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" talking"

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AGES: Lita- 18, Mina- 18, Ami- 18, Raye-17, Serena-17

Setting: Takes place Senior year...don't have a name for the school yet ...any suggestions just 'IM' me.

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"We have been at this for 10 minutes now...I really don't know how much more I can take, guys." A bluenette by the name of Ami stated as she tucked a piece of her angular bob behind one ear.

"I know, but she's stronger than you think...it must be all those milkshakes" blonde haired, blue eyed model like Mina added thoughtfully. She tapped her chin with a lone finger as she spaced out, thinking about why that girl never gained any weight anywhere else -except her chest area- when she ate like a hog all of the time. She made a note to drink an extra shake a day to see if would boost her up a cup size. Mina's thought process was shattered by a shrill banshee like wail coming from the back seat of a Jeep they had parked nearly 15 minutes ago.

"BUT I DON'T WANNA GO!" a blond with odangoed hair wailed, gripping the front head rest like her life depended on it while being yanked forcefully from her friend's car. 'I knew I should've driven myself! and ran while I had the chance.' she thought with disdain.

"Jeez, Meatball! Quit your whining! You shouldn't have signed up for it if you didn't want to join. I bet you'll read the fine print from now on!"

"Raye shut it! I already told you I thought it was mandatory. It's the only reason I would ever be caught dead taking college classes in high school!" Serena spat the word 'college' like it left a vile taste in her mouth. Raye sniffed and tossed her head in the air at Serena's response. Although she didn't always show her intellect, she was quite smart...but only at the things that truly interested her, like the arts, music, and dance.

"Sere come on! You'll see it's gonna be great! Just think you have so many options here!" her only blond friend she now deemed 'traitorous' chirped.

Four heads turned so fast at that statement you could've sworn they would have whiplash.

"Did Mina just say something about education….that was positive?" a tall brunette with long wavy hair named Lita asked.

"Uh…I, uh, think so…." The usually eloquent Ami stammered.

Mina just flipped her hair and waved off their surprised comments with one hand " As if …I mean yeah, this University has awesome fashion programs, but that's not what I was talking about."

All of the girls just stared at her with blank looks.

An exasperated Mina huffed and stamped her stiletto clad foot "Look around chicks, and tell me what do you see?"

As they all looked around, Ami shook her head knowing what Mina was getting at. 'After all this time, should I even be surprised?' she thought.

Emerald ,violet, and Caribbean blue eyes turned bright at the sight of hot college guys all over the campus. Very hot college guys at that…and since it was such an accredited and rich university…very hot, intelligent, mature and quite possibly loaded guys roamed this campus.

Sure there were just as many attractive females on this campus as well, some not so much, but still that did not thwart them in the least. All five girls had the physique of models and could easily be mistaken as being older than what they were. With curves like that, kick ass charisma, intelligence, and smiles that put celebrities to shame- they'd have no real competition. They considered themselves as the 'crème de la crème'- except for these damned high school uniforms. Oh well, they'd make do. (A/N –egocentric, much?)

At first the girls signed up for the college bound program because they would get the chance to be ahead when they actually enrolled into college, and also to make some serious connections to help them get into selective schools. But, as soon as they saw the campus from Mina's point of view…all of that changed. Come on, two hormonal seventeen and three eighteen year old girls here!

The wailer also known as Serena, stopped whining long enough to look around. Though she was slightly in awe, she didn't let the sight of too many hot guys stop her from her main objective. Which was to stay her butt rooted to the seat of Lita's green Jeep Cherokee and haul ass as soon as she could.

"If you all are done ogling the male species, can we please get going? I want to get my schedule as soon as possible before this place becomes a zoo." Said Ami

Raye snapped out of her 'hot man candy daze' and turned her attention to un- gluing her stubborn friend out of her 'fort'. "We're coming just as soon as we pry Miss Piggy here out of the backseat, Ami." After a few useless tugs she gave up and switched to bitch mode. Okay, even bitchier mode.

"Serena! If you insist on acting like a two year old, then you will be treated as one!" she yelled as she snatched Serena's bag and began rifling through it until she found her ammo.

" I am not fat! Ahh no! Raye you're so mean! Not my chocolate! That's my last bag of Bliss and they don't even sell those anymore … Raye! Give 'em back right now!"

Raye stuck her tongue out and blew a raspberry as she put the bag of Bliss in Serena's range and snatched them back when she reached for them.

Lita having had enough of their bickering snatched the bag out of Raye's grasp and threw Serena a menacing look. She spoke in a low tone with a sweet smile saying "Get your ass out of my car this instant, and straighten yourself now." She then tossed the chocolates in the front seat, and told her "It's only going to take all of 15 minutes at the most, then you can get those back."

