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Chapter 10

It had been a week since Jou had confronted Tyran and woken up in his cave surrounded by his friends. The scars had faded but he could still feel the mark left by the silver dragon's teeth from when he bit into his shoulder to claim him, and despite the black dragon trying to ignore it the wounded still haunt him at times.

It had also been a week since Jou had officially said he would stay. As his friends had said everyone had welcomed him into the clan with no complaints. The insecurities were still there but they had been fading and for once in his life Jou had a feeling of belonging. Truly life could get no better.

The sky was a rich deep blue and white clouds were dotted across it. Jou was flying, enjoying the freedom he got from the wind rushing against his face and scales, and generally just relaxing in the mid afternoon heat. Another glance at the deep blue sky and the black dragon just couldn't help thinking of another dragon with startling eyes the exact same colour.

He and Seto hadn't spoken in a week. Something had changed between them and he could not say he hated or even disliked the white dragon, though he did get on his nerves sometimes. No, he felt something else for the blue eyed dragon but the feeling was unfamiliar and he couldn't place it. For Seto's part he had been avoiding Jou like the plague, something that irked the black dragon to no end.

As luck would have it, it was will Jou was contemplating this that he looked down only to find the object of his thoughts sitting by the lake. Determined that he was going to find out why the other dragon had been avoiding him all week and what he had done wrong, Jou flew down swiftly and pinned the other dragon to the ground to stop him from flying off.

"What are you doing? Get off me you stupid Mutt" growled out a startled Seto.

"Only if you promise not to fly away, tell me why you've been avoiding me all week and don't call me Mutt." The white dragon tried to repress a shiver at the feeling of the black dragon's breath on his scales as he whispered in his ear. He could feel the heat rising in his body again, the desire to make Jou his mate. To get the dark dragon off him as fast as possible he agreed to do as he said.

"Alright, alright! I won't go and I'll try not to call you mutt. Just get off me." Jou gave a small smile of satisfaction as the white dragon complied with his demands and got off his back, effectively releasing him. Seto, although not happy with the situation, was a dragon of his word and so didn't try to fly away.

"Now what do you want?" Seto said once he had composed himself again, seriously straining against adding 'Mutt' and the end of the sentence.

"Well, first off for you to answer my question. Why have you been avoiding me all week?"

"I don't think that's much of a question. I haven't been 'avoiding you', as you put it, I simply have no reason to go and seek you out. Besides I thought you would like to have some time to recover and be cuddled by your friends." He answers, getting defensive. The white dragon couldn't very well tell Jou that he had been avoiding him for the reason that he was worried he would blurt out his feelings, or that his desires would get to be too much and he would jump the other dragon. He couldn't say that now could he? No, definitely not.

"I'm not a helpless kit. I don't need time to recover, I'm not traumatized and I haven't been 'cuddled' as you put it…" there was a moment of silence as the black dragon thought of what next to say "……besides, aren't we friends?"

'Aren't we friends?' Friends, no, no, no, no. no, no., no they weren't friends. Were they? What had he done to deserve Jou's friendship, what with all the insults he threw at him? He didn't deserve to be Jou's friend…though he wished desperately that they could be something more.

The white dragon turned away from Jou to face out across the lake. Huffing in frustration at not being able to get thoughts about the black dragon out of his head.

The dark scaled dragon watched Seto curiously for a moment, he hadn't out right refused that they were friends and Jou thought it was an improvement. They were friends, even if the white dragon wouldn't admit it……and maybe something more. Red eyes widened and the dark dragon franticly shook his head to dislodge the thoughts from his mind. He too turned to face out across the lake, conscious of the tension hanging between himself and Seto. Silence reigned for a moment.

"…Why did you come?" it was spoken quietly, almost a whisper, rippling across the serene surface of the lake, and Seto wasn't sure that he had heard correctly.


"I said why did you come? To get me, that is. Why did you come searching for me and stop Tyran in the cave?" Jou spoke a little louder this time. The memories were still fresh in his mind, and he didn't like reliving the moment in which Tyran had almost claimed him as a mate, but just he had to know.

Seto turned to the lake once again. "I came looking for you because everyone was worried when you left."

"Were you?"

"Pardon?" the white dragon said, startled by the seemingly out of no where question. The black dragon turned to look him in the eyes, their faces were only a couple of inches apart and Seto could see the intense flames burning in the sunset eyes of his affection.

