Coming Home

In all honesty, looking back on it all, never did she think she'd be stuck in this position ever again. When she left the temple, she put those days behind her, far behind her, for if she relived them, her depression would increase. And then, in just a split second, her Xiaolin world was once again back in her life. Once a Xiaolin warrior, always a Xiaolin warrior. Once a Xiaolin dragon, always a Xiaolin dragon. She knew now it was in her blood and who she was, a hero for a world to never know of. A knight that never got any gratitude or praise, only because the world wasn't ready for such things.

And as she stood in front on Wuya, who was still speechless and full of fear, glowing like a star in the pitch black sky, she knew that today she would finally put a stop to all the evil once and for all.

She glanced at Clay, still fighting his enemy, so full of peace and serenity because that's what nature gave him. Then her eyes went toward Omi, so full of passion and vigor, keeping up with Chase, no matter how difficult. Lastly, she stared at Raimundo, who was still taunting Hannibal with his powerful sky. She melted when she looked at him, for she loved such a powerful and strong man. Now that he knew her secret, there was not more running; she had to face the music.

Her gaze shifted back to Wuya, still angry and livid at the witch. Wuya had taken a few steps back, trying to be brave, only it wasn't working. Wuya gulped down her saliva, feeling a heavy lump deep in her throat. At first, she really thought she could beat Kimiko…but now, the story was completely different. Still, gaining what little courage she had, she took a fighting stance, facing Kimiko with as much power as she could show. Envious feelings rolled over her, witnessing Kimiko's strength and power. It was so compelling and impressive, that Wuya watched in hunger as the waves of volts flowed down Kimiko's body.

"I'm done, Wuya. No, actually I'm beyond done," Kimiko said, her voice echoing slightly from the energy. Wuya felt so small compared to her, even though Wuya was practically six inches taller than her. Kimiko prepared herself, taking into a fighting stance and glowing even brighter…

Raimundo was levitated off the ground, hovering over Hannibal. Hannibal, at this point, didn't know what to do. All he could do was keep his mouth shut from saying more stupid things, and standing still like a petrified being. Raimundo's body was outlined in a soft glowing white, showing off more of his might.

"Since I don't consider you a threat anymore, it's time to deal with things once and for all," Raimundo said, as thunder rolled heavily.

"What does that mean?" Hannibal asked, his voice weaker than usual. Raimundo didn't answer. Instead, he looked up to Chase's mountain, the lair full of hatred and everything Raimundo worked so hard to keep away from after so many years.

"That needs to go," he mumbled to himself, as his eyes glowed brighter. He motioned his hands, moving them in a circular motion. Hannibal watched in awe, as the wind spiraled out of nowhere. Soon, to his astonishment, a large tornado was being formed. The ash of the ground spiraled up into the vortex, as the tornado took everything with it. Raimundo pushed it towards Chase's mountain, ready to destroy one of the monuments Chase took pride in. Hannibal's mouth dropped suddenly, now sure that he was ready to run away and go into hiding for many years.

The colossal current swirled around and around, slowly making its giant mass toward the mountain. Chase noticed instantly, his golden slits widening in shock. He shook his head, distracted as Omi took another shot, hitting him straight in the side and sending him into another piece of mountain. Clay grinned, fully impressed. Although he could help with Raimundo's clever idea, Guan was not giving up. Like child, he was trying his best to squirm out of the vines Clay had managed to sprout out of the ground, even though vegetation hadn't grown on the barren valley in years.

Ashley watched in amazement as the tornado neared the mountain. Then, she gasped, remembering something extremely vital and important. She suddenly ran swiftly, feeling the wind pick up, as she got closer.

"Where are you going?" Jack yelled, suddenly running after her. The fake nails on her gloves grew longer, as she jumped on the mountain's wall and began climbing back up, wanting to get to the front. Jack growled, pushing up his sleeve and pressing a button on his watch. Many robots came from the back of the mountain, as he jumped on one of them and flew up. He was surprised how fast Ashley was, for she was already at the top. He paused suddenly, looking back down. He glared with hatred at the warriors, turning back to his robots. "Destroy them. Kill them all. I want to finish this…I will rule this world." His droids listened, as all of them flew back down to attack the dragons. Jack flew up, landing on the ridge.

The wind was blowing furiously, as he looked up to see the mouth of the vortex above. The robot kept him mounted for the time being, matching the tornados strength until it couldn't hold anymore. Before Jack could fully run in, the jungle cats burst out, as Ashley helped them out. Dyris was close behind her, holding onto a panther for her life, while having little Ratha under her other arm.

