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Hay, second fanfiction. I am still writing my first but I started this one at the weekend and got quite far with it so I thought I would post it. Hope you like it.

Note: both female and male dragons can bare eggs in this story. Dragons are normally in clans. Some clans work as a hierarchy so lower dragons have to obey higher dragon. This doesn't go for the White Valley clan and the ones surrounding it.

Hope you like this as I've always wanted to do a yugioh fic with the characters as dragons.


Chapter 1

Seto huffed and slumped to the floor, in a very undignified and 'damn-it-all-to-hell' way. His large head resting either side of his clawed front paws, his tail swung round irritable to rest at his side. It was light and the sun was blazing off his white scales. They were strangely translucent and glowed a light blue as the rays of light reflected off them. His claws and spikes upon his wings were a more solid white and gleamed sharply.

The valley out side before him was breath taking, the light illuminating the forests below. The trees were tall and proud, birds were flying in the canopy and Seto could here their song calls as he continued to sit upon the white cliff. The valley was large in length and width, the rays of sun could be seen reflecting of the clear blue water of the lake which rested in the centre. It was called White Valley for the obvious reason that its walls were made of white stone that reflected the light as it rose up on the cliffs. The sky was unbelievably clear and there were few clouds in the sky.

Seto huffed again, deep sapphire eyes looking venomously at the world that refused abide to his miserable mood

"Cheer up Seto" a shrill, decidedly more cheerful voice said "you'll find a mate eventually."

Mokuba, Seto's little brother landed next to him. He was a light, musky blue dragon, with star light grey eyes. Folding his wings, the young dragon landed next to his brother on the cliff.

"It's not like no one wants you." Mokuba reminded him, and it was true. Seto was large and powerful with a broad build. He was a good fighter and hunter, and was widely thoughts of as beautiful or handsome by the other dragons.

"Mokuba those dragons are either ugly, dishonest, snotty or so hopelessly brain dead that I would kill my self before becoming their mate."

"Only some are like that Seto, you've turned down many that aren't. What was wrong with them?"

"I know Mokuba, but…I don't just want a mate, I want someone who loves me and who I love back, I don't want to be with someone because I can stand them and they can bare eggs. None of the rest of the dragons in the valley are like that."

The white dragon huffed again and began glaring even more venomously at the spot in front of him. Mokuba sighed, he knew what his brother meant, he too had a dragon that he loved, though he was too young to be with them as a mate. He knew that none of the eligible dragons in the valley loved Seto, they just wanted to be with him for a mate or because he was powerful and they thought he was good looking.

"What about the dragons from the other clans, they're might be someone you like there."

"I doubt it. I know most of the dragons in the nearby clans that aren't brain dead and they're either taken or not my type."

"Well? What's your type Seto?" Mokuba as getting agitated, Seto was sulking and complaining like a hatchling and it was annoying.

"I don't know…I just…I'd like…I just can't believe I haven't found a mate yet. Even Bakura and Marik have mates that love them, and they're psychopathic."

"Hay, they're not…" Seto gave him a side long questioning look "…ok, so they are psychopathic, but they do care for Ryou and Malik."

Seto snorted, not feeling any better by his brother efforts to cheer him up.

"Even you've got your sweetheart and you can't even mate yet." Mokuba's pale blue face darkened with a blush.

"And then there's Yami and Yugi. God, I just seems like everyone's got a mate but me."

Seto continued to mutter for several minuets about how unfair life was and not understanding why it was so hard to find a damn mate. Mokuba listened for all of six minuets before snapping.

"SHUT UP. Look, mopping about it isn't going to get you a mate. It's the blue moon clan meet in three days. Clans from all around are meeting at Wide Lake, and before you say that you know them all, there might be a few from far away or maybe there will be some dragons not from clans that you might be interested in. You can try to find a mate there, and if there is anyone your interested in you can make arrangements to visit them, ok?

"…why would there be dragons that aren't in a clan?"

"I don't know. I hear that some dragons just live in small family sets sometimes, or by themselves for other reasons, so not many people know them. They'll come to the blue moon meet though, it only happens once every 500 years and there's free food…just wait till then and continue looking for a mate. I'm going to find Serenity; you can stay here and wallow in your own misery if you still insist."