"Were you?" Jou repeated "Were you worried about me?"

The white dragon desperately wanted to turn away, to not give an answer, to save his heart and his dignity from being broken, but the crimson eyes were looking at him with such openness that he felt himself powerless to tell anything but the truth.

"Yes, I was worried about." The statement seemed to not be what the black dragon was expecting, and looked shocked. The spell was broken over the Seto and he turned quickly back to the lake, waiting for the mocking insults that were sure to come.

"Thank you" he wasn't expecting that. The blue eyes widened as he turned towards Jou, not knowing if he had heard correctly. The black dragon was looking out over the lake himself, and it was obvious he was embarrassed, but his words sounded sincere. "Thank you…for worrying… about me"

Not knowing what else to say Seto simply responded with a "You're welcome."

The silence was back again, the tension along with it.

"……Why did you always try to fight me before?" again the question was random and seemed to have no meaning, but Seto found himself answering it all the same.

"I'm not very good at communicating like a normal dragon. When I don't know who people are, or how they will react to me, I get defensive. That normally involves insults and fighting……I am not really like that though."

"It's ok………do you know me now?"

"…better than I did before, but I still don't think I know you………I would like to though" Seto said in a leap of faith. He looked expectantly at the other dragon, behind them the sun was beginning to move towards the horizon and the start of the birds night chorus was starting.

"…I'd like that too, as long as I got to know you as well." Seto beamed and Jou was entranced by his smile. It made the white dragon look to be so full of life.

Seto felt the stirring of something in his chest, a feeling that was quickly blossoming with in him; hope. Maybe Jou did like him a little. Maybe he would like him more in time. It was the start of something. Seto wondered if he should push his luck by asking anymore questions, when Jou made the decision for him.

"You know, you still didn't answer. Why did you attack Tyran in the cave when he was claiming me and why did you act the way you did afterwards? For all you know I could have already been his mate and had just been hiding it. So why did you stop him?" the eyes were intense again and burning into the white dragons soul. What could he say? He was sure to give away his feelings if he answered the question truthfully. His conversation with Mokuba's echoed in his head.

"Yes, I want Jou to be my mate………That doesn't mean that he want's to be mine though."

"Maybe? Maybe not? Guess you'll just have to try and be nice to him, tell him how you feel, and see for yourself"

Could it really be that simple? Maybe he should take a bigger leap of faith and tell the dark dragon how he felt. Even if he was rejected now, he would still have time to work for the other dragon's love. It was possible Jou liked him already. But how did he begin.

"…Do you hate me?"

"…Huh" Seto had to resist the urge to roll his eyes at the black dragons less than eloquent reply.

"Do you hate me?" he asked again, louder this time.

Jou thought for a moment, but he already knew the answer. Something had changed after all.

"No, I don't hate you. Never did actually, you may have annoyed the hell out of me with your Mutt jokes but that wasn't enough to make me hate you. Oh, I didn't like you, I'll say that, but…that's changed now. This has been quite nice and the way you saved me in the cave… No, I don't hate you Seto. Quite the opposite actually, I rather like you." He finished, smiling widely at the other dragon.

He liked him. He liked him. Did that mean romantically or just as friends. Oh Ra, he hoped it was the former…but that could just be wishful thinking.

The feeling in his chest was almost causing to burst, the thought that Jou actually liked him making Seto's hopes soar.

"Oh" he replied intelligently "…Why did you always shout at me then?" the white dragon asked, trying to distract himself from the blazing feeling in his chest.

The black dragon scowled good naturally at him. Jou knew it was true that he liked the other dragon and had been truthful in his confession, though he was still uncertain about what kind of like it was. The feeling he had never had before was still there and had been since he first saw the blue eyed dragon. The incident with Tyran had brought it to the surface and made it grow to uncountable amounts…but what was it?

"I shouted at you because you insulted me every time you could" the white dragon winced. That really hadn't been the best way to win Jou as his mate, and he was likely to pay the price for his own mistakes. "I also don't like to be called Mutt………bad memories come accompanied with that name."

