So many years have been spent at the temple, but like all things, it had to come to an end. The young monks have split apart and haven't seen each other in six years. However, Chase Young has now returned more powerful then ever, and poor Omi can't beat him on his own. He now has to reunite the old team once again to conquer evil that has erupted so suddenly. Will they be able to do it after so many years?

I wrote this story over a year ago and took it off because I was tired of it. Now I'm bringing it back and it's totally different. My writing style has changed and I must say I have improved.

Rated T for language, violence, innuendos, and some sensuality.

Chapter 1: Forever Young

There was a slight breeze shaking the leaves of the trees that flowed passed every branch. The temple was quiet and made very little sound, except for the wind that was whispering passed the windows. The air danced over every pillar, every wall, and all the fragile windows. Dark clouds loomed in the skies as if they were about to drop the rain that was being kept inside. Leaves were falling off the tree's branches gracefully.

Then, a sprinkle of rain began to shower lightly over the temple, gently getting the roofs wet. The ear of the temple could hear the sound of rain land softly on everything. At one time, the glorious temple graced its beauty with the nature around it, but now the colors had faded and the beauty was washed away.

A man was sitting on top of the fountain, grazing his solid black eyes across the dirty water. He watched the drops of rain create circular ripples as it touched the fountain's water. His yellow skin absorbed the tiny droplets as it grazed down his baldhead. His black and blue gi was slowly getting soaked…but it didn't matter. His mind was elsewhere; his thoughts drifted from one thing to another. After looking at the clouds for a moment, he looked back down to the water.


His element. It was the one thing that reminded him of his past and who he was. Water was the very thing that kept him alive. It flowed through him as if it was his own blood. The water was his friend. Water accepted him and followed his command. Out of the whole entire world, he was the man the water chose to obey.


Meditating with the water was soothing and relaxing. Today, however, his mind was thinking frantically. He thought of Master Fung and the temple. He thought of Dojo. He thought of them. He didn't know why he thought of them…it only brought him sadness. The day they left, he lost a part of his life. He had grown to love them, something he had never really done before. They left, and it seemed a part of his life turned grey, just like the clouds above him.

He didn't know much of what happened to them all, but he was sure that all of them were successful. He pictured them all with high-class jobs or living their dreams that they had always wanted. Omi knew that he was living his; being the strongest monk that had ever lived at the temple, even better than Master Fung himself. Omi looked at his reflection, as it looked back at him.

Oh how much he grew and aged. He was an adult now, a man, which meant way more responsibilities at the temple. He was much taller and more masculine. His face was broader and his jaw line showed. His voice was deeper and his skin was the same sunshine yellow. His head wasn't so round either, but more of an oval state to it. As the world grew, he grew with it. His mind was wise and mature. He was wise and mature. However, if one still told him a joke, his face would contort and twist in confusion, never truly understanding the point of them. He was the same and yet he was different…but he was still true to himself.

He watched a leaf gently land right on top of his reflection. At least he still had Dojo after all these years, and with Master Fung teaching him everything that he needed to know, training kept him up to work as well.

He looked back to the dark clouds, wondering. It shouldn't be like this; the sky had been dark before, but never this dark. It was a sign. Something was going to happen, and Omi didn't like it. He felt it inside him. Evil had been destroyed long ago…but something was returning. The clouds above him swirled like eyes staring at him. Omi glared back, biting his lower lip. This wasn't right. He and his friends conquered Chase Young, Wuya, Hannibal, Guan, and Jack Spicer. So what was the eerie emotion that he was feeling? What was this sensation that he had been feeling for months now?

His tiger instincts perked up when he heard some rustling behind him. He then loosened up when he sensed his only friend nearing him. He looked and recognized the green little dragon crawling its way toward him.

"Hey kid," Dojo said, slithering his way next to the fountain. "Dull day huh?"

"It always seems dull, Dojo. The sun hasn't shined for many months," he replied, jumping perfectly down from the top to land next to Dojo. He took a seat on the ledge, as Dojo hopped right next to him.

