A/N: I was dissatisfied with the way Pepper and Maria found out. It was awkward, and not in a good way. There's so much they could have done with it but they chose a pretty banal route.

Tony's going to wake up with two very angry ladies.

I've only just come around to Maria, I used to dislike her because I'm new to the comics so my first impression of her was of her being ridiculously annoying.

So I'm rooting for Pepper but… Well we all know how Tony is. I'm at least glad that she realized that Russia was stupid.

Right. Comic ranting over XD

Thanks to Dr. Breif's Cat because talking to you gives me inspiration!




Of all the ridiculous-...

In some ways she knows that she should be angry, or perhaps upset at this little tidbit of news. If she paused for more than a moment to think about it some more she would realize that she should probably be an increment more surprised. But she's not.

They had the market cornered on unresolved sexual tension (a shocking revelation considering that she had coined the phrase for more time than she cares to admit.)

She's looking at Tony's face now. And she wants to be angry.

She really does. But-

In an abstract sense she supposes that she has the right to be miffed, but the fury never comes.

Never could Pepper have truthfully claimed that she wasn't a jealous woman, but the situation is just so ridiculous and obvious and one too many lanes leading towards plain awkward.

On some level, pepper realizes that Tony probably both expects and exalts in the expected envy. The way she would react if it was anyone else.

In the middle of all that crap; somewhere between blowing up his suits and shutting down his brain and company respectively, somehow Tony Stark still found time for sex.

It friggin' figures.

Pepper is almost hysterical as she clutches her sides.

Because his face is so heartbreakingly repentant! Which only makes her laugh harder.

When he pauses in his tirade of apologies and groveling, and she finds a moment to breathe, the exhausted woman takes a moment to consider it.

The possibilities of Tony Stark and Maria Hill.

This only incurs more peals of laughter.

Because Maria and Tony would be an absolutely adorable couple for a grand total of four seconds. They'd be positively hilarious for the ten that followed before they ended up killing each other.

It's just so funny.

Tony walks away that day utterly shamed.

It sucks when you confess your love and adultery in one go and all the girl of your dreams can do is laugh like a lunatic.