Serena cowered at that look and tone and gave up on being stubborn and proceeded to step out of the vehicle. When she was out of the Jeep, she straightened her school blazer and tugged on her short pleated uniform skirt. 'Damn Mina...Shoulda never let her pick out my uniform' she thought.

"Where is Mina anyway? And Amy too?" she asked the aloud as she bent down to tie her white chucks.

"Amy must've left us a minute ago. Look, Mina's flirting with that guy by the tree" Lita explained and pointed to an area in the quad by a towering oak tree.

As Raye grumbled under her breath something about' flirty blonds always getting dibs before her', Lita pulled both of the girls to her side. "Alright people let's get this show on the road!"


Guys ages: Jay 21, Darien 21, Zach 22, Kevin 22, and Nate 21

(Still AU and a dash of OOC- ness)

"Why are we doing this again?" a blonde upper classmen asked his raven haired friend as he looked around the college courtyard that was flanked by high school seniors.

"I don't know why you're here, but I'm here because I want the extra credit Professor Aiken promised for helping out with the dual enrollment for college bound seniors"the raven haired guy replied.

"UGH…Darien you are such a nerd sometimes. You don't need extra credit; you want it just for the hell of it"

With a playful punch to the blonde's arm, he replied "And Jay you are such a douche all of the time."

Jay wagged his finger at Darien saying "I am not a douche all of the time- just sometimes…and nerds shouldn't use such language. Anyway, how much longer will we be roasting under this hot ass sun?"

Before Darien could reply, an annoyingly shrill voice interrupted him. He groaned and rolled his eyes because he knew exactly who that voice belonged to. Anna ' the crazy'.

"Yoo-hoo! Oh Darien!" a leggy red head waved frantically trying to get his attention while pushing through the thick courtyard.

Jay had a smug look on his handsome face, wanting to see how Darien was going to get out of this one. This crazy heifer just couldn't take a hint. Darien told him that he hooked up with her once at a party. He had been dropping Jager bombs all night, and thus it led to a drunken hook up session he vaguely remembered. But she did. Anna never let him forget it either; it had been over four months ago! Jay let out a chuckle thinking of how Darien was always lecturing him about his "activities", but at least he wasn't an ass about letting the girls know they were just a piece for a night.

At the sound of Jay's chuckle, Darien shot him a glare that clearly stated – if you even think about leaving me alone with her, you are DEAD!

Unfazed by the glare, Jay began to get up from his seat with a smirk plastered on his grill. "Dare, I wouldn't dream of throwing you to that psycho wolf bitch…I'm just sittin' back ready to watch the fireworks again." He sat down again and rocked back on his folding chair so only two prongs were touching the ground.

"Brace yourself, Dare."

After Anna made her way through the crowd, she stopped to fix her hair and clothes. She then took a deep breath to compose herself and sauntered up to Darien's side of the table with a walk she thought was seductive. Darien couldn't help but compare her to a slithering snake. He shuddered at the thought.

"Hey honey, I didn't know you'd be here." She purred as she slinked her arms over his shoulder, purposely pressing her silicone attributes into his side.

"Who are you kidding? You knew I'd be here. It's posted on the list in the student lounge. Please get off of me, your rancid perfume is making me nauseous." Being cold to her was not a problem for him. She just didn't believe he wasn't interested in her! He couldn't let her off gently- oh no. He had tried to be nice but her clinginess got worse. When he was blunt, she got pissed. Really pissed; so much that she had caused more than a few scenes. That was another thing he hated about her. She was too dramatic. Why couldn't she accept that her nookie just wasn't that good? He surely wasn't going to make her his girlfriend if that's what she wanted. Anna had been around the block a few times and she wasn't his type; if he ever decided he wanted a girlfriend. He was having too much fun playing the field. Besides he couldn't give her what she wanted anyway or any girl for that matter. Commitment just wasn't in his vocabulary unless it had to do with school. He could understand why she was so persistent, who wouldn't be? He was quite the catch. At 6'3, a body of a Greek God, flawless tan skin, and stormy blue eyes, he was the absolute definition of tall, dark, and handsome. The fact that he was totally loaded was just the icing on the irresistible cake. Darien had more than his share of admirers, young and old. A charmer through and through, he knew why Anna became his newest stalker. She started following him everywhere he went and even dropped her classes to enroll in his. He was seriously considering getting a restraining order against her, but he didn't want any extra attention coming his way. It's not like she's dangerous, right?