"Yeah, it feels like the sun just left this place all together," Dojo mused, swishing his long tail in the water. They both sat, none of them minding the empty drizzle that touched their skin. "It's too quiet."

"Of course. Many of the monks have passed away. The many funerals have just brought silence to the temple."

"Yeah," he sighed, taking a look at the temple. The temple had once been thriving with life and people, but as the monks got older…well the rest is pretty self-explanatory.

"It worries me Dojo. What will become of this place when Master Fung…" Omi stopped, realizing what he was saying. Dojo looked at him questioningly. "I am sorry, I shouldn't even be thinking such things."

"It's ok kid. It's not like I haven't thought about it either. We all have our times…and well to be honest, it looks like Master Fung will never die," Dojo joked, causing Omi to chuckle. It felt good to laugh. "Besides…we all know who is going to take over the temple once he does pass." Dojo winked.

"Please Dojo, the mixed feelings of that situation are hard to endure."

"Sorry. But come on Omi, at this rate, Master Fung won't go until he's 200. The guy is still kicking."

"Kicking? He's only kicking when engaged in a battle Dojo. He doesn't do it all the time," Omi replied confused. Dojo sighed.

"It's just an expression Omi. It means that Master Fung is still alive and healthy."

"Oh I understand now," he said and then made a very sad face. "But that is what scares me Dojo. I am afraid that he will be next someday like the others." Dojo smiled with care.

"I know how you feel kid. Master Fung has always been like a father to me too, but when it's his time, we have to accept it. But just remember this… whatever happens, to Master Fung, to this temple, or to anyone else in the world, we will always have each other. Through thick and thin we are buddies for life and no one can separate us." Omi smiled.

"That is right Dojo! I do have you! You never seem to cease!" Omi threw up his long arms proudly. Dojo didn't know how to take it. He didn't know whether to take it as a compliment or an insult. For Omi, however, it was always a compliment.

Both continued to talk, as nearby Master Fung watched with a smile. Even on an eerie day like this, his monk still found a way to make the day brighter. After he watched for a few moments, he made his way towards them. Omi immediately noticed and stood up to bow.

"Master Fung," he said as he was still crouched. "How are you this fine day?"

"I am good Omi, though I wouldn't call this day fine," he said while walking to them. He was still bald as ever, but his mustache and beard were a salt and pepper shade and his skin had a few more wrinkles. Six years could do a lot to a person at his age, but he was still healthy. "I came to talk to you for a moment."

"About what?" Omi asked, raising his tall body to a stand. Although, Omi knew exactly what he was about to ask. For some reason…he always knew.

"I've noticed your…behavior. Has there been something on your mind? Has anything been bothering you lately?" he asked with sympathy. It was then the rain began falling harder. The simple droplets ceased, and now strong waves of water were being pressed on their skin.

"Could we maybe take this inside?" Dojo asked, trying to use his tail as an umbrella. Omi still didn't mind the rain, but respected Dojo's request. Master Fung nodded, as all three of them went into one of the temple buildings.

"Now, as I was saying," Master Fung began, taking a seat on one of the pillows. Omi sat across from him, noting how the candles lit the room very nicely. He was slightly distracted when he saw Dojo wrenching himself of the excess water, but tuned back to his master.

"Yes Master Fung, something has been bothering me. I'm sure you have noticed the signs as well," Omi finally replied, somewhat nervous. Master Fung nodded.

"Yes Omi, the other monks and I have felt the disturbances in nature."

"Which explains the creepy clouds everyday," added Dojo.

"I am…afraid master. I thought we stopped evil once and for all, but this…this feels the opposite," Omi admitted. Master Fung stood up from his place, and walked to the window. He watched the rain pour harder and harder.

"As long there is light in the world, there is darkness. Once the darkness is put out, it always manages to return. Where there is light, there is dark. However…"

"Where there is dark, there is light," Omi finished. Master Fung nodded once more.

"The world may seem to let the darkness in so easily and let light in so harshly, but the light is always stronger. Remember that Omi," Master Fung finished.

"So it is true then? Evil is rising once again?" Omi asked, no longer wanting to sit down.