"Jack, get your robots to take them down," she commanded, grasping onto the ground with her nails.

"Hell no. You're not getting away with this!"

"What's your problem? Help me! We need to save them!" she yelled louder, her short hair blowing above her head.

"Screw them and screw you, Ashley! This wasn't supposed to happen!"

"Are you mad because I betrayed you? I thought you didn't care! You never care! You hate me!"

"Don't make this about you!"

"Oh I'm sorry, it's about you! It's always been about you! I'm sorry, for once in my life I'm taking charge and not listening to anyone but myself! It's my life now, not Chase's, not Wuya's, and certainly not yours! I'm done with everything! You can't control me anymore!"

"Shut up! Just shut up! You have no idea what you're saying!" Jack screamed louder, looking as if he was ready to cry. Ashley was astonished…was she really breaking through?

"Do you know what I really want?" she asked, narrowing her eyes and throwing him a cold gaze. "I want the old Jack back…I want the boy I knew when I was younger. I want that man back…not this."

Jack screamed and ran forward, causing his robot to fly up the current. He was livid with rage at her words. It was hard for him to run, but he managed to tackle her to the ground, slapping her across the face. A tiger seized the moment, jumping at Jack while thrusting him off her. Jack kicked the tiger off, ready to strike Ashley once more. He lost balance, looking up in surprised to see the mountain slowly deteriorating. Chunks and pieces flew off and spiraled upward.

"Dyris, you need to go!" Ashley yelled.

Dyris shook her head, "How? I can't move!"

At this point, Ashley was panicking. She didn't have amazing abilities that controlled elements or the sky. She couldn't do anything at all. She looked at the helpless cats and Dyris, holding on for their lives on the flimsy ridge that was ready to break. Then she looked at Jack, so full of anger, who was also holding on to a rock. Suddenly, the piece of the ridge broke off from the rest, as Jack screamed and flew. Because Ashley had cat-like reflexes, she quickly jumped into the air as high as she could and grabbed Jack, pulling him back down to the solid piece of ridge all while clawing her nails back into the ground. Jack stared at her, completely dumbfounded as to why she would save him. They stared into each other's eyes, suddenly forgetting the world around them.

"You saved me…" he finally said, never letting go of her. Tears formed behind her eyes, feeling her emotions taking place. Her lips trembled.

"I can't let the man I love die," she spoke softly, looking down. She didn't know if her heard her or not, because he didn't say or do anything. She heard him gulp once, as she closed her eyes in embarrassment. She suddenly felt his gentle fingers lift her chin, making her look him in the eyes. There they were; his perfect ruby eyes were sincere and exactly the same six years ago. This was the Jack she knew…

He didn't say anything, instead pressing a button on his watch and commanding his robots to come back to him. Each picked up a jungle cat and swiftly taking them safely to the ground. Then another one aided Dyris and Ratha, as she grabbed a hold of it and flew down. Another one came up, as Jack grabbed Ashley's waist, held her close, and flew down. Just as they did so, the entire ridge was gone and broke away completely. They landed on the ground, back on the battlefield, still holding each other close. Ashley didn't know what came over him so suddenly, but she liked it.

"The shen gong wu are still in there," he stated, looking at the mountain.

"Are…you going to get them?" she asked hesitantly, not knowing what to say.

"No…they'll be safe. They can never be destroyed," he replied, looking back at her. "You brought me back…I've been wanting to come back. I just didn't know how." The tears finally fell down her face, as she nodded.

"I'm pregnant…" she cried.

"I know," he replied, as she stared at him with wide eyes. "I'm not completely oblivious." With that, she hugged him, despite all that was going on around her.

Clay watched from a distance, smiling slowly to himself. Never did he expect this to happen. Loving the fact Kimiko had a secret plan going on with her mortal enemy, he was suddenly joyous and happy, knowing that finally this would be over. He turned back to Guan, sending another vine to wrap him up. The vine slithered like a snake, winding around Guan's body. Guan openly struggled, writhing in pain as the vine continued to squeeze.

"You won't kill me…you can't," Guan stammered, cringing.

"No I can't," Clay admitted, patting down his wounds that were still bleeding out. He ripped off pieces of his clothes, putting pressure on one of them. "But that doesn't mean I can't defeat you."

The same vine suddenly shot up towards Guan's neck, pulling him back. He instantly couldn't breathe and he felt the blood rush to his head. In a matter of seconds, he lost consciousness, his body going limp and his head falling forward. The vines snapped from the ground, letting Guan fall. Still wrapped, Clay stared at him, nodding his head.

