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I deeply regret I have not posted anything for a while. This is regret not an apology because it was not my fault! Net, desk top and lap top went down at the same time, an Autistic Geek's worst nightmare! I will have to pay a forensics service to recover much data including four brand new Cupid stories because I did not back everything up the way I should have due to technical complications with my net service, the disaster that happened first! I WILL too ! I just acquired a note book 'putor and got Internet service back yesterday. I wrote this brand new drabble a few minutes ago.

Cupid: Some Matches Don't Count!

Cozy evening in February: Cupid was sitting on Felix's living room couch calmly reading the paper just as many a Mortal did. Pepe and Jalapeno lay on the couch next to then their tails slowly wagging. Lita came by with a load of laundry. She looked at him mischievously. "Cupid?" She asked coyly.

He looked up, his interest stirred by her calling him by his real name. "Yes?" he asked.

"You get a bead and a little closer to getting back home to Olympus for every match you make by hand?"

Cupid nodded, "Yes. That's the way it works."

Lita dumped the contents of her laundry basket on top of his head! "Go at it then! Practice safe socks!" She giggled and ran down the stairs to the bar.

Cupid sighed. And started matching socks.