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Tony is a lover.

He is a man who has so much feeling bottled up inside him, magnified into a thousand watts of light and heart. He is a man who has lived a long time, and loved many many people.

He had loved his parents, he had loved Obadiah, he had loved Rhodey, Happy, many (many) different women…And he had loved Pepper.

Tony would never be able to articulate why Pepper was set apart from the other women. Perhaps it was because it was a different sort of love. It phased and changed with time and circumstance, it took a different shape with each moment that passed. But one thing that never seemed to change was that it only grew. And grew.

And grew.

Tony is a man who is always in love. His heart is always displayed on his sleeve because he doesn't know any different. It is all he has ever been; blatant.

He wishes sometimes, that he wasn't so emotionally crippled and co-dependant.

There are times when he wishes he were a different sort of man, quieter, able to cast iron over his emotions, able to hide them.

But he isn't.

So mostly he doesn't bother to worry.

Slowly though, a realization has begun to dawn on him. Something vague and half formed that he has sort of, but not really, always known.

And it is the transcending knowledge and acknowledgement of unrequited love.

There have been women who have not returned his feelings initially. Sometimes they come around, other times they don't. Those are the times that he writes them off as just another tease and vaguely a voice inside him tells him that that's just wrong.

Obadiah…He shoves that into a box and locks it tight, shoving it into the darkest corner of his mind. A place filled with things that he would really rather not think about, for fear of them destroying him.

And that brings him back to Pepper.

Somehow, it always comes back to Pepper.

If he paused to think about it long enough, for even just a minute, he would realize how utterly ridiculous the whole thing is.

Because they are never in the same place. Somehow, the two of them find ways to miss each other, even if it's just by moments.

She had loved him, in the beginning. And by the time he pulled his head out of his ass long enough to realize what the hell that meant for him, she had fallen into the arms of another man; a better man. In the years that follow they did a dance of give and take, but mostly take. And there is only so much that can be fought over, before there is nothing left to fight for. They had forgotten. Somewhere between women, marital problems, alcoholism and more bullshit than could be found in the senate she had been standing there amid the debris.

And once again they missed each other.

He realizes that despite all the love he feels, for many people and many things, it will never be enough.

Tony tries so very hard to be a good man. But he just isn't.

One day the love will become too much. One day it will break him.

When that happens, Pepper will probably be standing there then too.

He just hopes that they won't miss their chance this time.

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