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"You hang up first."

"No, you."

"Nooo. You hang up first."

"Give me the damn phone. I'll do it." There was a scuffle for the phone, deep laughter in the background, and Darien calling someone a 'dick'.

"Hi. Serena? Yeah, Don Juan has to go now. His sweet talk has severely cut into our game time. Uh huh. Okay, hang on a sec." Zach held the phone away from his mouth as he yelled over to Darien, "She wants to know if she should bring anything over for breakfast tomorrow?"

"Just herself."

Zach was about to relay the message when he paused, "Geez, we've known you for years now, and you've never once invited us over for food. Why don't you ever invite us over for breakfast? We like pancakes too."

Looking away briefly, Darien grinned almost lecherously and mumbled under his breath, "Because there's no way in hell I'm sharing what I'll be eating…"

Nathan, taking note of his friend's self-righteous look, tapped a finger on his chin feigning an intense thought process, "You know, Zach...I do believe it's 'cause we don't have milk jugs." He laughed, making obscene gestures with his hands, thoroughly enjoying his jump into the once private conversation. As a second thought he added, "Tell her to bring extra tits for milk, just in case."

Darien narrowed his eyes and tossed the basketball with brute force for that comment, hoping it would knock the wind out of Nathan. He hadn't forgotten about him seeing Serena naked that time, and he couldn't help but wonder if he thought about it whenever he saw her. Unfortunately, as Nathan had been a jock his entire life, he caught the ball before it did any damage and offered Darien a huge eat shit grin in return.

Zach chortled, "He says to just bring your sweet little self and nothing else. Uh- huh. Yeah, I've been fine. Really? How's that going? I know what you mean, I –"

"Why are you still talking to my girl?" Darien barked, coming up to Zach. "You bitched at me for being on the phone. Get off and let's play." He reached for the phone, but Zach ignored his outstretched hand and continued to talk with Serena.

"Well Serena, I'd love to finish our conversation, but your boyfriend is getting violent. Okay. You too. Oh! Before I go, Nathan said to bring extra tits…you know…for milk. You will?" He guffawed loudly, "Oh that is too sweet! Okay, I'll tell him. Bye."

Darien stood with his eyes closed in barely restrained patience. His hands twitched at his side, as he wondered how in God's name he had ever befriended anyone as annoying as Zach. He was itching to choke the scrawny little fucker, but they needed him to play two on two just as soon as Jayden decided to grace them with his presence and Kevin was currently M.I.A., so they couldn't call him in as back up… Nevertheless, no matter how annoying Zach was, he was still a friend. So, instead of physically mutilating one of his dearest and closest friends, he busied his hands by dragging them down his face in a clear sign of exasperation.

"You did not just tell her that."

Zach bit back laughter, "I'm just the messenger. But she did say that she'd bring them with bells and whistles on."

His mind cued perversion...and automatically sculpted a vision of a bare Serena with nipple tassels and heard the pleasant ringing of bells as she shimmied …

Taking notice of the glazed over look in Darien's eyes, Zach said, "Relax dude. I was just joking. She hung up after she heard you about breakfast. Sheesh, you guys are like rabbits. Do you ever do anything else with her besides that?"

"Sissy. Say the word. 'FUCK'. "Nathan countered as he shot a three pointer.

Darien caught the rebound from Nathan's shot and went for a layup, but didn't answer.

Zach rolled his eyes, "Oh, real mature, Nathan. Just because we're guys doesn't mean we have to live up to the stereotypical expectancies of thinking with our dicks all the time, although scientifically speaking—"

"Blah, blah, blah, get to the point, geek," Nathan interjected while he battled Darien for possession of the ball.

He paused to give Nathan a pointed look. "I'm just saying...you can't really build a relationship on just 'that' alone, cumwad."

"Cumwad?" He laughed, stopping abruptly. "That's a new one, but call me that again and I'll kidney punch your lanky ass."

Zach scoffed, "Whatever. You know I'm right. Darien knows it too. And technically, you guys aren't officially dating and that kind of leaves her open to accept offers from other guys."

