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Rodney was sitting in the Mess Hall, looking at his late afternoon lunch. It was almost 4 P.M and he couldn't stop thinking about Jennifer; he was sure that she was going to dress up nice for tonight. He couldn't help but think how beautiful she would look. She looked good in anything. Rodney's problem was that he didn't know what to wear, and he didn't want to ask John for an opinion.

Rodney got up from his seat, leaving his un-touched lunch sitting on the table, and walked out of the Mess Hall. As he walked to his quarters he remembered he had some nice clothes that his sister had bought him a few years back. He remembered what she had said about maybe someday getting a date. I guess now's the day, Rodney thought, shrugging and smiling, turning a hall and going into his quarters.

He walked over to his closet and looked through the clothes that were hanging on their hangers. He pulled out a long-sleeved shirt that was blue with a dark navy blue vest that was attached to it, then he went over and opened one of the drawers and pulled out a rarely worn pair of denim jeans.

"This is what the guys wear in the movies," Rodney mumbled to himself. "I'll probably just look like an idiot." He sighed, sitting on the edge of his bed. He had two hours to get ready. He'd noticed as he had walked back to his quarters that a lot of the guys on Atlantis were already dressed up in fancy clothes, so he decided he'd get dressed now, and worry later.

After he finished dressing, he looked in the mirror and sighed. "I guess I look okay." He said to himself, sighing again. He walked out of his quarters and down the hall. He had an hour now. He was excited and nervous to see Jennifer. John walked around the corner and smiled at Rodney.

"Hey, nice outfit," John said, smiling. "Where'd you get it?"

"Um," Rodney didn't want to mention that his sister bought it for him, so he made something up. "I bought it last time we were on Earth."

"It's nice," John said, nodding. "Suits you."

"Thanks." Rodney said, surprised that John was actually saying something that didn't annoy him. "Is that what you're wearing?"

John smiled and looked at himself. He was wearing a black half-zip sweater and black pants. "Yeah," He said, nodding. "What do you think?"

"Black really suits you." Rodney said. He was just trying to be nice in return. To be honest, in Rodney's mind, Sheppard was wearing a little too much black. If only John was wearing eyeliner he'd look like Pete Wentz. Rodney laughed and smiled. "I wonder what Ronon's going to wear..."

"I haven't seen Ronon yet," John said, laughing. "I hope he doesn't wear his same old every-day clothes. That would be humiliating...for him."

John and Rodney laughed, walking down the halls, talking about random things. They actually talked for at least twenty minutes. That was until Ronon walked around the corner. Rodney couldn't help but be surprised, neither could John. Ronon was wearing a pair of tan pants with a black long-sleeved shirt with a v-neck.

"Ronon?" John said, laughing. "I didn't recognize you."

"Carson," was all Ronon said. He pulled slightly at the sleeves of the shirt and scratched his arm. "This thing is making me itch. Carson helped me."

Rodney smiled. "Deal with the itchy-ness. You have to. It's part of the whole looking-good-for-your-date thing."

"I guess I can deal with it," Ronon said, rolling his eyes. "I've got to go pick up Teyla. I heard that we all have to meet in the Mess Hall. That's where this whole date thing is taking place."

"All right," Rodney said, nodding. "I'd better go pick up Jennifer."

"See you two back here in a few minutes." John said, walking out into the hall and turning a corner. Rodney left, too, then Ronon.

Rodney walked down the hall that lead to Jennifer's quarters. His heart was beating fast and he was trying to calm down. When he reached her door, he knocked on the metal, waiting for a reply.

"One minute," he heard Jennifer call. "Rodney, is it you?"

"Yeah, it's me." he replied. He thought he'd lose control of his voice by now, but he didn't.

"I'll be out in a second," Jennifer called. Rodney could hear her shoes clicking on the floor. Just breathe and calm down. He told himself, looking down at his feet. Jennifer's door opened and she walked out. Rodney looked up slowly, his eyes widening. Jennifer was wearing silver colored high heels and a knee length strapless red dress that had a black lace around the middle and the top part. Her hair was let loose and curled.

