A/N: Hey peoples. Today I just found out that a friend of mine on Mabinogi (who, because I feel it is appropriate, shall remain anonymous in terms of his IGN; I don't know his real name anyway, so he shall be remain nameless in all senses of the word. His lover shall also remain anonymous) had recently found out that he had lost his children; his lover miscarried (my deepest condolences to them both). They were going to have twins. I feel absolutely horrible that such a thing had to happen to them. When I found out from my friend that his lover may be pregnant, I prayed for them a couple of times that she wouldn't be with child (they are still very young and children at this point in time would be difficult for them. They were prepared for either scenario), and that even if she was that things would at least turn out for the best. I also found out today that my friend enjoys writing. So, in dedication to my friend and his lover, and in memory of his two children, who I know he loved dearly with all his heart although he had never even met them, but who I know he shall someday meet in Heaven, I wrote this poem.

My IGN is Shihna.

My server is Mari.

I go on the NA (North American) version of Mabinogi. Just if anyone is curious.

Reviews for this poem are not necessary by any means, but if you wish to leave one, you may still do so.

I'm sorry if this poem isn't outstanding, but the words came from my heart.

Fading into darkness,
Two lights that should have been but faded.

Left in darkness, mother- and father-to-be cry;
They mourn,
They weep.

They are each other's light;
They brighten the darkness within one another.

Two lights now faded leave an abyss in two hearts.

Two faded lights brighten in Heaven.
With wings of black and white,
speckled with unshed blood,
they watch over two hearts.

The darkness of a broken heart,
The light of love,
Lies awakened in their wings.
Two faded lights, now revived, watch over two hearts.

Two brightened lights,
Faded before their time,
Watch over two broken hearts,
kept together with the thread of each other's loving embrace.

Fate can smile,
And Fate can sneer.

Fate can give,
And Fate can steal.

Fate can be cruel,
And Fate can be kind.

When Fate sneers,
One day, she must smile.

When Fate steals,
One day, she must give.

When Fate is cruel,
One day, she must be kind.

Fate is subject to her own curse.

She must amend for her own sins.

When Fate forever dimmed two lights,
She had sealed her own fate.

Fate shall amend.

When Fate had broken two hearts,
She had again sealed her own fate.

Two lights that were dimmed.

Two hearts that were broken.

Four sorrows she had wrought.

Fate shall amend.

When two dimmed lights see happiness within the two hearts, they shall smile.

When the two broken hearts know their two dimmed lights watch them from above, they shall feel happiness once more.

When the two hearts forever cease their rhythmic beat,
The four shall meet in Heaven.

Then they together shall cry tears of sorrow, and tears of joy.

Until that day comes,
They shall continue whatever path they had set to follow
Until they all finally meet at that path's end.

And until that day comes,
Fate shall smile upon the two broken hearts,
And she shall amend for her sins.

Additional A/N: May my friend's unborn children, stolen by Fate before their time, rest in peace.