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Chapter 7

The line of people stretched around the corner and down the sidewalk. The blonde cocked his eyebrow in mild interest. What was going on? As curiosity took over, the blonde strolled over and peered around the corner.

"Isn't it amazing?"

"Yeah, I heard this place was on TV."

"Seriously? What channel? Do you think they'll replay it?"

"I don't know. Maybe."

Hmm, so this kind of thing is also of interest to these people. Perhaps I should try my hand at it.

And with that, he was gone.


The redhead cuddled the kitten in her arms. Honestly, the little thing was just so adorable. She laughed as the little creature licked her cheek, the sandpaper texture tickling her.

"I see she's taken a liking to you, miss," the saleswoman commented with a smile. "Funny that, this one's usually a bit ornery."

The redhead turned her stunning jade eyes on the newcomer and smirked. "I guess I just I have a way with animals. Especially cats. Small, agile, clever, smart, curious-"

"Careful though. Curiosity killed the cat."

Instantly, both women's attention turned to the latest intruder. This one was a tall man with midnight hair and dark blue eyes. His black coat almost made him look like a shadow in the brightly lit pet shop.

The saleswoman looked like she was trying to decide whether to tell the man off and risk offending a potential customer, or console the poor girl holding the kitten. She never got the chance to do either because a sharp slap echoed through the air.

The next instant, the young redhead with the fiery jade eyes smiled and laughed. Only this laugh didn't even remotely resemble the charming, cheerful chuckle from before. This one was sly and taunting. "Foolish man," she sneered. "Curiosity had nothing to do with it. Stupidity killed the cat. Curiosity was simply blamed because no one wants to admit to being stupid. Like a certain young boy I've just met."

Her jade eyes slid down the dark man's body with disdain before turning back to the saleswoman. "I'd take her but I'm afraid my apartment doesn't allow pets. Could you keep her for me? I'll visit when I can."

The saleswoman smiled sadly. "I'm sorry dear. I'll try but if someone else comes and buys her then I'm afraid it'll be too late."

Jade eyes lowered and the fiery girl's small body visibly wilted. "But…are you sure?"

"It's alright, little miss. I'll buy her and you can come by and visit. How 'bout that?"

The threesome turned to the tall, brunette who'd just entered the conversation. He was well built and handsome. Eyes just a shade or so lighter than the dark man's flickered down to the cat and back to the redhead.

The girl practically bounced with excitement. "Yes, yes, would you please?"

"Of course. Anything for a pretty girl like yourself."

The dark man laughed. "Girl? That? That's not a girl, it's a guy in a dress. Are you blind?"

The redhead froze and turned a bright red. Jade eyes stared at the dark man in furious horror. "H…How…How DARE-"

"Easy, Sakura-chan. What'll your boyfriend think?" the brunette gentleman said kindly, placing a firm hand on the shaking man-girl's shoulder. "Why don't you go out to the car and wait for me. I'll pay the check and be out in a minute. Alright?"

Several moments passed in with the poor redhead seemed ready to cry. Then she calmed down, and kicked the dark stranger right between the legs. The man coughed and collapsed to the ground, his wallet falling out of his coat pocket.

The redhead knelt and picked up the leather wallet and flipped through it calmly. "I hope we never meet again, Mamoru."

The dark man looked up at the redhead in shock. How dare that man-girl use his first name without an honorific! How dare she use his first name period!

"After all," the redhead continued. "I'd hate to do that to you again." Her face said she'd absolutely love to do just that.

But instead, she dropped the wallet, whirled around, and waltzed out of the shop, kitten in her arms and a bright smile gracing her face.

The brunette just smirked after the redhead before turning his attention to the barely recovering Mamoru. "Well, can't say you didn't deserve that. She's a feisty one, that. Don't play with fire, you could get burned."

Mamoru glared as he gathered himself up in an effort to regain what dignity he had left.

Chuckling lightly, the brunette turned to the saleswoman. "Just charge to price to my card," he said, handing her his credit card.

