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Rodney sat in front of his computer, staring blankly at nothing. He sighed. He usually liked this kind of work! But not today. He felt he needed to do something...fun.

"Something fun..." he mumbled to himself, getting up and walking away from his computer. He wondered what he could do that was fun.

Sheppard knew what was fun! But then again.. usually his type of fun got annoying after five minutes.

Rodney sighed as he thought. Maybe Teyla had something fun to do.

Yes, that's it. Teyla! Rodney thought, grinning to himself and turning down a hallway. He whistled a little tune that sounded too much like the theme song from Gilligan's Island, but he didn't care!

When he reached Telya's quarters, she wasn't there.

Oh.. she probably took Torren out to explore Atlantis. He thought. He was always very fond of Teyla's son. He smiled, then decided he'd go look for Sheppard.

Where could he be? Rodney thought, walking down halls. He got to the Mess Hall and spotted Teyla with Ronon and Torren. Happy people.

Rodney looked around the room. He saw Dr. Keller, Dr. Z, Carson...

"Hey, Rodney," came a voice from behind Rodney.

Rodney jumped and turned around. "Jeez, Sheppard. You don't have to scare the crap out of me like that!"

"Wow, sorry!" John said, laughing. "What're you doing here? When I came by earlier you said you were going to be busy all night."

"I did?" Rodney couldn't recall saying this. "Nope. Don't think so."

Psh. He remembered. He didn't want John to be right.

"Uh.. yeah, you did." John said, raising his eyebrows and smirking. "What's taken you away from your amazing work?"

Rodney could just feel the sarcasm radiating off of John.

"You think you're funny," Rodney said, turning the opposite direction. "I was actually looking for...Doctor Keller."

"Sure you were." John said, then thumped Rodney on the back and walked away.

Stupid Sheppard. Rodney sighed. He might as well go do something else. He walked out of the Mess Hall.

"Rodney.." someone behind Rodney spoke, and it scared him again.

"Jeez.. everyone keeps.." Rodney turned around, only to see that it was Doctor Keller. "Oh.. Jennifer."

You look like an idiot! Stop staring at her! He told himself. At least he was standing outside of the Mess Hall, where it was open to the evening air and beautiful sky. He turned around and looked at the setting sun.

"Um, Colonel Sheppard said you were looking for me," Jennifer said, smiling to herself.

Stupid Shepperd! Rodney thought again.

"Actually I just told him that so he'd leave me alone." Rodney admitted, shrugging to himself. Jennifer looked down and sighed.

"Oh.." she said. She started to walk away from Rodney, her shoes hitting the floor with each step.

Idiot! Idiot! Idiot! Rodney told himself. You hurt her feelings! And you know you like her.

"Jennifer, wait!" Rodney called, running after her. Once he caught up, he was out of breath. "Look. I didn't mean to make you sad or anything."

Jennifer stared at him, a smile forming on her lips.

"Well?" Rodney said, looking at her. "Okay. Look. Stop staring at me. Call me an idiot. Tell me I should get back to work or something!"

Jennifer laughed, putting her hand on Rodney's shoulder.

"What's wrong with you?" Rodney said, looking slightly confused.

"Nothing!" Jennifer said, grinning. "Something's very wrong with you, though. You can't talk like that to girls, silly!"

"Look, Jennif—" He started, but she put her finger on his lips.

"Stop." she said, grinning. "It's fine."

Rodney nodded, then smiled. He was glad he didn't hurt her. She wasn't like other girls on Atlantis.

"So what took you away from your work?" Jennifer asked, smiling that cute smile that Rodney loved. "Usually you're always at a computer somewhere."

"I just got...bored." Rodney admitted, shrugging. "I came out to see if there was anything fun to do."

"Fun?" Jennifer's face lit up. "Oh my. You should have been at the infirmary earlier. Ronon was feeling down, so I gave him an injection. It made him hyper. I've never seen Ronon act so.. not-Ronon."

"Seriously?" Rodney said, laughing. "Man, I miss all of the fun stuff!"

"Get out more." Jennifer said, smiling. "You'd feel better, too."

Rodney smiled and nodded. He still wanted to do something fun!

"What would you like to do, Rodney?" Jennifer asked. She was still smiling. Rodney had an idea.

"We could always go fill Sheppard's room with toilet paper," Rodney suggested. "It'd make me smile."

"You know..." Jennifer said, looking around. "John's having a conversation with Teyla. And you know how they can talk for hours. Let's go toilet paper his room. Just for the fun of it."

Rodney could feel the grin that has spread across his face. He never knew Jennifer to be this fun before. They headed down towards John's room, only to find that it was locked.

"Wow, even I can't hack into his room." Rodney said, confused. "Why would he lock his room so securely?"

"I don't know," Jennifer said, shrugging. "Oh well."

"Hmm.." Rodney thought for a moment. What else would be fun? Since it was getting dark, taking a puddle jumper out wasn't a good idea. "Sometimes I wish we had TVs!"

