Will we meet again?


A/N: HEYYYYYYYYY!!!!lol! I am copying Squalo Superbia (my favorite character!!) from kateikyoushi hitman reborn! Which is one of my current obsessions with kingdom hearts, music, shugo chara, Kaichou wa maid sama, Kuroshitsuji, and SID! So, this is the prologue to Are meeting again! Which is the sequel to 'So we meet again'! I will also be writing a prequel as you may know! But the sequel comes first! Here we go:

I was falling into the never-ending darkness.

Just myself, no one else.

While falling I couldn't see anything.

Then I saw a light.

I was falling toward's the light.

The light had a certain nostalgic felling to it.

I was wrapped into the light.

I saw the face's of my loved ones.

Ikuto, Diasuke, Akira, Rima, Nagi, My parent's, Ami, Utau, Kuukai, Yaya, Tadase, I even saw Sora and Hikari.

My children, My Husband, My Parents, My friends, and My Ikuto.

Then I saw Ikuto again.

Then all of the memory's that Ikuto and I had together.

When we met.

When I went to save him.

His proposal.

Our wedding day.

The honeymoon.

When we found out I was pregnant with Diasuke, and then with Akira.

When I gave birth to Diasuke and Akira.

And all the other important memory's we shared with each other.

The precious memory's that we shared.

I didn't want to lose everything, especially the times I had with Ikuto.

Watching: My life as liz

Listening: Monochrome no kiss

A/N: And that was the prologue! I hoped you enjoyed it! I liked writing it! It was very short sorry! I have a question for everyone: Does anyone love those ghost reenactment show's where the people are to stupid to leave the house? I love those show's so much! They are so entertaining! Okay, well this took me about thirty minute's to and hour of work and I am going to go to gamestop with my dad! love ya! Later!

--Usuilove21 :)