"After all this time…it took nature to finally beat you. I'm sorry it had to come to this, I really am, but you left me no choice. You won't hurt anyone ever again…" Clay walked away from Guan's body, jogging over to Raimundo. He smirked, watching Raimundo go all out on the mountain. He noticed Hannibal was just standing and watching. He finally called out to him, "My guy is down!"

Raimundo turned and landed on the ground, his eyes turning back to their normal green. "So is mine." Clay was confused, as he turned to Hannibal. Clay was about to question him, when he instantly said, "He tried to run, so I had to hold him. He can't move." Clay scrutinized it more, now seeing the current of wind holding Hannibal in his place. Hannibal glared at Clay, who was chuckling.

"Trying to take down the mountain?"

"Trying? I'm making real progress here…"

"Rai, tornado or not, a little gust of wind isn't going to take down an entire lair," Clay crossed his arms, shaking his head. Raimundo pursed his lips, also crossing his arms.

"So what do you suggest? Some lightning?"

"No…I'm suggesting that I help," Clay offered, walking right up next to Raimundo. "Together."

Raimundo grinned, nodding his head as both stood next to each other and faced the mountain. Raimundo continued to do what he was doing, as the tornado swirled and lifted up chunks of the mountain. Clay concentrated, as his body outline glowed a soft yellow. As much as Raimundo hated it, he grabbed Clay's hand, boosting the power instantly. White and yellow glowed as one, as both of their auras glowed even brighter. The ground underneath them suddenly shook, as the tremors traveled toward the base of the mountain. Cracks suddenly traveled up the mountain walls, splitting the mountain. As they combined powers, the tornado and earthquake became greater as well.

Chase watched in horror and awe, witnessing the only thing that he actually cared about waste away into nothing. His team was losing…he was losing…he was slowly losing everything. His bottom lip quivered in anger, as he stabbed his own teeth into it. His lips suddenly bled from the force, letting it dribble down his chin. Omi continued to watch, never seeing Chase so affected by anything.

"You destroyed my home…it is time yours shared the same fate," Omi stated boldly. Chase balled his fists, turning back to Omi with furious rage.

"You think you're so mighty now, don't you? Now that half of my accomplices are finished and my home is being destroyed right before my very eyes, now you have the strength to talk to me this way," Chase uttered in a low, but deadly tone.

"No…I will talk to you this way because you don't scare me. I will talk to you this way because you deserve it. You have caused so much destruction and devastation to this world that you don't even care of its other inhabitants! All you care about is yourself!" Omi yelled, pointing a guilty finger. "A wise man once told me…that light would conquer the darkness because darkness was weaker than the light. I doubted him at first, because you were surmounting and we were losing. But that was just the beginning, and now I truly see…we will win because we are on the light side! You will lose because that is who you are…pure darkness!"

Chase screamed, suddenly collecting a large amount of water as fast as he could. Omi was too busy talking to notice that Chase was accumulating it, as Chase shot the water like a bullet towards him. However, Omi was prepared. A small, but great, voice was advising him, teaching and telling him new things. Omi braced himself, holding out his hands as the piercing water collided with him. He was pushed back, trying to hold it out. Chase's grin suddenly disappeared, as Omi's body glowed a faint blue. Omi shot his eyes open, a deep and powerful blue color shining in them instead of his normal black orbs. His fingers stiffened, as the water instantly turned into ice. Chase stopped immediately, his mouth hanging open.

What had turned into a geyser of water was now pure ice, sparkling in the rain and completely solid. Omi stared at the ice, sighing in relief and gratitude, touching it gently with his fingers. Then, he took some of the rainfall and placed it on his broken bone. His arm glowed a brilliant blue, as his broken arm healed in a matter of seconds. The water then surrounded his other cuts and wounds, as each healed in a matter of seconds. Chase's nostrils flared and his eyes widened.

"Do you have the Orb of Tornami on you?" Chase asked in a shocking tone.

"No," Omi answered, touching the ice as if it was his own pet. "The Orb cannot heal, Chase."

The ice melted instantly, flowing in a circle around Omi's body. He formed two rings around himself, rotating around him like a planet. In a hasty manner, Chase tried to fire another attack at Omi, sending another wave in his direction. Before the water could touch him, it froze at once. Chase, in a panic, did it again…only to be foiled once more. Chase was breathing heavily, watching in shock as the frozen ice turned to liquid right before his eyes. Omi collected more water, as it circled around his body.

"It would seem that I now have the upper hand," Omi muttered, his hands shining like ice of a glacier. His body sparkled like diamonds, the water from the rain freezing and sticking to his yellow skin.