Mokuba opened his wings and jumped of the cliff, catching the wind like a parachute and gliding away from Seto over the trees. The white dragon stared for a minuet at the increasingly shrinking figure before huffing once again and standing himself. Thinking for a moment before jumping of the cliff, he decided that maybe he would wait till the clan meet to find a mate.

The blue moon meet was in full swing, and as Mokuba predicted dragons from all over the land had come. Fires blazed along the lake edge and all over the vast clearing. Friends chatted, mates nuzzled each other, and kits ran around while mothers kept a close eye on them, dragons were reunited with family and friends, each bringing a kill to be shared by anyone who wished to eat. Everyone was warm and carefree.

Yugi, however, was not so carefree though. He had lost the kit he was looking after and the small purple dragon with yellow top spikes was desperately running through the crowds and between dragons' legs looking for it. He was searching to the right side of the lake away from the main celebration and feasting. Only a few mates were together cuddling by the water, but otherwise it was quiet with only the blue moon illuminating his surroundings."

"Luna? Luna? Where are you? Come here, Luna?" Yugi called desperately into the shadows, shouting out the kits name. He rounded the trunk of a particularly large tree and almost walked straight into another dragon. Yugi squeaked and moved back quickly.

"Eeek…sorry." The dragon looked at him with one pure crimson eye. It was hunched up on it's self so it was hard to tell the size of the new dragon, but Yugi could see that it was larger than him, most dragons were. The mysterious dragon was lying facing the lake, his wings were pulled tightly against him and his body was curled up, with his head resting between its front paws and pulled to his chest. Its nose was barley a centimetre from the dark water and his breaths were causing ripples to spread across the glassy surface.

What struck Yugi most about the new dragon, however, was that he was pure black. Every single one of his scales was black; the kind of black that's so dark it makes the shadows seem light. His eyes were just as startling and stood out upon his dark hide, burning a bright intense red. He didn't seem to be doing anything, just sitting and staring at the lake.

"Sorry." Yugi apologised again .Then looked round nervously for Luna, not quite comfortable in the presence of the large dragon. Where was Luna?

"Lose something?" a smooth voice called out. Yugi jumped and looked around for its owner before he realised it was the crimsoned eyed dragon. Said crimson eyes were glittering at him in amusement.

"Err, yes. You haven't happened to of seen a kit around here. Her names Luna, she's s…"

"Small, blue, cute, violet eyed, likes to gurgle and has incredibly sharp teeth?"

"Err, yes, but…how did you know?"

"Because the little tike is currently attached to my tail." He lifted his tail, which was previously curled up on the side of his body that Yugi couldn't see, revealing a small blue kit, swinging slightly and hanging from the tip by its teeth. The dark dragon looked at it incredulously. Yugi couldn't help it, he laughed.

He was rolling around on the ground, causing the kit to grin while still keeping its grip on the black dragon's tail. This was even more funny and caused Yugi to go into another fit of laughter. The dark dragon lifted his head to stare directly at Yugi's shaking form.

"Well I'm glad you think it's funny." He said sarcastically.

"So-sorry, c-c-come o-on Luna, let go."

Luna let go, falling to the ground and rolling over comically before springing up and yapping happily and Yugi. The purple dragon brought the blue dragon close and began checking for injuries, rolling her over and rubbing her belly, which caused the kit to start purring.

"Finally! She's been stuck on there for half an hour, and those teeth are sharper than they look…is she yours?"

Yugi decided that this dark dragon was nice, it was late and he was exhausted from running around looking for the blue kit (which was happily oblivious to his state and pawing at its reflection in the lake) lying down next to the other dragon, Yugi decided it would be good to have a little rest. He could go back and find his mate later.

"No, she's not mine…She's not anyone's actually."

"Hummm?" the other dragon asked, intrigued.

"Her mother was force mated by some dragon passing from the mountains; she died of a wasting sickness soon after passing her egg. Luna's egg was being looked after by an old dragon in our clan, and she continued to look after her when she hatched, but…she died recently of old age. So know she doesn't have a mother or father, but everyone in the clan is trying to look after her."

"And you got baby sitting duty tonight."