Nathan pretended to think about it for all of two seconds and prodded, "Yeah Darien, although Professor Dorks has been in a pussy drought so long that he's technically been reverted back to virgin status, he kinda has a point. What are you gonna do about it?"

"Keep talking shit Nate and I'll get your MOM to remedy my drought, dickhead." Zach shot back heatedly, then pitifully mumbled to himself that it was hard to sleep with someone else when he wasn't quite over his ex.

Nathan waved off the scathing comeback about his mom; as if she'd ever….HA! Though his mother did have an attraction for younger men, she'd laugh his ass right into therapy.

Darien looked as though he'd been slapped. He hadn't even considered someone else asking his Serena out. But...they had an arrangement, right? He told her that they could be whatever she wanted them to be. He wasn't going to put any pressure on her and she seemed fine with the way things were going. He didn't think she'd sleep with another guy while she was seeing him…but she did have the right to. His ebony locks shook in denial. There was no way she'd even let another guy touch her- for a few reasons. One, he'd kill the bastard with his bare hands-whether she wanted the guy or not-and two, she wasn't that type of girl; she'd told him so herself. She was his, all his. She proved it every time they were alone- with their quality time usually beginning or ending in a sexual experience. That and whenever he saw her, the smallest of kisses could turn into a full out make out session. Her lips were wicked and after the first few times, she was the one to initiate any further sexual contact beyond their kisses. She couldn't – wouldn't- want to see another guy after all she shared with him. So what that it had only been a few weeks since their first hook up; he felt like he'd known her forever….and plus there was that time in high school…He knew he was totally irresistible to her. There wasn't any reason for him to worry, right? RIGHT?

But Zach did have a pretty good point…they hadn't even discussed exclusivity. Not to mention the fact that he didn't know the full extent of how she felt about him- if she wanted something more - they just kinda fell into the pattern of doing what they did. 'What the hell am I waiting on?' he thought, and vowed to make it official as soon as possible. Maybe she'd want to go beyond being exclusive sex partners; right to being his girlfriend. Maybe she'd even let him take her on a date…He smirked. Possible ideas of their first date filtered through his mind-he'd have to make it spectacular enough for her to be swept away with emotion, thus minimizing his chances of being rejected. 'Not that she'd reject me anyway,' he grinned, totally sure of what her decision would be.

"Geez! Look at you man!" Nathan exclaimed as he practiced a crossover dribble. "You're smitten with her! All he did was ask you a simple question and you're over there thinking of new ways to pitch your woo. One word, D., one word. Whipped," he said, as if it were a curse.

Darien frowned, mad at the fact his friend read him like a book. So what if he was whipped? Nothing wrong with that. "Shut up," he retorted as he positioned himself for a three pointer. Swish.

"Not denying it, I see."

"You shut up too."

Laughter rang out from Nathan, but Zach wasn't done yet.

"Sooo…what's it like?" He inquired as he caught the rebound, wanting to know all of the dirty details. He figured if wasn't going to get any himself, he should at least know how well his friend's sex life was going.

"What's what like?" Darien faked ignorance as he stole the ball and went for a half-court shot, knowing exactly what Zach wanted to know.

Nathan chuckled with a devious glint in his eyes, "The ins and outs, the curves, the T & A…"

The ball bricked hard and Darien's head snapped to glare at him, "Say one more thing about that and you die."

"Please," Nathan jeered as he snatched the ball before it went astray, "I laugh in death's fac-"

"Oh...you mean like you laughed in Lita's?" Darien disputed and laughed as Nathan tripped over his own feet, sputtering and unable to grasp a decent comeback.

WELL... that shut him up. One of THE most embarrassing things to happen to him since ever and Lita still wasn't speaking to him- not even a simple hello. And never mind the fact that she seemed utterly repulsed by the mere sight of him; he barely even remembered what he'd done that was so AWFUL for her to react the way she did, and- "Well played, sir." He conceded, lest he give into the urge to whine out his frustrations.

Before Zach could ask just what the hell happened, Jayden came barreling through the gym doors.

"Sorry I'm late guys. What'd I miss?"