The black dragon turned to face out across the lake into the misty evening sun. His eyes were glassy and dim as he recounted things from his past. Seto wanted to ask the dragon what he was talking about but decided that Jou probably wasn't ready to tell him, maybe he would open up and tell him about the pain he had endured another time, but not now. The white dragon hoped so. He wanted to be there for Jou in every way he could

"I'm sorry……" the black dragon was startled out of his thoughts at the quiet words, he knew how hard it was for the proud dragon to apologise. Seto pressed on, wanting to show Jou that he regretted his actions and truly wanted to be closer to him.

"……sorry" he repeated "for insulting you and calling you Mutt…especially calling you Mutt…..It wont happen again" he finished. A light blush was colouring his pale scales and he was averting his gaze from the red eyes of the other dragon. Expecting to hear some scathing remark about how he really didn't mean it, and wouldn't be forgiven that easily the white dragon was surprised when out of the corner of his eye he saw Jou smile.

Turning to fully face the other dragon he was caught up in just how beautiful he was, with his sparkling eyes and graceful body. Finding that he was moving slowly closer to the black dragon Seto said the first thing he could think of.

"Why did you kiss/lick me in the cave?"

Ok, that was not what he meant to say, and now he was absolutely dreading the answer. Seto noticed he was still moving forwards towards the dark dragon, as if pulled by invisible strings. Despite using all he will power and commanding his body to stop, it wouldn't comply. the distance just kept growing smaller.

Jou didn't seem to notice the other dragon but looked down sheepishly in embarrassment, shifting from foot to foot as he answered the question.

"I…I…I don't know…I guess…I just wanted to. You hade saved me, twice, and I didn't know how to repay you for everything…I just did the first thing I could think of and you looked…well, you looked so………you get my drift…" his voice was only a whisper once he finished, obviously embarrassed about what he was divulging to the other dragon. Jou hadn't looked up from the ground since he started his speech and obviously hadn't noticed the almost non-existent distance between him and Seto. The white dragon had noticed the fact their noses were only inches apart however, but he was powerless to move away. Holding his breath he waited for Jou to finish.

"Besides…" continued the black dragon "…I…I liked it."

That had not what he had been expecting and it set Seto's heart on fire with the implications of what it meant. Maybe he really did have a chance with Jou? …Maybe that chance was now?

"That's good" he breathed quietly. The black dragon looked up and his crimson eyes widened in shock at the closeness of the other dragon. "…I liked it too" Seto finished.

It was as if time was moving in slow motioned as he closed the distance and licked the black dragon along the face, gently, just how Jou had done to him in the cave. The red eyed dragon stood, rigid, as lightning exploded along his scales and set his whole body alight. He now knew the feeling that had been growing in his chest, why being close to Seto, having Seto touching him, caressing him, felt so right. It was wanting, attraction and…love.

The red eyes closed in pleasure and the black dragon shivered as the white dragon continued down his neck with small licks and bites at his scales sending sparks rippling down his spin. Jou felt like he was on fire.

Pulling back Seto found himself once again captivated by bright, slightly dazed sunset eyes.

"It's good you don't hate me…cause I like you, a lot" blue eyes searched out red beseechingly, looking for a sign that the other dragon was disgusted or angry at his actions. When the black dragon just continued to look dazed Seto had to ask to make sure.

"…do you like me too, Jou?" that got the dark dragons attention. Returning from his dazed state he gazed once again at the white dragon intently, disbelief shining in his eyes but also caring, happiness and…

"Yes" he breathed at Seto felt a surge of joy like never before wash through him. Jou liked him, the way he liked the black dragon. "Yes, I like you Seto" he continued "………I love you." The black dragon blurted out.

The happiness Seto had been feeling before was nothing compared to now. The white dragon thought he could shout for joy, or dance, or…kiss Jou silly, tell him he loves him too, and ask him to be his life mate.

So he did just that.

To say the black dragon was surprised when he was suddenly pounced upon and pinned to the ground by a very happy and energetic Seto, would have been an understatement. To say he wanted to get back up after the white dragon started licking his face and neck all over, would have been completely and utterly wrong. It was when he moan loudly at a small teasing bite that the blued eyed dragon gave to the base of his neck that Seto pulled back enough to once again look the other dragon in the eye.

The black dragon was sprawled beneath him and the flush on Jou's face and the feeling of scales on scales was only fuelling Seto's desires, but he needed to say this. Needed to ask.

