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My Guardian Angel

Chapter 1- Isabella Swan

I sighed and stood up from the floor. I brushed off the dust that was on my pants. I had just spent the entire morning unpacking James's bedroom. I looked over at the clock it was two in the afternoon. I decided to go down and have my daily glass of water. Unpacking was hard work and I had been doing it for the past two days. I filled up my glass with tap water from the sink. The cold liquid slid down my throat ridding me of my thirst. Just as I was putting the clean glass back in the cabinet I felt the presence of someone come up behind me. I turned around only to be brought face to face with James. "What are you doing?" He asked me

"J-Just getting some- something to drink" I mumbled out. I knew I was fixing to be in trouble. I thought I would be safe coming down to get my drink. James was not supposed to be home until five.

"And who said you could drink my water. You are not doing as I told you to do". James backhanded me across the face and I fell to the floor. He stepped down on my leg. If he pressed any harder it was going to break. It hurt badly.

"Stop, Please" I begged with tears running down my face.

"Don't tell me what to do" James sneered at me.

"Please just stop hurting me" I pleaded again

James's laughter echoed throughout the house. "Hmm… how about no"

James stepped off my leg and picked me up off the kitchen floor by my hair and brought me level to his face. His blonde greasy hair was pulled back in a little pony tail and his blue eyes were shining with the pain he was causing me. James was tall and lanky, but he was very strong and I knew he loved to hurt me.

"You will do as you're told. Now get upstairs and finish unpacking" He dropped me on the floor and kicked me in my stomach one more time before he left to go sit down with a beer in front of the TV. I hurriedly got up off the floor and ran to James's master bedroom and started hanging up his clothes. I started thinking back to how this horrible existence of my life came about.


I looked around my empty bedroom. There was nothing left but the carpet and my old light blue paint. This room held so many memories for me. It was my nursery when I was just a baby and my safe haven when I was a teenager in high school. Everything was packed up in boxes ready to be shipped off to Seattle, along with my old Chevy pickup truck.

I picked up my carryon bag and walked out of my room closing the door, for I knew it would be a long while before I returned. I looked once last time at my home on the way to the front door. It was filled with Renee's knick knacks and my school pictures on the mantle above the fireplace. I think the most important thing I would remember was my father, Charlie coming home every day and hanging his gun belt beside the door. Just doing that offered comfort of living here with my parents, but I was ready to move on and that was what I was doing. I was moving to my favorite place Seattle, Washington far away from the Arizona sun of where I grew up. I would surely miss my parents, but there was just something about Seattle that I love, it drew me in; whether it was an almost constant cloud cover that provided a homey feel or the rain and greenness of life. It was where I wanted to be. I would be attending the University of Washington. They had a wonderful English Literature program and I would be living off campus in my studio apartment. It was every college students dream; living alone and being responsible for their life.

I walked out the front door where my parents were waiting to take me to the airport. I climbed into the back of the police cruiser and we were on our way. Nobody said anything. It was sad and I knew my parents would miss me dearly, but I would call all the time. I watched as everything passed by. There was really nothing left for me here anyway and I wanted to see the world. My best friend Angela Weber had gotten accepted to Yale, so she was already on the East coast somewhere, where we would never see each other again till a high school reunion or a phone call here and there.

We pulled up at the airport and walked to the terminal after checking in. I knew my mother was fixing to break down crying, so I turned around and pulled her into my arms, hugging her tightly.

"Oh baby, are you sure you want to go? It's not too late to change your mind" Renee asked me.

"I'm sure mom and this is not the last time you will see me" I said soothingly.

"I know, it's just what am I going to do without you?" She asked. I just chuckled.

"I'm sure you and dad will find something to do" I said winking at my father. He just chuckled.

"There's no doubt about that. Okay, baby but you have to promise to call everyday and write" She said.

"I will mom. I will miss you to and I love you" I said hugging her tightly again and kissing her cheek.

"I love you too, baby" She kissed my cheek also. I turned to my father and hugged him. I would always be a daddy's girl.

"Bye, kiddo and remember to be safe" My father the police chief of Phoenix was coming out.

"I will dad, don't worry about me. I still have that mace you gave me and I will not be out after dark" I chuckled remembering what all he had told me.

"Good girl. I love you" He said. It wasn't very often we said that, but we never had to speak words to understand that we did love each other.

"I love you too dad" I replied kissing his cheek and he kissed mine.