"This wasn't supposed to happen…" Chase whispered to himself, feeling his mountain continue being shredded into nothing. "You weren't supposed to get you other power…"

"Wanting to defeat you was more important…I finally put my selfish needs aside and began thinking of others," Omi replied proudly

"I'm not going to surrender to you!" Chase yelled. He ran forward, his hands in the air, ready to strike. "I will never lose to you!" Omi made some hand gestures, as he shot out spikes of ice towards him. Chase had to slow himself down, surprised at the sudden attack. He dodged all but a couple, as one icicle went straight through his upper collarbone and another through his leg. He yelled in pain, crouching to the ground. When Chase looked up, he finally saw his mountain crashing to the ground, as the earth shook with fury. The bits and pieces flew up into the tornado, knowing they would be flailing somewhere else in the mountainous range.

Omi flipped in front of him, kicking Chase directly in the face. He flew back a couple of meters, as Omi took out a whip of water and lashed Chase with it. Blood began pouring from Chase's wounds. Omi flipped around him again, his forehead glowing with his signature dots, only this time they were glowing blue. He picked his leg up and dropped an axe kick right on Chase's back, pushing him lower into the ground. The floor beneath him cracked, as Omi took his knee and thrust it into his ribcage, cracking a few bones. Chase cringed in pain, realizing Omi was moving too fast for him.

Chase spat out his own blood, "You can't kill me, Omi…I'm immortal…even if I do need some sort of source to survive…I still can't die."

"Yes, I realize that…I'm not going to kill you," Omi stated, as the water continued to swirl around his body with power. Chase stared at him, confused and bewildered until Omi finally said, "I'm going to contain you…"

Chase shook his head furiously, yelling in rage and limping forward, "I'll kill you instead!" He ran forward, ready to snap Omi's neck.

Omi flung his hands into the air, drenching Chase in the water. Instantly, the water froze, turning itself into solid ice. Omi calmly put his arms down, staring into Chase's monstrous face. Chase was beginning to transform into his beast side, his skin turning into scales and his bloody crimson teeth protruding out even further. His long black nails ripped through his gloves, knowing they were ready to slice his head off. The ice that froze Chase was stained red from his bloody wounds, as his golden slits were bloodshot and angry. Omi dropped to his knees, ignoring the wind and earthquakes all around him, while staring into the empty eyes of his enemy. He waited a few seconds, confirming that the ice would hold him.

He sighed deeply knowing Chase Young was detained…for the time being. For the time being…it was over...

Wuya flipped through the air, dodging many electric attacks that were coming from Kimiko. She landed on the ground roughly, having to roll frantically away from another blast. Kimiko moved fast, like a spark of lightning traveling in the night sky. Kimiko flipped up, attempting to smash Wuya with her feet. Wuya dodged again, barely missing Kimiko's soles. Electricity crashed into the ground, exploding like a bomb. Wuya flipped her hair over, getting it out of her face.

"Now I truly see why I loved technology so much," Kimiko mused, looking at her fingertips. "I was always connected to it."

"Glad your happily ever after finally happened," Wuya breathed heavily, wobbling to stand up.

"Trust me, it's not even close," she replied indifferently. After a quick hand motion, Kimiko shot another beam out of her hands, as Wuya jumped to the side frantically. "And yes, I'm missing on purpose."

"Why? Why do you keep toying with me?" she shrieked.

"Because that's all you've ever done to me."

"I didn't know revenge was your style," Wuya countered.

"Giving you a taste of your own medicine isn't the same, in my opinion," Kimiko defended, shooting another electric current, barely touching her. "I think if I did actually shock you, I'd kill you."

"Oh so your intention isn't to kill me then? I'm honored," Wuya mocked, her body trembling.

"Trust me when I say the world would be better without…but I don't think I could do it," Kimiko stated honestly. After a pause, Wuya laughed lightly.

"Even with all your power you're still weak! After all this time, you're still pathetic and worthless!" Wuya shouted. Kimiko simply smiled, letting Wuya speak. "I…I should be able do defeat you…I'm better than you. I always have!"

Wuya's hands glowed green, as well as her eyes and hair. Kimiko had pissed off Wuya, and she barely said anything incriminating to her. Pretty soon, Wuya's whole body glowed the radiant and eerie green color, ready to fire her power. Kimiko prepared herself, charging up with as much electricity as she could. Wuya shouted, shooting out her power towards Kimiko. Kimiko did the same, her hands thrusting forward as she shot out her energy.