"I love you too Jou. Truly, truly love you with all my being. Would you……Would you be my mate?"

The black dragon gazed at him, surprised and slightly startled. He knew the other dragon had enjoyed the kisses and he was almost certain that he loved him back, but for Seto to actually say it so sincerely was a shock. For the white dragon to ask Jou to be his mate meant that he loved him more seriously than the black dragon had even wished to think. He knew that being together was right.

He knew that the white dragon would look after and protect him like he always wanted. That he would give him the family he never thought he could have and that he would love any kits they had entirely. He knew that Seto would love him, that he would live with Seto and they would be…happy.

Would he be the white dragons mate?

"Yes" the answer came breathlessly. Tears were gathering in Jou's eyes and Seto leaned froward to gently lick them away. He too was filled with insurmountable happiness. Jou would be his mate and Jou loved him to. It was to much to even wish for, and he vaguely thought that he was having a good dream but the feel of scales against scales from their bodies, still pressed together one atop another, was to good to be a dream.

"You will be my mate?" he asked again, just to here the joyful answer.

"Yes… Yes I'll be you mate Seto. I love you" the black dragon lean his face upward to start nuzzling and gently nibbling at the base of the other dragons neck, driving him insane with pleasure and desire. "Please, please make me your mate. Claim me as yours and no one else's. Now, please." Jou's breath tickled against the white dragon's ear as he begged and Seto almost claimed the other dragon then and there. He just about managed to stop himself and remove his body from Jou's with one final lick.

"Seto?" Jou asked in question. Despite trying to hide it Seto still heard the undercurrent of fear that he had rejected the black dragon and gently nuzzled his side to sooth him.

"I want you Jou. I want to make you my mate, but not here. We need to get to my cave first, I want to do this properly" Jou nodded and without saying another word launched himself into the air, desperate to get to the white dragons cave. Seto followed only a second after, just as desperate to make Jou his mate and last until then, despite the graceful swaying of Jou's lithe body as he flew.

Jou landed heavily on the cave floor and turned around to see if Seto was close behind. Immediately he found him self pinned to the ground on his back again. The white dragon was burning with the desire to make Jou his mate and he couldn't wait. The black dragon's words and pleas for him to claim him were echoing over and over in his head, driving him insane. Seto wasted no time in picking up where he left and began licking up and down the other dragon's neck. Nibbling gently half way along when Jou moaned, he left a small mark on the black scales to show that Jou was his. Seto knew better then to do anymore to mark Jou from how he had reacted to Tyran.

The black dragon was moaning and gasping in abandon at the pleasure coursing down his spin and tingling along his scales as the blue eyed dragon ravished him, memorizing his body and marking it as his own. Jou wanted to repay the favour but his limbs didn't want to respond and he could only moan more to show the white dragon how much liked it.

Unknown to the black dragon his moans and gasp were driving Seto crazy. His desire was building to insurmountable heights, and he knew that soon he would take the other dragon soon. Letting out a low groan as Jou whimpered and withered beneath him, rubbing their scales against one another, the white dragon decided it was time.

"Jou…Jou" he groaned out as the black dragon continued to writher beneath him. Growling strongly as the Jou purposely rubbed against him and whimpered once again, it was too much.

"Jou!" Seto commanded in a husky voice, as he pulled back from the flushing dragon. Moving so he was still above the other dragon but not pressing him to the floor the white dragon gently encouraged Jou to turn over by nuzzling and pushing at his shoulder.

"Turn around Jou, and lie on your stomach."

The black dragon concentrated on Seto's voice, missing the contact of scales against him. Focusing on the words he felt a thrill if excitement go through him at what they meant. Seto was going to claim him as his mate, the black dragon knew it would hurt but he could do nothing but feel joy and happiness that the moment was finally here. Focusing on his body he gained enough control to turn over on to his stomach and lay there, his tail up and out of the way, fully presenting himself to the dragon above him.

Seto let out an appreciative growl at the sight of the other dragon offering himself. That growl soon turned predatory as he pressed himself up against the other dragons back. Jou could do nothing but let out a pleasured squeal at Seto laying upon him from behind. Pressing his arse up against the other dragon he presented himself even more.

Jou couldn't wait, Seto was going to make him his mate, and he wanted it now!

The white dragon knew that holding on much longer was impossible, but before his entire control snapped he had enough time to gently lick and nuzzle the back of Jou's neck, whispering into his ear.