"Flight fifty-four to Seattle, Washington is now boarding" The voice said over the intercom.

"That's me" I said.

"Alright bye, baby" My mother said. My father walked up and wrapped his arm around her in a comforting gesture.

"Bye" I said picking up my bag and walking to the terminal. Once the lady checked over my information she allowed me forward, but right before I rounded the corner I turned to look at my parents one last time. They waved and I waved back. This was it the beginning of my future.



I reached over and swatted the snooze button on my alarm clock. I just needed five more minutes of sleep. I loved being able to sleep late and this was the morning it was not going to happened. You see today is a very important day for me; my first day of college. I snuggled back into the warm comforter and dozed back off.


"Ugnh" I had been pushing the snooze button for the past fifteen minutes. This time I pushed the off button and swung my feet over the side of my bed. My feet hit the cold floor of my studio apartment. I decided to live off of campus instead of in a dorm. It just gave me more privacy and that's what I liked. I walked over to my shower and turned on the hot water. It instantly calmed me down and released all the tension and nervousness I was feeling today. Since I was already running about twenty minutes late I couldn't linger to long. I blow dried my hair straight and put on a little makeup, nothing too much, after all I didn't want to look like a clown.

Fifteen minuts later I was ready to go. I had on a pair of dark wash jeans, a dark red cable sweater with an open neckline, and my black flats. Since its pretty cold here in Seattle I slipped on my long black pea coat. I was good to go. I grabbed my black backpack and made my way out into the Seattle air.

I had already been living here for a two months. Being here on my own is a little scary, but I hope to meet some people soon; to make friends. Once I arrived on campus I had about five minutes to get to class. I started picking up my speed when I tripped on a piece of the sidewalk and fell right down, dropping my bag and all its contents falling out. I reached out and started picking up my books when a pale white hand shot out and grabbed them from me. I looked up into a set of shining blue eyes. He was staring back kindly at me. I was instantly enchanted by them.
"Miss, are you alright?" The man asked nicely.

"Oh, umm… yes, thank you" I replied stuttering. Instantly embarrassed I brought my hair around to cover up my cheeks from my horrible blushing. Once my books were stacked up he gave them to me and I pushed them into my bag.

"Hi, I'm James" The man said standing up and offering his hand to help me off the ground.

"Bella" I said letting him help me up. He brought my hand up to his lips and placed a lingering kiss. I just happened to see my watch. "Oh, shoot I'm late" I said stepping around the man to go to class.

"Wait beautiful… can I call you or something? I would really like to get to know you." He asked. I just nodded blushing more and took his cell phone from him. I entered my number and gave him one more smile before walking away quickly. The smile was on my face all day long. Usually I didn't let guys hit on me like that, but there was just something about him. He was so kind and nice.

I went on to my classes for the day. It was long and I was just ready to get home and be comfortable. I would be able to sleep late tomorrow since my class wasn't until the afternoon. I had just got changed into my sweats and was fixing to make dinner when my phone rang. I looked at; unknown number.

"Hello" I answered shyly

"Bella?" The voice asked I recognized from earlier as James.

"Yes, this is she" I replied

"Hi Bella, it's James; I was just wondering how you were?" He asked kindly. I found myself blushing. I had never really had the attention of guys before. Back in Phoenix Angela and I were the geeks of the school. She was valedictorian and I was salutatorian. We were our own little group with no one else, especially guys.

"I'm great and you?" I asked

"Wonderful now I'm talking to you" James said making me blush again. "So I was wondering if you would like to go on a date with me tomorrow night"

"Umm…sure that sounds great" I said energetically. I was really excited, my first date.

"Great, I will pick you up at seven" James said. After exchanging addresses and talking a little more about what we would be doing we hung up and I finished cooking dinner. The rest of the night all I thought about was my date with James. He was really nice and I instantly took a liking to him. I just hope tomorrow was just as great.


I put on my little black dress that my mother made me buy, and flats. There was no way I would be wearing my heels with my clumsiness. My hair was curled and I had on some makeup. All I was doing now was waiting for James to come pick me up. He would be here soon and I was so nervous. What if he didn't like me after this or didn't show up? I would feel so rejected. I smooth out my dress one more time and looked in the mirror everything was perfect. My fears were soon rested aside when I heard a knock at the door. I grabbed my purse and swung the door open.

There he was looking like a fine specimen. He had on a nice pair of jeans with a black button down shirt and his hair was pulled back in a neat ponytail.

