Short Humor fic for Heist Society, takes place either before or after the book. Bobby Bishop has a question for Simon, and Simon uses that chance for his enjoyment. Rated T for implications. Implies Kat/Hale.

"Simon!" the voice of Bobby Bishop frightened the teen and he turned to see the angry looking man.

"Yes, sir?" Simon asked nervously.

"Do you know what's going on between Hale and Kat?" he asked gruffly, looking around wearily incase Kat were around.

"No…" Simon responded, wondering what exactly the man was talking about.

"Can you find out?" Bobby asked curiously.

"Well, what exactly do you want to find out?" Simon asked with a mischievous smirk, he was starting to think of what might have Bobby Bishop so worried.

"I want to know if Kat and Hale are…uh…"

"Sleeping together?" Simon finished for him, and the man in front of him gagged, but nodded. Simon pulled a laptop to him from nearby and began typing away, "Just one second and I'll have some old feeds up."

Bobby sighed and sat down next to the boy on the floor in Uncle Eddie's brownstone, "So how lon – "

"Got it!" Simon said excitedly as he turned the laptop where Bobby could see it. Different rooms in various Hale home's and the brownstone flitted across the screen, eventually they found one worth watching.

There was no sound in the video as they watched Hale entered one of the bedrooms that Kat occupied frequently at Hale's house in New England. After several seconds they saw Hale pin Kat to the wall and kiss her roughly.

Simon watching Bobby nervously, a little worried at the angry expression he saw there. The anger increased in intensity as they watched Kat push Hale onto the bed and straddle him. It was at the point when Hale started taking Kat's shirt off that Simon decided to turn of the feed.

"That boy is so dead…" Bobby muttered as he left the brownstone.

When the front door shut Simon laughed, "Hale and Kat are sure in for a surprise!" He switched the computer back on and waited for the presence of Bobby Bishop to appear, "Live feeds rock! Hey Angus! Hamish! You guys have got to see this!"