Both energies collided against each other, creating a sonic boom throughout the air. The bright light shined in the darkness, as it shot up into the sky like a shaft of light. Both women pushed, each filled with power and vigor. Kimiko was surprised at how well Wuya was keeping up with her, sans Wuya's emotions were fluctuating rapidly. Kimiko pushed with all her might, her eyes glowing a blood red.

The rain had stopped and the storm had quieted down, meaning Raimundo and Clay were watching intently. Just what she needed…an audience. It was bad enough that she had to use all her strength to defeat one witch, but with people watching her? It wasn't the best thing to be thinking while battling her. However, she continued to impel her energy on Wuya, thinking that maybe, just maybe, she could win this. She had to…for the world and for its people.

She could hear her own static in the air, causing friction everywhere. She could feel sudden fires being set off in various areas, as well as a ring of fire around the witch and herself. Blood began dripping from her nose, as she tasted it on her tongue. She felt her feet sliding on the wet ground, suddenly doubting herself. When she thought Wuya was going to win, she felt a flash of lightning strike in the sky. Her mouth hung open slightly and her tears began to fall from her eyes.


Raimundo's lightning was aiding and helping her. Even though she couldn't see or hear him, his lightning was his own way of showing her that he believed in her. Lightning was energy, and ultimately it gave her more power. She grinned widely, even though she knew it could give her more power, she disregarded it; knowing that Raimundo believed in her was enough power. So instead of taking the skies energy, she forced harder, taking a step forward. Her eyes glowed even brighter, as she took a few more steps. Wuya slid, as she frantically looked at Kimiko.

Wuya's mouth dropped. Instead of seeing just a plain beam on energy coming out of Kimiko's fingertips, she saw a large and noble fox made out of pure electric energy standing in front of Kimiko proudly, protecting her every step of the way. Wuya's face turned to worry, realizing she suddenly wasn't even making a dent anymore. The fox continued to walk forward, as Wuya's power slowly slipped.

Kimiko pushed one last time, giving it everything she had. She thought of her dead parents…her home and job…her best friend…the temple, Master Fung and Dojo…Omi…Clay…and most of all, Raimundo. And with that, one last beam of energy shot out of her hands, piercing through Wuya's beam and hitting her straight in the chest.

Wuya's eyes rolled to the back of her head, as she screamed in intense pain. Volts and volts of electric energy pulsed through her body and veins, shocking her core and every cell she had. Her body shook and trembled with such force, her teeth clattered and shuddered her jaw. Kimiko stopped suddenly, bringing her current to a halt and instantly ending everything. Her body powered down and stopped glowing. She exhaled slowly and deeply, staring at Wuya's still body. Wuya's mouth hung open and her green eyes were still rolled back. Then, slowly, her body fell backward and into the ground. The earth stood still and was quiet….

Kimiko ran towards her body, the ashes falling from the sky. The fires finally burned out and the lightning had stopped…all was quiet for once.

When she got there, she looked down on Wuya's body. She seemed lifeless…although Kimiko could still feel a slow heartbeat beating within her. She sighed in relief, not knowing if she could live with killing someone. Wuya's finger twitched slightly and Kimiko already knew that she was healing herself. She took out the puzzle box and opened it. There was a green flash, as Wuya was sucked back into the box. Kimiko stood back up, shutting the box and staring at it. For once, Kimiko was at a loss for words, as the wind blew her hair gently. Steam rose off her skin and her gi was full of holes and torn up.

"I'm tired of darkness…" Raimundo muttered to Clay, never taking his eyes off her. He looked up into the sky, clearing the black clouds that have covered the sky for so many years. The thickness began to slowly fade, as a bright blue sky suddenly appeared.

Clay walked over to Omi, who was still on his knees and staring at a frozen Chase, and placed a comforting hand on his shoulder. Omi stood up, letting Clay keep his hand on his shoulder.

"It truly does amaze me how people are they way they choose. Chase Young was, indeed, a monster," Omi muttered, as Clay looked into Chase's frozen eyes.

"Where there's love, there's hatred. It has to go hand in hand…otherwise the world wouldn't be balanced," Clay explained.

"Yes Clay, thank you…I know that now," Omi smiled, gazing behind him toward Guan and Hannibal, who were both tied up in vines. Then he glanced at Jack and Ashley, both smiling and enjoying the suns amazing warmth. Dyris then ran up to them, embracing Ashley and a friendly hug. Both girls smiled and laughed, joyous tears falling down their cheeks.

When Kimiko looked up, she saw the radiant and luminous sun bearing its dazzling rays upon her. Tears began to pour from her eyes once more, now accepting the fact that it was finally over. She gripped the puzzle box with force, never letting go. Despite what she was feeling, a mix of joy and sadness, she smiled while nodding her head, suddenly thinking of her parents. She lived another day…and for once she knew she deserved it.