"It would seem so, young dragon," Master Fung looked at Omi. Omi looked down at a frightened Dojo.

"Great, and I thought searching shen gong wu for six years was bad," he muttered.

"But when will they strike? We need to be ready!" Omi said with determination. Master Fung remained silent. Lightning flashed, causing Dojo to jump and hide behind Omi. Master Fung stared at the clouds skeptically, squinting his eyes at the large swirls forming. Omi and Dojo watched, neither one of them wanting to disturb the master. Suddenly, Master Fung's eyes gaped open and he jumped toward Omi. A second later, an explosion erupted through the wall, causing boards of the wall to smash into the other buildings.

Omi immediately picked up Master Fung and ran outside, with Dojo right on his tail. He put the master down, looked around and saw panic. The monks were running around, some being chased by large jungle cats and some trying to put out the fires that had flamed the buildings. In that matter of time, the rain stopped pouring and went to a perfect drizzle. What Omi felt was at most importance was the shen gong wu vault. The whole building was on fire.

Omi ran as fast as he could down to the vault. When he got there, he saw some monks trying to put out the fire. He took out the Orb of Tornami from his inner gi, and was about to drench the tall building. He stopped suddenly, seeing a tall womanly figure standing on top of it. At first he thought it was Kimiko, but he narrowed his eyes and saw the true person. Katnappe stood tall, about to enter the building from the top.

He couldn't help but gulp. She had grown taller, and her body was full of sultry curves and sex appeal. She wore the same black leather outfit; only she let her long blond hair flow naturally without her cat ears. She winked seductively at him, knowing she got the attention she wanted him to express. She clawed the glass roof swiftly, as the glass shattered into pieces. She waved once more to him, jumping right through.

He was about to follow her, when five large jungle cats surrounded him. He focused his chi and was about to attack.

"Omi…it's been a while, hasn't it?" a dark and uncanny voice said from behind him. Omi knew that voice and turned to look Chase Young in his dark golden eyes. "Well…someone has grown up, hasn't he?"

He looked exactly the same, of course, considering he was immortal. The only difference was his muscle tone. Ever since his defeat, it seemed he had been training. His muscles were larger and his hair was slightly shorter. His cats growled.

"Tell me, how has collecting shen gong wu been? After six years, I would just get tired of it. It has been…boring around here hasn't it?" Chase taunted. Omi glared, still watching the cats apprehensively. Chase raised his brow. "And where are the other dragons? Don't tell me you're here alone?"

Omi had to calm down. So many distractions were happening around him. Fires were burning everything down, the monks were fighting the large cats, and Katnappe was stealing shen gong wu. After so many years of collecting as many shen gong wu as he and Dojo could, that little snobby bitch was stealing them. They had hundreds now! There was no way she could steal them all. Omi ignored Chase's taunts.

"You were defeated long ago Chase Young. Why have you returned?"

"So many questions, so little time. I'd love to sit and catch up, but my ride is here," he mused, seeing his giant bird flying towards him. Omi was confused. Chase always worked alone and never had any interest in shen gong wu…ever. What was his plan? "This pathetic world is finally going to be mine."

"Not if I don't have anything to say about it!" Omi flipped through the air, over the large cats, and started attacking. Chase smiled, ready for what Omi had prepared. Omi threw a back knuckle, reverse punch, and then a left roundhouse. Chase blocked all of them perfectly. Soon, both were on the roof, surrounded by fire.

Chase started to do back flips while Omi started to punch rapidly. Omi kept missing, for Chase was known to be fast. Chase kicked up right under Omi's chin. Omi fell back and landed on his back, barely missing the fire. He looked up and saw Chase coming at him with an axe kick. He quickly rolled to the side as Chase's heel went right through the roof. Omi thought quickly and kicked him right in the face. Chase rolled off the roof, but still managed to land on his feet. Chase looked up at Omi who was also standing and glaring at him.

"You have gotten much better Omi, I see that old man has trained you well over the years," he paused looking over at Master Fung taking down each cat that came his way. "Too bad I'm going easy on you."

