We were all lined up outside in front of a swirling Portal conjured by Magnus Bane, Alec's warlock friend. Mom and Maryse Lightwood had decided that any Shadowhunter sixteen or older could go to Idris to fight, so Max, Isabelle and Alec's younger brother, was staying in New York with Hodge. Isabelle and Alec's dad, Robert Lightwood, had gathered the Conclave and their children over sixteen, and we were all standing outside the Portal. There were less than a hundred of us, but nobody was worried. Mom assured us that the Clave had already gathered a huge army, though how she knew this I wasn't sure.

The time came, and Magnus ushered us one by one into the Portal, and I was wrought with apprehension about what we would find on the other side.


Demons were pouring out of the seeming rip in the air, and Father was directing them to a nearby field. Sebastian kept clapping his hands and grinning, laughing with wicked joy when he saw some of the most ferocious demons.

I felt nauseous, but not watching the demons made me feel like I was less brave than Sebastian was. I'd killed demons before, and it wasn't as if they usually made me nauseous. It was just… I'd never thought that we would be using the demons to kill other Shadowhunters. It felt wrong.

"These people are weak," Father had told me. "They are cowards and villains. They associate with monsters. In fact," he'd joked, "I wouldn't be surprised if they befriended my demon army and invited them up to the Gard for a chess tournament."

Now Father walked over to me smiling. "They've decided not to fight," he said gleefully. "The Clave is surrendering already."