know how bad it had stormed last night," Trish said defensively. She jumped over a particularly giant puddle and squeaked when she almost didn't make it.

Mickie stared at her incredulously. "How did you not know? The thunder was louder than hell."

"I was tired." Trish stopped and grabbed Mickie's hand so she could pull the brunette closer to her. "You wore me out last night."

Mickie smirked. "You were the one who told me to pretend I was your psycho stalker. You asked for everything I did to you."

"I did," Trish agreed. She let go of Mickie's hand so she could wrap her arms around her neck. "And I'm gonna ask for it again as soon as we get home."

"Well we could always turn around and go home right now," Mickie pointed out.

Trish shook her head. "Sorry babe." She gave Mickie a kiss before she started walking again. "We have to go see Adam and Jeff."

Mickie sighed and followed her. She had an unhappy look on her face. "You know they're not going to be ready to go with us. And us going there and trying to get their asses moving is just going to cause a fight."

Trish refused to respond to that, even though she knew that Mickie was probably right. Adam and Jeff had promised to come down to Piper's Pit so Trish and Mickie could help them find a new apartment to live in. They had been evicted from their last one for not paying their rent for six months and Adam had really made the situation worse by trashing the place and then punching the landlord in the face before he and Jeff left. Now the two of them were staying at a hotel, even though they weren't going to have the money to pay for the bill once they checked out. Pretty much every penny they had went to booze and drugs.

"Honey?" Mickie said hesitantly. "I know you really want to help them, but please, promise me you won't give them anymore money."

Trish glared at her. "Jeff promised that they weren't going to ask us anymore."

Mickie shook her head. "Jeff always makes promises like that; he says he won't ask for money and he swears he'll get off the smack and he has said over and over again that if Adam doesn't straighten up, he'll leave him. And you want to know what? He has no intentions of making good on any of those promises."

"He got off the smack once," Trish reminded her.

"For two weeks. Then Adam had to go act like an asshole and Jeff went back on it to make himself feel better." Mickie grabbed Trish's hand as they crossed the street. "They're not good for each other anymore. I don't want to say it, but I think things are only going to get uglier between them.

Trish bit her lip. She knew that Mickie was right: Adam and Jeff's relationship had turned into a very volitile situation. The drinking and the drugs were a major problem, but there were other major issues that made them use all that stuff as a coping mechanism. Adam tended to get very jealous and possessive over Jeff, and he was the type of guy to pick fights just to be an asshole. And Jeff wasn't completely innocent either. If Adam did something that Jeff didn't like, then Jeff would purposefully flirt with other guys right in Adam's face, which made everything worse. Things had gotten to the point that the police had been called five times because of their yelling matches that could go on for hours if they weren't stopped. The whole thing was just a mess.

Mickie and Trish arrived at the hotel a little less than ten minutes later. They immediately went into the elevator and pushed the button to go up on to the third floor. "Do you really think they're beyond helping?" Trish asked quietly.

Mickie sighed. "Yeah," she admitted. "They don't want help Trish. As bad as things are between them, they don't want to actually try to change things. They're too scared to even think about trying to live without each other."

Trish ran her hand through her hair. Once again, Mickie had a point that she couldn't disprove. This was getting very frustrating.

The elevator doors opened and they began walking down the hall. They were about halfway there when the maid ran out of there, screaming at the top of her lungs. Trish and Mickie exchanged looks before sprinting into the room as fast as they could. They found that the room was completely and totally trashed. Both the beds were overturned, the television had been smashed, the table and the desk by the beds were in pieces and there were several holes in the walls. "Oh my God," Trish said in disbelief. No wonder the maid scream...I would scream too if I had to clean this up too.

"Adam? Je--" Mickie's voice suddenly died and then she screamed too. Trish whirled around and looked into the bathroom. The state of the rest of the room was nothing compared to what she was seeing now. The walls and the floor of the bathroom were covered in blood, and sitting right there in the middle of the mess were Adam and Jeff. Adam was holding Jeff in his lap, rocking from side to side, his tear stained face staring blankly into space. Jeff's eyes were closed and he had blood all over him.

"Oh my God!" Trish exclaimed. She ran into the bathroom and just about slid and fell on her ass as she knelt down beside Adam. "Jeff! Adam! What happened?"

Neither of them answered her. Adam just kept rocking from side to side, and Jeff's eyes remained closed. She immediately began trying to check Jeff over first and found that his skin was ice cold. "Oh no," she moaned, lifting up her friend's shirt to see at least a dozen stab wounds covering his stomach and chest. "No. No no no no no...." She checked for a pulse, even though she knew it wasn't any use. He was long gone now.

"Adam what happened?" Mickie asked, finally entering the room. She looked like she was about to be sick. "Adam! ADAM!"

Adam didn't speak. He didn't even act like he had heard her. He just kept holding Jeff while rocking from side to side, appearing to have gone in a state of complete and total shock.

Ten minutes later, the police arrived. The maid who had ran out of the room had called 911. Two cops literally had to drag Mickie and Trish out of the room so they could be questioned out in the hallway. Mickie did most of the talking because Trish couldn't even speak. She tried but she couldn't say a word. It felt like someone had just ripped out her heart and stomped on it. Jeff had been her best friend and she had been close to Adam too. The whole scene was too much for her to take. How did this...Did, he couldn't have. He wouldn't...

Every person in the hotel came up there to try to see what was going on. The police tried to get them back, but they didn't go away completely. Trish wanted to scream at them to get lost. This wasn't any of their business. Her friends weren't anything to gawk at. But she still couldn't speak, so she just watched the cops go in and out of that room for what felt like an eternity. When Jeff's body was wheeled out of the room, she did have to look away. Even though it was in a body bag, she couldn't stand to look at it.

"Oh fuck," Mickie muttered. "Oh God, let this be a mistake..."

Trish looked back at the room just in time to see Adam come out next. His hands were handcuffed behind his back and two police officers were leading him away as they read him his rights.

He was being arrested for Jeff's murder.


Wow...I feel evil. I really, really do.

From the next chapter on, I'm going back to see what led up to this, so there will be a lot of Jeff in this story.