He snapped his fingers and more jungle cats came out, all of them growling at the monks who were attempting to put out the fire. The cats thrashed down the doors of the buildings, trying to destroy as much as possible.

"This was only a warning Omi. Don't try to stop to stop me," he announced. Slowly, the temple, his home, was being destroyed. Omi could only watch in horror. He was just one man…he couldn't stop this all by himself.

The doors of the shen gong wu vault opened roughly, as Katnappe walked out, swaying he perfect hips. Behind her, she dragged seven large bags of shen gong wu with her.

"Changing chopsticks," she purred, shrinking the large bags so that they fit in the palm of her hand. She took the bags and stuck them securely in a side pouch on her belt. She looked up and gave a stern nod to Chase, whom nodded back. Then a familiar robot swooped down and picked her up, flying her through the dark clouds.

When Chase wasn't paying attention and admiring his glory, was when Omi sprang into action and tried to surprise him with one final attack, but Chase's instincts went off before Omi did. He blocked Omi's promptly, and both glared at one another.

"Nice try Omi, but my instincts have tripled over the years. You may have gotten better, but so have I," he finished when he gave Omi a head butt right in his nose. He fell and landed on his back, feeling the blood drip from his nostril. "I have grown stronger Omi, stronger than you will ever know. Now I'm just one step closer."

With that he called back his cats and jumped on top of his bird that flew over just in time.

"Don't fight the pain Omi, embrace it. You'll come to my side willingly once you do," he laughed maniacally and flew away on his bird, while his cats retreated into the jungle. Realizing that there was still panic and fire going on around him, he stood up once more and took out the Orb of Tornami.

"Orb of Tornami!" he yelled as water rushed everywhere onto the fire inflicted areas. Smoke appeared out of windows and ash was already flaking through the air. Sadness fell upon him once again. Chase had done his homework; he distracted Omi, while Katnappe took what he wanted.

He walked through the vault depressed. She didn't take everything; only the meaningless wu was still available. The Mantis Flip Coin, Monkey Staff, Third Arm Sash, Falcon's Eye, Ants in the Pants, Lotus Twister, and a lot of others were some of the few that had been left behind. Omi gripped his Orb of Tornami tightly in his hands, his anger rising. The Kaijin Charm, Cat's Eye Draco, Crest of the Condor, and the Longhorn Taurus were gone. Not to mention, all of their Wudai weapons had been taken as well, except for the Shimo Staff that Omi kept in his room. Omi punched the wall furiously, creating a cavity. It wasn't enough that his friends weren't here, but now the objects that reminded of them had been taken also.

He felt a tear trickle down his cheek. It wasn't fair. He missed them more than ever. If they had been here, they would have stopped Chase easily. He would have immediately taken out the fire, Kimiko would have stopped Katnappe, Clay would have taken care of all the cats, while the Shoku warrior took care of Chase Young.

That was another thing he had learned while growing up. It wasn't all about him. Other people had gifts and were capable on their own. He always thought he was the best…but now it didn't seem that way at all. Besides sometimes being a little conceited, his friends gave him hope everyday, and when they left… it was like he lost it all. He didn't realize how much his friends made an impact on him. They, indeed, taught him a lot. He was teaching them, while they taught him. He learned so much from them. He learned without friends helping you, you couldn't get very far.

He wiped the tear away quickly as he heard someone walking down the stairs. Master Fung, with Dojo around his neck, went up behind him and put a hand on his shoulder.

"Come with me, young dragon" he said, sensing his despair. Omi nodded as they walked up the spiraling staircase. The entire temple wasn't burned down; half still remained. They walked to one building that wasn't burned down... Omi's room. Since the other three left, Omi was able to turn the small vacancies into one large dorm. "You may sick down Omi." Omi obliged, not in the mood to stand anyway. Dojo came and sat next to Omi, as he smiled with appreciation. "Do not be sad, young one, or you will only give Chase Young the satisfaction he longs for."

"I am sorry master, but I can not help it."

"I understand, but this was a test. He's merely testing our strength and vigor."

