I was watching "Able Was I Ere I Saw Elba" on YouTube the other day, reading walterwalterson's hilarious commentary, when he/she mentioned that a scene that would make a good oneshot. Since I've looked all through the Time Warp Trio fanfiction and no one's written it, I thought I would. So really this isn't my idea, but walterwalterson's.

Disclaimer: If I owned Time Warp Trio, there would have been 4 or 5 seasons, not one. I don't even own the original idea to the story!

Samantha POV

"Okay guys, let's get warping!" Joe took The Book from me. He poked it a few times, but nothing happened.

"Oh, man!" Fred complained.

Joe's excuse: "It's not my fault. Napoleon broke it."

Sighing, I grabbed it back, exasperated. "Here. Let me." We'd be there for the rest of our lives with these two bozos in charge of The Book. I pressed a button and we were all headed home.

The green mist around me cleared and instead of my bedroom, I found myself lying on my back in the middle of a empty clearing-type place that stretched out as far as I could see. "This can't be New York," I muttered, my eyes wide.

A rat scampered across my feet. "Ah!" I yelped. I looked around for some clue as to what had happened, and finding nothing, realized I still had The Book in my hands. I opened it to read:

In 1983, Napoleon VII found old history books stating that his ancestor Napoleon I was not supposed to win the Battle of Waterloo. History had been changed so that Napoleon I conquered the land called America, and renamed it New France. Not believing the story, Napoleon VII tried to dispose of the books many times and ways. Every time they came back, and finally one day Napoleon VII reopened a book. Writing scrawled across the page, telling him how this account of history was true and Napoleon I was defeated. Napoleon VII kept the books a secret until he was an old man, then in 2007 told his eldest son and successor, Napoleon VIII their ancestor's secret and showed him the books. Napoleon VIII called his father an old fool who had gone crazy with age. Napoleon VII stated that "he was old, and it was time people knew the truth about what had happened so many years ago." Napoleon VIII disagreed, saying that he wanted his time to rule. Both men built up armies and fought a war that lasted nearly a hundred years, starting in February 2008 and finally ending in 2095, carried on by Napoleon IX and so on. Eventually most people were killed and only a select few still remained scattered across the globe, but they soon died off as well.

Following the words, on the next page, was a picture of Napoleon on his horse, triumphant after his win. There was a caption, too, but I was too upset and freaked out to read it.

"Oh no. Ohnonono!" I cried as the realization dawned on me. We had changed history, which we had sworn not to do! I quickly fumbled with The Book, somehow managing to send me back to before the history-changing battle.

With a jolt, I landed back the balloon before it had crashed. "Joe? Fred?" I called desperately. No one answered, and I finally dared to open my eyes, only to see an empty basket. Horrible thoughts entered my mind: What if they were dead too? I mean, Jodie and Freddi apparenly were, so what had happened to the boys? And what about Sam? But if he was dead, would I still be here?

It took me about ten minutes to calm down enough to realize that the war had started in 2008, three years from the boys' time, when suddenly Joe and Fred appeared out of nowhere.

"Go hang a salami, I'm a lasagna hog?"