Rukia's Pov

"So, this is titanic" my cousin, Momo, squeaked as we got out the car. "It's bigger then I thought".

To me, she was a little bit to happy. It didn't look at all impressive. I've seen bigger, better, and fancier ships in my day, which have only been 19 years.

"Rukia, stop day dreaming and keep up" my brother, Rico, yelled as they started walking to the main boarding area of the ship. He was companied by are private babysitter and my eleven year old sister, Rayura. People say we look so much alike. I don't see it. Her hair is so much longer, almost to her butt, and her eye's were just blue. My eyes were purple with a bit of blue in it. No comparison really.

" Ok, wait a minute" I turned around to say my last good bye to my mother. We were going to meet up with my father in America. I begged her to come but she was to sick to travel. It took Momo and i forever to convince them to let her go instead. "Bye, mother, I will miss you dearly".

"I will to, my darling Rukia, but please behave, don't give your father a hard time" she said in my ear as we hugged each other for the final time til I return. "Watch your brother, sister, and cousin as well".

"Promise" and with that said I grabbed my bag and ran toward my family.

"Are you sure you don't want to take first class?" asked Momo as she stopped walking, waiting for me to catch up.

"I already went over this with you, I want to take third class" I answered as I caught my breathe.

"Why, you're so much better than that, and we can live like the rich folks"

"Cause I hate how they treat people that aren't at there level" was my only response. I hated getting dressed up and act elegant for people I didn't want to be liked by. Even though I was rich, I acted, dressed, and talked like poor people. My father laughed when I said I wanted 3rd class on the Titanic, and then I told him it wasn't a joke. He, at first, said no, but with a little acting and my brother reassuring that it was perfectly safe and he would stay with me in 3rd class, it was arranged. But I anit believe him, he did it cause he says that third class woman are much more fun then 1st class.

"Can you at least walk with me to my room?"

"Sure, since you decided to take first class then to stay with us!"

"Rukia, I thought you said you didn't care?"

"Cause I thought you will follow behind when I said I'm not staying with you!!" sometimes I wonder if we really were related.

"You know I'm stubborn like you!"

"I'm not stubborn!"

"Can you to shut up?! Your yelling at each other and your only 3 inches away from one another!" Rico always seem to have a point. Girls always come up to me, saying how gorgeous he is and how muscular he is. It was annoying, plus, with money, he was a wanted man for the opposite sex. He was tall, had nice black hair, and had my eyes. I don't know what girls see in him. I guess it's his mussels or his handsome face. I don't know, but he was ugly to me. Twenty five with no girlfriend is sad.

"You shut up!!" Momo and I yelled at the same time, these kind of things always seem to happen.

"Whatever, look shameful in front of these people, I don't know both of you!" with that said, he took his luggage, snatched my luggage from my hand and walked toward third class entrances. I guess I have to walk her myself.

"Attitude…" Momo yelled so he could hear.

"I know" I yelled as well, to tell you the truth, we where making a scene. But who cares, I love being seen.

"You two are so immature" Rayura said as she walked with the babysitter to the gates. They were going to share a room in 1st class right beside Momo's room. To me, Rayura was just like are father, Byakuya. "You two seem to act like children then young adults!"

"What ever" I heard Momo mumble under her breathe. We got yelled at by an eleven year old. Embarrassing?

A little.

Ichigo's Pov

"Honey, may you help me out the car?" said my wife. People say she's beautiful, that she's a prize to be proud of. I thought that at first when I first saw her. Her long hair, big…. you know…boobs, and her amazing body. Then she become so clingy, asking were I was and with whom. It got annoying but I never told her. I never brought up divorce because it will destroy her and I didn't want to see her cry. So I just went along with it. Why did I marry so early? Eighteen was a dumb age to marry and to be 22 and so bored with my life was not a good thing.

"Sure…" I took her hand and helped her out the car. Her dress almost making here trip over, costing more then two 1st class tickets, I didn't think it was worth it. "Are you ready dear?"

"Lead the way" and she took my shoulder. We looked like the couple of the year, so wealthy, so powerful, yet so boring. America seemed to be my only hope for some sort of enjoyment. Plus, that thought of seeing my mother again was all I needed.

"Yuzu, Karin, walk a little faster til father finds us!" I yelled to my eleven year old twin sisters, they were walking a tad bit to slow for comfort.

"To late" Yuzu squeaked as Karin kicked her father in the face. "Karin going to kill him again Ichigo!"

"So, he deserves it!" Orihime just giggled at the family's playfulness. But I could tell it was fake. She even told me that she sort of disliked his family for not acting proper. She came from a wealthy family as well.

"Kurosaki-kun, honey, can you walk a little faster I want a nice cup of tea when we get to our room" she started messing with my tux's again. She was a little bit to playful.

Rukia Pov

" I'll see you later" I yelled as I walked out of Momo's room. She had to many things for her on good. The babysitter was taking a nap in her and Sakura's room.

"Can I go with you?" she asked as I just finished closing the door.

"Why?" I asked in annoyance.

"Cause Momo's going to make me play dress up with her again"

"Fine, lets go, I'll bring you back up later" I heard a little "yes" as I started walking. She walked up to me and held my hand. Even though I never tell her, I loved her dearly. She was one of only a few that I really loved in my life.

Ichigo Pov

"I'm going to take a walk around the deck honey, I will arrive shortly" I said as I was walking out the door.

"Want me to go with you?" she said in a cheery voice.

"No, I'll be fine going alone" and with that said I was gone.

Rukia Pov

"That's great, I'm lost" I said to myself as Ruyura was walking down the stair case.

"I will look for maps around here because I know were lost, we walk though here more then once" I hate how she can read my mind.

"OK" was all I could say. There's no point in starting something when she is right. Just as I turned around I bumped into something, no, someone. I fell on the floor. Dang, he most be big to knock me down. I started getting up slowly when I notice he dropped a suit case. Knowing how I was raised I picked it up for him.

" Sorry, here y….yo….." he took my breathe away. He was tall, he was cut, he had orange hair that you can see from a mile away. First time a man has ever caught my attention.

"You filthy peasant" was all he could say. Not even a thank you.

"I beg your pardon?" was all I can say. He caught me off guard, he didn't look like a man that would talk like that to a woman.

"Do you not understand peasant? Are the words to big?"

"No, I understand you perfectly" I said, giving, no, shoving the suit case toward him.

"Learn your place" was all he said when he bumped my shoulder and walked the opposite direction. I looked back. Did that really just happen? Did I just hear him say 'bitch'.

"Bustard" was the only word to describe him.

"Rukia, Got the directions" Rayura said. She was pointing to a stair case sign and I started walking toward her. That man just messed up my day.


Ichigo Pov

That girl had some nerve bumping into me. She should have watched were she was going. How dare she. And yet, her eye's took my breathe away, her figure was amazing. Wait, what am I saying, I'm married, but still, that girl, no, woman, he needs to see her once more. No, no, what am I saying, I'm just going to have to forget her.

I looked at my suit case. My precious camera. The one that Orihime hasn't even got to touch, was shoved at me by this woman. The camera that he wanted to start his career with as a photographer was touched by this woman. Hmmp, how funny, I will love to take thousands of pictures of her, but not my wife.

Don't go to hard on me. I wrote this story when i was watching Titanic cause it came to me. Im also Looking for a beta reader. Please cause i know i made more then one mistake somewhere in there.**giggle** hope you like!!