"So turn that frown upside down kid," Dojo motioned, creating a frown on his own face and then turning it into a big smile. He succeeded, for Omi couldn't help but smile at how ridiculous Dojo looked.

"Forgive me Master Fung. I shall show no more weakness from now on," Omi said determined.

"Emotions aren't a weakness Omi. It's how the enemy perceives them is the problem. Now…" Master Fung began, looking out the window. "…we certainly have a great issue on our hands, don't we? Chase Young has returned, more improved than ever. It seems we can't defeat him on our own."

"So what are you suggesting Master Fung? That we just give up?" asked Dojo incredulously.

"No Dojo, they day we give up is the day I truly go insane," he replied. "What I am saying is that… we need help. We can't do this on our own."

"But Fungmister, the other monks tried to help and…well let's just say they were pretty unsuccessful. I mean, did you see the way they handled that fire? Screaming girls could have handled it better than they did," Dojo said again, not seeming to keep his mouth shut.

"No Dojo," he said again, getting a little annoyed. He sighed again. "I knew this day would come… I just didn't know when. This is serious though…"

"What are you talking about Master Fung?" asked Omi with a serious look on his face. "How are we going to stop this?"

"We need help Omi. As wise as you are, you know that we can not do this alone."

"But from who Master Fung? As Dojo said, the other monks are…well incapable."

"We need to bring them back to the temple, Omi."

"Who?" Omi questioned once again. Master Fung grumbled inside; Omi was still sometimes clueless, as wise as he is now.

"Master Fung… you don't mean," Dojo said stunned. Now Omi was curious. "But it's been so long."

"Master Fung! Please just tell me!" said Omi frantically.

"The Dragons of Wind, Earth and Fire," he said simply. Omi's eyes went wide.


"Yes Omi. How else are we to defeat Chase Young without the other three elements? We need to bring them back." Omi's hands flew to his fore head to clear his mind.

"All of them are probably back at their home towns," said Dojo, somewhat excited. Master Fung nodded.

"B-but it's been so long…" Omi was in a daze. He slowly massaged his temples, trying to get rid of the sudden headache. "I…I-I'm sorry, I don't know what to say."

"Say that you're excited kid!" Dojo cheered. "We're going to see them again!"

"Dojo, this is a very important mission. It might be more difficult bringing them back. Some may have already started families and some might not want to relive the memories from this temple. It will be difficult to pull them out of their adult lives. I bid you to take caution if they argue not to come."

"But master, I haven't seen them in years. How will I recognize them? How will they recognize me?"

"Uh Omi, your yellow," Dojo said.

"That is my point! How will they recognize me?! I'm practically invisible!"

"Uh… never mind."

"The search will be harder than you think, but without them, Chase has already won," Master Fung said.

"Alright Master Fung. I shall accept the difficult task. Dojo and I will search for them."

"Pack many things, I expect you to be gone a minimum week or so. You will first go to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil where you will find Raimundo. Then it's Texas, United States where you will find Clay. And the last place is Tokyo, Japan and that is where you'll find Kimiko."

"Cool, I've always wanted to see what happened to all of them, and now I can," said Dojo. He jumped outside quickly and transformed into his larger self. "Let's go kid!"

"Dojo, I think we should let Omi pack a few things before he goes."

"Oh all right," he sighed, sliming down to his smaller self.

"But Master Fung, this all I need. We could leave right now," Omi said pointing to his clothes.

"Trust me Omi, go to your room. I think you need to recollect on the past," Master Fung said. "Come along Dojo. I want you to make me one more cup of tea before you go."

Omi watched his master and a grumbling Dojo walk out of his room. He stood there, still wondering what Master Fung said about recollecting the past. He looked around his room. He had a few pictures when he was younger of him and his friends. He picked up the picture and looked at it.

Omi was smiling proudly and holding up his hands, while Raimundo was smirking and giving him some bunny ears behind his head. Clay was smiling and tipping his hat slightly forward, as Kimiko was giving a great big smile while holding up a peace sign with her two fingers.

All of them would have probably looked so different, just like him. He looked at Raimundo, then Kimiko, and then Clay.

