Author's Notes: I realized that I really can't stretch this story into another chapter without endangering the integrity of it. It ends on a fluffy note, but I've come to terms with that. There really is no other way to end a Bra/Vegeta fic, I've come to that conclusion grudgingly throughout writing this story. I did, in fact, put a fan-mix together for this story. There's a link to my live journal on my profile. Follow the link to my lj and it'll be on there. I'll have it tagged too as Saiyan Bonding, for easy finding. I may put an extra chapter on this but I don't see me being able to do that. I can't think of anything to add on to this. Maybe a sort of 'exuent' thing with the whole family but I feel like it would be a little off, considering ninety-nine percent of this story takes place between father and daughter. Anyway, enjoy the (unless I say later) final installment of Saiyan Bonding.

"Dad, have you ever considered having more kids with mom?" Bra asked as they sat side by side on the bed, her head on his shoulder lovingly.

"No, I never considered having children period. Let alone having more than I already have," her father answered her without much of a fight. "Your brother was enough trouble as it was, and you were okay at first but now you're just out of control."

She turned and grinned up at him, "I think you're handling my rebellion quite well, Daddy," she complimented.

He scoffed and rolled his eyes, but didn't reply with a specific statement.

"So, it all just sort of happened and you just… went with it?" Bra asked.

"Your mother is my mate. I stay with her for life, that's how it works," he informed her.

"Yeah yeah, you told me that," Bra looked in front of her now. "So… It never crossed your mind to be a dad until Mom said she was pregnant," she said it like a statement so he didn't bother answering it like it was a question.

"I didn't decide to act like a father until after Kakarott died in the battle with Cell. I saw the future version of your brother die and I… I was very moved by it emotionally," Vegeta confessed, "After that, I swore off fighting. If I wasn't fighting… there wasn't much else to do than to father Trunks."

Bra looked up at him to see his black eyes weren't really focused on anything, his hands were wrapped around hers in a loving manner but he didn't think much of it.

"Did you, like, miss it? Mom said you were… Kind of like a shell," Bra phrased uneasily, unsure if he'd snap for calling him a shell.

"Yes," he told her, "It's very unnatural for a Saiyan not to fight for a long period of time. I…" he scrunched his nose up a little as he admitted to something he couldn't believe he was admitting. But he trusted his little girl. "I couldn't handle it. It's why I went back to training. That sort of consistency with training is all I've had in my life. When I dropped it, my body went into slight shock. I just…" He shook his head as if to shake the thoughts off of him.

"Shock?" Bra questioned. "Like, it physically changed you?"

"I was a very different person during those three years, but yes. It hurt not to go and train every day. Kakarott would agree to feeling that pain every once and a while. You get very wound up without that physical outlet," he informed her.

"No kidding?" she laughed then, "I can't imagine you more wound up than you already are, Daddy. You're a tight-wad."

"I am not a 'tight-wad'," he scowled.

"Oh whatever. I'm right and you're wrong," she informed him.

"I would have to strongly disagree with that statement," he replied.

"That's because you're in denial," she smiled victoriously when all she got was a huff from him. That was compliance if she ever heard it!

"Do you like it now? I mean, life's not very exciting now and I know you still train but there aren't any big enemies. It bug you any?" she looked up at him.

The prince was silence, "The villains I have fought come from the same factory. There will always be more and they will come to this planet to hurt us if they so chose to do something so unbelievably clichéd... I will fight to protect this planet, but… I no longer feel the need to prove myself. I know I'm one of the strongest out there, I don't need to enter tournaments or search the universe for an opponent. It wouldn't be fair to you or your mother if I left to do something like that anyway."

"That's great, Dad, but you didn't answer my question."

His eyebrows pulled together and his lips turned down in a frown, "What?"

"I asked if you're happy now without a big battle going on," she repeated in a slightly-blunter wording.

Vegeta thought, "… I'm happy in a different way."

"Oh, that's a side-swipe of a question if I ever heard one," Bra scowled and she lightly flicked his hand. He just chuckled and rubbed her arm lightly.