"This may hurt to begin with but then it'll be all pleasure my love."

Jou could only nodded his head desperately to show he understand and press himself back even more against the other dragon. There was a growl from Seto once more before he got out his gender, fully ready and hard.

Lining himself up against the whimpering dragon beneath, he teased Jou's entrance gently wanting nothing more then to sink into the tight whole and claim the black dragon as his mate. Gathering his self control he slowly began to sink into Jou, closing his eyes against the overwhelming pleasure of the velvet heat around his organ. He was desperate to go slow and not hurt the red eyed dragon more than he could help, but he didn't know how long he could hold on.

Jou too had closed his eyes, but it was in pain. Knowing that Seto was finally mating and filling him was wonderful, but it sill felt as if he was being torn apart. Not knowing weather to gasp in pleasure or cry out in pain he kept his eyes closed as Seto began to sink in further.

The white dragon stopped when he was buried to the hilt in the glorious tightness. Jou hadn't made a sound as he entered him but he could feel the black dragon's walls clamping around him in pain.

"Relax…relax Jou. Just listen to my voice my love. The pain will be less if you relax" Seto soothed, trying to calm the other dragon and distract himself from the overwhelming desire to pound into him. Jou nodded his head once again and relaxed, the pain lessened a bit and he pushed back slightly to tell the white dragon that it was ok to move.

Seto noticed and mentally thanked to Gods, he didn't think he could have lasted much longer even if Jou didn't give his consent. Starting to gently rock back and fourth, he searched for the spot that would bring overwhelming pleasure to Jou.

Red eyes opened in shocked as Seto brushed something inside him. Stars covered his vision momentarily, and he cried out in ecstasy.

"What…what was that? Do it again… please."

"That…" said Seto, speaking in the other dragon's ear and sending a shiver down Jou's spin, the white dragon gave another hard thrust hitting Jou's prostate head on and causing the other dragon to cry his name out loudly, "…is the place you should remember as your favourite place for mw to touch you."

The other dragon whimpered and started wriggling about to try and get Seto to touch his prostate again. The white dragon gave a warning growl before slamming back in fully and hitting the spot. Jou saw stars once again and knew he was screaming incoherently in delight as the other dragon continued to thrust into him. The white dragon started a fast, hard rhythm, impatient from having to wait so long and the black dragon lifted himself to meet every thrust.

Seto continued to growl as he mated Jou, never before had he felt such pleasure and love coursing through him. He continued to thrust into the other dragon repeatedly and the sun had almost set by the time he felt his release drawing close. Jou's screams and pleas did nothing to help.

"Oh, Oh Ra….Please, please….Seto harder….Harder, Faster….Please….Setoooooooooo" moaned out the other dragon. Groaning loudly once again Seto began to thrust erratically into the other dragon, all control lost. Jou continued to moan as the white dragons thrust came faster and harder and it must have been less than a minuet before he reached his release.

Seto felt the black dragon's walls spasm around him and couldn't last much longer. With three more powerful thrusts he spilled his own seed into Jou with an almighty roar. The white dragons claws dug into the shoulders of the other dragon as he released but Jou didn't notice the growing marks, they were just more evidence of their mating. The feeling of the white dragon filling his insides with his seed milked out the last of Jou's own onto the floor. Slumping to the ground, heavily panting, the red eyed dragon took a moment to bask in the after glow of their mating and remind himself that it was all real.

Seto held himself as long as possible before falling onto Jou in exhaustion from his earth shattering orgasm. Basking in the after glow himself, he caressed the black dragons neck before licking once along it. Seto groaned as he pulled out of Jou and moved to lie beside him. Curling up around the still breathless dragon he pulled him close with his tail much as he had done before, resting his head next to the dark scaled one.

"That…was…amazing" Jou breathed as he opened his eyes to stare into the startling blue ones of his mate.

"Mmmm" Seto agreed, nodding slightly and feeling sleep creeping up on him. The last rays of the sun had just set and night was drawing in.

"…I love you" said Jou in a quiet voice, trying to smother a yawn as he did so.

Seto smiled a true smile and licked the other dragon gently along the seam of his mouth. "I love you too, my mate. Sleep now, I'll be here in the morning."