"Thank you sir." She ran the card through her portable card reader, then handed him the mechanical pen. "If you'll just sign on the pen-pad, you can go."

"Thank you beautiful lady," the brunette answered with a jovial smile bringing a blush to the young saleswoman's face.

After signing the pad with a flourish, he tossed a quick smile to Mamoru before turning around and leaving. "Good-bye Mamoru-kun."

"Don't call me by my first name, damn it!" the dark man demanded.

The brunette glanced over his shoulder with a smile and left, leaving Mamoru to fume in silence. Upon stepping into the sunlight, the brunette chuckled at the petite redhead sitting primly on top of the car door still cuddling the kitten.

"You know, Sakura-chan, you could have been a bit more civil."

The fiery woman sniffed drawing yet another chuckle from the brunette.

"So, Masato, are we off to pick up Light? We'll need to be at the station in an hour. Don't want to be late."

"Of course not, Sakura dear. And yes, we are going to pick up Light now. Have everything you need?"


"Then off the door and into the chair. I'm raising the roof."

Jade eyes sparkled as Sakura pouted cutely. "Aww, I was hoping for some fresh air."

Masato smirked. "In."

Sighing loudly, the redhead slid into the leather passenger seat as the sleek red roof slid into place over them. After several minutes of driving, they picked up a smiling Light.

"What a day," Light sighed. "I've got an idea for another method of gathering energy."

"So do I," Sakura jumped in ecstatically. "But I can't be directly involved cuz gathering energy's not my job, unfortunately," she said sulkily as an afterthought.

"Well, I'll see what I can do. I was going to get Bam to try her hand at fortune telling. I've heard she's good and the humans seem to be into the stuff. Maybe that'll work."

"Nice. Also, maybe you could open a pet shop. There were so many people in that shop that I could barely move." With an annoyed flick of her hair, Sakura returned to cuddling her new kitten.

Light chuckled. "I take it that's where you got your new friend. May I see?"

"Mhm. Nephrite bought it for me."

"Careful Sakura. Don't use our real names in public," Nephrite warned doing his best to ignore Jadeite's adorable coos and cuddles. Honestly, he wished he was that kitten right now.

Sakura sighed loudly. "But I'm sick of these human names. They make me feel…human." He shuddered. "My name is Zoisite. Call me that when we're like this. There's no way anyone can hear us."

"There something bothering you, Zoi?" Light asked after a moment, returning the kitten to her owner.

Zoisite snuggled up close to the purring gray and black tabby.

"Someone could tell he was a guy and made a nasty thing out of it," Nephrite answered.

"Aww, sorry Zoi. He didn't know you're a Shitennou though, did he?"

"Psh, of course not Jadey. Do-"

"Don't call me that!"

"-n't be ridiculous. And anyway, he won't be able to walk straight for a bit. I kicked him hard right where it counts."

"His crotch?" Zoi smiled innocently. "Remind me never to get on your bad side."

They had a nice laugh, before Nephrite pulled his new foreign car over in front of the radio station and parked by the curb. "Better hurry and build your nests. Call me if you need anything."

"Sure thing, Masato. Here's the kitten. Watch her for me, kay? Come on Light, let's go. Light? Light?" Curious, Zoisite turned around and smirked. "I'll meet you in the studio then." Then he turned and flounced off to the recording studio leaving the two lovebirds to make out in the relative safety of the red car with the tinted windows.

Jadeite moaned quietly as Nephrite slipped his tongue past his lips. It felt so good to do this. It had been at least a week since their last kiss and oh, how he missed it. It felt wonderful. His fingers brushed Nephrite's face as they parted. He smiled and pecked his lover's lips once more.

"Pick me up tonight?" he asked, his eyes glittering with withheld desire.

"Of course. But you have to leave first for me to pick you up," Nephrite teased gently.

Another soft kiss. "See you in a few hours then." And with that, Jadeite stepped out of the car and rushed up the steps to catch up with Zoisite. There was energy to be gathered after all.

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