As I gazed into the gently undulating waves of the pond, I saw a wavering image distorted by light and movement. The image was of a young boy's face, lost and confused. I realized it was me and the lonely eyes staring back at me seemed to possess greater depth than the pond itself. They stared up at me with an owl's unblinking intensity. Suddenly a tear formed on the side of my eye and slowly swelled. It released itself and trickled haltingly down my cheek. Upon reaching the base of my chin, it hung there suspended in the light, glittering and swirling, and slipped off. It tumbled down silently, a glittering diamond of water, and plunged into the wavering reflection's eye, shattering the reflection with the ensuing ripples and diffusing itself into the surrounding water. The image went out of focus and disappeared. Slowly the ripples faded away and the grimy tear-stained face of a boy resolved itself. I turned away and continued on my way, thinking how much the reflection's unstability and fragility reflected my life.