As the months went by, Jeff and Adam's friends could only watch as things between the two deteriorated. Jeff sunk deeper and deeper into drug use, which caused fights with Adam. Adam, depressed and angry that Jeff was doing this to himself, started drinking heavily as a coping mechanism. That in turn made him extremely short tempered, which sparked even more fights. They both lost the jobs they had and while Adam remained unemployed, Jeff had taken up working at a local strip club called Dipstix. It was easy cash and a lot of dealers frequented the area, which made scoring a lot easier. It also caused more fights with Adam, who either got angry that Jeff would degrade himself by stripping (when he was sober) or got angry and accused Jeff of fucking all the other guys there (when he was drunk). In all honesty, the others thought that the two of them needed to break up. Their relationship had turned into something completely toxic and unhealthy. But despite the vicious fights, they refused to let each other go. After the dust settled one of them would apologize and beg for forgiveness, thus allowing the whole process to start over again.

What made things worse was the fact that they got kicked out of their apartment. Jeff's money was going to his habit and with Adam unemployed they couldn't pay for the rent, which lead to them getting booted out of the home they had tried so hard to get. Jay and Chris had felt bad and let them move back in, which proved to be a mistake. They got to witness first hand the fights between Jeff and Adam and had to separate them more often than not. They also had to take care of Adam when he got so drunk he couldn't even stand up and drag a high Jeff home at about four or five in the morning. It was driving them both insane.

"Can you PLEASE take them in?" Jay asked Trish as he paced around the kitchen. He was on the phone with her, trying to see if he and Chris could shove Jeff and Adam off on to her and Mickie for awhile. The stress of dealing with the volatile couple was putting a strain on their own relationship. They were fighting over what they should do or whose side they should take and Jay knew that they had to do something before things got too out of hand. "Please?"

"Jay, we DON'T have room!" Trish objected with an exasperated sigh. "We're in an apartment, not a house like you guys are. We don't have the extra room. Plus, our landlord will NOT put up with the stuff they do. They'll get us kicked out too and where would we go? Answer me that."

Jay groaned and ran a hand through his hair. He knew she was right about that but that didn't mean he had to like it. He and Chris had fucked themselves over by not only taking Adam and Jeff in, but complaining about the stuff that had been going on to everyone else since then. Nobody wanted to take them in now. Not that he could blame them. He loved Adam like a brother but he couldn't take this anymore. "What do you think I should do then?"

"I don't know," Trish replied sadly. "I mean, I don't want to say kick them out when they have nowhere else to go but what else can you do? I love them too but they don't have the right to put you and Chris through this shit."

"I know." That was the stuff Chris was saying to him last night, though Trish put it a little more nicely than he did. The thing was though, Jay couldn't see how kicking them out on to the street would make anything better. They didn't have the money to go any place else and who knew what would happen to them on the street. "Could you maybe just take Jeff for awhile? Chris and I can't-"

"Let me GO Adam!" Jeff came barging into the room. They came from upstairs and by the look in Adam's eye, Jay knew he was already drunk.

"You are NOT going there!" Adam growled, grabbing Jeff roughly by the arm and yanking him back so hard that the younger man yelped in pain.

"Hey!" Jay dropped the phone and tried to get in between them. "Adam! Don't do that!" He could smell the booze on Adam's breath and he groaned lowly. Not good. If Adam was already drunk then he was in for a very long night indeed.

"Let me GO!" Jeff repeated. He was trying to yank himself out of Adam's grip and slap him away but that wasn't going so well for him. He had no strength left in his body. He had lost a lot of weight, his skin was a sickly pale, he had dark purple circles under his eyes and his arms were covered in bruises from shooting up. "Adam! Stop I HAVE to go to work!"

Adam snorted. "Work? You call that place work?" He tightened his grip on Jeff's arm despite Jay's attempts to get him off. "Fucking shaking your shit and fucking everyone there is your work?"

"I don't fuck everyone-"

"I caught you with that FUCKING ASSHOLE!"

"Who?" Jay asked, totally confused now.

"His fucking DEALER!" Adam's voice was cracking from how loud he was yelling. His face was beet red to boot. "He fucked his fucking DEALER cuz the fucking club got closed for fumigation and he had no fucking money!"

Jay blinked. He hadn't been aware of that. "Jeff?"

Jeff refused to make eye contact with either of them. He just slipped out of Adam's grip and headed for the door. Adam tried to go after him but Jay held him back, not wanting to see a full out domestic violence situation break out. That had happened a couple of times before. Jeff had tried to claw out Adam's eye and Adam had slapped Jeff around until Chris and Jay yanked him off.

"FUCK!" Kicking the table in frustration, Adam picked up a glass that was at the table and threw it at the wall before collapsing down to the ground and burying his face into his hands. Jay sighed and knelt down beside him, hesitating to touch him in case he felt like lashing out violently.

"You guys can't keep doing this," he said slowly, knowing it was useless to say this at this point. He and Chris had said this over and over again and it fell on deaf ears. "You really can't. This isn't healthy. I think you guys need to take a break."

Adam shook his head. "No. No no no I can't let him go."


"He's MINE," Adam said stubbornly. "I can't let him go. Who's going to take care of him-"

"YOU'RE not even taking care of him!" Jay said bluntly. "Look at you! You're almost as big of a mess as he is!" That came out much harsher than Jay intended it to but it was too late to reword it. And sadly, it was the truth of the situation. Adam's drinking was just as much of a problem as Jeff's drug use. They both needed help yet they both refused to see it. It was maddening.

Adam gave him a hapless glare before pushing himself up to his feet and storming back upstairs. Jay watched him go, flinching as the door slammed and then letting out a long, tired sigh. He couldn't do this anymore. He and Chris were going to have to find a place for Adam and Jeff to go because he really couldn't take this shit anymore.

Later that night, Adam snuck out of the house and went down to the Dipstix area, going into the club first to find that Jeff was already gone. Grumbling to himself, he went out the back and started searching the alleys, hoping that he didn't find Jeff with the same dealer he caught him fucking. If he ever saw that again he would end up in jail for killing the bastard.

Despite what other people were saying, Adam couldn't fathom breaking up with Jeff. He needed him and despite what he said when they were fighting, he knew Jeff needed him too. The others saw Jeff as a burden now. They didn't want to help him. They didn't even want to deal with him. He heard Jay and Chris saying as much. They didn't understand how much he loved Jeff and wanted to save him, despite how fucked up they both were now.

He searched through several alleys before going to a park, where he found Jeff laying on the ground by the swings. He was just staring up at the sky, seemingly unhurt beyond from the new bruise on his arm. Adam went over to him and sat down, just staring at him for the longest time. Jeff didn't even know he was there really. He looked at him but his gaze seemed to go right through him. Adam bit down on his lower lip and pulled him on to his lap, hugging him tight and burying his face into his neck. "I'm sorry," he said, fighting back tears as he clung to him for dear life. "I'm sorry I couldn't save you from this. I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry…"