Chapter Three- Bella Swan

"Bye Bella, see you Wednesday" Karen Newton said on my way out of the door.

"Bye" It had been a pretty long day and it was currently seven o clock; quitting time. I hope James realized that I would not be home on time to cook his dinner three nights a week. I hurriedly walked the quiet sidewalk home. My truck was in the driveway. I finished walking the rest of the way and hung up my light jacket on the hook. I went ahead and walked into the kitchen to fix James's dinner. Since he hadn't came to yell at me, he must have known or he was too enhanced by the TV to notice my presence. Once I was done. I sat it on the table and James automatically came to the kitchen.

"How was work?" He asked

"Fine" I replied not really wanting him to see how happy it made me to get out of the house and enjoy talking with other people.

"Good" James ate slowly this time. Again he didn't say anything the whole time and didn't leave me anything left over. I picked up the plate and took it to the sink. I went to put it in the dish drain when it slipped out of my hand and broken into a million pieces on the floor. I already knew it was coming and turned around only to be back handed across the face. I could feel my old cut above my eye open and blood started dripping out.

"God dammit Bella; breaking my stuff now. When will you ever learn?" James yelled. He grabbed my hair and threw my towards the stairs where my knee cap hit the last step. There was going to be a bruise there now and I wouldn't be surprised if it was bleeding also. "GET UPSTAIRS NOW" I knew what that meant and picked myself up off the ground, making my way to James's room. This time he was right behind me hot on my heels, pushing me every now and then. When I entered his room, he threw me on the bed and my clothes were gone instantly. I was lying on my stomach when James just pushed right into me. I screamed out this time. Must he always be so rough? James grabbed my hair and pulled me back to his chest and grabbed my boobs. He was so getting off on this and it made me wonder how this disgusting man stole my heart in the beginning.

"Isabella, you better cum for me tonight" James hissed in my ear. Sometime James made me orgasm and other times not. He knew I hated it when he made me. It felt like my body was betraying me; making me like what he was doing to me. James reached down and started rubbing my clit. That always set me off, even though my orgasm wasn't much, it satisfied James. It came a minute later and was a very sorry one. He pulled out and pushed me towards the door. I gathered my clothes and went to the bathroom for my nightly ritual. The moon was out for the first time in a while. I opened the window and the cool August air blew through and helped me relax some. I laid down on my floor and thought of the blonde God I saw today in the hospital parking lot. I was asleep a minute later.

I was dreaming of being in a wonderful meadow full of wildflowers and luscious green grass. The sun was out and I was using its rays to warm up my skin. I heard something snap behind me and someone stepped out of the forest. I could not see who it was. The person was very blurry. They stepped forward and cupped my cheek and electricity ran through me. Their hand was so cold, but I felt protected by them and they were very gentle with me. Whoever it was smelled wonderful; a sweet honey scent mixed in with roses. It was very intoxicating and was drawing me to this person in any way possible. All too soon they disappeared and another image came up. I was running through the dark forest. I fell and scraped my knee. Blood was pouring out of it. I got up and ran as fast as I could, but it was too late I ran right into the person of my nightmares. It was James

"Got you" he said with an evil smile that told me I was fixing to get it bad. I struggled to get loose, but he just held me tighter. All of a sudden he produced something very shiny from his pocket. I realized it was a very sharp kitchen knife. He brought in back in the air and was fixing to lunge it into my stomach when someone kicked me very hard in my stomach. My eyes opened quickly and I saw James standing over me in my room.

"Go fix my breakfast" he yelled. I hopped up and ran downstairs to the kitchen. After I had fixed his breakfast, I waited like always to make sure it was to his standards and went back upstairs to my room. After I changed into my jeans and a t-shirt I went to fold up my blanket when I noticed there was a black jacket lying on top of it. I went over and picked it up. It was definitely not mine but a man's jacket. I put it to my nose and it smelled just like the person in my dream. It was truly wonderful. I put it on and it made me feel protected, I don't know why. How did this even get in here? I looked at my window it was also closed and I know I left it open last night. That would mean that someone was in here in my room last night. Was it the person from my dream? I could not even see their face though. I knew I should have been scared someone was in my room last night, but for some reason I wasn't.