The smile immediately left her face and her eyes widened, gulping down everything she could. She slowly turned around to see him standing casually, simply watching her while she gazed longingly into the sky. "Rai…" Despite battling an immortal witch, she was suddenly terrified of the man standing in front of her. Her cheeks burned and flushed a deep red, while her feet mindlessly took a few steps back. Embarrassment washed over her, the humiliation too much to bear by just looking at him. "I…I didn't hear you come over…" She took a few more steps back, wanting to run as far away as she could.

His brow rose in confusion, wondering why she was retreating. "That was some show you put on."

"Y-yeah, well, you know…occupational hazard, what can you do? B-but we should really get back to the temple, Master Fung must be worried," Kimiko stammered, feeling her cheeks continue to burn. She mentally cursed herself for sounding like such an idiot. She quickly turned around, ready to sprint off when…

"Kimiko," he repeated. She bit her lip, reluctantly turning around to face him. She jumped and gasped, for he was suddenly right in front of her, mere inches apart. She looked into his face, his grinning face, and stared into his eyes. Her eye twitched in fury at his smugness.

"Who do you think you are?" she poked his firm chest, as she spoke loudly. "Wipe that damn smirk off your face for once in your life, because it's not cute! Just because I confessed one of my deepest, darkest secrets, you think you're so cool, don't you? Well guess what, you're not! So don't be so proud and smirk at me as if you know everything and think you're so important!"

Raimundo's face remained the same, as he gazed in amusement at her. Her face was still red with anger and embarrassment, and he couldn't help but smile with infatuation. Since his attitude wasn't changing, she huffed in humiliation and swiftly turned around. He caught her arm quickly, spinning her around and bringing her into his arms. He wrapped his secure arms around her waist, bringing her in close. Her mouth dropped in surprise, looking bewildered.

"What are you doing?"

"Don't talk…it's my turn to speak," Raimundo pressed his hand to her full lips. His hand trailed up to her forehead and down her cheek, while the other one brushed her long hair gently. "When I left the temple, I thought I was really losing something important to me. I thought I had really lost you. I thought I was never going to see you again. And when this all happened, it was like a miracle had finally occurred. It was then I realized…I never stopped loving you the way I did when I was younger."

She felt frozen in place, as her mouth hung slightly. The wind was knocked right out of her…

"And then fear consumed me once again…the same fear that I couldn't handle when we were teens…when I couldn't tell you how I really felt," he continued, gazing at her intently. "Kim…you take my breath away…you give me life…you make me feel free….you're everything to me. I love you so much."

Kimiko could no longer wait; she lunged at him with intensity. There lips met instantly, moving together as one with more passion and craze than anything they've ever felt. His breath was cold, while hers was hot, as each intertwined with one another. Kimiko wrapped her arms around his nape, while his hands roamed where they pleased. Their lips followed each others, moving quickly and full of force. Her taste and smell was intoxicating, wanting more and more every second as the passionate kiss progressed.

In the heat of it all, even though Kimiko wanted more, she broke apart, breathing heavily while he calmly stared at her. She smiled fondly, as she buried her face in his chest, embracing each other warmly. "Why didn't you tell me sooner?"

"Same reason as you, I guess," he sighed, putting his face in her hair.

"I suppose that's what fear can do to us," she said, suddenly feeling stupid. She chuckled lightly, "That and the fact I thought you already had a girlfriend."

"Girlfriend? When did I ever say that?" he looked at her questioningly.

"Oh well I thought…um never mind, I don't want to ruin this moment," Kimiko smiled, extra happy. In the midst of all their talking, a sudden applause was heard behind them. Kimiko turned around to see Clay and Omi clapping, to which Ashley and Dyris joined in. Jack stood behind Ashley, still a little cautious.

"It's about damn time!" Clay called out. Raimundo rolled his eyes and shook his head, as both walked over to the group, hand in hand.

The sun was shining and the day was perfect…and for once in a long time, all was perfect…

Three months later…

The newly painted temple glowed with brilliance and magnificent color. The monks were just finishing the last of the painting, as the wind blew gently with perfect ease. They jumped off the roofs, landing perfectly on the ground, completely finished with the royal blue paint and gold trimmings. Birds chirped and swooped down on the newly refurbished fountain that was spewing fresh water. The new temple buildings stood tall and majestic, giving new life to the temple.