"Hello Bella. Are you ready to go?" James asked

"Yes" I replied. He reached his hand out for me and I accepted. Once I had locked the door we were on the way. James opened his car for me. He was so nice and chivalrous. I had never had attention like this before.

We pulled up in front of a Japanese steak house a few minutes later. The car ride was spent in comfortable silence listening to music. James opened my door again and we went inside. We were instantly seated by the hostess who was checking out James, but he paid her no never mind. After we had ordered James started asking me questions.

"So, Bella tell me about you?

"Well, I'm from Phoenix. I just moved here to go to school. I love to read and hope to get a degree in English. What about you?" I asked

"Well I have lived here for a few months now and I work for a construction company. Let's see I love sports" James said.

"Wait you don't go to school?" I asked confused as to why he was on campus.

"No, the day I met you I was there meeting some of my friends" James said. I just nodded in understanding. I knew he looked a little older than me.

The rest of dinner was great. James and I had a lot in common and we got along great. The conversation never dulled. We talked about everything from music, TV, and childhood memories. At the end of the night James took me home and I had my very first kiss. He was slow and sweet with it. I knew then I was falling hard already.

End Flashback

James was perfect after that. I instantly fell in love with him fast, after all this was my first relationship. He bought me things, cared for me and walked me to class. Everything was going great. This was the way I pictured my college days to be and I was happy for once in my life.

That was till about six months later and then everything changed for the worse.


I was sitting at home catching up on my studies. It had officially been six months since James and I started dating. We were in love with other. He was so sweet and perfect, buying me flowers and chocolates, surprising me with dinner reservations. Everything was great. I was so thankful every day that I was late to class and met him.

It was late at night and I was just fixing to go to bed when there was a knock at my door. I had no idea of who it was. I looked through the peep hole to see my James standing there. What was he doing here? He was supposed to be hanging out with his friends. I opened the door to let him in. He stumbled and I knew immediately he was drunk. I reached out and wrapped my arm around his waist to keep him from falling.

"Baby, are you alright?" I asked with concern. It was then he looked down and saw me holding him up. He pushed me away from him and I automatically fell right on the floor, landing with a thump. I would definitely have a bruise there tomorrow.

"Don't touch me" He sneered. This was a new side of James I had never met and it was a little scary. Perhaps it was the alcohol getting to him. I stood back up.

"James, I think we need to get you to bed" I said trying to guide him towards my bedroom. Once he slept off the alcohol I hoped he would be fine.

"Bitch I said, don't touch me" James said back handing me hard right across the face. I backed away from him holding the side of my face. He was always so gentle and sweet with me, where was this coming from?

"Sorry" I mumbled scared of him. It was then he fell down right on the couch passing out. I straighten him out, taking off his shoes and covering him with the blanket. That was the first time he had ever hit me and it scared me tremendously. I had never seen this side of him.

I walked to the bathroom and looked in the mirror. I gasped at what I saw. There on my left cheek was the biggest red mark I had ever seen. I touched and hissed out in pain. This was really going to leave a mark. I went back to the kitchen and grabbed the ice pack. Once I had lay down in bed the tears started falling and I finally cried myself to sleep.

End Flashback

It only got worse after that. I thought he was just having a bad day or something and would be better the next day, but I was wrong. A few weeks later he made me move out of my apartment and into his. Making me sell and get rid of all my stuff. He took my innocence later, which hurt like nothing else and started hitting me till I passed out. Right before I started my second year of college started James made me drop out and we moved.

He said that we would be less recognizable to people and he could do whatever he wanted with me. I had to leave my friends and family. James makes me call my parents once a month and tell them how I am so they won't get suspicious and realize what James does to me. They don't even know I'm seeing anyone. I don't even want to think when they find out I dropped out of college. I know I need to get out of this relationship, even if you can call it that, but I can't. James threatened me with killing my parents if I ever left him, so I'm stuck here. Somehow I think I knew he had connections and was worse than I thought. I knew he had done this to other women. That was how he played; brought the women in with his charms, got them right he wanted them and then turned and became the bad guy.

After I finished unpacking the last box in the house I went downstairs. Everything was perfect and clean, since I did spend all day yesterday cleaning every inch of it courtesy of James. The house he bought was a small two bedroom. On the first floor was the kitchen, living room and a small dining room. On the second floor are James's bedroom and my room and a bathroom. The house was already furnished, so all we had to bring was our clothes and possessions.