"Jennifer," Rodney said in a whisper. "You look amazing."

Jennifer smiled and bit her lip, looking down. Rodney could see her face turn a light shade of pink.

"Really?" She asked, looking up at Rodney. She was smiling that cute smile Rodney always loved. "You look really handsome." She added, biting her lip.

"Yeah," Rodney said, scoffing. "You should see Ronon. I couldn't even recognize him. I wouldn't have if he didn't have that hair! And yes, you're the most beautiful person ever, Jennifer."

Jennifer laughed and her face grew pinker with his words. "You're really sweet." She said, nodding. She laughed again. "Yes, I saw Ronon earlier. He and Carson were arguing, but it looked like Carson won."

"Carson's a winner," Rodney said. They stood in silence for a few moments, then Rodney held his arm out to Jennifer. "May I escort the beautiful lady to the Mess Hall?" Rodney said, putting on an english accent. Jennifer laughed and nodded, linking arms with him. They walked down the hall and then went into the Mess Hall. Rodney looked around the room. He saw Ronon with Teyla, who was wearing a dark green toga wrap dress. He'd never seen Teyla dress up so nicely.

"Rodney, look," Jennifer said, poking Rodney's arm and then pointing to the front of the room. "Colonel Carter looks really pretty tonight. I never thought of her as one to wear something like that."

Rodney raised his eyebrows and looked at Samantha. She was wearing a short ombré fringe dress that was black. At least she matched with her date. Rodney looked around for Carson and his date. He laughed as he spotted Carson.

"Jennifer, have you ever seen Carson wear a suit?" Rodney asked, pointing to Carson. "I never thought he could pull of that sort of look."

"He looks good." Jennifer admitted. "But it looks like he's going to some sort of wedding."

Rodney nodded and laughed, looking to see Carson's date. Amelia was wearing a Feather Matte Jersey dress and was carrying a small black purse to match it.

"Gosh," Jennifer said, laughing and sitting at a table. "Everyone here seems to be prettier than me."

"Are you serious?" Rodney said, exasperated. "Look at you. You're the prettiest!"

"You're one of the nicest guys I've ever met, Rodney." She said, smiling and taking Rodney's hand in hers. He sat down beside her.

"Everyone," Samantha called from the front of the room. Everyone in the room stopped talking at once and looked to the front. "I'd like to wish you all a Happy Valentine's Day. If any of you have gifts for your dates, give them now, and then we'll have the big dinner that the chefs here on Atlantis have prepared for us."

Everyone went back to talking, mostly everyone sitting down now. Rodney looked at Jennifer and smiled, setting two small wrapped gifts on the table, moving the larger one towards Jennifer. "Open that one first." He said, grinning. "I know you'll love it."

Jennifer opened the gift and found a small box inside. She looked at Rodney, then opened it. The chocolate things that Rodney had bought were inside. He had had time to wrap them in a nicer box than what they came in. Jennifer picked one out and put it in her mouth, chewing it slowly.

"Oh my God," She said, a smile appearing on her face. "Rodney, where did you get these? And what are they called? It's amazing. It tastes like all of my favorite foods. Like, one right after the other, and then the last taste is like...fresh chocolate. I thought this was just chocolate, but it's way better!"

"The man I bought them from said they were called Navari Sweets. He never said what they tasted like." Rodney said, raising his eyebrows. "So they taste like all of your favorite foods?"

"Yeah!" Jennifer said, picking another one out, this time handing it to Rodney. "Taste. Tell me what it tastes like."

Rodney put it in his mouth, then chewed. "Oh wow..." he mumbled, his eyebrows shooting up to his hairline. "Pizza, popcorn, doritos, fresh bread, and chocolate."

Jennifer laughed and tilted her head to the side. "Those sweets are amazing, Rodney."

"They are!" Rodney said, surprised at how they tasted. "Oh, here." He handed her the smaller gift.

Jennifer took the smaller gift and opened it, there was another box, but when she opened it it wasn't more chocolates. There was a pure gold necklace inside with diamonds studded in it every inch or so.

"Oh my gosh..." Jennifer whispered, pulling it out of the box and holding it up to the light. "Rodney, I love this."