"I bet Clay still wears the same cowboy hat," he smiled, letting his finger smooth over the portrait.

He remembered taking the picture like it was yesterday. As soon as the flash went off, Kimiko started yelling at Raimundo for putting bunny ears behind Omi's head and for totally ruining the picture. All Raimundo did was smirk at her yelling as he gave her a face that said 'He could care less.' Then Clay would stand there and say a witty remark in his southern accent.

He remembered that day perfectly…because it was the day they left…

"Ugh, I so don't want to train right now," groaned Raimundo, sitting on the ground.

"Raimundo! You are the Shoku warrior! You must uplift your teammates when in battle!" Omi yelled. Raimundo would merely roll his eyes, doing his best to ignore the small bald kid. The three boys waited for Kimiko to arrive.

"Come on Rai, we got the whole day off yesterday," chirped Clay, leaning against the pole of the bars. "It's not like my biscuits are burning."

"What? You made food at a time like this?" Omi questioned.

"No Omi, he's saying he's not sore or anything," Raimundo corrected.

"Sore? Why would he be sore? We had the privilege to get the day off yesterday!"

Raimundo smacked his forehead and threw his head back and looked up in he bright blue sky. It had been a month since they finally defeated Chase and the rest of the evil gang. For two months, they had been relaxing and using their time to spend it with each other. After a month, it was a done deal that Chase or anybody else would be returning. Even Jack Spicer had finished up bad boy deal and had gone to high school.

For the time being, the gang has just been collecting shen gong wu that would arise randomly. It wasn't even a challenge anymore; they would leave, collect, and go home. There was no one to stop them or any xiaolin showdowns to do. Evil had finally stopped.

Omi would say that Raimundo has been an ok leader, but everyone knew Rai was the greatest. He was strong, brave, fearless, and always knew what to do. Oh and he definitely took pride in that.

"Damn, where is that girl?" Raimundo asked, raising his head, looking around for Kimiko.

"Oh those females, you know how they can be. They are always late to everything," Omi said, doing several spins in a perfect motion.

"Just don't say that around her, partner," Clay warned.

"I already heard him," Kimiko said from behind, narrowing her eyes at Omi. Raimundo couldn't help but smile seeing her. He noted how the sun made her hair shine brighter. He smirked.

"Well finally! Having some feminine troubles?" Raimundo teased, standing on his two feet. Suddenly her face turned sad and she did her best to put on a fake smile. Raimundo immediately took back what he said and frowned. He was about to apologize when she spoke.

"Master Fung would like to see us, actually. That's what took me so long," she explained, her face still poignant. She turned to leave.

"Wait Kim, what's wrong?" Raimundo said with concern. He could have sworn she saw tears in her eyes.

"You'll find out soon enough," she waved for them to follow, doing her best to not meet their gaze. Master Fung was sitting quietly by himself, meditating as he heard their footsteps.

"Young monks, please take a seat," Maser Fung. Each of them obeyed. Raimundo was still worried about Kimiko, who looked miserable. Master Fung didn't look so well himself. In fact he looked torn. Dojo appeared from the window, looking depressed himself. "As you know, evil hasn't been occurring lately."

"And that is a good thing. We have triumphed evil once and for all!" Omi said with a happy face. Kimiko couldn't help but smile.

"Yes Omi, but there is something else…" Master Fung replied. He then explained the situation. He told them how they were getting older and had their whole lives ahead of them. He told them how the temple wasn't the best place to be raising teenagers when they should be home. He told them how they actually had a life waiting for them outside the temple. Jobs, opportunities, careers were waiting for them. "I'm sorry I didn't see it before…I have been holding all of you back. I have been so selfish…"

"Master Fung…I…I don't get it," Raimundo stuttered. "My life is here."

"I know Raimundo, but the circumstances have changed. I didn't realize that when I brought you here in the first place that…that I would have to let you go as well when the time occurred. I was only planning on you being here for three years, and it's even exceeded that."

"Master Fung…we…this is like our home," Clay spoke. "I mean, I love Texas and all, but I love it here too."