Morning couldn't come soon enough for Serena. But when it did, she found herself in a world of hurt. She'd tossed and turned throughout the night, barely able to contain her excitement in her sleep. The excitement that sizzled through her veins earlier had now fizzled into a dull ache of limbs and exaggerated fatigue by her five a.m. wake up time. She yawned deeply as her tired body slid from the warm confines of her bed, arms blindly grabbing for the blaring alarm that was her cell phone.

"Alright, alright…,"she grumbled as she hit the dismiss button. Leaning back against the bed's massive frame, she slowly unraveled the sheets from around her ankles. She stretched and yawned again, trying to convince her body not to just give up and burrow back into the wonderful world of sleep. She had never been a morning person, but this was the only time and day of the week she would be able to spend with Darien, alone. Mondays sucked ass big time, but if she could start out every Monday with a little of Darien, she would gladly welcome them bright eyed and bushy tailed. Finally able to stand up, she glanced at her Chococat calendar confirming the hectic week ahead. She had dance rehearsal every day this week from the time she would leave the university until the late evening -with only a short break in between. The entire senior class would be included for the upcoming showcase during Senior Week, but there were limited spots for the headliners of the show. As such, if she wanted to secure an audition for a coveted spot, she would have to be at every rehearsal to display not only her dedication, but skill as well. Time alone with Darien was always nice, but she had waited her entire high school career for her moment in the spotlight. It was a chance to make a lasting imprint; to be remembered for something other than her infamous klutz attacks and monstrous appetite.

On the bright side of her diminished time with Darien, at least she would get to see Jayden during afternoon classes and get one step closer to knowing him. She sighed miserably, thinking of her brother and the relationship she wished they could have. His bright smile and easy going nature made her long for the happy family she knew they all could be, if only…

"Oh well. Better make the most of this morning!" She chirped, not wanting to give into any tarnishing thoughts that would disrupt the fantasy of her family becoming complete. Grabbing her very-berry scented bath essentials, she headed off to the shower in preparation of a morning treat.

Ilana opened a bleary eye at the sound of her daughter barreling through the halls. She heard a series of loud thumps followed by a poorly disguised piercing squeal and a quick "I'm okay!" to no one in particular. Glancing at the alarm clock, she noticed it was quite unusual for her daughter to be awake before seven a.m. - 6:30 to be exact-and on a school day no less! Her daughter milked her precious sleep time for everything it was worth, usually only waking up 20 minutes before school began, resulting in a mad dash and a few speeding tickets (ones her father knew nothing about, thank you very much). She contemplated briefly if she should just go back to sleep; that maybe Serena was finally maturing by waking up at a reasonable time, but her mother's intuition whispered how unlikely it was. Rising slowly, she grabbed her robe, shuffled her feet into her slippers, and made her way through the hall and down the ridiculous amount of stairs. Just as she arrived into the kitchen, the side door that led out to the garage shut quietly in an obvious attempt to sneak out. Seconds later, the gentle purr of Serena's vehicle began and she pulled off.

Ilana's arched brows knitted together in wonderment, "Now where could she be off to this early?" Looking around the still neat kitchen- not even a crumb near the toaster, she gathered that the child hadn't even eaten before she left. "How strange…," she mused aloud, hoping that the indeterminate state of her strained marriage wasn't going to cause any future behavioral issues with her daughter.

As she threw herself into making breakfast for the remainder of her family, the voices of Kennedy and Sammy carried down the stairwell.

"Oh come on! Why do I have go to work with you? Can't I just enroll at Madison for the rest of the semester?"

Kennedy shook his head and gave his son a simple, "Nope."

"Dad please! For the love of all things holy, please don't make me go to work with you!" Sammy trailed his father down the stairs and into the kitchen, begging and pleading like a five year old.

Kennedy grabbed an apple from the fruit bowl and took a bite to hide his smile, "Sorry, son. I can't guarantee that Madison will accept you this late in the year, and besides that, you've already passed the equivalency tests for your grade. You really want to sit in school? Where's the fun in that when you already know everything? Plus, this'll give you the chance to work off your debt for when you wrecked your car."

