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I'm always having dreams about people, but this dream was, for lack of a better term, definitely different.

In my dream, Artemis, goddess of the hunt, moon, and maidens, was standing in her father Zeus's throne room, before the Lord of the Sky, Lord Zeus himself.

She had a defiant look in her eyes, and I could tell that she and Lord Zeus had been arguing over something. They began to speak.

"…can't believe you would do that." Zeus was saying.

"I would never do that to Aphrodite." Artemis argued, "We may disagree a lot, but that doesn't mean that I would attack her. That's crazy." Artemis insisted, "And you can prove that I didn't attack her when she recovers. She'll tell you really attacked her, and then you'll know in wasn't me."

"Yes," Zeus mused, "She is waking up right now actually. I sent Hera down to ask her who attacked her."

Artemis looked outraged, "But Hera will do anything to get me out of Olympus! She'll lie, or blackmail Aphrodite into saying it was me!"

Zeus narrowed his eyes, "Artemis," he said sharply, causing Artemis to flinch, "Hera is my wife and the Queen among the immortals, you had best learn to show her some respect."

Artemis looked ready to argue, but Hera entered the room breaking her train of thought.

Hera took her seat next to her husband, and shot a glare at Artemis before saying, "Aphrodite is recovering, thanks to Apollo."

Zeus smiled with relief, "That is good news. Did she, by any chance, mention who attacked her?" he asked.

Hera tried to look as upset as possible (without really succeeding) and said, "Unfortunately she told me that your daughter Artemis, did in fact, attack her."

Zeus looked dumb-struck (please, by the way, don't tell him I said that, I'd really like to live to finish my story so…). He gazed sadly at Artemis, who looked ready to cry.

"But, but, Dad, please I…"

Zeus silenced her with the raise of his hand, "Artemis, as much as I want to believe you, everything is pointing at you. I mean, you were standing next to her when after she had been attacked, and now she says that you attacked her." He said, closing his eyes with grief, "For your punishment, you will spend the next three months at Camp Half-Blood."

"No, please Dad I hate it there." Artemis begged.

Hera looked a little disappointed by the punishment, but obviously pleased that Artemis would be miserable, "You heard your father. Three months at camp. In fact, I honestly don't think that's all that long for an immortal being like yourself. In fact, if I could choose your punishment, I would make you stay there for hmm…maybe three hundred years instead of just three months." She said, smirking slightly.

Zeus looked at Hera and said, "Dear, I really think that three hundred years is a bit extreme. Aphrodite is immortal after all and we knew she would recover quickly. I think we'll stick with three months for the time being."

Artemis shot a half-satisfied glare at her stepmother before turning her attention back to her father, "Please dad, those annoying campers will drive me insane. And what about my hunters?" she argued.

"I'm sure your lieutenant Thalia will be able to manage your hunters while you are away." Zeus answered calmly, "You'll leave at the end of this week."

Artemis, obviously knowing that she couldn't change his mind, turned and walked towards the door, trying to hide the silvery tears that slid down her cheek.

I knew that there was probably more to my dream, but my half-brother, Tyson must have been having a bad dream, because I woke up to him throwing his over-stuffed pillow at me.

I groaned, and looked up at the cabin ceiling. I had a feeling that the next few months at camp would definitely be far from normal

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