I heard James coming up the stairs and then he slammed my door open. He walked in and grabbed me by my shirt bringing me to me feet. It was then he noticed what I was wearing.

"Where did this jacket come from" he asked

"Umm… I found it the other day while unpacking… it was my father's" I stammered out. James thought about it a minute. Then he didn't seem to care about it anymore. I'm so glad he believed my lie and I can't lie easily for nothing. I don't know what he would do if he knew someone was in here.

"I'm going to work now. You better behave today or you will be punished when I get home. Here" I looked down to see James giving me a credit card. "Go buy the groceries I have on the list only. You know what will happen if you get anything else." I nodded in understanding. James leaned forward and kissed me deeply on the lips and then reached forward and roughly grabbed my breast. I whimpered in protest. I tried to pull away, but he gripped me harder. He finally dropped me and I fell to the ground. "Don't ever pull away from me again". James kicked me hard in the ribs this time with his heavy steel toe boots. I knew this time he broke one again. He didn't say another word and slammed the door as he left. A few minutes later I heard my old truck crank up and go down the road.

I rolled over on my back and groaned in pain; all this just to keep my family safe and to keep James from killing them. Sometime I wonder if it would just be better to end my life and make everyone else happy. No, I would not do that I had to keep strong and figure out a way out of this mess. I got up and groaned in pain, this one hurt like something horrible. James did not keep medicine, well he did but I was not allowed to take anything. He said that I deserved the pain and that was teaching me a lesson, like a child learns. I grabbed the ace wrap from my closet and wrapped it around my chest to immobilize the area.

Once I was dressed again I went back downstairs. Again James had left nothing for me to eat. I was really starting to get hungry. I had, had no food in the last 3 days; expect crust from one piece of toast yesterday. I sighed and decided to drink my glass of water.

I grabbed my keys, the credit card and the list James had made. There was nothing on there for me as always. Only the food I would be making for him. James took my truck so I would have to walk to the local grocery store. I locked the front door and started walking down the street. I looked off to the side of my house where the forest was and I could have sworn I saw a flash of white. I brushed it off and pulled the jacket closer around me. It gave me comfort I had not had in a long time. I set off walking again to the grocery store.

Carlisle Cullen

At the first sign of dawn Edward and I raced over to Bella's house. Once I returned home last night, I quickly asked Edward to go with me to Bella's house tomorrow to see what we could find out. I had the whole day off from work so it was perfect and Edward would do anything to help me. I heard the guy up and moving around. I would guess he was getting ready for work. We stayed on the edge of the forest just out of view from everyone, but we could still hear the voices from inside the house.

"So what you want me to do?" Edward asked from beside me.

"I want you to read their minds" I replied. He nodded

"So Alice said Bella is your mate?"

"She is, I saw her yesterday at Newton's and I'm sure you have seen Alice's visions" Half the time we didn't have to tell Edward nothing because he already knew from Alice. He just nodded.

"Go fix my breakfast" we heard someone yell and we turned back to face the house. I saw Bella get up off the ground and run downstairs.

"He makes her sleep on the floor?" Edward asked.

"'I think so" I replied "She only had one blanket and there is no furniture in her room at all"

"But there is furniture everywhere else?" I nodded saying yes

"Strange" Edward replied. Bella came back up a few minutes later.

"What is he thinking now?" I asked

"He is thinking about eating all his food and not leaving Bella anything" Edward said "He has a very sadistic mind"

"What?" I asked confused. Edward held up his finger for me to wait a minute

"Bella is thinking about a stranger she had in her dream last night and how the jacket she found this morning smells like the person in her dream" Edward told

"That's my jacket" I replied "She had a dream about me?"

"I don't know the person in her dream is all blurry" Edward replied "She feels protected by the jacket and she also knows someone was in her room last night". I'm glad she felt protected by my jacket. I hope that it would make her see she was not alone. I was here to protect and help her. I saw Edward freeze up.

"What?" I asked at the same time the door to Bella's room was thrown open. I stepped forward to go to the tree and try to get a better look. Edward grabbed my arm "Be careful" he told me. I nodded and we both went forward to the tree. We climbed up fast and hid within the leaves and branches so no one would spot us. We could see perfectly in Bella's window. He had Bella held up by the jacket, she looked petrified.