Ilana stiffened when her husband entered the area. She was grateful that he hadn't yet realized she was there. Things were still extremely awkward between the two of them; hovering between barely speaking and high decibel arguments. How had they let their marriage come to this? It had been months since they shared a room and even longer since they'd actually slept together. What if he had found someone else to warm his bed and take care of his needs? Many beautiful women worked in his company; it wouldn't be hard for him to find someone… She'd accused him so many times before…maybe she was right? Even in his early forties, his physique was still firm and strong. And though his lush blond curls were beginning to gray at the temples, it only added to his handsome form, giving him a distinguished look. She absently fingered her few gray hairs, thinking how she must look like an old hag compared to him.

Sammy frowned, remembering all too well the damage his first car took from his recklessness. "But the insurance paid for that! Can't I just use that money to get a car?" At his father's 'you must be shitting me' look, Sam changed tactics, "Mo-ommm! Can't you do something?"

So trapped within her insecurities, she jumped and nearly dropped a frying pan on her foot.

Taking notice of his wife's presence, Kennedy almost choked on his apple and turned slowly turned around. He tensed, awaiting her disagreement, which would ultimately end in a spat. He held in his sigh; he really didn't want to get the day started with discord. To his surprise, she agreed.

Giving a timid smile, she told him, "Sorry Sammy, but your father has a point. You have to be held responsible for your actions; working to repay your debt is the responsible thing to do. And if you happen to get blessed with another vehicle, I'm sure you'll take better care of it." Her tone spoke of finality, and Sammy conceded his argument- for the moment.

"Fine. I'll go get ready…" He grumbled, racing for the stairs, but stopping only three steps up. "If I happen to pay this 'debt' as you call it-"

Kennedy interjected, "WHEN, not if."

Sammy rolled his eyes, but corrected himself, "Okay, WHEN I pay this debt off, can I at least choose what kind of car I'll get next? Or maybe Sere can give me her car when she graduates?"

"Absolutely NOT. If you get her car, then how will she get around? I hope you don't expect her to ride with boys," He said the word as if it left a bitter taste in his mouth. There was no way his baby girl would be riding in a boy's car. He'd been a teenager before and knew all too well how they could use their rides to manipulate a girl into being with them so they could do only God knows what- OH HELL NO! Kennedy took a deep breath to calm down, but made a mental note to text Serena to remind her how awful and disgusting boys were and to stay away from them. Forever. "I'll tell you what, we'll take a look around and go for the best deal we can find."

Ilana raised a brow in question that made him feel scrutinized. "Safety should be a top concern as well, right Ken?"

Kennedy bit into his bottom lip, 'So much for avoiding discord…'

"Of course, Ilana. What kind of father wouldn't think of safety?" He bit out, ready to defend himself against any accusation.

His choice of words brought about a feeling of tension in the room and Sammy belatedly realized that maybe he should have kept his mouth shut about the stupid car.

"I didn't say that you wouldn't- you know what? Never mind. I'm not getting into this with you today."

"Getting into what? You're the one who started it!"

Sammy observed his parents bicker like a couple of bratty kids. "Ahh...forget I said anything. I'll be ready in ten minutes," He said and ran to get ready as quickly as possible to prevent the start of a World War III between his parents.

"Oh God, Darien!" Serena cried, voice laden with ecstasy. She glanced up at his bare chest, thanking whatever deity responsible for this incredible moment. Food and half-naked man candy? 'The breakfast of champions…' she thought with certainty.

Clad in simple black pajama pants, he leaned against the counter next to where she was sitting, enjoying the facial expressions of her raw bliss, petting and stroking his ego. If he'd been a cat- a fierce, ferocious one of course- he would have purred at her praises.

"Where'd you learn to cook like this?" She asked, previously finishing a spinach omelet topped with bacon and cheese and now polishing off wonderfully delicious pancakes. She chewed enthusiastically and clicked her heels excitedly as she reached for the tropical fruit salad before her.

He shrugged and scratched the back of his head, "Eh, I guess it kind of came natural…" He trailed off, not really wanting to tell her why it had come natural. It had to come natural, otherwise he'd have starved or been malnourished; he didn't have a mother or father to teach him those things- no family- well, real family anyway. Just a self-serving, cruel intentioned, money- grubbing so called Uncle- no matter; this was not the time to be thinking of that bastard- not when he had secured the company of a lithe blonde goddess.