"Trust me when I say that I truly don't want you to leave…but it would be selfish of me to not let you go. You must understand that this is extremely hard for me to bear."

"So don't do it then! All of us are fine here, right guys?" Raimundo turned to them. Clay and Omi agreed, but Kimiko hung her head low. "K-Kimiko?"

"Oh Rai, of course I love it here. All of you are like family to me…but my father called…"

"And I took matters in to my own hands," Master Fung finished. "I have contacted all of your families and told them I would be sending you back." Omi looked broken. Dojo looked back at the group once more and slithered away. He couldn't take it anymore.

"B-but Master Fung! My…my friends…" he was confused and distressed.

"Our job is to collect all the wu. There are still hundreds out there!" Raimundo argued.

"That is no longer your job; Omi will be doing that. I am beyond satisfied with your training and pleased as your master. I can't thank you enough, young dragons. You have brought this temple so many smiles and triumphs. Please…you must understand where I am coming from."

The group remained silent. It was true…they were getting older. Time wasn't stopping. They did their job as dragons and fulfilled their tasks. Raimundo knew his mother and all his insane brothers and sisters missed him life crazy. Clay knew his father missed him around the ranch. Kimiko knew her father missed her dearly as well. All in all, they too were being selfish as well. Raimundo gulped and nodded.

"We understand master."

"Good, Dojo will take you two home," he nodded to Clay and Raimundo. They looked questioningly at Kimiko. "Kimiko has her own transportation."

After a few more sighs and goodbyes, the monks thanked Master Fung and went o go pack. Kimiko was already packed; apparently, she knew about this whole thing a few days ago. She smiled, taking out her camera while taking some shots of the boys as they packed.

"Come on, one of all four of us," she said.

"Aw Kim, I'm not in the mood," Raimundo said.

"I'll take one," Clay offered, as he held the camera so that she and him were perfectly in the center. She smiled deeply at Clay before giving him a kiss on the cheek. He blushed and instinctively played with his hat out of habit. Raimundo glared and was about to say something.

"Oh I want a picture!" Omi cheered, taking the camera from Clay. "If only I knew how to work this."

"Well if Raimundo would come, all four of us could be in it," Kimiko said, narrowing her eyes at him.

"Alright, I'm coming, I'm coming," he gruffly replied. They got in their positions, the same exact ones. After the picture was taken, Kimiko began to yell.

"Raimundo! This was supposed to be a nice picture! You look stupid with the bunny ears!"

"Actually, Omi looks stupid…I look good," he replied smoothly. "I like the picture."

"I don't understand. Are you saying I am some sort of animal?" Omi questioned.

"Nah Omi, Rai's just being a jackass…now that's an animal," Clay smirked, as Raimundo glared. Kimiko quickly printed the pictures off her computer.

"So, what are you guys going to when you get back?" Kimiko asked casually, printing as many pictures as she could before her ride came. She looked at Raimundo hesitantly; she had something important to tell him before he left.

"I don't know, help my pa out with the ranch most likely," Clay replied. "Go back to school."

"Well I know that when I get back, the ladies will be all over me. Did I tell you guys I had a fan cub? Yeah, life doesn't get much better then that. Soaking up the sun with a bunch of chicks is what I'm going to do," he smirked, picturing it in his mind. Kimiko frowned behind her computer. Her eyes felt heavy as she looked down.

What was she thinking? Raimundo was a player…how could he ever feel the same way? But…but what happened to the courageous brave boy she fell for so long ago? She looked down at the picture she just printed; one of her and Raimundo together.

"Yeah right Raimundo," Clay teased.

"A guy can dream, can't he?" he smirked. She sighed deeply, almost feeling tears behind her eyes.

"My friends…will I ever see you again?" Omi suddenly asked. All eyes lay upon him. Being the protective mother that she was to Omi, Kimiko jumped off her chair and held him.

"I…I honestly don't know, partner," Clay said, taking off his hat.

