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A small loving smile slowly spread across Alice's pale face as she leaned in and lightly pressed her lips to a scar on Jasper's bear chest. To his credit he only flinched slightly, so slightly in fact she would not have noticed, had she not been watching for it. She was happy for that, but showed no visible sign she had noticed, only lifting her lips off and ghosting them over his body to the next scar.

She pressed them delicately to the battered skin rejoicing silently when his flinch was barely a flutter. By the third scar his tense body had not moved a hair. She continued in the same pattern, skimming her lips millimeters from his skin before pressing them to another patch of deformed skin. She could feel his body beneath her start to relax ever so slightly and by the eighth kiss he let the trapped air out of his lungs. He started breathing deeply but after about a minute he evened out, his chest rising and falling at a slow, steady pace.

Alice continued at her own slow and steady pace, a pace she had grown very use to when it came to Jasper; Slow and steady was the only way to work with him. She valued that though, it helped strengthen their relationship, as the love between them was something they both worked hard for.

Alice smiled when he brought his hand up settling it on her hip as she continued to kiss his body lovingly. His hand then slid slowly up her body to rest on her cheek, causing her to look up at him.

He stroked her cheek with his thumb smiling down at her "you're very happy," he stated, with a small smile of his own.

Alice smiled and slid up his chest leaning down to kiss him on the lips "I'm just so happy this is getting easier for you."

Alice could remember back to when they had stared this ritual. He had absolutely hated being touched, as his body could not help associate it with pain. They found out quickly that he reacted worse when it was her mouth verses her hands. It had been so bad the first time she had stopped, feeling like she was torturing him, despite his insistence he was fine.

"I still can't relax at first," he said in disappointment.

Alice's shoulders slummed slightly; it was just like him to focus on the negative. She reached up cupping his cheek with her hand "You are doing phenomenal," she said sternly as her eyes shone with love before pressing a kiss to his lips. She pulled back with a small smirk "And besides, that just means I get to worship this beautiful body more. I mean sure" she sighed dramatically. "It will tedious and I'll have to kiss every inch of your skin, but I really think I can make that sacrifice," she finished while fighting to hold back her smile as she leaned down and kissed him again.