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And now, presenting...


It was dark outside. The dinner rush was just beginning to trickle out of the restaurant, but not fast enough to suit Taitou Izou. He was about ready to swear that if one more pompous rich person decided to send another snide remark about his looks at him he'd slap the person silly with his big round tray until they were both thrown out.

As it was, he leaned against the bar counting down the minutes till his shift ended. He cast a glance at his watch, and sighed. Three more bloody hours. Heaven save him. His sanity was teetering on the blink of the vast abyss known as boredom. Not a lot happened in this small, mountain city (city, HA! that was a laugh). Everything interesting happened in Juban in the valley. The only few things the town (it wasn't even a town really) could call their "claim to fame" were several very nice hot spring resorts, a few resort hotels (with connections to the hot springs), this restaurant (used by guests who stayed at the hotels to visit the hot springs), you get the picture.

But the only thing Izou found even remotely interesting about this town was one thing. One amazing thing. Person actually. Saitou Kun. Sigh. So cute.

Unfortunately, his bliss was rather rudely interrupted by another insistent voice, "Izou-kun, could you take this to table eleven?"

Blinking away his fantasy, Izou took the tray mechanically, and strode out onto the floor. Table eleven. Oh, yes. The rich man and his mistress. I wonder if he's really as interested in her as he appears because he seems to constantly size me up every time I pass by. He shuddered. It's disturbing.

"Here you go. Sizzling rice soup for two and a single egg drop soup. Anything else I can get you?" he asked politely with a perfect mask of pleasure on his face. Somebody just shoot me and end my misery now.

"Yes, now that I think about it," the rich man doled.

Oh, Heaven save me! He's staring at me again.

"I would like yo--"


Saved by the call! "Yes Mifune?" Izou answered.

"I need your help over here. I'm sending Hikari-chan to take over for you."

"Alright. If you'll forgive me," he bowed before walking off as fast as he could politely go.

Once he'd taken refuge in the kitchen he leaned against the wall bringing his slender pianist hands up to hide his face. Light Mifune leaned back next to him. "Another offer to get in your pants?" his friend asked.

Izou moaned.

"Hn. I'm sorry, my friend. Of course, now you know why I signed up to be a cook. I don't have to deal with that as much as you."

"Lucky duck."

Light laughed before turning back to his coppery-haired friend. "Don't be too disappointed. I called you back here because I knew you needed a break. Out back. Don't be long or so help me a try at your sex life will be the least of your worries."

Izou looked up to his blue eyed companion in confusion, Light just smiled and winked. "Go on, you," he tilted his blonde head to the back door before returning to his job. "And remember, no more than five minutes or so help me, I'll find more uses for a kitchen knife than what is considered healthy."

Confused, but nervously excited, Izou started toward the door. All it led to was the back parking lot. Nothing really in part…ic...u…lar…

"Kun-sama!" he hollered at the sight of his lover.

The white haired man leaning against his custom motorcycle stood and spread his arms out wide, bracing himself for the inevitable impact of his lover. Izou leapt into his lover's embrace and planted a deep kiss on Kun's lips. Saitou Kun chuckled and squeezed Izou close to him, smiling into the kiss.

When the kiss was broken, Kun leaned back to stare into his lover's glorious jade eyes. He smiled sympathetically. "Hard night?" Izou pouted cutely drawing a snicker from the pale biker who playfully mussed his lover's hair affectionately. "Well, it can't be all that bad, now can it? I'm here."

Izou smiled and hugged his tall, slender lover, nuzzling his face into Kun's shirt. "I owe Light big time."

Saitou Kun laughed. "No worries, there. I'm sure that he'll come into contact with a rather over-zealous Sanjouin Masato right about now."

The younger of the two giggled. "I'm sure he'll enjoy that."

"Which one?"

"Both." Another deep kiss.

"You still haven't noticed," Kun whispered in between kisses.

"Hmm? Noticed what?" the copper haired lover moaned.

"That I'm wearing your designs."

The youth blinked in confusion, then broke the kiss and looked down to really study his lover's outfit. Then he blushed deeply in embarrassed joy. He met Kun's silver eyes with his own jade and smiled brightly. "They're selling my designs?"

"Yup. They just started selling them today. Already I can say for a fact that your wedding dresses are the best sellers so far. The owners were asking about you, though. They wanted to know why you don't want your picture being circulated to the press, not to mention why you didn't give them a picture of yourself in the first place."

Izou's face twisted in a sneer. "Why should I? They'll only use it to harass me, and no offense, but I like this life."

Kun's eyebrow quirked. "Really? With all those patrons just itching to get in your pants? Pants that only I'm allowed in?"

The youth shrugged playfully. "Well, I could live without that, but if it means you get to visit me during work hours than I welcome it." Izou pressed himself seductively against his lover's body, wrapping his arms around Kun's neck, and kissed him again. He felt his lover's fingers entangle in his long coppery curls and moaned pleasurably. This was the life.

