"Hello," The raven haired vampire whispered softly as she wrapped her arms around the woman in question pulling her back against her chest.

"Hey you," The redhead replied softly pressing her lips against the woman's pale cheek softly. "Took you long enough to get home."

"Sorry," The vampire replied softly kissing her girlfriend softly on the cheek before she grasped the girl's shoulders and turned her around to face her. "Enough of those books, Dearheart, it's time for dinner."

Rachel looked around her for a moment confused before her head snapped up towards the clock that hung on the wall. "I didn't know what the time was otherwise I would have started on dinner."

"Silly Witch," The vampire replied softly as she pressed her lips against the redhead's again, "I really can't get enough of this."

"Get enough of what?" Rachel replied teasingly before wrapping her arms around Ivy's neck pulling the vampire down to her lips again, "Shut up and kiss me."

"Yes sir," The vampire replied playfully. The raven haired vampire pressed her lips harder against her lover's slipping her tongue out from between her lips and flicking Rachel's bottom lip with it.

The redhead chose not to reply with words and instead allowed her hands to slip down Ivy's body until they were at the woman's hips where she placed them and pulled Ivy closer to her. Rachel's tongue poked out from behind her lips and caressed the vampire's bottom lip softly as her hands took another step closer to the raven haired woman by slipping down the back of her tight leather pants.

"Naughty," The vampire replied pressing Rachel back into the wall, gripping the woman's hips tightly and pressing them against her own.

The redhead didn't bother to reply instead she pressed her hips against Ivy's and kissing her harder, her nails scratched over the woman's ass through her panties trying to draw her in closer. "Ivy..." The redhead moaned softly tilting her head back to offer it to the older woman.

"Will you two get a room?" An irate pixie's voice boomed from somewhere near the window.

"Jenks..." Ivy moaned piteously as she laid her head down on the redhead's shoulder groaning at the pixie's incredibly bad timing.