"Oh Omi, we'll keep in touch," Kimiko said gently. It was then the wind picked up and each could hear a helicopter outside the temple. She gave Omi a kiss on the cheek and got up to grab her things. Omi turned bright red, too stunned to move an inch. She gave Clay a hug and realized Raimundo wasn't there. She frowned, very disappointed that he didn't want to spend their last goodbye with her. After saying one last goodbye to Dojo and the rest of the monks, she walked to the arch of the temple.

"Good afternoon, Miss Tohomiko," a servant said, grabbing her things. She took one last look at the temple and sighed.

"So where's my kiss?" Raimundo said with a smirk, as he walked up to her.

"I didn't think the Shoku warrior wanted one," she smirked back. She looked at the ground before handing him the picture of the two of them. "Here." He smiled when he saw it.

"When did we take this?"

"The day you got promoted," she said simply, rolling her foot in the grass. She sighed one last time before giving him a deep hug. She buried her face in his chest and was grateful that he hugged her back.

"Don't you ever forget me, Raimundo," she cried.

"I could never forget you," he replied, resting his chin on her head. He grumbled as he heard her servants telling her to hurry. She wiped her tears before she could look at him. It looked like he wanted to tell her something so bad, but couldn't. "I'll miss you."

She smiled once more, pecking his lips with a small kiss, before running to the helicopter. He stood, too stunned to move, as his hand gently touched his lips. He watched the helicopter take off and fly over the mountains. He held the picture close to his chest, as he continued to feel her heat still on his body, and the burning sensation on his lips.

He slowly walked back, receiving a mischievous look from Clay. Then Dojo enlarged himself and the two of them took off into the sunset. Omi watched, sadly, from the ground, feeling the tears from his eyes flow down his round cheeks.

It was over…just like that. It took him a month to realize they didn't leave any address or number to contact…nothing.

It was over…just like that…

Now he realized what Master Fung was talking about. He wanted him to remember his past to prepare for the future. It always brought him depression when he thought of them…but the future held so much more for him.He looked at more pictures on his dresser. Some of them by himself, some with Kimiko, some with Raimundo, some with Clay, and some even with Master Fung and Dojo. He could almost feel some tears being backed up in his eyes.

He was going to see them again, all of them. He didn't even care if they agreed to fight along his side again or not; at least he was going to see them. He wanted to see Raimundo's cocky grin, Kimiko's big gorgeous smile, and Clay's big hat that he used to fit inside of. All he wanted to do, if they did not agree, was talk and see how they were doing. And maybe this time get some phone numbers or an address so they could keep in touch.

He was ready to go. He didn't pack anything. He didn't need anything. He didn't need twenty different styles like Kimiko did when she was around. He just liked his natural robes and wore them everywhere he went. He ran out to Dojo who was waiting for him with Master Fung.

"I am ready Master Fung."

"Good, I trust that you reminisced on your past a little?"

"Yes I did Master, thank you. It showed me how much I truly missed them."

"Well, we aren't getting any younger! Hop on kid!" Dojo said as he transformed into his huge self.

"Be careful Omi. If they do not want to come, then do not force them," said Master Fung.

"But what about you? What if Chase attacks while we are gone?" said Omi.

"We will be fine young one, just you focus on your mission and that only. We can take care of ourselves."

"I seriously doubt it," mumbled Dojo.

"Ok then. Dojo, how about we go to the beach?"

"Couldn't have said it better myself kid."

And with that, Dojo took off into the sky and soared through it as if he were a kite. You could hear his cheers of joy from the temple. Master Fung sighed when they took off; even he was a little nervous.

A bird sat in a tree, watching the sight before him. Its eyes zoomed in, seeing the monk hop on the dragon and fly. That was its cue. It took off from its perch and flew. It flew over the hills and mountains, till finally it found itself in a dark lair. It flew into a hole, as a giant room came up on the other side where Chase was waiting. The bird projected what it saw and observed.

"So, that's his plan. Omi is going to retrieve the others back to the temple," said Chase after looking through his bird's eye. "With all of them back, his hope and strength will be restored. He will be strong again."

"So what are we going to do?" said a mysterious voice coming from the darkness. A young man with bright red hair emerged from the darkness.

"You know what to do…"

Could we fix you if you broke?

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