Yawning again the black dragon snuggled up to him and promptly fell asleep. Seto took a moment to marvel at the dragon next to him and bask in the love he felt before following his mate's example and falling asleep himself.

The morning chorus of birds woke the new couple from their slumber. Seto nuzzled into the warm body beside him before opening his eyes and looking at Jou, remembering everything that had happened the night before. Smiling gently, the white dragon started to lick the dark dragons face until he awoke too.

Jou grumbled something before finally opening his eyes. Seto chuckled at the half asleep look of his love and couldn't help thinking of how cute it was.

"Mmmm…Seto?" asked Jou quietly, still half asleep.

"I'm here love" responded Seto, leaning down from behind Jou and giving him an affectionate lick. Jou sighed contently before talking; he didn't seem to want to move from Seto warm embrace and the white dragon wasn't going to argue.

"What are we going to tell the others?"

"That we are mates of course, what else?"

"You don't think they'll be surprised?" asked Jou sceptically with a slight hint of fear in his voice. His friend meant a lot to him.

"Oh, come on Jou. You know they wont mind and how they will react to the news, so stop worrying" said Sato.

"…how will they react?" the question was innocent and the white dragon could tell that Jou was more amused at imaging his friend reactions now that fearing them.

Seto huffed once and Jou giggled at the feeling of his breath on his neck, before the white dragon answered.

"Well, Mokuba already knows how I feel about you and will make a few comments about me finally admitting it before congratulating you. Serenity will be surprised but very happy for you before dragging me off and giving me a lecture, complete with death threats, about hurting you in any way" the black dragon burst into an all out giggle fit at the thought of his sister scowling at Seto and threatening him, with the white dragon cowering where he stood. Seto smiled and waited for them to subside, giving his own chuckle to the hilarious thought. When they had both calmed down he continued.

"Yami will give me a stern look and ask if you want this before congratulating us. Ryou will politely give his praises but will be busy blushing, as Bakura is bound to make some crude comment in the form of congratulations and then try to embarrass you and his mate into full out blushes while asking me stupid question. Marik and Malik will congratulate you before teasing me mercilessly and getting on my last nerve about finally growing a heart and being…cuddly" the white dragon spat out the word and Jou found it in his best interest not to mention that Seto was currently cuddling now, figuring that the blue eyed dragons pride wouldn't like it.

"And Yugi?" he asked, curious on how Seto thought his closest friend would react.

"Yugi will burst into tears at the news, screaming that you finally found someone that will care fore you and that you deserve happiness, before latching himself onto your neck and going into hysterics, fully hyped up with pregnancy hormones." Seto chuckled when he heard Jou groan and couldn't wait to tell everyone about his mate.

"He'll be having the kits soon, telling him this might even send him over the edge" Jou mused, amusement evident in his voice. Seto chuckled again at the thought.

"Well, at least then you wont have to wait much longer until they hatch, and we will spend absolutely no time together as you will be babysitting all day."

"Oh, don't worry Seto; you'll be right there along with me. After all, if you're anything like Yugi you'll need the practice."

"How dare you think I'm like tha………Jou…?" he asked in realisation "are you saying your pregnant? We only did it once, how can you know so soon?" Seto was in all out panic mode and it only caused the black dragon to laugh. Turning his head around he licked along the other dragon's mouth to calm him down.

"Relax Seto, I'm not pregnant" well I don't think so, wouldn't be too bad if I am though, would it? Mused Jou. "You won't be a dad…not yet at least."

"Love are you saying you want kits."

"Of course I want kits" said the black dragon, turning his whole body around to face Seto fully. "I have a fantastic mate, why wouldn't I want kits with them?………I've always dreamed of having a family" he finished, his eyes going glazed as he once again thought of all the nights wishing for a family of his own while he was hiding, in the past. Seto nuzzled Jou to bring him out of it.

"I don't think I would mind that" said Seto and he knew it was true. He would like nothing more than to have a family with his mate in the future.

"You wouldn't?" asked Jou, happiness shining in his eyes.

"Of course I wouldn't mind love. Having a family with you would be wonderful."

Jou squealed in delight before launching himself forward and smothering the other dragon in kisses. Seto could only laugh and bask in the pleasurable affection of the black dragon.

Pulling back Jou grinned at him widely.

"So you will baby-sit?"

Seto groaned.

The End

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