Omi watched patiently on the roof, scrutinizing all of the monks' hard work. Dojo popped out of his gi to stare with him, smiling as big as he could. He didn't want to cry, but it was hard not to; everything was beautiful once again, just like it used to be. Master Fung was still on the ground, giving orders and directing the monks.

"I missed this," Dojo muttered.

"As did I, my old friend," Omi replied, nodding. "It looks even better than it did before."

"Kid, anything looked better than it did before," Dojo said. "My toenails looked better than the old temple."

"I would not go that far, Dojo," Omi made a disgusted face. Omi pursed his lips, watching the monks carefully reel out Chase, who was still frozen in the block of ice. Behind him, a monk was holding onto Wuya's box, almost too afraid to touch it. They reeled Chase to the newest and most secure building out of the entire temple; the dungeon. Hannibal and Guan were already secured inside, chained and locked up. Chase was going to be kept in a freezer, thanks to one of Kimiko's bright ideas. "Kimiko also suggested video cameras, but none of the monks know how to work such devices, including myself."

"A good tutorial never hurt anyone," Dojo agreed. "I still can't believe you turned him into a human popsicle."

"I would use the word 'human' lightly," Omi spat, narrowing his eyes and watching the metal doors shut tightly. His instincts suddenly perked, as his head shifted towards the main gate. A huge smile crept on his face, "Clay has finally arrived!"

Before Dojo could protest, Omi jumped swiftly though the air onto the other roofs, running toward the entrance. He flipped off the last one, landing on the ground and sprinting off once more. Clay grinned, watching one of his best friends run towards them like a bull. Emily smiled with him, standing close to Clay while holding their tiny baby girl in her arms. Omi finally joined them, already blurting how long the few months had been.

"Temple looks great, Omi," Clay smiled, putting his arm around his wife. "Have the others arrived?"

"No, you are the first. This is most exciting!" Omi jumped. Clay led Emily through the temple, as her eyes glistened with admiration. Clay introduced Emily to Master Fung.

"Did you recover most the wu?" Clay asked.

"Oh yes we did. With the help of Jack Spicer and the other monks, we were able to recover all of the shen gong wu," Omi answered triumphantly.

"Well that's good, I bet Clay here thought he'd have to lift the whole mountain to retrieve all of them," Raimundo spoke out, walking towards the group with luggage in his hands.

"A pleasure as always, Rai," Clay smiled, as Raimundo dropped his luggage and some monks took it away. "How were your last days in Rio?"

"I'm definitely going to miss it, but I'll visit often," Raimundo replied with a shrug.

"The wedding was beautiful in Rio, Raimundo. I had so much fun," Emily complimented.

"Leave it to Kim and Keiko to throw a party," Raimundo smiled in agreement, remembering the day perfectly.

"Well I'm glad you're adjusting well," Clay nodded.

"For her, I'll do anything," Raimundo admitted, now noticing that Clay's wife was holding something in her arms. He jumped with excitement, "Sweet Texas! You guys had a baby!" Emily giggled, handing the baby over to him. He took her gently, looking at her big blue eyes that matched her fathers.

"Meet Caroline Bailey, the newest addition to the team," Clay announced with a smile.

"She won't be fightin' any evil till she's older, young man," Emily narrowed her eyes at her husband, who grinned sheepishly.

"I could've sworn she was holding a doll…" Omi mumbled, slightly confused as Dojo stifled a laugh. Raimundo suddenly jerked his head and looked up toward the sky with a big smile. A helicopter could be heard in the distance, sounding louder as it got closer to the temple. Omi's face instantly paled, as his palms began to sweat. "Dojo, how do I look? Do I look sufficient? No wait…I need to look better than sufficient!"

The wind picked up as the helicopter landed in the open field in front of the temple, as Kimiko exited out of it. The chopper shut down, as the blades slowed down to a halt. Keiko followed after her, trying to hold all of her heavy luggage. Omi sprinted as fast as he could, rushing past the temple gates and knocking over Kimiko to get to Keiko. Kimiko narrowed her eyes, watching Omi embrace Keiko with a large hug and begin to kiss her.

"Oh hi Kimiko, nice to see you on this lovely day," Kimiko muttered sarcastically, picking herself up and dusting off. A few sparks came off her body as she continued to dust it off. Kimiko had to avert her eyes at one point, for they really started getting into it.

"Damn Omi, get a room," Raimundo antagonized, as Omi pulled away quickly with a sudden blush. "I particularly don't like my wife to get assaulted either."

"I'm fine, but I am worried that Keiko is now going to live here," Kimiko said with a disconcerting face.

"Don't worry, it won't be like this when the new students get here," Keiko assured, despite the look of disappointment on Omi's face.