"I had a feeling you would," Rodney said, taking the necklace out of her hands and putting it around her neck, latching it in the back. "There, perfect."

"I wish I had gotten something for you, but I was really busy," Jennifer sighed, looking down. "Sorry."

"Jennifer, don't be sorry. I have all I want right here. You're here, aren't you?" Rodney said, taking her hand in his. "You're the most special gift ever."

Jennifer turned pink again and bit her lip. She looked at Rodney, then gave him a quick kiss on the cheek. Rodney smiled and then looked around. He saw Sheppard and Ronon giving their dates the gifts that they had gotten. Teyla seemed to love the bow-and-arrow Ronon had gotten her, but a few people in the room looked slightly stunned when they saw it. And then there was Samantha, holding the three roses John had gotten her, but Rodney also noticed the second gift. He laughed. John had gotten Samantha the same 'chocolates' that Rodney had gotten Jennifer. He had a strange feeling that Ronon had gotten the same thing. When he looked over, sure enough Teyla was opening her second gift, and it was the same thing.

"Looks like Sheppard and Ronon got the same thing as I did," Rodney said, laughing. Jennifer laughed too.

There was a big dinner a few minutes later and everyone was enjoying the turkey, potatoes, and gravy the chefs had prepared. Rodney wondered if they went to Earth a few days ago to get the stuff to prepare it. Everyone was clanking their forks against their plates as they ate.

About two hours went by and it was already dark. Everyone was leaving the Mess Hall, most of them walking their dates back to their quarters for the evening. Rodney and Jennifer were about the last ones to leave.

"So did you have a good Valentine's date with me?" Rodney asked, smiling.

"This has to have been the best date I've ever been on. And I've only been on a date twice." Jennifer said, laughing. She and Rodney left the Mess Hall, Rodney holding her hand as they walked. They passed Ronon and Teyla, who were kissing in a corner. Somebody had too much champagne. Rodney thought, laughing. As they reached Jennifer's quarters, they stopped.

"Would you like to come in for a while?" Jennifer asked Rodney, moving her hand over the sensor, making the door open. "I'd like the company."

"Sure," Rodney said, walking into the room with her. The door shut and Jennifer turned on the lights. She sat on the sofa and took off her heels, tossing them near door. She patted the seat beside her to make Rodney sit beside her. He sat down and leaned back, thinking how comfortable it was.

"I had a really fun time tonight," Jennifer said, smiling and leaning against Rodney. "I don't know if this is rude to ask, but I kinda want to know..."

"Go ahead," Rodney said, laughing. "Nothing could be rude to ask right now."

"Okay..." Jennifer laughed and looked at Rodney. "How much did you pay for this necklace? It looks really expensive."

"Well, I got it off-world... and they had weird money," Rodney admitted, grinning. "It was only twenty-five frells."

"Their money is called 'frells'?" She asked, laughing. "And twenty-five of them? I wonder how much a frell would cost here."

"No idea. But I'm guessing a lot." Rodney said. They both laughed and sat next to each other. It was only fifteen minutes later that Jennifer brought up something else, something that really made Rodney's heart literally stop and start again.

"I love you..." She had mumbled, looking at Rodney. "I have for a while."

Rodney couldn't talk. He tired, but he couldn't. She was saying the thing he'd wanted to say to her for so long. Get the guts, man! Come on! He told himself. He looked at Jennifer and smiled. "I love you, too, Jennifer. You're an amazing woman."

Jennifer looked into Rodney's eyes and then bit her lip, moving closer to him. Rodney looked at her, then moved his head closer to hers. Jennifer closed her eyes as their lips met. Rodney couldn't believe this was happening; his dream. He kissed her back, more passionately, moving his hands up her arm and then cupping her perfect face. Jennifer pulled back slightly and smiled at Rodney. He smiled back.

"You don't mind staying here tonight, do you?" She asked, biting her lip. "I do get lonely."

"I couldn't think of a better place to be," Rodney said, smiling and nodding. Jennifer grinned and then they kissed again. Rodney knew he could never be away from her. She was the most amazing girl he had ever met.

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