She gave a thoughtful nod and for that, he was grateful. Darien watched as she bit into a luscious strawberry and chuckled as she gave a moan of approval as the sweet juice dribbled down her chin. She was a girl that clearly enjoyed her food. Her eyes lit up with sparkles, mesmerizing him in twinkles of aqua. His own eyes deepened in response to the beautiful sight and his chiseled face portrayed curiosity. Moving from her side to stand between her legs, he desperately wondered if he should kiss her juicy lips; if were possible to experience the taste through her mouth. His hands moved along her thighs in a stimulating motion and she giggled lightly.

"Is it good?" He murmured and she brought the rest of the berry to his lips in offering.

"Why don't you find out?" She licked her lips teasingly and watched him closely as he bit into the fruit sensually. The moment their eyes became tangled in a blue gaze, she knew she wanted him- badly. Without notice, she kissed him- chastely at first, but then actively seeking and tasting the berry's juice of his lips. Though surprised, he caught the rhythm of her tongue across his lips and into his awaiting mouth.

She groaned deeply in his kiss and inched her bottom to the edge of the counter in effort of getting closer. Taking her hint, Darien grabbed her, bringing him front and center to her core. Gasping as she felt his erection, she hooked her legs around him, pushing it further against her, crushing and grinding to create considerable contact.

'God, she's a little firecracker!' He thought, totally enraptured as his hand cradled the back of her neck to intensify the kiss. She nearly mewled her arousal, mentally begging him to take the next step. In flowing motions, she raked the tips of her nails up and down the length of his back, triggering a shiver. Securing his hand under the softness of the underside of her thigh, he hiked her left leg closer to him causing her pleated skirt to rise, completely exposing her white lace panties with a tiny kitty embroidered on the hip.

"Well, hello kitty," he growled as he pulled away from the kiss. Her breath quickened, but he caught it and proceeded to lay her on the spacious counter top. Deft fingers unbuttoned her uniformed blouse, exposing a matching lace bra as he breathed in deeply the scent of her warmed skin. Removing her shirt completely, he laid feathered kisses up and down her throat, trailing a path to her heaving mounds of flesh. His eyes bore into hers, watching, and waiting to see her reactions as he traced the edges of the lace with his tongue. She squirmed in anticipation, wanting to push his hot mouth over the hardened buds, but the gaze of his eyes told her that he would take his time. Slowly, ever so slowly, did he make his way to them; kissing over the tips through the fabric before deciding to remove the bra altogether. Her breasts bounced freely from the restrained fabric and the shock of the cool air across her moist nipples had her ready and waiting. She bucked her hips gently, wanting him to lose control and take her wildly as he had done so many times before. But to no avail; keeping his slow, languid pace of winding kisses, he traveled lower and dipped his tongue into the well of her belly button, smiling as she gave a long winded moan of approval. His fingers trimmed the slim waist of her skirt, contemplating whether to keep it on or take it off. He always did like the look of it on her…

Deciding to keep it on her, he lifted it, letting it rest above her waist as he set his sight on the tantalizing curves of her hips. The panties were cut in a boy short fashion, accentuating the lusciousness of her bottom and making his mouth water with the sight. Glancing into her eyes once more lit his simmering yearning into a full flame of primal need and want. She recognized the flicker in his cobalt mirrors and had her legs been placed together, her knees would have knocked with the sheer intensity of it all. Her heart jumped, skipped, and vaulted between beats, making her head spin with an emotion she dared not identify. Even without mental coherence, her thoughts linked dangerously to the potential fact that she was falling- tumbling into the precipice of the l-word. Debating that it could just as easily be an overdose of lust (the other l-word) gushing through her veins based on the current position of Darien between her legs, she let the notion fall away carelessly.

Without losing a beat, he slid her panties off with ease, only catching momentarily on a stubborn stiletto heel.