"Well I hope so…I don't want to regret my decision on letting you reside here," Master Fung warned, raising his brow.

"Trust me Master Fung, I'll pull the leash when necessary," Keiko assured. Omi grumbled, helping Keiko with her many bags, as everyone walked back into the temple.

"I can't believe you're finally moving to Japan," Clay said, patting Raimundo's back.

"Took a couple of months, but everything is finally in order. I can't wait either; I already have a job interview with one of Kim's corporate buyers. They seem to be really interested in what I've got in store," Raimundo explained proudly. "I'm bringing the sun and heat back in that foreign place."

"I'm proud of you, partner. You've definitely stepped up the game."

"Was there any doubt?" Raimundo asked rhetorically, smirking widely. Kimiko rolled her eyes, turning to Emily.

"I seriously wonder how he can stand with the heavy weight of his ego on his shoulders," Kimiko joked. "It's great to see you again. I couldn't get a chance to know you at the wedding."

"The pleasure is all mine, darling. I've heard so much about you myself," Emily replied with a friendly smile. Everyone continued to talk and mingle, enjoying the wonderful and new atmosphere the temple brought. An hour went by before any of the other guests had arrived.

"You started the party without us?" a voice called out, as everyone looked toward the entrance to see Jack and Ashley. His black eyeliner was gone and his eyes showed the same friendliness that he had possessed in the past. He smiled jokingly, "I'm offended."

"That's what happens when you're late, Spicer," Raimundo grinned. Jack smiled knowingly and shook hands with Raimundo, while Ashley slowly waddled her way up to the group. Her abdomen had grown rather large over the months, as Kimiko greeted her with a smile.

"How's Dyris?"

"Still partying it up in Jamaica, being herself of course," Ashley replied, rubbing her bump.

"Who am I to judge?" Kimiko giggled. "Everyone celebrates in their own way."

"Except hers is a little more…promiscuous than others," Ashley laughed with her, making conversation. She took a look at the temple, "Last time I was here I was stealing shen gong wu while destroying it."

"Amazing how life changes so suddenly," commend Kimiko, agreeing with her.

"The new students will be here soon. Your Xiaolin attire will be delivered shortly for you to change in," Master Fung announced.

"Finally! I will shape these new students into brilliant warriors like myself!" Omi shouted. Keiko rolled her eyes.

"Um…we're teachers too, Omi," Raimundo said, narrowing his eyes.

"Yes, but you will only visit once in awhile! I still live here, Raimundo," Omi countered, as Raimundo shook his head.

"You forgot about Jack, Omi. He's gonna be a regular teacher, like yourself," Clay spoke up.

"That is right! Jack Spicer is my fellow colleague now!" Omi bellowed, jumping towards Jack and hanging on him. Jack's eyes widened at how personal Omi was. "Of course I am better than you, so you may have to take some notes from me first."

"Get off me, cue ball," Jack said with irritation, as everyone else chuckled. The monks finally came and delivered their gi's and pants, ready for them to change into. Jack felt the material, nodding at his black gi. "No bad, but I might put a few personal touches on it though."

Everyone changed into their temple attire, ready for new students to arrive. Everyone waited in the front of the temple, watching the dust in the distance, telling them they were almost here. Kimiko's gaze wandered from her gorgeous wedding ring to Ashley's baby that was inside her. She bit her lip, gripping Raimundo's hand, as he looked down on her. She gave him a questioning look, as he nodded, mentally telling her that it was a good time. She exhaled deeply, still holding his hand affectionately.

"Guys, before the other students get here, there is something I would like to say first," Kimiko announced, as all eyes turned on them. She saw the bus climb over the hill and drive towards them, almost to the field. She smiled big, "I'm pregnant."

Everyone smiled and cheered, congratulating the new parents. Emily and Ashley walked up to her, already gushing about their personal experiences, as Keiko shrieked and gave Kimiko a huge hug. Clay tipped his hat to Raimundo, smiling proudly, as Omi continued to blabber on how Keiko needed to be pregnant now, much to her disagreement. The bus finally stopped and the doors opened, as many teenagers from across the world came out and greeted the new masters.

The day was perfect, and soon the sun began to set. Kimiko snuggled up to Raimundo's chest, watching the sun as the students continued to talk. Everything was perfect…and Kimiko knew that nothing could ever break her courage again. Until evil spurred and rose once again, she knew everything was going to be good.

She stared into the sky, as Raimundo took her into his strong arms and flew her into the clouds. She smiled, staring into orange clouds shining in the sky. She couldn't say a word.

She was positively speechless...

Chapter 14:

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