Then he felt cold. He shivered and broke the kiss.

"Izou? What's wrong?" Kun asked, concerned.

Izou flicked his eyes back and forth through the darkness. "I don't know. But something's wrong. I…I can't explain it bu-UH!"

Kun watched in horror as his lover cried out and jerked, jade eyes going wide in surprise and pain. Then Izou started to glow a faint pink. A trembling, glowing hand tried to reach up to touch his cheek as the youth whispered, "Kun…sama…it…hur…ts…" Then the boy slipped into unconsciousness and would have fallen to the pavement if Kun hadn't caught him.

Holding his lover against him protectively, Kun looked around wildly for the unseen attacker but he couldn't see anything in this starless night. Then he, too, felt something smack into him from behind. His body jerked painfully as energy was suddenly drained out of him. He fought to remain conscious, but he knew he was losing the battle.

The door. He had to get inside. He had to get help. He lifted his lover in his arms and staggered forward towards the entrance to the restaurant's kitchen. He could feel his body becoming heavier and heavier with each step and his eyelids seemed to persistently want to close. Almost there.

There was a roar behind him, but he hardly paid it any heed. He had to get inside. Finally, he reached the door and only just managed to turn the doorknob. He leaned all his body weight against the metal portal and it fell open causing Kun and his precious bundle to collapse to the kitchen floor.

He dimly heard the cooks cry out in surprise, then nothing.


"Ma…sa…to" Light managed to murmur between kisses. He was currently pressed against a wall unable to breathe and not caring in the least. He knew helping out Saitou Kun and his little lover boy Taitou Izou would sometimes land him in trouble, but it did have its advantages. Such as being pinned against a wall in a quiet hallway by your lover who's mercilessly pleasuring you.

Sanjouin Masato was rich enough that he could buy lovers if he really wanted to, but why would he when he had a perfectly willing lover in Light Mifune? And what really encouraged him was the fact that Light actually loved him back, not for his money, but for him. When they'd first met, he'd used an alias, a fairly common practice for him since he absolutely hated being followed and watched by the media. But Light had fallen for him then, before he'd found out Masato was a billionaire. That had been an amazing moment.

Sanjouin Masato had done his best to create an image of a multibillionaire who enjoyed traveling for extensive and unpredictable periods of time. Such as the trip that led him here, to his lover's arms. Oh, he loved Light. How could he not? He had to admit, Saitou Kun knew what he was doing when he first introduced the two of them. He wanted nothing more than to continue pleasuring his quivering lover until the blonde came on the floor, but unfortunately fate had other plans.

Screams were heard from the kitchen and the two lovers immediately broke off each other and raced to where a crowd of cooks and several servers had gathered. After a few moments of jostling through the crowd, Light saw them and his world stopped. It was as if time had frozen.

There, lying on the ground was Izou with Kun lying on top of him almost protectively. Blood was slowly seeping from a wound on the pale motorcyclist's back as well as from underneath Izou's body.

"Izou! Kun!" he screamed, falling to his knees to shake his comrades.

"Someone call the police," Masato ordered. Almost instantly, Light could hear the numerous beeps and boops of cell phones being dialed. But his eyes were focused on his two unconscious friends. Unconscious.

"They're breathing," he murmured in astonishment.

Another scream sounded and he looked up, only to have almost the same reaction. Standing in the doorway was a…thing. It looked human, but there were most definitely differences. Such as the pale blue skin, long light blonde hair, strange mirror-like eyes, dark blue swim suit-like outfit that revealed a heck of a lot, and the long, slender white wings.

"Hello boys," the female thing said sweetly as if speaking to a lover.

Light quaked as if there was a 7.0 earthquake occurring right underneath him. The cooks and servers turned and fled, but were stopped by similar female things wearing even less than the one who appeared first. The things stood at every exit, blocking the people's escape.

Sanjouin Masato couldn't believe his eyes. If he didn't know better, he'd have said he was looking at a life size fairy. But fairies don't exist, so then…what…?

"What an unexpected pleasure. All four of you at the same place at the same time. Our mistress will be most pleased," the blue thing cooed. "Plus, we'll get the added pleasure of offering up all this excess energy which seems to have been handed to us on a silver platter. What do you say, girls?" The other things giggled like fan girls.

Neither Sanjouin Masato nor Light Mifune had the chance to even budge before their bodies jerked as a single vine-like thing pierced their chests, surrounding them with a pinkish light, and began draining them of their energy. Light shivered before collapsing to the floor by Saitou Kun's body. Masato held out just long enough to hear the evil fairy-thing say, "Just be glad we're not here to kill you. Beryl wants you all alive."


Then oblivion.

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