"God, you're beautiful," he whispered softly as he caressed the sensitive petals of her flesh with a gentle finger. Her scent was sweet and inviting and he swore she smelled just as the berries she consumed before. He had never enjoyed oral pleasures with another as he had with her. To him, being with her in moments like this spurred him to give her as much pleasure as she could take; never worrying with his own, because her satisfaction was key. She squirmed again, feeling the light, warm tufts of his breath on her clit, but wanting to feel something more. His warmth was misplaced for only a second, causing her to look down in slight confusion to see where he had gone. His left hand held her steady and his right one grabbed the tropical fruit plate.

"Don't worry," he grinned in a tantalizing fashion, "just getting some fruit to enjoy with your honey…"

His implication left her anxious and she nearly yelped when he licked her center, following the stroke with the slow dragging of a juicy strawberry teasing her entrance. He smiled up at her, showing her the 'fruit' of his labor. "See….honey." And she did see. The tip of the berry glistened with wetness and her mouth fell open as he bit into it, savoring the combinations of flavors. He swallowed and she wasted no time, threading her fingers into his hair, guiding him right to heart of her most sensitive area. The boldness she exuded broadened his excitement causing him to leak ribbons of pre cum in his pants. His erection pulsated almost painfully as he lapped vigorously at her, causing her body to thrum in carnality. Letting him go, she sat up abruptly just before she came and kissed him deeply, senses heightening by tasting herself on his lips; and now she wanted to taste him. Sliding from her place, she pushed him against the counter and licked at his chest on the way down. Before a word of protest could escape, his erection was freed and stroked tightly by her slim hands as she knelt before him. He sighed in bliss and took in the sight of his Serena, kneeling in sexy black pumps, topless with golden curls streaming over her breasts and down past her waist. He watched as she flicked a thick pigtail over one shoulder, exposing the full view of a plump breast tipped dusty pink, and took his erect penis clear into her mouth without hesitation.

Her lips enclosed firmly around the tip and she skimmed her tongue over the hypersensitive head, feeling the threads of his fluid escape. Sucking at him hungrily, she closed her eyes adrift in the act of gratifying him, thoroughly enjoying the way he pulled at her hair, getting lost in the feelings as well. Swirling her tongue again, he swiftly drew back before he coated her throat with sticky white fluids. Though it didn't spill into her mouth, it did happen to dribble a bit onto her bare breasts, before he caught it in his hands.

Nevertheless, he wasn't done and with the remainder of his strength he pulled her up, crushed her to him, and kissed her all the way to his bedroom.

His room was spacious, with a king sized bed clad in silky black sheets. They had only had sex once before on that bed, and it was begging to be done again. Slipping on a condom quickly in the dim lighting of the room, he entered her, brought her knee to her shoulder, and pounded into her with fierce rhythm.

Quick, quick, slow. Quick, quick, slow…and with each slow thrust, he licked up the side of her neck whispering naughty things in her ear that made her blush and tremble at the same time. At the time, his mind processed exclusivity to the extent of asking her whose 'kitty' it was. Didn't even realize that he had spoken the vulgar question aloud, but was elated to hear the return whisper of, "Yours…"

Right on the verge of an extreme climax, Serena's cell phone rang with a tone literally announcing, 'Hey pumpkin, it's Dad!' at its highest volume, making her near orgasm rewind back to nonexistent and her mid coitus position freeze- completely.

"What's wrong, baby?" He asked, looking into her wide as a doe eyes, obviously way too occupied inside of her to have heard why she was panicking.

"Oh my effing G! It's my father!" She whispered in shock, as if her father would hear the conversation.

"Shit, shit, shit! Your dad? He's not here is he?" Darien's eyes grew wide in a way that would have been extremely comical under different circumstances. He scrambled off her, wondering- hoping that her father knew nothing about him. If her father only knew what he was doing with his daughter right now… He remembered the stories of her father from high school- going ballistic and shit if any boy showed the even the slightest interest in his daughter. Even Andrew hadn't been safe from him and he was considered a family friend! Glancing down at his formerly erect penis, he pulled up his pants and cursed her father's timing. Yep, thinking of Serena's crazed dad was definitely a libido killer.