I went into the kitchen and started cooking James's dinner. About 30 minutes later I had his steak and mashed potatoes cooked. I set the table and fixed his drink. I walked over to him in the living room. He looked up when I entered

"James your dinner is ready" I said softly. He turned the TV off and went to eat. I followed him into the kitchen. He sat down and looked at it.

"I finally see you can do something right. Now go before your ugly presence ruins my meal" I hurriedly left the kitchen and went upstairs to my room. I learned to just accept his comments. At first they really hurt because I thought he loved me, but I quickly learned he didn't and was just using me. I wasn't stupid I knew he was seeing someone else.

All my books and pictures were lying on the floors. I had no furniture at all, which meant I had to sleep on the floor with just the one blanket I had. I had not slept in a bed in months. I did get to lay on one when James was raping me and that was it. I took the boxes and lined them up in the closet that I did have and folded all my clothes and laid them on top of the boxes so they would not be on the floor. Thankfully he allowed me to keep my clothes. If he started telling me what to wear I would probably end up going crazy. Next I stacked my books up in one corner so I could still see the titles. They were all my favorites that James had allowed me to keep; Wuthering Heights, Romeo and Juliet, Pride and Prejudice and many more. I was only allowed to keep ten books total. I originally had about 50. He burned the rest of the one night back in Seattle.

I picked up my picture frame that had a picture of me with my parents and placed it in the window sill. It was the day I graduated from high school. They were so proud of me. If they saw me now I would be nothing but a disgrace to them as James tells me every day. I picked up the next picture frame and placed it beside the other one. It was me and Angela. I looked away from my wonderful memories and laid my blanket under the window so that I could go to sleep soon.

I heard the TV turn back on so I went downstairs and cleaned up James's dinner. He ate all of it so there was nothing left for me to eat. I was only allowed to eat what he had left over. I had really lost a bunch of weight since I have been with James. He told me I was fat and needed to go on a diet, so he took away my eating privileges. I'm almost 19 years old and weigh less than 100 pounds.

I went to the sink and had a full glass of water. I tried to drink at least 4 glasses of water a day to keep hydrated, because I was not eating. Most of the time it was a good thing I didn't eat, it would just come back up later after James had his way with me.

Once I had washed off my glass I felt James come up behind me again like earlier. I thought he was going to say something about me drinking the water, but he ran his hands up and down my sides and leaned in to place a kiss on my neck. It sent shivers through my body.

"Go upstairs to my room now" he whispered in my ear. I quickly went upstairs and sat on the bed to wait for him. Sometimes I would wait for hours and then again a few minutes. James surprised me tonight, because he came in 2 minutes later.

He stood me up and took off all my clothes and then his. I lay back down on the bed. It was moments like these that I just went into a comatose state and let him do whatever he wanted to me. I needed to block out the horrible memories. I felt him push into to me. I was not wet at all. I never was and it always hurt like hell. James always wore condoms. I don't think he wanted a child and neither did I especially with him as the father. I wanted to be in love with someone and have a wonderful family. I especially wanted someone to love me for me and do romantic things with. I wanted to be wanted by someone who would take care and protect me, especially to take me away from this hell hole.

I had learned not to cry or protest while James raped me that would only make things worse for me. James quickly finished. He then grabbed me and my clothes and pushed me out of the room so he could go to sleep. I ran to the bathroom and took a cold shower, that was all I was allowed. I scrubbed and scrubbed till I was red. James was a horrible man and I despised him on my skin. It felt tainted with his scum.

I jumped out the shower and looked at myself in the mirror. My brown hair was wet running down pass my shoulders and my pale white skin was a little swollen and red looking from all the scrubbing. I had purple bruises all over my body. There was a red cut across my eyebrow I got from him punching me earlier. My big, brown eyes were lifeless. I noticed over the past few months they had become dull looking and held so much pain. I hated looking at myself in the mirror. It just showed how ugly I really was. Just like James told me over and over; he was the only one out there for me and no one would ever want me and the sad part was I actually believed him. In high school no boys ever liked me. I was too smart and only cared about my studies. So when James came along I felt special and I truly believed he was the one for me. I had totally fallen in love with him, but now I hate him and what he has done to me. I left the bathroom and went to my room. I changed into my sweat pants and t-shirt and lay down on the cold hardwood floor and covered up with my one blanket. That was how I ended up here a three hour drive from Seattle, in a small, rainy town called Forks, Washington.