I heard the guy ask about my jacket. Bella quickly made up a lie about it being her father's.

"Did he believe her?" I asked Edward. Hoping she would not get in trouble about it when I was the one who left it there.

"Yes" he replied. He started telling her about going to the grocery store and that he was going to work. He leaned in a kissed Bella on the lips. I started growling, she was mine and I would be damned to let anyone touch her especially another guy. What he did next was upset me even more. He grabbed her breast and squeezed it hard. I heard her whimper out in pain and try to get away from him. I started moving forward, ready to protect my mate and love when Edward grabbed my shoulder to keep me from moving anymore. He automatically dropped her and she fell to the floor.

"Don't ever pull away from me again" he yelled at her and then he kicked her hard in the ribs. I heard the crack with my vampire hearing and I knew it had broken. I growled at him. How dare he hurt my angel? I was ready to jump through the window and break his neck. I was never a violent person, but my anger was mixing in with my mate instincts and was making me want to do things. He left and drove the old truck away. I looked back at Bella who had moved to lie on her back. She groaned out in pain. I just wanted to jump in the window and take her in my arms.

"She definitely has a broken rib" Edward told me, wincing. "James that is his name"

"James?" I asked

"Yes that is what she called him in her head. James won't allow her to take any medicine. He says that she deserves the pain to teach her lessons" I growled even more, no one deserves to be in pain. That broken rib was going to make her be in more pain than anything, especially when she moves around. I saw Edward freeze once more.

"What?"I basically yelled at him. He then let out a breath, even though he didn't need to breathe.

"She was thinking about ending her life" Edward mumbled, but it was enough for me to hear. "She is tired of being in pain and thinks dying will make everyone happy. James has threatened to kill her parents if she ever leaves him. She wants them to be safe"

"So is she going to commit suicide?"I whispered heartbroken.

Edward shook his head "She decided that would not help anything and is going to figure a way out the relationship with James". I released a breath I had also been holding in. I did not want her to kill herself. I'm already addicted to her more than anything in my entire life. I would be unhappy if she left.

"Today is the third day she has not eaten" Edward told me "She only gets to eat when James leaves scraps on his plate. That's what I was saying earlier. Lately he has decided to eat everything so she has nothing to eat."

"No wonder she is so small" I replied looking back at Bella. She at least weighed less than a hundred pounds.

"Yeah, she tries to drink 3 glasses of water a day to stay hydrated. You think he gave her all those bruises?" Edward asked looking at all the bruises as she lifted her shirt and put the ace bandage on.

"I really do. I'm going to do everything I can to help her" I said.

"You should it looks like she needs a lot of help. Carlisle I think you are the person to help her too, even if she wasn't your mate" Edward told me. Bella coming out of the house broke us out of our moment. She started walking down the street. Edward and I jumped from the tree and raced to the woods. She was staring right where we were just minutes before.

"Will you stay with her and make sure she gets back home safely?" I asked Edward.

"Of course, where are you going?"

"To get her some medicine and something to eat" I replied. Edward nodded in agreement.

"Edward I just want to say thank you for helping me today. I really do appreciate it" I said

"Anything for you" Edward then took off to follow Bella. I ran back home. Alice, Rose, Emmett, and Jasper were all at school. So the house was empty. I went into the kitchen and started making lasagna. Even though I can't eat any food besides blood, doesn't mean I don't like to cook. It is actually a hobby of mine of to do when I have spare time. I used vampire speed and got in the oven in less than 5 minutes. I then ran upstairs to my study. I grabbed her some pain reliever with hydrocodone in it and wrote a quick note to her. I went back down to the kitchen to wait on the lasagna to finish cooking. About 30 minutes later it was done and I was running all the way to Bella's house. Bella and Edward were not back yet. I opened her window and placed the bowl of food, the pill for her to take and the note I wrote for her next to her pictures. I then went back into the edge of the forest to wait for them to come back. I hoped that we me getting involved now we would figure out a way to help her. I would make sure of it.