"Oh man, oh man, oh man…." Serena repeated as she hurried to answer her phone. Unfortunately, by the time she reached it, the phone ceased its ringing and she noticed the time. With a loud squeal that had Darien sliding down the hall to see about her, she hurriedly put her bra back on and buttoned up her shirt. Her panties were forgotten as she went up to kiss him goodbye, quickly explaining that she was going to be super late and that she'd see him later that afternoon. He stood in his living room with a slight pout, sad that they didn't get to finish their early morning escapade. Walking to his bathroom in preparation for a cold shower, a smile slide across his face, "That girl could never get to school on time."

Serena raced up the stairs to her homeroom (which was considerably difficult due to the 'fuck me' heels she hadn't yet removed, in favor of her comfy Chuck Taylor's currently stashed away in her locker), hoping she would be able to sneak in before the teacher called roll. She couldn't afford to get a detention; she didn't want to miss the first rehearsal, plus it was just downright embarrassing to get a detention as a senior.

"Sweet relief!" She cried as her homeroom came into view. Slipping through the door just as it was closing; she stumbled over her own feet but thankfully caught herself by grabbing the edge of Shawn Bradford's desk. He looked up at her startled, but with a slight smile, "You okay?"

She nodded dumbly and whispered, "Sorry 'bout that!" The teacher had her back to the class, writing some unimportant announcement on the dry board. 'If I can just sneak by…' she thought and proceeded to tip toe as quietly as possible to her seat five spaces back. It shouldn't have been hard as the entire class was engaged in conversation making more than enough noise for the teacher to NOT hear her.

She spotted her friends and placed a finger over her lip to warn them not to call her out. Almost there…a few more steps and she would have been home free. The final bell rang and the class quieted down, allowing the clacking of her heels to be heard.

"AH! Miss Tsukino! So glad of you to join us!" The teacher stated, without turning around causing a murmur of snickering from her fellow classmates.

Serena was flabbergasted, "Aww, man! How did you know it was me?" She whined as the teacher handed her a slip.

"Intuition, Miss Tsukino, pure intuition." The teacher stated and continued her mundane writing on the board.

"Ah dammit!" Serena muttered and stamped her foot, suddenly feeling a gentle breeze of cool air under her skirt but paying no mind to it. Jake, co-captain of the baseball team, poked her and tossed a folded piece of paper over her shoulder, pointing at Mina two seats over when she gave him an irritated look.

"Oh. Thanks." Unfolding the note, she read over it quickly.

~Check your phone! ~

She pulled out her phone and saw that she had three unread text messages; one from Mina, one from Ami, and the last one from Darien.

~You horn dog! I know what you've been doing. ;-) Don't try to deny it- ur hair is jacked up big time!~*Irre$i$table El oh vee ee!*

Serena's mouth dropped open and blushed a rich pink as she looked at Mina and absently brought a hand up to feel the disarray of her pigtails. Mina gave her a saucy grin and winked before turning her attention to a previous conversation.

Ami's read:

~Please tell me you are on some type of contraceptive? :-{ Not trying to nag, I promise.~ *BLU*

'Gah! Is it that obvious?' she thought.

Serena bit into her bottom lip, texting Ami back immediately. She was so sweet, showing concern and everything; aside from the niggling doubt in the back of her mind, she was sure everything was fine.

~Ur such a good friend, but don't worry Ames! I promise I've been protected every time! 0=) *3Sweet3*

Ami looked up, black and electric blue strands falling over her eyes and smiled; happy that her friend was being responsible at least in some decisions.

The last text she read was Darien's- the contents of which made her shriek in mortification and cross her legs tighter than skinny jeans on a guy's junk.

"Miss Tsukino! I'm sure I can speak for us all and ask that you save your outbursts for a more suitable environment than a classroom!" The teacher snapped and half the class had to agree, still covering their ears.

"Yes, Ms. Lambert," she atoned meekly as the feeling of stickiness between her thighs finally became apparent. Setting her head down on the desk with a minor thump, she blanched reading over the text again.

~ Babe…I don't know how to tell you this…but I still have your panties.~ D.

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