Anna bristled at Darien's cold demeanor toward her for a moment before she shook it off and tried yet again to gain his attention. "How about you meet me later for a little fun …I'll make it worth your while…"

Jay, having been silent during this whole exchange, guffawed loudly. "Yeah Darien, loads of fun. Why don't you go on now? I'll man the table."

Darien snapped his head to look at Jay. "Nonsense. I'd bet she'd have more fun with you. You're a fan of inflatables aren't you? "

"No way man, if I'm ever interested in floatation devices, I'll just go buy a blow up doll."

Anna screeched in annoyance and stamped her feet. How dare they insult her breast?! She paid A LOT of daddy's money to get these done! She never had any complaints before! And in her face?! Just as she was REALLY about to let him have it, a petite, almost Goth looking girl interrupted. Anna gave the girl a disapproving gaze, pissed that she interrupted her tirade, and stomped off huffing.

"Um, excuse me, but is this where we get our class schedules?"

Darien sighed in relief and Jay had a disappointed look on his face. He was looking forward to seeing Anna blow up. It was quite comical, the way her overly made up face seemed to melt from the heat of her temper when she fumed.

"Yeah, uh what's your name?" Darien asked the seemingly shy girl.

"Ami. Ami Mizuno." She stated

"Okay. What school are you from? Jay could you pass me those?" Darien asked as he pointed to the box of schedule files.

"Sure, man." Jay grabbed one of the boxes as he gave Ami an appreciative once over. 'Damn, some of these high school chicks are hotter than I anticipated.' He thought with glee

Ami shrank back a bit from the Paul Walker look-a- like's scrutiny "I'm from Madison Heights Academy."

"Madison Heights. Good school; my alma mater. Okay. Here it is. Ami Mizuno, grade 12. Interested in biochemistry, medicine, and computer programing. Wow, lots of interests."

She offered a timid smile as she explained" Well, I'm not quite sure what I want to major in yet. I was hoping this program would help to narrow down my choices."

Jay piped in "I'm sure it will. It's great that you're trying to figure these things out now. If only there was a program like this when I was in high school, I probably wouldn't have switched my major so many times. You know, we have a friend that's majoring in biochem. He's one of the mentors in this program, and I'm sure he could give you more information on it, if you would like?"

Darien nodded, "Yeah, I think he's around here somewhere. There he is." He pointed across the quad where his friend was conversing with a hot blonde.

The ever infamous cock blocker a.k.a. Jay- where he wasn't concerned- yelled out "YO! Zach! Get your lanky ass over here! A student needs your help!

Ami's face turned red at all of the looks that shot their way to see who was yelling.

Zach made his way across to the quad where his cock blocking friend was yelling like a lunatic. The hot blonde he was with followed him over.

"Oh, hey Ames. I was just talking to Zach here about the film course they offer."

Ami gave Mina a skeptical look, knowing that she didn't really want to know what sort of innuendo that implied. Zach was pretty handsome, she'd give her that. With his long blonde locks, slim build, and piercing sea green eyes…hell, even she'd give a course in 'film'

Ami's perverted thoughts were interrupted by -

*It's Brittany bitch...Give me, give me more, give me more, give me, give me more… *

Mina's ringtone. Mina flipped out her IPhone and slid the answer key to the right. "Oh yeah I got distracted hehehe…yeah Ami's here too. Over by the enrollment table to the left of you. Yeah I see you guys...Mkay…" she finished her conversation and hung up. Mina waved her hand at a group of three girls that were walking their way.

She then turned around to introduce herself to the two extremely attractive guys by the table.

"Hi. I'm Mina." She stuck out a slender hand for them to shake. The guys each shook her hand and told her their names as they took in this beauty with the light blonde hair and sky blue eyes.

"Nice to meet you" they said in unison.

Raye, Lita, and Serena made it to the scene to see the exchange.

"Damn Mina, you work fast" Lita commended her flirty friend as she glanced at the guys.

Mina just smirked at her friends' reaction to the cute college men. Even Raye was gaping. She was about to introduce them when she heard Serena growl.

At this feral sound, the attention turned to her. Jay whistled under his breath at this one. He had to appreciate all of the hot seniors Madison Heights Academy was offering. Standing at 5'6, a gorgeous leggy blonde with Caribbean blue eyes and a bangin' body stood looking borderline pissed- right at his friend. ' Well, well another one. I didn't think he went all high school on me though… but I'd do her in a heartbeat…' he thought smirking.

Darien grinned like the cat that got the cream and said "Meatball. Fancy seeing you here…."

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