"I've had a very full life, different areas of it lead me to feel different ways. I was happy on Frieza's ship when I was able to obtain a planet. It meant I would get bigger portions and no beatings. I was happy in the three years after Frieza's reign of terror ended because of just that, Frieza was dead, and that I was able to train without interruption in order to ascend in power," he lifted his head slightly so he was staring at the ceiling. Bra noticed that he didn't like eye-contact when he spoke of his past and she was just fine with it. Those black eyes could be a little unnerving. "I was happy during Trunks' childhood if he shut up for more than a few hours. I will always be happy if your mother will shut up for more than a few hours," Bra giggled at that and he smirked.

"Now? I'm happy because I'm able to live in peace. I've never been able to live this way before and I can do it with companions I can trust… I have come to have a home. I'm happy because of that… Because I have a place to come back to if I ever leave and people who will, although they may not have done it before a few years ago, take me back as well. Even if they don't take me in because of me- they, instead, take me in for my family's sake… They'll still welcome me.

"I've never had that before… It…" He shut his eyes, "It does make me very, very happy, Bra."

She smiled and pressed her head into his arm, "Daddy, I love you so much," she confessed happily, "I know I sort of ignored you since I got into middle-school but I want you to know that. I love you a whole lot," she lifted her head and smiled up at him.

He looked down at her and smiled, "I know you do," he ran his hand through her hair and she wrapped her arms around him.

"I don't want us to grow apart again. I like what these questions did for us, Daddy. They brought us together again…" She realized that, like the big sap she was, she was tearing up. Bra sniffed and wiped at her eyes, "Maybe you should take this play out of my book and let Trunks do the interrogating too and you two can bond ," she laughed a little shakily out.

Her father had a warm smile on his face and he looked back at the ceiling as he stroked her hair while she stayed close to him. "Somehow I don't think it would work out as swimmingly as this did."

"Only because he's a boy and he's difficult," she assured.

"All boys are difficult to you women. No matter Human or Saiyan- We're all very hard to work with. Especially for you, because you've got so much of your mother in you," he chuckled out.

"I've got a lot of you in me too," she insisted gently as she stayed snug against him.

He nodded in agreement and silence snuck into the conversation again… and Bra didn't care. She had no more questions- nothing that she cared to pry into from what she had been told. She was back in her father's arms like she had been when she was a small child. She didn't realize how much she had missed that familiar warmth around her body. She didn't know that even his scent was able to coax her like a silent lullaby to a drowsiness that only came from feeling one hundred percent safe.

That's what Vegeta was to her. He was her safety blanket. She knew that, because he had been through so many traumatic experiences, he would never let her get hurt. He knew how it felt to be hurt. He didn't want that for his princess.

So Prince Vegeta, the last full-blooded Saiyan elite, would keep his arms around his princess. He'd fight everybody in Hell a thousand times over and never give up to keep them away from his baby girl and he'd fight them with passion in his eyes. She was his gem. She was his reason to live in peace and, until she had begun prying into it, he'd never felt the need to look back on his past since she had come along.

The journey into his past, digging through the pain and the upsets he had felt, had been something he never would have volunteered to do. She put him up to it, and he was just stubborn enough to take up the challenge.

He knew that she had honestly enjoyed their bonding experience. He knew she could have gone to anybody if she seriously just wanted information but she chose to come to him.

Vegeta smiled. It'd be a lied if he said it hadn't stroked his ego. Bra had gone to him because he had something over everybody else. As they laid on her soft, expensive(Vegeta grudgingly remembered), comforter with his arms around her like a guardian he pressed his nose into her blue hair and took a deep breath of the scent that smelled so much like her mother.

She could have gone to Bulma, too. Nope, though. She wanted to talk to her father.

She wanted to talk to the Saiyan part of her heritage to understand.

He shut his black eyes for a long moment, reopening them as a genuine smile found its way to his lips.

"I'll always be here to protect you, Bra," he promised her.

Bra scoffed, "You say that like I don't already know."

He chuckled and shut his eyes in contentment. Yes, he was very happy and finally he had managed to feel that way without somebody else's blood on his hands. Earth hadn't been as horrible as he would said only 15 years earlier.

Maybe he was biased, since his princess was 15 years old.

But, hell, if he was? He'd just tell anybody who had a problem with it that they could stick it. This was his life and he, finally, was able to admit that he completely and totally loved it.