"I know." Jennifer said, grinning. "Too bad. But there's always the internet."

Rodney looked at her, confused. "We don't have internet here on Atlantis, do we?"

"I do." Jennifer smirked. "No one else does. And only Carson and I know about it."

"What?!" Rodney said. "And no one ever told me?"

"Well it's mainly for medical research," Jennifer explained. "But Carson and I sometimes hang out at night and find some random things to watch on YouTube or something."

Rodney's eyes lit up. He thought of so many things he could look up.

"Jennifer," he said, grinning. "Can we..?"

"It's in my quarters!" Jennifer said, running ahead of him. Rodney followed, a grin plastered on his face.

Once they reached her quarters, they went inside and sat on the sofa. Jennifer pulled out her laptop from a bag she had set on the small glass table. When she opened the laptop and turned it on, her background made Rodney blush. As did it make her blush.

"Oh.." Jennifer said, pulling up a web-browser as quickly as possible. "Sorry."

"It's fine.." Rodney could barely speak. It was HIM that was her background. "But since when did you get a good picture of me?"

"From the internet." Jennifer typed in a website. It was a picture website. "From here, actually."

"What's 'Photobucket'?" Rodney asked, laughing. "It sounds stupid."

"It's a place where there's images!" Jennifer said, typing in Rodney's name.

"Wow! 314 pictures! People must like me!" Rodney said, laughing. But then he stopped and looked puzzled. "How have pictures of me gotten on the internet?"

"I don't know! That's what I wondered!" Jennifer said, laughing. "Here. Let's type in my name."

The page reloaded and there were pictures of Jennifer on the screen.

"Ha!" Rodney laughed and pointed. "72 pictures! I'm a total win!"

"Shush, Rodney!" Jennifer said, hitting him on the arm. "Let's do... Ronon!"

The page reloaded again.

"What the hell?!?!" Rodney said, mouth agape. "No WAY does Ronon have 483 pictures! Who could like him more than me?"

"I like you more than I like Ronon," Jennifer mumbled, typing John's name.

"Really?" Rodney said, looking at her.

"Yup." She said, then laughed and pointed at the page. "Oh my gosh!"

"Noooo! 749?!" Rodney felt unloved. "Come on! Why does everyone like Sheppard?!"

"Hang on. Maybe you'll feel more loved if we find out how many people like Mr. Woolsey." Jennifer said, grinning.

"HA!!!" Rodney said as the page reloaded. "3!"

Rodney and Jennifer were in hysterics. They'd put in almost everyone on Atlantis in the search. Rodney was 3rd favorite.

"Ah that was so fun." Jennifer said, turning off the computer and setting it down. "You should come by tomorrow. I know a lot of other sites that are hilarious!"

"Sounds like a plan." Rodney said, getting up from the couch. Jennifer followed. "But right now, I'm really tired."

"It's late! It's almost 2 A.M." She said, smiling.

"Yikes. Zelenka's going to kill me if I'm late for work in the morning." Rodney mumbled, opening the door and walking into the hall.

"Have a good night, Rodney." Jennifer said, smiling and looking down slightly.

"I had fun.." Rodney said quietly, smiling.

It's now or never, Buddy. Do it! Rodney wished his mind would keep out of his business.

"Um, Jennifer?" Rodney said, looking at her.

"Yeah?" Jennifer said, looking up at him, that small smile back on her face.

"Would you like to have lunch with me sometime?" Rodney asked, biting his lip.

"We have lunch every day." Jennifer said, laughing.

"No, I mean like.." Rodney coughed slightly and mumbled "like.. a date."

Jennifer's smile grew wider, and she nodded. "I'd love to."

Rodney grinned. They stood there awkwardly for a moment.

"So I'd better.." Rodney pointed down the hall with his thumb. "Get going."

"Yeah." Jennifer said, letting out a breath, and smiling. "I'll see you tomorrow?"

"Pretty sure you will." Rodney said, walking backwards. "Who knows? I might fall asleep at my computer and fall off of my chair and get a concussion."

Jennifer laughed and nodded, waving to him, then walked back into her room and shut the door.

Rodney was still walking backwards, until he crashed into...someone.

"Watch it, Rodney!"

It was Sheppard.

"Oh. You." Rodney said, turning around to face him. "What're you doing up late?"

"Yes, it's me!" John said, grinning. "I was just coming back from Teyla's."
"And what were you doing at Teyla's?" Rodney was very nosy, and he knew it.

"We got to talking. Torren got tired. We went back to her room, put him down, and talked about you, Rodney." John, said smirking.

"Really? You guys talked about me?" Rodney smiled ever-so-slightly. "Seriously?"

"Nope." John said, then walked on, waving goodbye.

"Idiot." Rodney mumbled. He walked back to his quarters, shut the door, and fell flat on his bed. In no time he was asleep, dreaming about the internet....

Oh, and Jennifer, of course!

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