Joy was Snowfeather's reaction, she couldn't stop the feeling that started in her heart and the burning spread through her veins. Hope was not lost! Her paws flew over the sandy ground, "Batshadow, thank CloudClan, I thought for sure you..." She said, laughing with happiness. Batshadow stood up shakily, but the gladness in his eyes showed what he didn't say.

"Is that the Night-glow plant?" He asked, Snowfeather nodded and Batshadow howled in happiness. Snowfeather nodded, laughing, the joy threatened to break her heart. There was a chance, the clans would live, they would live, and they would take back the land around the lake that rightfully belonged to them. "Oh CloudClan, this is amazing!" He said, jumping up and down. His paws were sore, and his legs bruised from how they use to be broken, but nothing could stop him in his joy. Except one thing. "Where's the others?"

Snowfeather dropped the precious herbs from her mouth and looked around, "I lost them when we had to dive into the lake...but I think they're near by." She replied.

There was a swift nod from Batshadow, over the weeks, maybe month, that he had been with the six other cats, he had began to sense where they were. Then sometimes, when they had been seperated, he dreampt that he was looking through Starflower's eyes, seeing her running. He didn't know what he meant, but as his powers with sensing where others were grew, so did his fondness of everyone. Focusing on mental images of his traveling partners, no, friends, he felt as if he could feel what they felt, this time, it was the same feelings he had, joy, a great sensation of hope, something had happened. "Over there." He said, pointing with his tail. Snowfeather picked up the glowing bundle and nodded before bounding away in that direction, Batshadow followed at a close distance.

When Starflower first found Oakpaw, Falcon, Sunstar, Bunnytail, and Wildeyes (Wildeyes and Bunnytail were both carrying a large supply of Glow-plant) she thought she could never be happier. But when Batshadow and Snowfeather flew up at them from the bushes a few Deer-paces from the lake, she thought she could have died from a combination of shock and joy.

"Please, don't tell me it's all a dream, tell me you're all really here." Sunstar pleaded, bright amber eyes filled with emotion.

Bunnytail nodded happily, "Yes, we're all here! And we can go now, we have more than enough of herbs for all our clans, we'll be heros!" She said, bouncing up and down at the thought. Everyone shared her reactions, everyone but Falcon and Oakpaw. The two shared sorrowful glances full of knowledge, and Falcon nodded in sorrow. "What is it?" Bunnytail asked in earnest concern. Something was wrong.

Falcon looked up at them gravely, "All the clans are coming, apparently, we are seen as a threat...they're about 50 Deer-paces away, moving silently, and swiftly." There was a moment of horrible silence, brought up by fear and a horror so great that the earth seemed to stand still. "We should run." Falcon advised. There were nods of approval but Oakpaw stood up.

"No, I'm sick of running, and even if we did run we would have to fight them again some time. I don't know about you, but I want to finish this, running like a mouse away from anything new to them." He stated. There was what felt like an hours' silence, before looks were cast to each other, and a single unison nod of agreement were cast. Wildeyes, Snowfeather, and Bunnytail hid their precious treasure into large hole in a tree and put leaves over it. They came back and stood beside each other, a row of eight, all strong in their own different ways, all ready.

Sunstar gave a nervous laugh, "You know, we've come to far to get killed. So try not to die." There was a grim silence before the first wave of cats jumped out at the eight from the bushes in front of them.