"Err yeah…my names Yugi by the way. I'm from the White Valley clan not far from here."

"My names Jounochie, but call me Jou. I prefer it and it's a lot shorter."

"Ok, Jou…what clan are you from then?"

"I'm not."


"I'm not from a clan." Jou looked at Yugi, wondering how the smaller purple dragon would react.

"…oh. Are you looking for a clan?"

"No. Not really. I'm just looking for someone; they haven't been living with any of the clans I visited so far. I thought I might meet them here as lots of dragons are gathered, but so far, no luck.

"Is it your mate?" asked Yugi, curious about whom Jou could be looking for.

"No. It's not my mate." Jou reached out and gently began stroking down the sleeping blue kits back, with gentleness Yugi hadn't guessed he had. Luna started purring at his touch. Yugi would have asked who Jou was looking for if it wasn't his mate, but his mate, Yami, decided to appear at that moment.

"Ah, Yugi love, I found you. Wher…Who's this?" Yami immediately turned defensive upon seeing the unknown black dragon sitting next to his mate "…And why is he petting Luna."

"Oh, Yami! I was just going to look for you. This is Jou, he helped me find Luna. Jou, this is Yami, my mate." Jou nodded to Yami, Yami nodded to Jou. Both sized each other up, Yami wondering what Jou had done with his mate and Jou thinking about why Yugi would bother babysitting if he had a mate to spend the night with. A suspicion came to him.

Breaking eyes contact with the larger purple dragon, who had yellow jagged stripes going up his wings, he leaned his head towards Yugi. Yugi, who was just begging to stand up was surprised when he felt Jou sniffing at his underbelly. He turned to the crimson eyed dragon, startled. Yami growled and took a step forward, he was about to shout at the crouched up dragon for touching his mate, when Jou pulled his head back with a large grin across his face, showing all of his extremely sharp white teeth.

"So that's why you were babysitting, for practice." He stated, chuckling slightly as the small purple dragons eyes winded in shock. It was quite amusing, especially as Yami looked like he didn't understand and was frowning in confusion.

"Yugi love, what does he mean by 'practice'?"

Yugi ignored him and continued to stare at Jou.

"Ho-how did, how d-did you…"

Joey chuckled again, and began nudging Luna awake. "Don't worry, it's not that noticeable. I just have a better sense of smell than most. Shall we go back?" he nodded indicating the fires and celebration at the clearing on the other side of the lake.

"Yeah, ok. Yami, don't worry." It didn't help to convince his mate that nothing was wrong, with Jou still grinning. "Let's go back."

Yugi stood next to Yami and looked at Jou, waiting for him to join them. When Jou stood it was made clear to Yami that even if the dragon was doing something to his mate there would have been nothing he could have done about it. The black dragon was huge, he still had his wings tucked in and he wasn't standing aggressively, but it was obvious that in a battle of strength or power that Yami was out matched. Yugi was getting intimidated again, he knew Jou would be larger than him, but he didn't expect him to be as big as Seto. He was so powerful, and he still didn't know him that well and he didn't come form a clan either so there really was no reason why he should trust the red eyed dragon. Yugi tried to hide his discomfort, but Jou noticed and tried to shrink into himself even more. He knew that his size intimidated some dragons but he didn't want to lose these new friends, they were nice. He had had many more hostile greetings before.

All of them walked back to the fires of the main celebration, Yugi and Yami side by side, Jou a couple of paces behind them, trying to hide in the shadows, and Luna skipping along, happily oblivious once more.

Meanwhile-at the celebration…

"Damn Mokuba." Seto said, quietly, as to not attract any attention to his hiding place. "Try find a mate he said, ask around he said. Damn him, this is all his fault."

Apparently word had got around that Seto, the strongest blue eyes white dragon around was searching for a mate. It had begun with random dragons trying to chat him up, with pick up lines that made him sneer. Soon though, it had escalated and Seto had been swamped with female, and some male, dragons all claiming that they could carry his eggs and that they would make the perfect dame for him.

Seto hadn't had the chance to see if there were any dragons he was interested in as he had been to busy for the whole night avoiding the hoards that wanted to mate with him.

Why was it so heard to find a mate to love?